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At this moment, Velvet wished more than anything that she was braver.

She was currently surrounded by the members of team CRDL outside a cafe door that was currently locked. She had wanted to simply relax in Vale for a little during the weekend and had specifically asked the rest of team CFVY not to come with as she was hoping to let her hair down and simply be herself, without having to deal with their antics. She had thought they might feel hurt because she had immediately recognised how much better she could have worded it, but thankfully they understood and agreed. And for that, she loved them. Sometimes she wondered what she did to deserve such a great team. No... such a great family.

She was now regretting that decision though. She'd been having a good time, visiting some of the quieter parts of Vale, grabbing some books from the library and was going to get some coffee (she didn't need Coco to get the pun, nor did she need her team leader) from a nearby cafe when they spotted her.

Even though she tried not to draw attention, tried to leave, tried to run, they cornered her. They trapped her tantalisingly close to escape, her back against the cafe she had tried to enter in the first place. The door was locked, not because the cafe was closed but because the owner and the people inside were afraid. They were civilians after all. Not only were they not strong enough to help, none of them were brave enough to stand up for the stranger they barely even knew in the face of four huntsmen-in-training, who had weapons on their person and violence in their minds. They simply couldn't handle this threat.

"But I should be able to!" thought Velvet. "I'm a second year student at Beacon, I'm stronger than them! My weapon could destroy them all in seconds, especially with my semblance! I've trained to fight the monsters of the night! I shouldn't have to take this!" But whether it was due to her kind nature, her own timidness or fear of a potential 1-vs-4 fight, she did not do anything. She simply sat down and cried as they mocked and jeered at her, calling her a freak of nature and telling her to go back to her island. She felt tempted to give up.

If she couldn't handle her own problems, how could she hope to solve the problem facing the world?

"Excuse me? Can you guys move; you're blocking the door." Huh?

She looked up to see team CRDL staring at a bald-headed man wearing green trainers, blue skinny jeans and a red and white jumper with- were those really?-Velvet couldn't bring herself to care. He sported a bland, bored expression on his face and held a small shopping bag in one hand, with some manga or comic poking from the top.

Did he not realise the danger of what he was doing? He wasn't a hunter, he couldn't survive a confrontation with these guys, and she wasn't worth it! She tried to shout out a warning but Cardin, the mace-wielding bully, beat her to it.

"What are you, some kinda Faunus sympathiser? Get lost, baldy." Thank goodness, he had a chance to leave. If he was smart he wou-

"What are you talking about? I need to get into the cafe and you guys are blocking the door. Just move out of the way so I can get what I want." Velvet stared at him. Was he seriously standing up for her? Tears came to her eyes with renewed vigour. A civilian could stand up to these bullies but she couldn't. What kind of coward was she?

"This is your last chance baldy," warned Cardin, pulling his mace from its holder and brandishing it in a threatening manner. The others pulled out their weapons too, more than ready to use them against an innocent bystander. "Leave while that dome of yours is still shiny and white instead of dented and red." The man's eye twitched. "He must be terrified," Velvet thought. "To do all this for someone he doesn't even know? He truly is a hero. Unlike me..."

"I don't see what the problem is. Just let me go inside already! Did you damage something? Is that why you won't let me through? You know keeping me out won't solve that problem, someone will see the damage eventually and you guys will be in even more trouble." Velvet was confused. What was he talking about?

Unfortunately for him, the gang of bullies didn't care for they quickly surrounded him, sinister grins on their faces. Cardin's armour clinked as he slowly strutted up to the bald man, his family crest reflected of the bald man's head.

"You're gonna regret standing up to me, Cardin Winchester, leader of team CRDL and soon-to-be greatest hunter of all time. Prepare for a beating egg-head!" He raised up his mace to smash it down on the man's head. Sure, he wouldn't be using his full strength – he wanted to beat the guy, not get arrested for murder – but the baldy wouldn't know that, would he?

Almost too quick for the eye to see, Cardin smashed his weapon onto the pavement that the man used to occupy. He almost fell, as he had deliberately over-extended to avoid the sharp edges of his weapon making contact with the chrome-dome. He shouldn't have worried, as standing to his side was the same man he had intended to attack.

"What is this? Are you guys trying to mug me? No way that's gonna happen." Before Cardin could pull himself up to meet the challenge of a fight, he became a seven inch deep indent in the pavement. The others stared at him in pure shock, their jaws hanging from a thread. Velvet's joined them on the floor. Just... what?

