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The black phoenix of Russia

Summary: Anastasia Grekov had the perfect life; a loving mother and father who loved her endlessly and always tried their best to give her the best in the world; to always see her happy. Her older brother, Vladimir also loved her and there was nothing he wouldn't do for his sister. Her life was perfect in her eyes; she was from one of the most beautiful cities in the world although it was cold most of the time, but that is what makes Moscow so beautiful and always dreamed of becoming a veterinary surgeon and her dreams came true when she was accepted at Yale University in America. Although it was far from her home city in Russia, she was excited to start a new life but promised her parents to always come and visit. Her brother who is five years her senior stayed in Moscow where he worked as a prosecutor as it was Vladimir's passion to put criminals away and Moscow was full of criminals, not just petty thieves, no, he was mostly after the big ones, like the different mobs of Russia, and their various dangerous members.

Anastasia was in her 4th year at university and still had three years to go as she was studying for her master's degree but it all came crashing down when she received the news that both her parents, Ivan and Alisa Grekov, along with her brother, Vladimir, had been murdered in their home in Moscow, left her studies and headed back to Moscow to try and find out what happened. She finally found out who was responsible but it was no use going to the police, seeing as they just closed the file as solved and prosecuted some guy, Tyson Granger.

Anastasia knew who the real murderer was, Kai Hiwatari, also known as the black phoenix of Russia, the owner of Hiwatari Enterprises, and according to some unnamed resources, also the leader of one of the most ruthless mobs to ever exist in Russia, The Chernyy Feniks to the police was out of the question as no one has ever dared taking on Hiwatari, and those that did, disappeared without a trace.

With no one to help her avenge her family's death, Anastasia made it her purpose in life to find out everything she can and to train to be one ruthless, ass-kicking and talented fighter and then find a job in The Chernyy Feniks mob, and that way, she can slowly work her way in so that one day she can come face to face with the man who had killed her family, and without sparing him another second of life, she will put a bullet between his eyes, and a couple more in his head just to make sure he is dead.

CHAPTER 1 – Last reunion

It is winter and the outskirt plains of Moscow are covered in a blanket of white, stretching as far as the eye can see; snow everywhere, displaying a beautiful frozen desert, mystical and breath taking. Two birds are conversing in a tree nearby but takes off suddenly as the echo of a gunshot suddenly rips through the quiet and white icy plains; crimson liquid is starting to taint a once perfect patch of white snow, which were clear of any imperfections but no more, the crimson liquid the clear indication of a life that has just come to an end, and all that it took was one bullet. As the crimson liquid flows into the snow, the life drains away from the person that has been shot.

(8 years earlier)

"I have to hang up, bro, but I will see you guys in a couple of days' time okay?"

"You better, otherwise I will have to come to America and kick the ass of that person that is preventing my little sister from visiting her family and her adorable big brother."

"Adorable? Who is feeding you such horse shit?" the blonde haired girl laughs, the black haired man on the other line also joining her in the laughter.

"Love you too, sis, see you soon."

"Love you too, bro, see soon, regards to mama and papa."

"Will do."

The two people hangs up.

Anastasia Grekov, a 22 year old student at Yale, a beautiful Russian young lady, with her long sleek blonde hair and spring green coloured eyes is currently in her dorm, busy packing for a three week long break in her home town, Moscow, and being a woman, she is packing for a year as that is just how a woman's logic works: packing for any occasion that might come up. She is the younger of two children, having a brother that is five years older than her, Vladimir Grekov. He still stays in Moscow along with their parents, Ivan and Alisa Grekov, although he lives in his own penthouse. Anastasia hasn't seen her family in more than five months as she is just too busy with exams and practical classes and assignments, all those things that keep students from having a life. She is in her fourth year at Yale, studying to become a veterinary surgeon as her passion is helping animals and caring for them.

Anastasia has lots of friends but only a select few that she calls close friends. She is always full of smiles and full of positive energy; whenever she walks into a room, she just lights up the atmosphere with her personality, and she is not hard to miss as she is quite a tall lady, standing at 5'9, an intimidating height to many of her fellow male students, but she does not use her height to intimidate people, that is just not her style. She is always willing to help someone, no matter what type of problem they may face. Everyone knows Anastasia as a bubbly blonde, always joking, despite many of the jokes being crude and blunt, sometimes making her parents and brother cringe at what comes out of her mouth, but that is just what makes the young Grekov unique and so loveable. Anastasia is also very honest and direct, not caring whether she hurts someone's feelings whenever she has to tell them something; she always says 'the truth will set you free', and because of that philosophy of hers, many cherish her opinion, no matter how hurtful it might be, and everyone knows where they stand with Anastasia.

