Bearquarter 2008 Presents

A Mitchell Movie Productions Fanmake

Bearquarter's Toy Story 3

Let's start with an adventure created by Trent's imagination, shall we?

It seemed like a peaceful day in the Arizona Deserts, but then, a train was racing, and then, the roof of one of the train's carts exploded, and out of it, came Gumball Watterson and his henches, Sheen, Sid the Snitch, Carl, 2 PS118 5th grade students, stealing bags of money. But then a whip stopped them in their tracks.

Then, a cowboy like figure approached Gumball, he then placed his foot on Gumball, pinning him. The cowboy was none other than Sherman Peabody, wearing a cowboy hat.

"Well, well, look who's here." Wolfgang then said.

"You've got a date with Justice, Gumball Watterson." Sherman said, angrily.

"Too bad, Sheriff Sherman Peabody, I'm a married man." Gumball then said, then, his wife, Dani Phantom, appeared, shocking Sherman.

"Dani Phantom?!" Sherman exclaimed, Dani started to blast ecto energy at Sherman, prompting the boy to jump and dodge every attack possible, jumping from train roof to train roof, until they landed on the caboose. Dani smiled evilly as she threw another ecto blast at our hero, knocking him off, the villians then checked if he was out of their sight.

However, to their surprise, they were being persuited the PS118 4th graders along with Libby, Kid Ford, Carl Wheezer, Penny, Mason and Mabel, who were riding on horses, and Sherman was riding on Gompers' back, with Cindy Vortex.

"I think you dropped something, Mister Gumball." Cindy exclaimed, smirking.

"Oh, great, it's you guys." Gumball then said, sarcastically.

"You've reached the end of the road, give it up, Gumball!" Sherman said, demandingly.

"Yeah! You're surrounded!" Arnold then said.

"I always wanted my friends to go out with a bang!" Edmund then said, giving out an evil grin as he takes out a remote detonator. He presses it.

Up ahead is a huge trestle bridge that spans a canyon...that has dynamite loaded in the middle. To the heroes' horror, the whole thing explodes, leaving the whole thing a huge wreck.

"Oh no!" Cindy and Penny exclaim in horror.

"The orphans," Sherman exclaimed, worried. The train has more than money on board: there are orphans, and worse, they're in danger!

"You're a ruthless monster, Edmund." Helga angrily said.

"Sticks and bones! Now as much as I hate to leave, our ride is here." Wolfgang taunted.

Sure enough, a honking noise is heard as a red Chevy Silverado pulls alongside the train, being driven by three certain eds.

"Hello, my name is ED!" Ed then shouted as he was in the driver's seat.

"Shut up, Ed." Eddy said, agitated by Ed's idiotic behavior.

The rest of the criminals escape the train and jump into the Silverado.

"Okay, Gompers! Ride like the wind!" Sherman then said, determined to defeat his arch enemy.

"Hold him steady!" Penny advised Cindy. Sherman stood on the horse, and then, as soon as they got close to the main engine, Sherman jumped in, and pulled the brakes on it, but no matter what, it would seem as if his fate was sealed. The train fell off the rails, and Sherman winced, but then, he felt a force push him up. Something was saving the train from falling, something was pushing it into the sky. Sherman, Penny and the others saw someone, and it was a certain boy genius!

"Glad I could catch the train!" Jimmy Neutron said, flying in the air, using his strength to carry the train.

"Now to catch some crooks!" Sherman said.

"Gotta blast!" Jimmy shouted, as he further flew.

Meanwhile, in the Grand Canyon, the crooks were making their get away, excited about all the loot they stole, then, Edd noticed something in the sky.

"What in heavens?" Edd then said, then he yelped as he saw Jimmy Neutron fly through the air, blasting a laser at the Silverado, slicing it into 2 halves, causing the crooks to tumble into a pileup.

Sherman and the heroes surrounded the crooks.

"Face it, you're surrounded. Reach for the sky." Sherman then said.

"You can't stop me and the guys, Pea-brain! As long as I have my sponge with a built in forcefield!" Gumball then said, whistling.

Gumball whistles loudly, and springing down the canyon walls with his coils crackling, was Spongebob! He then lands on the ground, circling the gang of criminals and bites his own leg, creating a energy bubble.

"And you've forgotten one thing: I brought my Nightfury, who eats forcefield sponges!" Sherman then said. Then, Cindy yodeled, resulting in an earthquake to occur. Cracks forms in the ground before it bursts open, resulting in a huge nightfury, Toothless, to come out roaring.

He leans towards Gumball, about to capture him. Victory at last for the good guys once again!

