The Other Evans Girl - Chapter 1

This is a Sirimione & Jily fic.

Rating: M

This will go through all the Hogwarts years and then into the war, so lots of gore and death, this will be your only warning.



Tootree Road was never busy.

The street was a curvy country road set some ways apart from the wizarding village down below, although Kaygard village was no longer referred to as a wizarding village as their was no longer a need to differentiate between Muggle and Magical.

They were all Magical Villages.

Since Voldemort's takeover almost every inch of Great Britain was now Muggle free, what was left of the poor souls were held in camps and used for experiments, death their only form of freedom.

Until now.

Unlike most nights Tootree Road was bustling with activity and despite the fact that the Purebloods gathered did not know it, it was all thanks to the most wanted Witch in Britain.

Hermione Jean Granger.

Although at this moment in time, thanks to a dose of Polyjuice potion, the Witch looked nothing like herself.

Hermione's wild bushy hair and whiskey brown eyes, were now the long lustrous locks and grey eyes of Hestia Carrow, a Slytherin Witch that had been in her year back at Hogwarts but who had long ago taken to seclusion after the death of her twin Flora.

"Hestia?" called a voice in the crowd, "Hestia Carrow is that you?"

Hermione froze in her stride and willed back her sigh, she'd known that being spotted was a large possibility, after all, Theodore Notts engagement party was bound to be crawling with her former Slytherin classmates but why did she have to get stopped by this particular Witch.

"Pansy" Hermione smiled turning to face the dark haired Witch, "how lovely to see you" she lied

Pansy Parkinson looked almost exactly like the last time she'd laid eyes on her, her face still somewhat resembled a pug but her body had filled out. She was dressed in fine silk robes, draped in expensive jewellery and on the arms of a much older Wizard who'd rolled up his sleeves to proudly show off his dark mark.

Hermione had to fight the urge to not hex his arm off.

"Oh, my dear Hestia, it's been far too long" Pansy grinned, stepping up to wrap her arms around the supposed Hestia.

Hermione mechanically hugged her back, forcing her arms to lightly wrap around the other woman's waist, when they parted Hermione was surprised to see genuine warmth on Pansy's face.

"I have truly missed you" she quietly said, her eyes alight with relief. A throat clearing behind her made her stiffen, she plastered a smile on her face that was tinged with malice and dislike and then turned to face the older man, linking arms with Hermione.

"Hestia, I would like to introduce you to my husband, Herbert Blishwick" his last name was said with such contempt that Hermione had to hide her surprise. She never heard of the name, Blishwick wasn't one of the great Houses and it surprised her that the egotistical Pansy Parkinson would marry below her station.

"Pleasure to meet you" Hermione grinned.

The man's gaze scrutinised every inch of her, from her dress robes that were terribly out of date to the great ring that marked her as a member of House Carrow on her finger.

He gave her a stiff nod before turning his gaze to his wife "we should head inside" he demanded

"Of course" Pansy said, looping her arm around Hermione's, she began to drag the Witch towards the Manor gate, falling into step behind a throng of Witches and Wizards.

Hermione steeled her nerves as Pansy prattled on, the gates had been spelled to keep all introducers out and to wipe away all enchantments but Luna had promised to come through for her, they'd worked too hard to stumble now.

"Did you ever imagine that Theo would end up with that mad woman?" Pansy smirked "but then again I suppose that none of us truly imagined any of this" she said, a sad tone to her voice, the same look on her face that Hermione had whenever she thought of Ron and Harry, her fallen friends.

The only fallen friend Pansy had was Draco Malfoy.

Was she thinking of him? Hermione wondered

Once Voldemort had finished with Harry and almost the entire Order, he'd made a show of eliminating the traitors in his own rank, the Malfoys had been publicly executed a week after the Battle of Hogwarts.

Draco's death had meant nothing to her, it still rarely crossed her mind but to those who loved him, those like Pansy, it must hurt as much her own losses.

Their were two Wizards standing guard at the gate their eyes closely watching the guests, Hermione held on just a little tighter to Pansy as they crossed the threshold.

Years and years of planning, the very survival of muggle kind, democracy and freedom, all depended on this moment.

Hermione felt the wards wash over her.

Her shoulders tensed and she stood absolutely rigid but the two Wizards standing guard merely waved her through.

If she was a lesser person, less experienced, less battle weary, she may have just collapsed in relief then and there but as she was Hermione Granger she merely put on a tight lipped smile and let Pansy drag her into Nott Manor.