Anastasia can also be very serious when the moment calls for it, and she knows when to act mature; she is after all not a bimbo, society always saying that blondes are bimbos which is not the truth at all; hair colour has got nothing to do with one's intelligence.

Her brother, Vladimir, is also very tall, standing at 6'3. He has got his mother's colour hair, pitch black, but he also has the spring green coloured eyes. Both he and his sister are what one can define as people born with a natural beauty, because since they were children, they always managed to attract attention to themselves due to their natural good looks; Anastasia does not need to wear make-up to look beautiful because she already looks that way with her natural black coloured eyelashes and her very dark brown eyebrows, the eyelashes and eyebrows fitting perfectly with her blonde hair; Vladimir also looks like he had been picked out of a modelling magazine and he has even had a few offers from various modelling companies during his student days, but he has turned them all down, saying that he is not an object that can be bought so that people can fantasise all types of horrendous things with him; he finds it overall very disturbing.

The two siblings are very close to each other and always try their best to talk to each other at least twice a week, whether it is over Skype or telephone. Vladimir did not study in America like his sister; he went to Oxford at the age of 16 as he is a genius. He is one of the best prosecutors in Moscow and is a member of the Advokatura, despite being so young, and he has successfully put away quite a few hard criminals for life. His main goal in life is to become the Prosecutor General of Russia one day, and he is working hard to get there one day. Vladimir seems like a nice and quiet persecutor, that is until he comes into the courtroom; then he is beyond vicious. Vladimir's co-workers gave him the nickname 'Pit bull'. He concentrates mostly on corrupt business men, and he would like to bring down the various mob bosses that are all around in Russia, not just in Moscow. Despite many considering it very dangerous to take on mob bosses, Vladimir is not bothered at all by the deaths threats he receives from the people he is prosecuting, because in his eyes they are all just empty threats.

Ivan Grekov, their father, is a bank manager at one of the elite banks in Moscow and the bank has branches all over Russia. He has blonde hair with spring green coloured eyes and is also tall, although Ivan is a bit shorter than his son. He stands at 6'1. He has been married to Alisa Grekov for 29 years already, and they still seem very much in love with each other. Alisa Grekov, with her long black hair and blue eyes, also has a successful career, being the owner of three five star restaurants and being a five star chef herself, although she rarely works in the kitchen now a day. The whole adrenaline rush in the kitchen has lost its charm for her, and now she prefers doing the office works, however, she does cook for her family at special occasions, for example when they are all together for a visit. She is the shortest of the family, her height only being 5'4, which means she gets teased a lot by her husband and her children, but it is all just innocent fun.

The Grekov's do have other family members in Moscow, but they rarely get to spend time together as everyone is just too busy with their own lives. They all try their best to see each other at least twice a year, almost like a small family reunion. Anastasia's life is what many will classify as perfect; there is no family drama, no dark past or secrets, just all love and respect. And that is how she has known it her whole life, and she would feel very blessed if it continues like this for the rest of her life. She does not have a boyfriend at the moment as she does not have the time for one, but she does want to get married one day and have her own family. Vladimir is also single, mostly because of his work, and just like his sister, he does not have time for a relationship, but it does not prevent him from having the occasional fling every once in a while, just so that he can blow off some steam.


"Attention all passengers, please fasten your seat belts as we will land shortly in the city of Moscow. Thank you for flying with us..."

Anastasia didn't pay attention to the flight attendant making the announcements, she already knows it by heart; she just wants the plane to land already so that she can get off and go and see her family. She does feel tired, because she was just too excited on the flight to fall asleep, Anastasia feeling like a little child waiting for Christmas morning. She may be staying for only three weeks, but for her that is more than enough; even a day would have been enough, as long as she gets to spend at least a couple of hours with her family. She will be staying with Vladimir for a week, then with her parents for a week, and then the last week both she and Vladimir will be staying at their parents' house in their old rooms in which they grew up in.

The plane finally landed and came to a halt at its gate. Everything felt extra slow for Anastasia, everyone just taking their time in moving on.

'One would swear these people don't have lives to get to. I should have put laxatives in the coffee, then they most definitely would have done anything but walk this slow,' the blonde thinks to herself, an almost evil grin appearing on her face as she continues to walk in a slow pace in between the other passengers.

After a few more minutes of walking in between the slow poaches as Anastasia classifies the passengers from the plane, which felt like an eternity to her, she finally got out of the crowd and the first person she spotted was her brother. The two siblings ran to each other when they spotted each other. Vladimir lifted her up in his arms the moment his sister reached him, swinging her around, while their parents made their way towards their children. Anastasia left her luggage half way in the middle of the crowd when she ran to her brother.

"Finally! I was starting to forget I have a baby sister!"

