Diablo II: The Epic Behind the Game

Disclaimer: I do not own Diablo II, I, or anything else that blizzard created. In fact, some of my dialogue comes directly from the game, for accuracy purposes only.

The Characters however are of my own design, directly from my chars on Battle. Net

It all began...

In Tristram...


An ear shattering roar split the boiling air.

"DIABLO!!" He screamed, warning his companions.

Elric Tasslewind remained asleep as his memories turned and flashed in his dreams.

"HURRY!" he had shouted as the Lord of Terror flung him aside.


He had battled with Terror, the foul Diablo, while his companions, the archer and the warrior, defended their last party member and friend as the vizjerei searched the Horadric tomb for the spell to unbind hell from the mortal world.

Elric's muscles twitched as he remembered the pain of his injuries in his dream.

Diablo grinned as he threw Elric to the ground and lorded over the fallen rebel. The Prime Evil's power was overwhelming.


The monastery shook and crumbled. The grin faded from Diablo's face as he turned to hear the vizjerei finish the spell of unbinding.


It was done.

Diablo's plan to swallow Sanctuary into the burning hells had been thwarted.

Elric's legs kicked as he dreamed and remembered his desperate dash to the town portal. The only remaining exit.

How he had barely made it to the closing portal and escaped Diablo. How he was transported back to Tristram just in time to see the monastery collapse on itself.

The people of Tristram cheered.

Even the peg-leg boy, Wirt, smiles and waves to the four of them as Elric feels the relief of knowing that it was over.

Finally, the people could accept him for what he was.

He could accept himself.

Elric flung himself around in his make-shift bed as he dreamed of the first scream.

The crowd quickly retreated as, from the rubble of the monastery, the beast arose.

Even after being crushed under sixty stories of stone and wood, the Lord of Terror refused to die.


The battle continued above ground as Elric and his human companions: The Vizjerei, the archer-woman, and the warrior fought to protect Tristram and destroy Diablo once and for all.

But, despite all their courage, skill, and combined power, The Prime Evil proved to be more than capable of taking them by himself.

They were losing.

And losing badly.

His heart sped up and pounded in his chest as he vividly recalled his exhaustion and pain as he resolved to take one last lunge at Diablo.

One final shot.

He sprang forward blindly, both in his sleep and in his dream, bearing the only weapons he had left.


Whether by luck, fate, or the divine intervention of the angelic Seraphim, Elric did not know. But as he felt the hard crystal, he knew, somehow, that he had found the key to victory embedded in Diablo's skull, hidden among the many horns upon his crest.

The Prime Evil's bane.

The Soul Stone of Terror.

The scent and taste of the demon's blood filled his mind as he tore the fabled gem from Terror's head and tossed it to the warrior.


Elric heard the warrior call for the blacksmith Griswold to throw him his prized Horadric Malus, one of the only two left in existence, as the Lord of Terror threw him away in rage and pain.

He slammed first into one tree, breaking it in half, and then another, falling from it to lay behind a great boulder.


He heard the air fill with a howl of fury and pain as he felt the shock of the soul stone exploding into a thousand pieces.

The people of Tristram were, at last, freed from terror.


It was later

Over a week later.

A wonderful week of rest and celebration.

A week of praise for the hero's who had saved them, and of morning for the lost King Leoric and the ill-fated Prince Albrecht.

A week of pampering and idolization.

How he had hated it.

Elric still felt the empty void in his soul that had first pushed him to Tristram after IT had happened.

An emptiness that he had to fill elsewhere.

"Where will you go now?" His vizjerei friend asked him as they said their goodbyes.

"I don't know." Elric had answered, "But I'll be sure to slaughter any demons and monsters I find on the way. And where shall you go once you tire of ale and feasts? Where shall your journeys take you, Master Vizjerei?"'

"Home, my friend. To Lut Golein, the Jewel of the desert. I plan to continue my studies there."

"And, I..." The lady-archer announced proudly, "I shall return to the Monastery of my sisterhood. May the Great Eye watch over you, always, dear Elric."

"And you as well, sister." Elric had said, "And where shall you go, my friend?" He asked the warrior of Khanduras.

With a blank meaningless stare, and a voice which stung like fire, he answered.

"To the east, I must go to the east."

Elric Tasslewind awoke with a start and it took him a second to calm himself as his mind pondered over the answer, which had bothered him since he had left Tristram over four months ago.

"East?" He wondered out loud as he stretched his body. "Why would you go east?"

Elric got up and walked on all fours to the edge of the fallen demons camp, kicking several cold bodies out of the way as he went.

Normally, the little beast did not offer him much in the way of prey. But, a camp of almost a hundred of the little fiends, slaying them all had been quite fun and fulfilling.

Both in stomach and in spirit.

He reached the edge of the camp and breathed in the chilled fall air.

Then he took a sniff and was surprised by what he had found.

"Blood is being spilled." He said to himself excitedly as he popped his neck and the bones in his claws, "Or was recently spilled in the north."

Perhaps he would find some other hunters today.

He only hoped that this batch of humans would not attack him and force him to kill them like the last six bands of demon hunting mercenaries.

"Maybe I should be more subtle this time and not just pop out from behind a rock and ask for a mana potion."

Elric knew that, to most humans, his demonic form was far too akin to others of his kind to tell that he was unlike the mindless beast that had been plaguing the wilds. But without a way to replenish his mana stores, he would never be able to take human form and get near a town again.

He unrolled his long bladed tail and let it flail behind him as he began to run, and then sprint in the direction of the smell of the blood.

"I hope they don't try to kill me before I get a chance to talk to talk to them." He prayed

And so the half-demon, Elric Tasslewind disappeared into the forest, leaving a dead and gory fallen camp behind him.

Unaware that he was about to embark on his next great quest.


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