"The colours don't match" Pansy snarked as soon they were through the front door and into the large lounge big enough to fit what seemed to be at least a hundred Witches and Wizards.

"Red drapes with a green carpet" Pansy sighed clearly frustrated, "can the woman do anything right"

"Theo likes her" Hermione shrugged, her eyes scanning the lounge in search of her friend.

"I still don't understand why" Pansy huffed, "this marriage has cost him a lot with our Lord"

Hermione tuned her out as her eyes landed on who she'd been searching for.

Luna Lovegood looked remarkably different to when she'd last laid eyes on her, just a little over three years ago.

Her golden hair was tightly pinned back into a bun, she wore a pin straight dark dress with dress robes to match and their wasn't a single odd item on her, no butterbeer cork necklace or radish earrings.

She felt guilt well up in her, they were the only two left but whilst Hermione had hidden in the depths of Wizarding Britain fighting against the monsters, Luna had to conform and live amongst them.

She was her greatest spy and her only ally.

Luna suddenly turned towards her and although the light in her blue eyes had long diminished, Hermione could still recognise the delight that filled them when she saw her.

"Oh, no" Pansy sighed, "she's coming over"

Hermione struggled to hold back her grin when it finally hit her that she didn't have to, this wasn't a discreet meeting that couldn't last for more than a minute.

This was one friend at the engagement party of another.

As soon as Luna was close enough, Hermione threw her arms over her, wrapping her in the tightest hug she could.

Luna returned the hug, both conveying their sadness and delight.

"I didn't realise the two of you were friends?" Pansy's snarky voice filled the air

Hermione reluctantly pulled back from Luna.

"Best friends" She beamed, far more to those words than the likes of Pansy Parkinson would ever understand.

Luna's eyes filled with tears but with a sigh, she held them back.

They were slammed for time and they had a lot to do.

"Pansy" Luna said with more authority than Hermione had ever heard from her, "if you don't mind, I have to borrow Hestia for a moment"

Luna didn't wait for the Witch to reply before pulling Hermione away. They made it through the lounge and up various stairs until they made it into the attic.

Once the door was closed, Luna whipped out her wand and held it to her throat.

"Password?" She demanded

"The Otter and the Hare, they do despair" she automatically recited.

Luna's face split into a grin and she slammed herself into Hermione, hugging her so tight that her ribs began to protest.

"Hermione Granger, how I have missed you" she said pulling back, the tears easily falling this time around.

"How have you been?" Hermione asked, trying to hold back her own tears.

"I can't complain" Luna shrugged, her eyes roaming over Hestia's features, "I wish I could see you" she frowned

"If we don't do this quick enough, you just might" Hermione warned

They instantly got to work, Luna revealed the potion that she'd been concocting, hidden away at the back of the attic.

"And you've done it just as I wrote?" Hermione asked

"It took me seven tries, but I've got it just right" Luna assured her, "I've never seen a potion so difficult to make, the ingredients alone were near impossible, if it wasn't for Theo, I wouldn't have managed to get even half"

"I know" Hermione said "thank you Luna, I never would have asked if I could have managed alone"

"You don't have to thank me" Luna smiled "but are you sure about this?" she asked as Hermione pulled out what seemed to be three bones and a silver time turner and placed them all besides the cauldron.

"It's the only way" Hermione shrugged "we've lost this war but this doesn't have to be the end"

"It could be for you" Luna argued

"What do I have left?" Hermione bitterly smiled "my end came a long time ago" she said "this….this is the only way to change that ending"

Hermione picked up one of the bones, like all the others it was tightly wrapped around a strand of Hermione's brown hair.

The bone belonged to Henry Evans, father of Lily and Petunia Evans.

Hermione carefully dipped the bone into the potion all the while reciting the incantation, once it was fully submerged, she moved on to the next bone.

It belonged to Viola Evans, mother of Lily and Petunia Evans.

Hermione did the exact same thing, slightly changing the incantation to include the word mother instead of father.

The final bone belonged to Lily Evans, this time Hermione used a different incantation, she didn't want Lily to be her mother or father, she needed to merge with her and then separate from her, she needed to become her twin.

Once that was over, Hermione heaved a sigh, she was so close to ending this madness.

With careful hands, she pricked her finger, the blood landing on the silver time turner that had taken her years to create from scratch.

"Last bit" she assured Luna who seemed to be holding her breath from all the tension.