"Oh please, we talked a couple of days ago. Mama, papa! I have missed you guys so much!" she greeted her parents.

After exchanging all the kisses and hugs, the two males collected the luggage and murmured to each other about how women do not have the slightest idea on how to pack. The two females just shot them a glare and walked ahead of the luggage carrying men to the car.

They all went to Vladimir's penthouse first so that they can drop off Anastasia's entire luggage. Anastasia freshened up, and afterwards that, they all went to one of Alisa's restaurants for a good meal. The family were there for a couple of hours, they did not even see the time fly. They parted at the restaurant, the two siblings heading back to Vladimir's place, but Anastasia fell asleep in the car on the way back to Vladimir's place, totally exhausted. He could just smile at his little sister. He has some fun activities planned for him and his sister for the duration that she will be staying with him. He has already taken some time off from work so that he can spend time with his sister; he just has to go into the office some time the next day.


"Tell me again why are we here at your office? I thought you said you took a few days off."

"Stop whining, you are no longer a baby, and besides, I just have to come sign a few papers. Stay in my office, and please don't cause any chaos."

Anastasia just rolls her eyes at her brother, sticking out her tongue, Vladimir just chuckling at his sister before leaving his office. Anastasia starts to look around her brother's office.

'Typical Vladimir style; if I didn't know any better I would have thought that this office belongs to a gay guy, but then again, Vladimir is addicted to tidiness.'

The office is very modern, real city metro man style; designer chair at his desk and two long black velvet couches; a few interesting paintings that does not look bad at all, a few oriental ornaments here and there. The main colour scheme is black, white and silver. He has a beautiful view over the city, and for a few minutes, Anastasia just found herself being mesmerized by the view outside, the young Grekov having a perfect view over the Moscow River; the other skyscrapers just compliment the entire scene. The office of Vladimir is overall a very cosy, yet neat office, just like how she knows her brother. She can definitely see herself working in such an office, but the exact same office, with the exact same scenery on the inside and the incredible view on the outside.

Since they had been children, Vladimir had always been the neat one, not that Anastasia wasn't neat herself, but her brother was more of a perfectionist; everything had to be sorted or to be in line, it was always amusing to her to see a male acting like that way. She was always under the impression that the woman is supposed to be the perfectly clean and organised gender, but according to her brother it is a whole different situation. He really does not need a woman to clean up after him, and it will most probably be the other way around, him being the one cleaning up after the woman. Anastasia smiles at this thought. Oh how she loves her brother, she will do anything for him, just like he will do anything for her. It was a sad and depressed occasion when she had left for America but Vladimir had understood, and he had to accept that his baby sister is growing up and starting to live her own life. If she would have stayed in Moscow, there is no doubt that they would have moved in together. Vladimir is her best friend, as she is his.

Anastasia turns away from the spectacular view, and turns to Vladimir's office desk, looking at the few photo frames that are displayed on his desk; one is of their parents when they went on their second honeymoon; this had occurred just after Anastasia had left for America. There is a photo where all four of them are seated together, it was taken two years ago at her one cousin's wedding, that was a proper celebration and party. Finally she looks at the last photo, and picks up the frame to look closer at the photo. It is of her and Vladimir, at a new years' party in New York when he and their parents came to visit her. They were hanging off of each other, clearly no longer sober but the fire of life is visible in both of their eyes, the laughter and happiness just radiating from both of them. Anastasia places the frame back on the desk and just then Vladimir comes walking in.

"Wow, my office is still standing."

"Haha, I am not that destructive terrorist anymore."

"Seeing is believing, my dear sister. We will see in what condition my penthouse will be when you leave."

Anastasia just gasps at that statement, pretending that her brother has just deeply offended her, causing Vladimir to just chuckle at his sister's antics.

Vladimir walks over to a filing cabinet with a grin on his face; Anastasia does not even have a remark for her brother and so, decides that she would leave her brother while he looks for whatever he is searching for, while she continues to look around some more on his desk. Anastasia spots a file with a picture slightly poking out on top of Vladimir's desk which she did not see earlier, and without even looking at the name on the file, she pulls out the photo.

"Holy shit!" she exclaims when seeing the guy on the photo.

"What?! What?!" Vladimir suddenly asks in a startled voice, his sister's sudden outburst scaring the shit out of him.

Anastasia just shows the photo at him with a huge grin on her face.

"Who is this hot guy? Is it even legal to be this good-looking?" the grin growing bigger the longer she holds onto the photo.

Vladimir suddenly feels how his blood runs cold when he realises just who exactly is on that photo, but tries his best to cover up his sudden nervousness.

"You know it is against company policy to share client information, twerp."

"I'm not asking his life story, just curious of whom this hunk is."

