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Chapter 13.2 – Kai's demise: Let the build up begin – Year 3 (Part II)

She can feel her heart beats frantically within her chest, the constant flow of adrenaline causing the poor pumping organ to beat in agony, but that is the last of her worries right now; there are way more important things to think of right now. She is heaving, but she cannot do it out loud as she does not want to draw unnecessary attention to herself, to her location, and this is resulting in her to feel a little light headed due to the fact that she cannot obtain the sufficient amount of oxygen that her poor lungs and body is requiring and desiring right now.

Her entire body is feeling flushed, the winter weather barely having an effect on her active body right now. What she would not give right now just to take a jog outside, just to feel the icy wind blow on her heated skin, cooling every inch of her skin. She can feel how a few bangs are sticking to the sides of her face due to the sweat despite having tied her hair in to a high ponytail on top of her head.

There is barely any illumination within this abandoned building, but maybe it is for the best; that way she can hone her hearing skills just like Bryan had taught her. Well, that may prove a little bit difficult seeing as how her heart is pounding within her eardrums. She takes one deep breath and closes her eyes, trying to enhance her hearing, and although it takes a few seconds to ignore the own beat of her heart, she picks up on a sound in the far right.

Slowly and stealthily she starts to make her way out from behind the stacked up crates where she has been hiding for the last of couple of minutes, and she heads into the direction where she had heard the sound coming from, staff in hand and ready to attack any opponent that might show his face right now. She immediately sees someone in the distance and jumps behind another stack of crates, hoping and praying that she has not been spotted.

She waits for a few seconds before peaking around the corner to see whether the other person is still there, and after seeing that the coast is clear, she gets ready to continue heading into the direction but all of a sudden she is grabbed from behind, two well defined muscular arms taking hold of her, the unknown person holding her arms pinned against her own body, the person pulling her close to him, she feeling how she is pulled against a hard and very broad chest.

"Hello, sweetness," the man whispers with a huskily voice against her right ear, Anastasia just smirking up at the voice.

"Hello, love," is all she says back before stomping the heel of her right combat boot on to the right foot of her assailant, he immediately weakening his grip on her as he hisses in pain, this the opportune moment for Anastasia to fight back.

Anastasia immediately lifts her arms to release the hold on her and she uses her right elbow to hit the man in his stomach, he completely releasing his hold on Anastasia, a bad move on his part. Anastasia quickly turns around to face the large man, she just smirking at him as he too just smirks at her, she unable to see the playfulness within his grey eyes. Both he and Anastasia take their stance in an attacking one, both getting ready to pounce on each other.

The man makes the first move, using a spear hand and aiming it directly for the left side of Anastasia's neck, she quickly ducking to avoid it and in return hits his right arm to the side using her left forearm, and using her left arm once more to punch him right on his chest with her fist while using brute force, this causing the assailant to take two steps back.

The man composes himself but he is still smirking, "So, you want to play rough? I can do rough."

"Bring it," is all Anastasia replies, the playfulness evident within her voice.

Without wasting another second, the man charges at Anastasia, she remaining in her spot as she readies herself to defend herself with her staff. She takes the staff into both hands and hits the man directly on his right shin, and then jumps out of the way to the left side of the man as he swings a fist in her direction which she fluently avoids, and the moment she is steady on her two feet she hits him on the back with her staff, he grunting on the moment of impact.

He swings around and just as Anastasia is about to hit him again with her staff, he grabs it with his left hand, yanking both the staff and Anastasia towards him, he grabbing her by the left arm as soon as Anastasia comes in to his reach. Anastasia releases her hold on her staff, knowing that now she only has her body to use as a weapon, but this is what she has been trained for up until now.

The man throws the staff some distance away from them while still having his hold on Anastasia. He wants to take her into his arms but she quickly retaliates by slapping his left arm away and quickly punches him on the jaw, she surprising him with this move but she is not done with him. As quick as she can, she uses her left elbow and punches him right on his diaphragm muscle, three deadly punches, this causing the man to stagger back, and still, Anastasia is not done with him.