Hermione picked up the time turner and then slowly dipped it into the potion, reciting the date and time she needed.

January 30, 1960.

The day Lily Evans was born.

Once that was finished, she lifted up the time turner by its chain and used a freeze spell to keep the potion from dripping down.

"How long?" Luna asked as Hermione place it around her neck

"If we've done it right, about a minute" Hermione answered, she felt a wave of nausea hit her and she stumbled before catching herself.

"This is too dangerous" Luna frowned "their are so many things that could go wrong, there's a reason why people shouldn't mess around with time and space"

"Which is why I've kept my plan short and sweet" Hermione forced a grin "kill Voldemort and live happily ever after" she smirked as a harder wave of nausea hit her "I'll see you again, Luna Lovegood, I promise" their was a momentary pause and her brown eyes connected with Luna's blue for the last time before everything disappeared.



As a child of the 40's Viola Evans had brought much worry to her dear Mother, climbing trees, playing in the mud, collecting frogs well into her teens, it had all driven Marigold Greer up the wall.

One of her mothers most consistent phrases had been 'girls do not' and then whatever Viola had been doing at the time.

She'd long ago promised to learn from her own mother's flaws when she had children of her own but trying to raise three happy, independent, strong willed girls through the 60's was no easy feat.

At eleven years old, Petunia seemed to be like most pre-teens, she was a bit immature for her age and her peers didn't much like her but she had a steady friend in Amelia Pax and once September rolled around she would surely make some more at her new school.

Her second daughter Lily was perhaps her easiest child, sunshine and smiles was what came to mind when one thought of Lily Evans. A very easy going child, daring and sweet all at once, their wasn't a child on their street that didn't call Lily their friend.

It was her youngest daughter by thirteen minutes that had really earned Viola's sympathy for her dear mother. Hermione Primrose Evans had been a cause for concern from the moment she entered the world.

Poor thing had had the cord wrapped around her neck causing a real frenzy in the delivery room that had made Viola's heart race at a frantic pace, a pace that eight years later had never returned to its normal steady rhythm.

As a baby she'd been a difficult child, crying all hours of the day, as a toddler she's been unnervingly quiet and now as a child she was rather odd.

Nice, intelligent, lovable, but odd.

It was a bright sunny day in the middle of May and with determined steps she walked into Hermione's room and pulled back the drapes, much needed sunlight penetrated the room causing the little girl on the bed to groan aloud and use the large book in her hands as a shield over her face.

Viola put her hands on her hips, a steely glint in her brown eyes as they landed on Hermione, who couldn't see her mothers determination because the book covered everything but her wild bushy curls.

"It's time to go out and enjoy the sunshine" She demanded

Hermione lowered her book, her eyes had always unnerved Viola, they were the same whisky brown as her own but their always seemed to be a darkness brimming just under the surface.

They stared at each other for several seconds before Hermione gently sighed, realising that this wasn't a battle that she could win.

She closed the book and placed it on her desk. "No more than an hour" she sternly said, walking out of the room without a backwards glance.

Viola frowned as her eyes scanned Hermione's bedroom, whilst Petunia's was covered wall to wall with the latest boyband and Lily's was draped in bright colours and family pictures, Hermione's room was rather bare, the only picture she had was of the five of them and it had been placed face down.

With a sigh, Viola put the picture to right, it was a lovely one taken just last summer, the sun was beaming down and all five of them were grinning ear to ear.

Apart from her eyes Lily was her mirror image with the same red hair and high cheekbones, Petunia took a striking resemblance to Henry, with her long neck and blond hair, whereas Hermione was a mixture of the two, she had Henry's wild curls but much darker and Viola's whisky brown eyes.

Her frown grew as she stared down at the picture, it wasn't rare to see Hermione smiling, compared to Petunia she did it quite a lot but Viola could never shake the fact that it wasn't real, that Hermione smiled because that was what was expected of her and not because she was genuinely happy but this picture, this snapshot of a day at the beach, it was one of those moments were her daughter looked truly happy, it was a smile that Viola wished she could burn to memory so that when she felt at a loss with her daughter, she could bring it forth and find some comfort in it.



The brisk cold had slowly given away to April's sunny warmth, that usually meant that at least two of her daughters would be out and about but surprisingly enough all three Evans girls were cooped up in the house, Lily was in her bedroom whilst Hermione and Petunia were in the lounge.