Vladimir just sighs, hoping he can get Anastasia's attention away from the guy in some way by just telling her bits and pieces of the man. "If you had stayed in Moscow you would have recognised him immediately. That is Kai Hiwatari, one of the most powerful and successful business men in all of Russia, despite being only 25; he is the CEO of Hiwatari Enterprises, the military manufacturing company."

"Damn, is he like a prodigy or what?"

"I don't know, all I know is that he inherited the company from his grandfather at a young age. Just put back the photo, and let's get out of here; I am starving for a greasy breakfast."

"Fine, fine, but I still want to know more about this hunk."

Anastasia looks at the photo for a few seconds more before she is going to place it back into the folder. The young man in the photo has to be the most gorgeous man she has ever laid her eyes on; brown coloured eyes, although on closer inspection it looks like a mixture between chocolate and caramel, his eyes being complimented with thick black eyelashes; a strong jaw line, the perfect jaw shape for a man with beautiful light fair skin colour, two toned hair colour, the front part being that of the colour of Air force blue; the back being the colour of Oxford blue, his hair in a messy yet very attractive hairstyle, a few bangs hanging in his face, his eyebrows also being the same colour as the front of his hair, Air force blue, and the most kissable lips she has ever seen on a man. Anastasia can feel how her knees are becoming like jelly the longer she stares at the photo. She is abruptly brought out of her trance when Vladimir cleares his throat.

"If you have stopped drooling, can we please go?"

"Can I have his number?"




Vladimir waits at the door and watches as his sister walks past him with that puppy look in her eyes, a look that he knows very well by now, but also a look to which he has successfully build up a strong immune against, she just doesn't know it yet. Vladimir glances back at the file of Kai Hiwatari one last time, another cold rush going through his body, before he closes the door of his office and leaves with his sister.


The siblings had spent the whole day in the city, doing all kinds of activities, activities like shopping, eating, sight-seeing, and just catching up on what is new in each other's lives. Both Vladimir and Anastasia believe that siblings all over the world has to spend quality time together because it just strengthens the bond, and it also magically heals each other, should one go through some emotions, the other can fix it by just spending some time together, and strangely enough, a lot have already agreed with the two siblings about that belief of them.

Soon enough night time has arrived, and for the two Grekov siblings, night time means party time. The two always have a fun time whenever they go out together; sure, their friends always joins them but that just adds to the fun. In the past the two siblings had always tried to out drink each other with vodka shots, but this little competition usually only took place just before the club closes and when everyone is almost heading home. Vladimir's friends are all very protective over Anastasia, seeing as she had grown up with them all, and she feels like a little sister to them all. Whenever she hooks up with a guy at a club, they torment the poor soul, which annoys Anastasia a lot, but at least she knows that they are doing it out of love.

Tonight the siblings have agreed that there will be no hook-ups, no matter who they find. They can dance and mingle, but that is where it stays. Anastasia seems to have forgotten about the guy in the photo for now; she had pestered Vladimir a bit more in the car after they had left his office but luckily for him, the outing took Anastasia's mind off of the two-toned haired man; Vladimir just hopes and prays that his sister will not bring it up again.

Vladimir really does not want his sister to get involved with someone like that; he would much rather prefer it if she goes for a vet, a doctor, or environmental lawyer, someone who cares a lot about others, and who wants to make a difference in the world. He does not want his sister to get involved with soldiers, sports stars or business men, because all of them have ego problems, are very greedy and are serial cheaters, and his little sister does not deserve be with someone like that; she deserves much more, because she is worth so much more, and there is no way he wants his sister to ever end up with someone like Kai Hiwatari.

Hiwatari may be young but he is a very, very dangerous man. Too many people have ended up on his wrong side, and unfortunately they have not lived to see a new day arrive, and neither has anyone been able to do anything to Hiwatari. Many have tried to gather evidence against the young man, but they all have failed miserably and therefore they had paid with their lives for their failures and ignorance. Vladimir has no interest in fighting Hiwatari in court; unfortunately some of his co-workers feel differently, hence the file in his office. He wants to see what they have managed to gather against the business mogul. He knows for a fact that the moment they try to take on Hiwatari, they will pay dearly for it, and he who is Vladimir, is not going to do anything about it; he knows when a battle is not worth fighting for. Hiwatari is probably the only person that he will never take on, for various reasons. He is not a coward, not at all, he just knows what is essential in life and that sometimes life takes you on a journey that you will never understand, but that one is still grateful for being on, this is one of those journeys for Vladimir. He knows for a fact that he will never end up on the path where he will have to fight Hiwatari in the court, and he is grateful for that.

