Hey guys! Welcome to my first fanfiction. If you can't tell, this story is going to be a high school simulator sort of thing. I'll go over the details in the story, but all you really need to know right now is that this is a AshXSerena fanfic. But enough said, let's get into it.

"Ash!" Ash's mother Delia shouted "Hurry up or you'll be late for your first day of your new school"

"Alright, I'm coming now!" Ash shouted back at her

Ash Ketchum is a 16 year old boy who recently moved to Kalos with his mother Delia, along with his Pikachu that he had received for his 10th birthday. Thanks to Ash and his mother moving to Kalos, he had to start in a new school for his last school year before he would go on a journey with his Pikachu and fulfill his dream of becoming a pokemon master. He had no friends in Kalos as he had moved from the Kanto region, so he'd have to make some new friends.

Ash walked out of his bedroom ready to go to school with his Pikachu on his shoulder. He headed down the stairs where he was greeted by his mother holding some toast for his breakfast. Ash took the toast and left the house eating it.

While on the way to his new school, Ash had a conversation with Pikachu

"Hey, Pikachu, I'm pretty nervous. Are you?" Ash asked his best friend

"Pika? (No, why?)" Pikachu asked him while shaking his head

"Ahh, I don't know Pikachu. I don't know why you'd even be nervous. But, I guess I'm just nervous because I'm going to be meeting new people, and I'm still sad about having to leave my friends in Kanto" Ash told Pikachu who nodded

"Pika Pi! (Come on Ash! Don't be nervous, just go with it!)" Pikachu shouted at him which gave Ash some encouragement

"Ok, thanks Pikachu" Ash said before they carried on walking

Ash and Pikachu approached the school. Ash looked at the sign. It read 'Xerneas High'.

"Well Pikachu, we're here" Ash told Pikachu with a shade of nervousness in his voice.

"Pika... (Oh Ash...)" Pikachu said while shaking his head in amusement

"Ahh! Ash Ketchum!" A voice came from across the school yard

"Huh? Who's there?" Ash asked while getting in a defensive stance. Ash had been used to defending himself thanks to him getting bullied back in Kanto. The worst of the bullies were called Richard. Which is ironic because as we all know, another name for Richard is dick (No offence all of you Richards out there)

"Ash" The man laughed "I'm not going to hurt you, I'm the headmaster"

Ash and Pikachu both looked at each other and burst into laughter after the headmaster said that

"What's so funny?" The headmaster asked them, to which Ash gave a response while still laughing

"It's just, that, we used to get bullied in Kanto, so we ended up getting in a defencive stance, but we obviously didn't need to because you're the headmaster" Ash told him which made the headmaster chuckle a bit as well

"Well Ash, and Pikachu. I'm Professor Sycamore, the headmaster. So would you two follow me and I'll show you around for the day" Sycamore told them to which they both obliged and followed him

"So Ash, do you know anybody in this school already, or not?" Sycamore asked him while heading to his office

"No. I don't have any idea on who anyone is around here" Ash replied sadly "That's apart from you now"

"Well Ash, I'm sure that you'll make a load of new friends. And just so you know, the teachers here are some of the nicest teachers you'll ever find in the Kalos region, so you may even become best friends with some of the teachers here" Sycamore told Ash which lightened his mood a bit.

"Well, I sure hope that people will even like me" Ash told Sycamore who chuckled

"There is never a single person who isn't loved at this school. The only way that could happen is if you killed someone or something, which I don't think is likely" Sycamore replied "Here's your schedule anyway" Sycamore said as he handed Ash his schedule of the same lessons that he would have for each week of the school year

"Thanks, it looks like I've got english as my first lesson in english 5" Ash said while looking at the first lesson of the Monday column

"Alright, I'll take you to that class" Sycamore told Ash before he led him to the class

Ash and Sycamore reached Ash's english class. They were 5 minutes early to the class so Ash, Sycamore, and the english teacher could talk and be ready to introduce Ash to the class

After their little chat, Sycamore left the room and went back to his office while Ash waited outside

The class came in and sat down. While getting out their stuff, the teacher, who was called Professor Birch, announced something

"Hello class, today we have gotten a new student" Birch said which sparked excitement throughout the class, as they had not gotten a new student for about 3 years. Birch carried on talking however. "I would really appreciate it if you would treat the new student with love and care, as he has been bullied for his whole life when he lived in Kanto, and he doesn't want to have to endure more bullying here. Please welcome Ash Ketchum to the school"

The class started clapping and cheering as Ash came into the class. A few girls gasped, and some of the class looked at him in confusion as they saw him earlier in the day, or some other time in their life.

"Alright Ash, your seat can be over there" Birch told him while pointing at a seat next to a blue haired girl with a short skirt and a white beanie

"Alright" Ash said to Birch before he walked over to the seat and sat down

"Alright class, so today we're going to be doing some pair work on the pokeballs of the world. I'll be showing you each of the different pokeballs that are in existence and you are going to write paragraphs about what the pokeballs do, what their special effect is, or what pokemon or types that they work better against. Your partner is the person that you're sitting with" Birch said before he grabbed some paper and started handing it out to the students. In this time, Ash decided to try and get to know the girl that he would be working with

"Hey, I'm Ash, what's your name?" Ash asked the girl who turned to look at him with a faint look of surprise on her face

"I'm Dawn" The girl replied

"Nice to meet you Dawn" Ash said before he took her hand and shook it.

"Nice to meet you too Ash" Dawn said before Birch came over to them and gave them an A2 piece of paper

"Are you two getting along?" Birch asked Ash and Dawn who nodded which made him chuckle "Let's just hope that you two become great friends"

"What was that supposed to mean Ash?" Dawn asked him with confusion evident in her voice

"I guess he wants us to become friends. Or he wants us to become something more" Ash replied. He looked at Dawn who was faintly blushing at what he just said. "I'm not suggesting that we date you know" Ash told her

"I know, I just imagined it though" Dawn told him which made Ash chuckle but nonetheless, he still grabbed a pen and with the eventual help of Dawn, he started working on the paragraphs about the different pokeballs

There we go. The first chapter on my first fanfiction story. I hope you enjoyed it. Leave a review with any questions if you have any because I'm more than happy to answer them. Although, if you ask me via a guest account, then I'll have to answer them in the next chapter. BYE!