X Files Lights in the sky...

It's been almost a year now since the aliens tried to destroy planet Earth. However with the help of agent Dana Scully and a co-worker from the F.B.I. to develop a vaccine to save everyone having been affected.

Even Fox Mulder almost to the point of dying. At the last moment she was able to find and save her partner with injecting him with the vaccine.

Months later...

Agent Fox Mulder having to be out in the field. He was given orders by A.D. Skinner to check on the where about of all new sightings of space crafts showing up in the N.H. mountain areas.

There has been about 30 reports from residents living in the mountain region. They had reported to the local authorities, including the regional F.B.I. office and UFO societies with members ranging from 100 to 800 depending on the time of the year.

Mulder had kept his wife/partner Dana Scully behind. In order for her to take care of there new baby daughter Amanda born six months prior.

Scully didn't mind having to stay behind. Due to the fact that she didn't wish to leave Amanda with others to take care of her while working.

Since left for the area to search for clues with his friends The Lone Gunmen. Even though not the original members Fisher, Barrows and another member were asked to tag along for the investigation.

For which all three of them agreed with the help from agent Fox Mulder of the X Files. Instead of going with Mulder, they were able to take there own beaten down black truck for traveling the mountain region.

Fisher had mention to Fox Mulder about the recent reporting of U.F.O.'s and missing persons around 20 or so during the past few years.

Barrows was able to show a document report to agent Fox Mulder that was given to Barrows during her investigation. Having to been mention in the Lone Gunmen reports the past three months.

Meanwhile that night in the middle of the mountain range of Colebrook. N.H.

There were three U.F.O.'s flying over in unison. And for which the local radar control center were able to notice the three blimps on there screens.

"Sergeant Bellows, did you see that on the screen?" His superior officer walked over from behind him to confirm.

"What ever it is, it's not ours that's for sure." Sergeant Bellows says with calmness in his voice, in spite of all of the reports lately.

"One thing for sure about those blimps. The F.B.I. and agent Fox Mulder of the X Files will need to be called in to investigate." He states with moving to check his console for any further blimps moving out quickly of the region.

Just as quickly as the blimps had showed up on the screen, those blimps moved out of the region into some unknown area.

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