The night commences, being filled with nothing but joy and happiness, the siblings celebrating Anastasia's arrival back in Moscow, and the two siblings and their friends intend to party until sunrise. They have already arranged for a cab to come pick and them up as soon as they are ready to leave. Anastasia had manage to find a very innocent looking young man, and after the excruciating interview by her brother and friends, he was allowed to dance with Anastasia, but the poor thing was too petrified to do anything; this resulted in Anastasia dumping his ass after just one dance. There is no way she is going to continue to dance with someone who does not have the balls to face anything.

Soon enough she had found another guy to dance with, a very handsome man; broad shoulders, brown hair with blue steaks, brown eyes, and an enormous tattoo of a dragon on his left arm. The two clicked immediately on the dance floor and soon enough they were dancing very provocatively with each other, and it did not sit good with her brother at first, but later on he just decided that his baby sister is all grown up, and that she can take care of herself, and he knows that his sister will not jump into bed with just any random guy. She will make-out with them like crazy and maybe let them get to second base with her, but that is where it stops.

Anastasia continued dancing the night through with the guy, hands all over each other but never once did they kiss. Soon enough it was almost time for the club to close, roughly only an hour left. Anastasia ditched the guy and headed over to her brother where the two siblings had started their legendary rivalry of who can consume the most vodka shots in one minute, which seems like a very long time, almost too long, but it is how they have been playing it since the brother and sister started partying together. This time it was Anastasia that had won, but only with one shot.

"What the hell do you do overseas? Just drink the whole time or what?" Vladimir asked his sister, he still trying to come to grips with his loss.

Anastasia just had to laugh at her brother's sore loser remark.

"No bro, we just do things a bit"

Anastasia suddenly grabs hold of the table that they are standing around, because she has just started to feel the effects of her victory, and she is becoming unstable on her feet, joining her brother who has also started struggling in keeping his balance. Their friends know that the vodka has just reached their systems, and now the Grekov siblings are going to put on a show of hilarious drunkenness.

Soon they all left the club, but the friends went to an old familiar spot where they had always watched the sunrise in the past. Vladimir and his sister unfortunately did not witness the sunrise this time, as both them have passed out in the back if Mika's car, their friend since childhood. The cab Vladimir had booked for him and his sister were long forgotten. The two siblings had stumbled out of the club earlier, talking and laughing so much, the others could not help but get intoxicated with this, and also joined in on the craziness.

After the sun had risen, the friends headed back to Vladimir's penthouse, so that the Grekov siblings can be put to bed to sleep off their drunkenness.

Mika is Vladimir's very close friend, and he has a spare key to his penthouse, mostly for emergencies, and this is one of those emergencies. Mika carried Anastasia up while Oleg and Viktor carried Vladimir up to the penthouse while the three ladies, Natasha, Astrid and Saskia carried the belongings of Vladimir and Anastasia. Anastasia was snoring like someone who is in a very deep sleep and she has even managed to lose one of her boots, luckily the ladies had found it in the car. The two siblings did not even move an inch while they were being taken to their sleeping places; they were completely out.


"I can't believe three weeks have already flown like this, it sucks."

"Yeah well, you are the one that had decided to go and study so far."

"You really are a shitty brother, Vlad. I am already feeling like shit because I have to go back, and now you are giving me the guilt trip; you really suck," Anastasia says with a pretend scowl on her face while playfully giving her brother a punch on his left upper arm.

"You are supposed to make me feel better, not crappier."

"Boo hoo, cry me a river," Vladimir says, while nursing his upper arm. Apparently Anastasia's punch were not that playful afterall.

"Mama, talk to your son; he is being an ass again. You know, bro, for a killer prosecutor, you can be a real jackass."

Vladimir just grins at his sister, "I try," and then winks at her, "Come here, twerp," and then pulls his sister into a tight hug. "I am really going to miss you, you know that right."

"I know, but I will also miss you. I am just a phone call away, alright? We can still talk like that, and hopefully I can come see you guys again, hopefully in about three month's time."

"You never know, my child, maybe we will come and surprise you in the states."

"That would be so cool."

Anastasia leaves her brother's embrace to go and hug her mother and father, the two elders just holding their daughter for several minutes, not wanting to let her go.

"Thanks for everything you guys; now I am ready to face the world again, and if I don't say it enough, I apologise, but I really, really love you guys, with my entire being, and I thank God everyday for blessing me with you guys; I could not have asked for a better family," the tears starting to well up in her eyes, and her voice also starting to become a bit shaky, almost sounding like she is on the brink of starting to cry.

"You guys are my reason for living and I hope we get to reach our old age together."

Alisa pulls her daughter into another tight embrace, both women crying by now. The men just rolled their eyes at the two women's dramatic embrace, but also joined the embrace of the two sobbing women.

