Isekai Shokugeki

Hello and welcome. Thank you for visiting this fanfic. I watched the first few episodes of Restaurant to Another World and suddenly wanted to write a fanfic for the topic.

Therefore, I emailed the higher ups and got a new category added to the site for this story. Enjoy.

Note: This will likely be a lot of one-shots with no real directed plot. It's just meant to give an interesting, lighthearted change of pace.

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In a small shopping district in Tokyo, there exists a small Western Restaurant named Nekoya. The establishment is known all throughout the area for the exquisite food cooked by the establishment's Master, and when said man hired several teens to work in the kitchen and on the floor, the quality of the meals served shot through the roof.

However, what many people don't know, is that the restaurant has an interesting and amazing secret. Every week on Saturday, the front door of the establishment would become a bridge between our world and realms of faeries and fantasy, allowing beings that are normally only found in fantasy novels and fairy tales to enter the restaurant and enjoy the meals cooked by the chefs.


"Thank you for coming," said a girl with blue hair as she bowed toward a Knight that was walking out the door in full armor, "please visit next day-of-Satur."

Once the man had left, she turned back and headed to check on the full house of customers that had come to try the amazing dishes cooked by the chefs of Nekoya. There happened to be a party of seven arriving from the desert towns, so the staff was working extra hard to make sure all the food got to where it needed to be.

"Oi Megumi," called a female voice from the kitchen, "I have the Mince Meat Katsu for William-san ready and Hayama just finished Fluegel-san's Curry Rice."

"Hai," said the now named Megumi as she rushed back to the kitchen, "I'll be right there."

Tadokoro Megumi, the blunette was a bit of a wallflower, but she stepped up to the roll of Waitress in order to help keep up with the rush of customers that visited the Western Restaurant. While she mainly worked on the taking customer orders, the staff all agreed that she was the best among them in terms of making dishes, mainly seafood ones, that gave you a happy feeling.

Inside the kitchen hard at work, were the teen chefs of Nekoya and the restaurant's master. Standing in front of a grilling station was the girl that had called out to Megumi, a blond with tanned skin clad in a chef's uniform that hugged her curves with a butcher's knife in her hand.

This was Mito Ikumi, known in Nekoya and the surrounding district as the 'Meat Master' because of her skills in cooking and preparing dishes that revolved around meat. She was currently cooking up a large slab of beef, which was to be made into stew for later.

"Mito-san," said Megumi as she walked in, "Hayama-san."

"Right," said Ikumi, "here's the Mince Meat Katsu. Hayama where's that curry?"

"It's almost done," said a tanned male with white hair tied in a ponytail that was wearing a black version of the chef outfit, "just needs the final touch."

The teen sprinkled some spices into a pot of curry and ladled it over a plate of rice before handing it to Megumi, "Done."

"You always have to have things perfectly, Hayama," chuckled a teen with red hair tied back by a white headband.

"Shut up, Yukihira Soma," muttered the now named Hayama.

Akira Hayama, a young teen born with an acute sense of smell that he harnessed into a powerful asset in his cooking. He specialized in spices of all kinds and dishes like curry were his forte, as he exercised his talents to bring new life to the dish via intricate combinations of seasonings and flavors.

The other teen, the redhead, Yukihira Soma, was sort of a jack-of-all-trades in the kitchen. He occasionally helped Megumi on the floor, but spent a lot of his time assisting in the kitchen, whipping up amazing dishes that would leave the patrons speechless.

"Calm down, both of you," said a blond as he used a strange crescent knife to chop dough into noodles, "we're in a professional kitchen, so let's behave like the pros we are."

"Aldini's right," said Mito, "we were lucky that the Master agreed to hire us full time. We are only kids after all."

Takumi Aldini, the restaurant's resident expert in Italian cuisine. He contributed many dishes to the menu utilizing his skill and knowledge. He was quite adaptable and even recreated a few Japanese dishes with Italian principles.

"You and Takumi need to lighten up Nikumi," said Soma as he cooked some food on the stove.

"I told you not to call me that, Yukihira," growled Mito as she began to chop up a leg of beef.

Thus was the life of the staff of Nekoya. The teens had fights on occasion, but they were all good friends deep down. Together with the Head Chef, they ran Nekoya on weekdays as a restaurant for the masses and on Saturdays, they worked to satisfy the eclectic group of patrons that visited from the Other World.

Well, that's it for the intro chapter. The rest will likely be linked one-shots based on the chapters of the light novel and the anime episodes.