But then a shadow covers everyone, making Toothless stop what he's doing. An intense hum is heard, everyone looks to see a huge Burger-shaped spaceship hovering above them. Everyone in the area instantly knew who is flying that ship at once.

"Evil Doctor Burgerkong!" Jimmy exclaims in shock and anger.

Sure enough, on the bridge of the spaceship, Gene Belcher AKA: Dr. Burgerkong, wearing his usual costume, laughs evilly while snarling, "That's Mr. Evil Burgerkong to you, boy genius!"

With that, Evil Burgerkong quickly press a button, causing beam to get the crooks beamed aboard on the spaceship. Once that's done, the villain flip opens a switch which is labeled 'Death by Monkeys'. The evil burger wearing villain smirks as he press the button.

The ship's belly opens as a yellow barrel came out of it. As the heroes watch, the weapon hits the ground and explodes into a mushroom cloud...of crazed Monkeys! Our heroes quickly make a fun for it with Toothless roaring before the red monkeys took the big guy down. Worst yet, our heroes didn't go too far as the Monkeys overtook them and pinned the gang to the ground.

Time for the villains to end it; the nose of the spaceship rotates and opens, revealing a giant laser powering up. Edmund, inside the bridge, laughs as he reaches for a button that is marked with skull and crossbones.

Cindy turns away with her eyes shut while Edmund laughs evilly some more. Jimmy turns away with the evil crook's finger right on the trigger. Sherman and Mabel grimace.

Back to reality

It turns out that Trent is just playing with his toys in yet another imaginative story. And Trent wasn't alone, he was playing with his friends, Geoff, Brody, Owen, and Scott.

"Quick, Jimmy, shoot at my glasses!" Trent said, as Sherman.

"But it will kill you, Sherman!" Geoff then said, as Jimmy.

"Just do it!"

Trent pressed the laser button on Jimmy's watch, and the light blinked, and Trent made noises that seemed as if a laser ricocheted at the ship. Then, Trent whacked the ship, pouring out the "crooks".

The boys laugh playfully. They are having a great time!

Just then, Trent's mother, opens a door while holding a camera. The boy jumps around while making noises with his room now looking like a set from Sherman and Penny's show complete with a trestle bridge made out of Legos, a barrels of monkeys, and more.

"You're going to jail for good, Gumball!" Trent/Sherman exclaim to Gumball sternly. The boy, of course, spots his mom with the camera, making him frown while exclaiming in his real voice, "Mom!"

"No, no, keep playing; just pretend that I am not here." Trent's mom said. Trent shrugged it off and continued to play with his toys and friends.

Trent's Dad then peeks into the camcorder while asking puzzled, "Does the red light means it's going?" The tape soon glitch a bit.

You've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me

The camcorder is now showing Amy and Samey's birthday party. The birthday girls sit in a chair, wearing a party while eating cake. Her friends, Geoff, Brody, an Owen meanwhile are stuffing cake in their mouth while Trent was holding Sherman, his favorite toy since Kindergarten.

Trent's mom then said, "Come on, boys, say 'Happy Birthday' to the twins."

"Happhy Brffday!" Brody spoke, with his mouth full of cake.

"Oh, charming."

Trent holds Sherman to the camera, while speaking as the toy, "Happy Birthday!"

In Trent's room, the camera recorder pencils a line above her son's head on the door frame. The boy steps away and smiles eagerly. He is getting big, isn't he?

When the road looks rough ahead
And you're miles and miles
From your nice warm bed

We now see the camera showing Trent holding Sherman against the door frame, marking a line above his head as if measuring the toy too. There are more lines and labels for all of the toys that the boy cares above, including two for 'Spongebob' and 'SpongeBob's rear end'.

In the front yard, Trent laughs as he gave Sherman and Penny a piggyback ride, courtesy of himself.

You just remember what your old pal said
Boy, you've got a friend in me
Yeah, you've got a friend in me

Trent is now seen holding Jimmy towards the camera, shooting out a "laser" from his watch.

"Those crummy Aliens stole our parents! Time to show em what we're made of!" Jimmy's voice box exclaimed, loud and clear.

"All right, then, Jimmy!" Trent/Sherman exclaims to Jimmy as the boy made his toys high-five one another happily.

Some other folks might be
A little bit smarter than I am
Bigger and stronger too, maybe

The camera now shows Trent in a pillow fort, surrounded by his toys, eating popcorn from a bowl while watching the NFL. The boy smiles as he stuffs popcorn into Toothless' mouth then goes back to the TV, his eyes widen. Of course, Trent doesn't notice the snack falling out of the toy Nightfury's mouth.

In the backyard, Trent appears to be rocketing Cindy and Gompers around in the front yard, with the mother doing her best to keep her son in the frame of the camera itself.