It was a very emotional farewell for the four Grekov family members, just like all the other farewells, but they know that this is for the best for Anastasia. They all just want her to be happy, and they want the best for her and this is the best for young Anastasia. Luckily it is not like she is moving to another planet and hopefully soon enough they all will be together again.


It is night time in Moscow. The skies are covered as snow has been forecasted for the next couple of days, meaning the skies will give off a gloomy feel most of the time, much to the dismay of so many people. On the outskirts of the city is a huge manor situated, three storeys and in old Victorian style. Beautiful gardens, a very large estate, majestic garden statues, one of a huge phoenix standing out the most, and despite it being an old manor, it has been renovated to look more modern. This is the Feniks manor, and it belongs to Kai Hiwatari, which he has inherited from his grandfather, Voltaire Hiwatari. This is one of two manors; the other one, Hiwatari manor, is situated about 11 miles from this one. Each manor serves its specific purpose; this one is for all of Kai's illegal dealings and for all the members of The Chernyy Feniks mob to stay at whenever they feel like it; it is also the place where all types of horrendous things take place, things like torturing and murdering. The Hiwatari Manor is where Kai lives and where he holds meetings regarding his legal businesses, and the mob is not welcome there, only a few select members of the mob are actually allowed to enter the Hiwatari manor premises, but only when Kai invites them over.

Kai Hiwatari is the leader of one of the most brutal, dangerous and strongest mobs, The Chernyy Feniks mob. His grandfather had started the mob when he was just 27 years old, which is quite some time ago. Voltaire had build up his empire, in the hopes that his son, Alec, will take it over one day, both the business and the mob, but unfortunately Voltaire's son Alec, and his wife, Mila, were killed in a car accident, when their only son, Kai, was just ten months old; luckily the boy was not present with his parents on that horrific day. It later came to light that the accident was orchestrated by a puny gang; the culprits were caught and dealt with personally by Voltaire, but it did not bring back his son and daughter in law.

Voltaire took in his only grandchild and decided that he is going to raise young Kai to be a ruthless warrior, heartless and calculated so that he can take over the business and the mob one day; Voltaire had also lost his wife to terminal brain cancer when their son was only a teenager. Voltaire knew that Kai will make a success of both the business and the mob as he has seen the child's potential at a young age, and he knew it had actually been fate that his son got killed. Kai had surpassed all of his grandfather's expectations, his martial arts training, weaponry training, everything Voltaire threw at him, Kai had excelled in; even in his education he was a genius, always being at the top of the class with his marks. Kai went to study for a business degree in order to prepare himself for the take over of Hiwatari Enterprises one day. Kai is fluent in five languages; Russian, Japanese, French, English and Spanish. Voltaire was beyond proud of his grandson of how Kai was already keeping the family name high and respected at his young age.

Voltaire introduced Kai to the dark world of organised crime at only 15, but immediately the boy was hooked, knowing that one day all of that power will belong to him. He knew that the day his grandfather will pass away, he will take over everything; unfortunately that was not about to happen any time soon, as Voltaire had not shown any sign of leaving this life behind any time soon.

Voltaire was too blinded by his pride for his grandson that he had failed to notice how power hungry Kai was becoming. The older Kai got, the more impatient the young man got in waiting for the old man to die. So, two days before his 18th birthday, Kai pretended to have an innocent conversation with his grandfather to try and find out if the old man's will is in order, without raising any suspicion. Voltaire did not suspect anything, and gladly told Kai that everything has been set in order for his take over one day. Without him realising it, Voltaire had placed his own nails into his coffin the moment he had divulged that information to his grandson.

Kai's 18th birthday was a huge celebration; all the important people were invited, from both the business and the mob world, so that they can all meet the future leader of both; they all were under the impression that it would be another few years before Kai takes his rightful place, not knowing that the young man had other plans regarding his take over.

Four days after his 18th birthday, Kai walked into his grandfather's study, under the pretence of asking some advice. Voltaire was busy with orders for Hiwatari Enterprises and did not focus 100% on Kai, which was the old man's downfall. That night was the night that Kai had killed his grandfather by slitting his throat, leaving the old man to bleed to death, while Kai just stood and watched over his grandfather, just to make sure that he dies. Kai was so power hungry that he could not wait for the old man to die of natural causes one day, and took it upon himself to speed things up; he had wanted all of that power and he had wanted it now.