"The rest of you guy's better beat it. You've wasted enough of my time as it is." They didn't move. One of them dropped their sword. Another had a dangerously loose grip on his daggers above his aura-less leader's head. "I said, BEAT IT!" They all snapped out of their daze, holstering their weapons before they grabbed their leader and ran as fast as they could while carrying him between them. Soon enough they turned the corner, and once again the man was facing Velvet. The Faunus in question continued to stare at him in shock, awe and fear. Who was this man? Just how strong was he?

"Look, I don't want to go through that whole process again. Can you move from the door?" Velvet hastily stood up, gathering her stuff as she did so and blabbering apologies and thanks.

"Thank you so much, I don't know what would have happened if you didn't arrive, I'm so sorry for getting in your way, please forgive me, I'msohappyyouhelpedmeohmygodI'mbabblingI'msosorry-"

"Shut up already. Jeez, I just want some soda." Completely ignoring her as she picked up her books, the man pulled on the door only for it to remain shut. Taking a deep breath, he held in his annoyance as the owner of the cafe quickly rushed over to unlock the door and let him in. Muttering a quick thanks, he bought a soda from the desk and stepped outside again.

However before he could truly leave Velvet, now with her books piled together, reached out to stop him.

"Listen," began Velvet. "I just wanted to say thanks. For standing up for me when I was down. There aren't many people that would, given the recent White Fang activities at Faunus peace rallies, and those guys were huntsmen-in-training, which would put most people off of doing the right thing-"

"Will you get to the point already?!" shouted the man. "I only came here to get some soda and I've got places to be. (It's like no one can get to the point.)" Straightening up and blushing slightly from her mistake, Velvet looked straight into her saviours eyes.

"What is your name?" The man's facial features once again gained a calm look.

"It's Saitama." Velvet bowed her head in respect.

"Thank you Saitama." Nodding, the newly named Saitama turned around to walk away. Unfortunately for him, Velvet still had something to get off her chest.

"Wait!" Sighing, Saitama turned around, feeling annoyed. Velvet gulped in fear of gaining his ire, before remembering why she was doing this and doubling her resolve. "I would like to ask you something." Saitama hoped it wasn't about his strength. He was getting annoyed about people's reactions to it, and he had no intention of repeating the process.

"Do you think I'm strong?" Well that was new. "I know that you haven't seen me fight, but I know I could have taken them. My weapon can copy any weapon I have ever taken a picture of, and my semblance can copy the fighting style of anyone I've ever seen fight. I've seen people who could beat those guys in their sleep, so I know I could do it too but I... I was too afraid. I wasn't brave enough to defend myself even though I should and could have."

Velvet hadn't opened up about this to anyone before. Not even her team was aware of this particular struggle. They knew, of course, about her struggles between team CRDL and her general problems being a Faunus but this? They didn't know.

"Not through any fault of theirs," Velvet hastened to add. "It's just, they hadn't noticed and I never tried to tell them, and well it didn't get better." She had been having this problem ever since Coco had suggested building her a new weapon, one that fully utilised her semblance. She could copy the combat abilities of others. So how could she honestly say that it was she who was strong, instead of whoever she chose to copy? By lengthening how long she could copy others?

"I mean, in two years I'm going to be graduating from Beacon, one of the best huntsmen academies there is*. How can I hope to be strong enough to protect the world if I'm not strong enough to protect myself? To protect my team? The Grimm won't give me a second chance if I fail and I... I don't want to fail." Velvet looked up to see Saitama's reaction. He was deep in thought, his brows creased as he pondered what to say to the question Velvet so needed answered. Would he be able to help? Could anyone help? She was almost afraid of the answer.

"So what you're really asking me is... do I think you should follow your dream?" Surprised by not only his perceptiveness but also the fact he was right, Velvet nodded her head. "Sure, why not. I mean who am I to decide? I don't even know your name. If you want to do it, make sure you can. Anyway, I've got to go. See you bunny girl." And with that, Saitama turned around and finally walked away without interruption, drinking from his soda as he went.

On the other hand, Velvet's mind was racing. If she wanted to do it, make sure she could? She wanted to become a huntress, one who didn't have to rely on the abilities of others to be successful herself. So in order to do that... she had to improve her own abilities. Her own strengths. Her own weaknesses. She had to address every part of how she handled things, then work to handle those things better in pursuit of her dream. She had to make sure that she could do the things she wanted to do if she truly wanted to do them. Otherwise, how could she hope to succeed?

She stared in wonder at Saitama's retreating figure. His wisdom truly was spectacular. She could only imagine the depth of the conversations he would have with Yatsuhashi. Truly she was lucky to have met him.

*It's definitely in the top five anyway.

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