At times, the relationship between Sara and Leonard made the crew uncomfortable. The sparks flew almost immediately and rarely ever cooled down.

As Jax once put it, "I feel like at any moment, a porno is gonna start."

Martin huffed with exasperation, but Kendra agreed. "No, he's right. It's practically eye sex."

Even when the pair weren't a couple, there were still their innuendos and their flirting and, oh for Pete's sake, the eye sex! Those two and the looks they gave each other were just plain foreplay. Yet, for months, nothing was ever acted upon. Despite constantly operating at a slow burn, Sara and Leonard would never make the next step happen.

Sara confided to Kendra once that she was too scared to ever love again. Her feelings had been skewed and scattered in the Pit and no one deserved to be stuck with her. When Kendra mentioned Leonard, Sara instantly blew her off. And that was the last that Kendra brought it up. But one would be blind to not see how Sara looked at Snart.

Mick knew all about Snart's upbringing. All the pain and abuse from his father. Yeah, it would make anyone twitchy about relationships. But Mick saw the way the boss looked at Blondie. And when he mentioned maybe talking to the tiny assassin, Snart told him exactly where he could go and how to get there. So that was the last that Mick brought it up. But any idiot could see there was something there.

In fact, they all saw something was there through the missions they took together...