As he staggers back, she uses her right leg and kicks him on his stomach, again using brute force with the kick, this causing the man to fall on to his back. Anastasia quickly retrieves her staff in hand, and just in time as two other men suddenly make their appearance, the two having heard the commotion, knowing that this is the place where they have to be. Each one takes a stand on the opposite side of each other with Anastasia in the middle of them, staff in her right hand and her left hand ready to strike who ever attacks her first.

Yurik and Grigory lower themselves, ready to pounce on Anastasia, all three of them just smirking.

"Come and get me, boys," she says to them coyly.

Grigory is the first to attack, Anastasia quickly blocking his two fists and she quickly lands a blow on to his chest, she proceeding to grab him by the jacket, and at the same time she lands a powerful kick on Yurik's chest, he staggering back before recomposing himself. Grigory also takes hold of Anastasia while she holds on tight to his jacket, he pulling her closer to him, and quickly she kicks him in his stomach with her left knee, followed with two more kicks with the same knee, he releasing his hold on her.

Yurik is quickly back to normal, and he sees his chance to take Anastasia from behind while she is still focused on Grigory. He makes to grab her left shoulder with his left hand so that he can yank her around but unfortunately for him, Anastasia has anticipated this move and the moment he extends his arms, she takes hold of him, yanking him forward while kicking him on his chest three times and after releasing him, she spins with a half body rotation to face Yurik, planting another powerful kick on to his chest while doing her spin, sending the poor man to slide on the concrete floor.

By now Bryan has also recovered and is back on his two feet, he ready to teach the blonde haired woman a lesson.

Up until now, Anastasia has only used one hand to fight while the staff remains in her right hand, but now she knows that it will probably be best if she first puts the staff down, and uses both of her hands for now. She can always retrieve the staff later on.

All three men have recomposed themselves and all three are circling Anastasia, she waiting anxiously to see who is going to attack first. With Grigory on her left, Bryan on her right and Yurik right in front of her, she has her work cut out for her, but Anastasia looks very smug with herself, Bryan picking up on the air of confidence that is surrounding the blonde haired woman.

Bryan and Grigory lock eyes, the two men communicating with each other by using only their eyes, Yurik picking up on this and quickly deducts what the two are planning, he also involved with the planning. With a single nod from Bryan, both he and Grigory suddenly attack Anastasia with their right fist, and as quick and deadly as she can, Anastasia extends both of her arms in their direction, and using the knife hand method, she strikes both Bryan and Grigory in the neck while at the same time, lands a very powerful kick on Yurik's stomach as he also attacks her at the same time as Grigory and Bryan comes for her.

Yurik staggers back, along with Grigory but Bryan is quickly composed once more, and without wasting another second, he charges at Anastasia, the two immediately becoming involved in a block and strike fight, their fists flying towards each other at a speed that most can only dream about. Bryan kicks out his left leg, he wanting to trip Anastasia but she quickly uses his extended left leg as a type of leverage, jumping on his upper leg muscles with her left leg and lifts herself into the air, planting a firm knee kick on Bryan's sternum with her right knee, this sending the large man to fall on to his back, but he quickly flips himself back on to his two feet, Anastasia already in a offensive stance.

Yurik and Grigory circle Anastasia once more, Bryan taking the lead in trying to plant a fist on to the woman, Yurik and Grigory following suit. Anastasia quickly realises now she has to use all of her skills to prevent three pairs of fists coming her way, along with various legs that are trying to trip her, wanting to force her into a submissive position.

All three men are skilled fighters, Bryan of course being the most skilled seeing as he has had formal training and he also has years of experience. While blocking and striking at the same time, Anastasia is also looking for any type of weaknesses within her opponents, trying to pick up on where they might be slow, or might lack speed, and she has already picked up something with Grigory, his main flaw being that his balance is a little off on his left leg, the young woman quickly working on a plan that will render him immobile.

