A/N-I was asked by Brain aka Rtero-Mania to write a commercial for one from the 60's , it was called "Wheels, Fluetes and I never could fine a name for the last one. It was a TV commercial from the 60's but I don't think it ever aired. You can find it on Youtube, this is my part two to it! Please read and review!

It was a warm and beautiful day on 123 street also known as Sesame Street. Wheel Monster, Beautiful Day Monster and No Name monster were sitting in the park having a picnic. A voice then comes out and says:

"There they are Officer! THERE'S the Muppets who stole my snacks!"

Wheel and Beautiful Day monster stop what they are doing and look around in horror. No Name just keeps eating but the officer's police whistle starts blowing and a Muppet police officer with the Muppet man who is accusing them. They get to where the guys are having the picnic then the man says, "Officers, that's them, that's the muppet's who stole my snacks!"

Wheel monster got up, walked over to them then he said, " Me Monster never stole!"

Beautiful Day monster hit No name to get him to stop eating then they both went over to be beside their friend Cookie Monster then No name asked, "Do you have any proof ?"

The muppet accuser looked around then said, "Well, no but I know it's you guys! I found all your footprints outside my window and all of my neighbors who also had their snacks stolen had the same footprints!"

He looked down at Cookie Monster's feet and the others then said:

"Look at your feet! Don't you all ever wash!?"

Wheel Monster looked around then said, "Me monster! Me never wash feet! Only Big Bird does that!"

Beautiful Day monster and No Name shake their head then Cookie Monster asked,

"What kind of snacks were they?"

The man proudly tells them, "They where 'Wheels, Flutes and Crowns'!"

All the monsters look at each other then make ugly faces then Wheel Monster started out by saying,

"Never ate them! Me only eat Cookies!"

The other monsters shook their heads in agreement then a little female muppet with her hair in blond pigtails comes over to them with a small, brown picnic basket then she said, "Excuse me Cookie Monster, I thought I would bring you your picnic basket before the ants get over it."

The monsters look at each other then they all say, "Thank you little girl"

She says "You're welcome" then turns and walks away with her pigtails bouncing then a few pieces of food falls out of the corner of the basket then the man asked, "What's that?"

He bends down and picks them up then said, "It's a "wheel'! " then he picked up another one then said, "It's a flute! And a 'Crown'!"

The officer looked at the three then asked, "What do you have to say about this?"

No Name said, "Uh, little girl put them in?"

The officer took No Name by his...arm then said, "All right, I'm bring you all in for snack stealing!"

No name then said, "We promise we'll never do it again!"

The other monsters raise their hands then the officer looked at them all then he said, "Okay" Then started to walk off then the man said, "What?"

The officer then said, "Well, they did promise, anyway, I don't think there's no real charge for snack stealing."

The officer walked away then the muppet man looked back at the three monsters then asked, "Can I have back the wheels, flutes and Crowns?"

The monsters look at each other then said, "Of coarse!" "Why not?"

Wheel monster said, "Me going to start eating cookies."

They give the snacks to the man and he started shoving them in his muppet face then he looked at the monsters then back at his snacks then gave them each a share.

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