She'd felt an uncomfortable air during breakfast between her two eldest but it was only now that she was fully coming to terms with the fact that Petunia and Lily were having a disagreement.

They'd always had silly fights but nothing that lasted more than a few minutes, at thirteen and ten she supposed that they were simply getting older.

Out of curiosity Viola wandered into the lounge, Petunia was sat on the floor right in front of the tv, whilst Hermione was laid out on the couch, a magazine in her hands.

She lifted up Hermione's feet, sat on the couch and then placed them on her lap.

"What are you reading?" she curiously asked, it wasn't like Hermione to pour over her fashion magazines, she'd much preferred Henry's books.

"The Reaper's image" Hermione replied, her eyes still on the magazine

"What!" Viola snapped, so startled that she snatched the magazine out of Hermione's hand to check the cover and it was indeed that awful horror story that they'd warned about in the news, written by that Mr King.

"This isn't for children" Viola sternly said, her face reflecting the anger she felt within

"It's Stephen King" Hermione argued "and it's not even that scary"

"That is beside the point, who gave this to you?"

Hermione's eyes narrowed and her lips pinched into a tight line, it was a look Viola had grown accustomed to over the years and one she rather disliked

"It was Lily" Petunia spoke up, a satisfied glint in her eyes

"Shut up!" Hermione snapped

"Hermione!" Viola said aghast "you do not talk to people like that, have you no manners?"

"She got it from that awful boy-" Petunia continued

"He's not awful" Hermione cut her off

"He's from Spinner's End" Petunia retorted

"That doesn't make him awful"

"He's rude!"

"He's N…Well, yes I suppose he is rude" Hermione conceded.

"Who are you speaking about?" Viola asked

"Severus Snape" they said simultaneously

"Who?" Viola asked

"He's Lily's new friend" Hermione informed her

"And he lives in Spinner's End" Petunia added

"Well, yes, I'd gathered that already" Viola frowned

"He called Lily a Witch" Petunia quickly informed her

"What? That's awful"

"He didn't mean it in a bad way" Hermione asserted

"Is their a good way to call someone a Witch?" Petunia scowled

"Enough" Viola demanded "stop the sniping, it's unbecoming"

"So this Severus, who is he?" Viola asked

She was rewarded with two blank faces

"You'd have to ask Lily, he's her friend" Hermione shrugged

"Just Lily's?" Viola asked surprised

"We don't get along very well" Hermione smirked and the look made Viola pause, it wasn't one she was use to seeing on Hermione's face, her daughter seemed to always either be disinterested or annoyed, this was a rather unusual development.

"He doesn't get along with anyone" Petunia interjected "he's weird" she said in a way that meant that the matter was not up for debate



The day Minerva McGonagall knocked on their door was a rather enlightening one.

Her show of magic and assurances of the magical world helped calm and to some degrees excite Viola, her daughters reactions or one daughters reaction unsettled her.

Hermione had smiled, it wasn't one of those fake plastered on ones that she was use to seeing or the rare legitimate ones that only crept up in a blue moon.

It was something new, more of a smirk than a smile. She'd stayed quite throughout the whole thing, as Lily whooped in the air and Henry asked question after question, Hermione seemed content to sit and stare off into space, lost in her own mind, as if their was a big joke but no one else understood the punchline

She'd noticed as well.

The Professor and that bothered Viola, people didn't warm to Hermione, her teachers were always distant, even wary and children tended to avoid her. When she first started at Preston Primary, clever and quiet Hermione had been a clear target for bullying, but then things started to happen to those children that bothered her.

Michael Johnson had broken his arm - twice.

Grace Dunker had cut off her own hair in the middle of the night.

Lucy Reems had locked herself in one of the store rooms and had refused to come out.

Each time was after a bullying incident, Viola had brushed them all off as a coincidence, thankful that children soon stayed away from Hermione, leaving her in peace but now?

Her eyes landed on Hermione, she couldn't have done those things on purpose, she was only a child.

"Earlier you mentioned accidental magic" Viola said

"Yes" Professor McGonagall nodded "at a young age magical children can become overwhelmed or frightened, this leads to an outburst of magic that they can't control"

"Can't control?" Viola said relived "so magical things can happen without their knowledge or intent?" she asked

"Precisely" McGonagall confirmed, her eyes moving to Hermione "is their a specific reason for your question?"

"No" Viola replied far too quickly, keeping her eyes firmly away from Hermione. "Just curious"


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