The murder was covered up, making it look like it were burglars that had killed his grandfather; however no one was ever prosecuted in the murder of Voltaire Hiwatari. Kai at least had the decency to arrange a proper funeral for Voltaire, having the old man cremated. His ashes were placed in an ancient vase and Kai had a very special chapel built at the back of the estate at the Hiwatari manor to pay his last respects to his grandfather; Kai may have killed his grandfather, but he did not hate his grandfather; in fact, he had loved his grandfather very much, but he just loved power more, and so he just could not wait any longer to have complete power and control, and he just had to kill his grandfather in order to feed his hunger. The chapel that Kai had built is kept in good condition as Kai feels it is what Voltaire deserves. Kai does miss his grandfather on some occasions seeing as his grandfather was all family that he had left, but these moments are only brief before Kai shakes them off and continues being the cold and heartless young man that he is known for.

Since Kai had taken over, Hiwatari Enterprises has become the most successful and leading military manufacturing company in the world, having offices in a few cities, cities like Tokyo, London, and Paris, the main office being in Moscow where Kai is most of the time. The Chernyy Feniks mob has also become the most feared mob in Russia, expanding its allies and territory. In seven years Kai has proved to everyone that he is a force to be reckoned with, in both the corporate and criminal world. He has made a name for himself, no longer being known as the grandson of Voltaire Hiwatari, but is now known as Kai Hiwatari, the black phoenix of Russia.

The territory of The Chernyy Feniks mob includes Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands and France. Each territory has a person in charge which Kai has personally picked and appointed, and they all have their various responsibilities. The criminal activities of the mob includes racketeering, extortion, arms trafficking, illegal gambling, cybercrimes, human trafficking, prostitution, drug running, drug trafficking, robbery, arson, bribery, money laundering, fraud, murder, contract killing and motor vehicle theft.

Kai has turned both interests of him into a multi-billion dollar success, making him one of the richest bachelors in the whole of Europe and Asia district. In the organised crime world, Kai has gained the respect of many. They have come to know him as ruthless but brilliant, although Kai is a very quiet young man. He only speaks when he feels it is necessary; they all know him as not being one to chit chat. Kai knows how to strike fear into anyone with his famous glare. Just one look from him is enough to let anyone crack and confess their deepest and darkest secrets to him. Kai has decided from the beginning of his take-over that he will not mix his corporate world with the crime world, a foolish thing that his grandfather had done in the past. The employees with the business will only be involved in the business; the people involved in the mob will only be involved in the mob, there will be no mixing of the two.

Despite being a very respected and feared young man, Kai's mob does have its enemies, as it is in life, although the enemies are not many. The main thorn in Kai's side is The Checken mafia, also a Russian based mob residing mostly in Moscow. Their leader, Boris Balkov, has been having problems with The Chernyy Feniks since Voltaire's time, and that all out of jealousy. Kai does not really know the whole story; all he knows is that Boris is forever trying to destroy him, with no luck up until now. The only other three enemies of Kai are The Caucasian Mujahadeen, Al-Queda and the Tambov gang. Other than that, no one dares to be an enemy of The Chernyy Feniks, because they know that Kai will destroy them without showing the slightest sign of mercy.

Kai is currently in the middle of training; both of his hands are wrapped in bandages, with knuckle busters on, busy punching and kicking a big brown material bag with all the strength and force that he can muster, all in the comfort of a pair of loose fitting black exercise pants. Two guards are standing at the door watching everything. This training room is Kai's personal training room and only he is allowed to train in here. The only other time when someone else is allowed to train here is when Kai personally invites that person, and then it is also just to spar or practice fighting with that person. The training room is a large room with various gym equipment and floor mats to break the fall of whoever is thrown to the floor, and this room also contains various weapons, mostly Japanese samurai weapons with which Kai is very skilled in.

Kai is 6'3, making him even more intimidating than he already is; he is very toned and muscular, Kai taking very good care of himself. All visible muscles are toned to perfection, making him even more gorgeous; he has a barb wire tattoo circling all around his right upper arm, and a pair of black phoenix wings tattoos that almost covers his entire back, the winged tattoos starting where his shoulder blades are situated and ending just right above the small of his back; a mystical sun tattoo is around his navel, and a stud through his left nipple. If Anastasia caught sight of this current view, she most definitely would have fainted.

Kai's body is covered in sweat, but he has not shown any sign of stopping anytime soon as he continues to kick the bag and punching it with his knuckle busters. Just then the two wooden doors slides open, a young man with ruby coloured hair walking in, the hair gelled into the style of two horns on each side of his head, and by the built of his body, he is also toned like Kai.

Tala Ivanov, Kai's right hand in the mob and also his best friend; the two have known each other since childhood, as Tala's father had worked for Voltaire. Tala had been appointed his current position when Kai had taken over, and Tala oversees all of the mob's operations, handling most of the stuff. Kai is responsible for the major decisions, like finding new allies and extending their territory. All the others that are in charge in the various territories mostly reports to Tala, seeing as he only has to run the mob. Kai cannot handle both the business and the mob at the same time, and that is why he has appointed Tala, which he trusts the most. Tala makes all the minor decision; only when something is very important, will he go and discuss it with Kai, leaving whatever final decision up to Kai. Kai loves to kill and so is frequently involved in the killing and torturing of whomever needs to be killed or tortured; he lives for that type of thing.