But none of them will ever love you
The way I do, it's me and you, boy

Trent, back in his room, laughs playfully as the camcorder shows him falling onto his bed, holding his toys in the warm, glowing embrace of a child's innocent and boundless love. To toys, it looks like their playtime with children will last forever.

And as the years go by
Our friendship will never die

Sadly, even Sherman knew that nothing lasts forever...

Long ago in a distant Boston Suburb in 2003 during the summer, Sherman was all set to go to camp with Trent, but Trent accidentally tore his arm, forcing to leave Sherman behind. And just when having nightmares about becoming a disused toy weren't bad enough, Sherman had to save another broken toy, Steven, from a yard sale. He manages to save Steven from being sold, but at the cost of being stolen by the son of Mr. Worthington of Worthington Toy Stadium, Evan Worthington. This prompts the toys to go on a rescue mission, meeting a plush toy kid by the name of Ford Pines.

However, while at the Worthington apartment, Sherman discovers that he's not just a toy, but a highly valued collectible from the popular critically acclaimed 1990's cartoon, Nicktoons Roundup, and meanwhile at the apartment, Sherman meets other Nicktoons Toys such as Cindy Vortex, Libby Folfax, Carl Wheezer, Sheen Eztavez, Arnold Shortman, Gerald Johansen, Sid the Snitch, Stinky, Harold "Pink boy" Berman, Stinky, Wolfgang, Ludwig, Edmund, Penny Peterson, Mason Dubey, Carl Lewis, Son Goten, and a goat named Gompers. Sherman is flattered that he was part of a popular 90's cartoon, however, once he finds out that this collection is going to be sold to a museum in Japan, he doesn't want to go, but once he brings up that he has an owner, Cindy panics, becoming bitter and rude towards Sherman, things immediately get worse once not only that the collection will go back into storage once Sherman leaves, but Sherman's arm falls off, worse, Sherman tried to escape, but someone turns on the TV, waking up Evan, and sabotaging the escape, Sherman blames Cindy, putting a further strain on their friendship. However, Sherman's restored and repaired by an old man by the name of Vlad.

While Jimmy and the toys go look for more evidence for the locations of the Worthington apartment, Jimmy crosses paths with a deluded version of himself when Jimmy thought he was a CIA apprentice. Jimmy and deluded Jimmy switch places by complete misunderstanding, and also, this releases evil action figure Dark Danny, who goes after Jimmy. Sherman ends up learning about Cindy's past life with her owner, Josse, who was really close to her, but as she grew older, she abandoned Cindy and donated her once Josse gained more friends such as Jaques. After hearing Cindy's past life, and afraid that Trent will abandon Sherman when Trent grows up, Sherman decides to stay with the Roundup Gang, and once Sherman's old friends arrive, along with Jimmy #2, Sherman refuses to go back home, thinking that Trent won't care, and also because he doesn't want his friends back in storage. However, Penny is unsure if she wants to go to Tokyo, knowing that Trent's still a kid.

After the Hey Arnold! Toys reveal they don't want to be part of the toy museum, and after Jimmy warns Sherman he'll be behind glass and never be truly loved as well as reminding Sherman what he taught Jimmy, and after seeing the TV version of himself hug Mr. Peabody and exchange sweet Father-Son words, Sherman realizes that he let his fear of being abandoned get the best of him. He has a change of heart and decides to go back to Trent, and convinces Cindy, Penny, Carl, Mason and Gompers to come along, but Goten has other plans.

Goten revealed himself to be the one who turned on the TV to sabotage Sherman's escape, he reveals that he wants to go to Japan because he was never sold to children, and then the chase was on. While Jimmy #2 and Dark Danny did battle at the elevator, which Jimmy #2 won, and placed Dark Danny back at the toy store. Accompanied by squeeze toys, Ed, Edd and Eddy, they steal a Pizza delivery truck and follow Evan and his father to an airport, where they enter the baggage handling system and free Sherman. Goten rips Sherman's arm again while preventing his escape, but is stuffed into a little girl's Pacifica backpack by Trent's toys to teach him a lesson of what it is like to be played with. They free Gompers, only for Cindy to end up on the plane bound for Japan. Assisted by Jimmy and the other toys, Sherman frees Cindy and the toys find their way home.

When Trent returns from camp, he accepts the Roundup toys and the Eds as his new toys, thinking his mother bought them, and repairs Sherman's torn arm. Meanwhile, The Worthington's business has suffered due to his son's failure to sell the Roundup toys, but thanks to a talk with his father on the night before, Evan had to start to regret trying to sell his collection. Sherman tells Jimmy that he is not worried about Trent discarding him because, when he does, they will still have each other for company. But when Trent grows up, what will happen on that day?