Tala remains standing at the entrance for a few minutes, knowing well with what Kai is really busy with. After several more minutes of kicking and punching, Kai finally stops, and motions for his guards to open the bag. A bloodied body falls out, a young man with blonde hair.

One of the guards crouches beside the body and checks for a pulse, but finds none none.

"He is dead, sir."

"Good. Burn the body and throw the ashes down the drain."

"Yes sir."

Kai starts removing his bandages from his hands after throwing the knuckle busters to the floor while watching how the guards picks up the bag after replacing the body back into it, each guard at a separate end and carries the body out of the room. Tala also looks on at the scene and even takes it upon himself to open and close the doors for the two men, and then the red haired man turns to Kai after the closing the door behind the guards. Kai takes a drink from a water bottle while Tala casually strolls towards him.

"What did the poor soul do to deserve that, Kai?"

"Hn. What is the situation in France?"

"Mikhail and Brooklyn flew there yesterday. Those idiots that raided the warehouse has been caught and arrested. Unfortunately for them, the cells that they were all placed in seemed to have had some electrical problems, and they have all burned to death after the place caught fire; such a shame," the clear sarcasm dripping from Tala's voice, Kai knowing exactly what it all means.

"Good. I take it the electrical problems were thanks to Mikhail's hands?"

"He is the best in that territory of course; we have recovered all the drugs and ammo that they had stolen; Garland should be released from the hospital in about a week's time."

"Good, I hate having someone in charge when it is not their assigned place. I hope your wife doesn't expect you home soon."


"I have something to do; I will fill you in on the way. We leave after I have taken a shower."

"Personal business?"


Tala just rolls his eyes as Kai leaves the room. Kai is his best friend and he knows that Kai just loves to give his short answers, and sometimes he does not even bother answering at all, but that is what makes Kai so unique; he does not need words to express himself. His body language and his eyes are more than enough to say what he is feeling or thinking; it is only a matter of understanding what he means, which unfortunately for many, has not learnt the art of that yet, much to Tala's own amusement. He just loves it when people become frightened of Kai for no reason, and he will never get tired of seeing the effect that Kai has on so many different types of people.

Tala decides to go and make himself comfortable in the kitchen while he waits for his friend to finish with his shower, and for them to go and do whatever has to be done.


Anastasia is sitting in class, but her attention is not on her professor. It has already been two weeks since she has arrived back from Moscow. She is distracted and worried, and that all thanks to a phone call that she has received from Vladimir about two days ago.


"I love you, Anastasia, and don't you ever forget it."

"What's going on, bro? You never call me by my name. What is going on, Vladimir? You know you can tell me."

She heard her brother give a nervous chuckle. "Nothing is wrong. Can't a brother tell his sister that he loves her?"

"That's bullshit, and you know it, Vladimir. Now tell me what is going on, or I swear I am going to remove all of your ball hair with a blunt tweezers." Vladimir just chuckles again at that threat of his sister.

"Nothing, but look, I have to go. Take care of yourself, my sis, and remember that I will do anything to protect you and to ensure your safety, and that you are always in my heart."

"Okay, now you are really scaring me, Vladimir, please, be honest with me, please, what is going on?"

Again Vladimir just chuckled. "Love you, sis, and take care. I have to go now. Never give up on your dreams, and never change who you are, always stay as beautiful as you are, my sis. Bye."

"Vladimir wait, don't...hang up."


Anastasia has been trying to call her brother ever since then, but received no answer; even his office cannot help her; they just told her that Vladimir is on leave and no one knows when he will be back. She has been feeling very uneasy since that phone call. She has talked to her parents yesterday, but they have no clue of what was going on; they just told her that Vladimir had said that he wants to stay over at their place for the night; that alone is proof to Anastasia that something is wrong with her brother. Anastasia continues being lost in her thoughts when her name got called out.

"You are needed in the office Ms Grekov. There is a phone call for you."

At that moment Anastasia just felt how her stomach started burning, but she made her way to the office anyway.

"Hello, this is Anastasia."

"Ana dear, how are you?" the phone call being from her aunt Monishka from Moscow.

"Fine, fine, and you aunt M?"

Anastasia can hear how her aunt just sighs, and when the woman starts to speak again, her voice is very shaky. "Honey, I am so sorry to do this over the phone, but is your parents and brother; they...they have been murdered my dear."

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