As another pair of fists comes her way, Anastasia drops to her feet in a crouching manner, extends her right leg and kicks Grigory's left leg from underneath him, he losing complete balance and falling on to his back, Anastasia jumping on his stomach and doing a full body rotation spin, she landing one powerful kick on Yurik's jaw, on the right side, he flipping mid air before landing on his stomach. Anastasia wastes no time in attacking Bryan and plants both of her feet on his stomach by kicking him, this causing the large man to fall flat on his ass, and she uses Grigory's body to break her fall as she lands on top of him with her entire body, the poor man gasping for air upon the sudden force on to his body.

Once again, she quickly recomposes herself and makes for her staff, Bryan once again being the first to be back up onto his two feet. Anastasia starts to hit him with her staff, he trying his best to block all of her strikes but it is proving a little bit difficult. Grigory and Yurik also get back onto their feet, all three men once again trying to take on Anastasia but with her staff in her hands, they hardly get a chance to land a fist on her body, she blocking all of their efforts with her staff.

Grunts and groans can be heard throughout the building, along with the impact of a staff on skin, Anastasia enjoying herself a lot with this practice session.

After a few more brutal and very exhausting minutes, Anastasia finally manages to beat all three men, she being victorious and not shy about her accomplishments as she dances around the three men while playfully slapping them on the ass with her staff, the three men just sniggering at her antics while slightly panting. Anastasia is also slightly out of breath but clearly not enough for her to stop prancing around.

"You did good, kid," is all Bryan has to say as he pulls her into a tight embrace and plants a deep and meaningful kiss on her lips, Yurik and Grigory just making gagging noises at the display of affection between the two love birds.

"Man, you guys really did not make it easy for me," Anastasia says after Bryan kissed her, she just holding her right arm around his body while looking at the other two men.

"No way, Ana; if you want to run with the wolves, you can't piss like a puppy."

"Ha ha, very funny, Yurik. And who is the wolves if I may ask?"

"We of course!"

"Wow, thanks for that little bit of useless info," is all Anastasia says while rolling her eyes and just smiling at him.

"Hn, fine; next time I will not hold anything back."

"You were holding back?"

"Well duh, how else do you think you beat me that easily?"

"That was so thoughtful of you, Yurik. Thank you so very much," Anastasia says, she not even trying to hide her sarcasm, to which Yurik just grins at.

"Come on, you guys, let's go grab something to eat; that work out had caused my sugar levels to drop dangerously low. I am afraid I may just faint," Grigory announces out of the blue.

"Dear Lord, that will be such a Greek tragedy," Yurik replies, he now also being sarcastic.

"Yurik, I may be feeling weak but I can still kick your ass."

"Whatever, Grigory; let's just go already. I am also starving."

Yurik and Grigory take the lead towards the cars, Bryan and Anastasia slowly following them while holding each other around the waist.

Anastasia had felt that she wants to practice in a completely strange environment where she can put her skills to good use, and also to see whether she will able to use her environment to her advantage in order to protect herself, and she was not disappointed with the results. It was not easy, that she will not deny, but it was worth it; every beating that she has received on her body, every bump and every bruise had been worth. They most definitely should have more of these practice sessions.

The four have been going at this practice session for almost 45 minutes, which explains why they are so tired and hungry. All three men did not hold back, well, maybe Bryan, but he has his reasons for it. The entire fighting practice was good practice for Anastasia as she had learned how to jump over the crates and how to use all of the different types of objects laying around to her advantage, and the three men were also very impressed with how the woman had used everything to her advantage.

Bryan was secretly filled with pride with how Anastasia has enhanced her skills, but she has proven over and over again in the past that she is more than capable of thinking fast and taking care of herself, but she still needs training; the time frame is still unclear to Bryan, but he knows that it will not be more than two years, and then that dreadful day will come: the day where Anastasia has to get involved in the mob. There is no doubt that she will be accepted easily, the only main question being: with whom will she be the safest? So far, Bryan can only think of Ray.

Ray may be a criminal but he is at least a fun and decent guy and Bryan knows that Anastasia will enjoy working with him. Now to get his attention will need some careful planning, but the plan will reveal itself over time.

For now, all he wants to do is focus his attention on Anastasia and to get her into perfect shape, and eventually into the perfect fighting machine.


The various sounds of nature is surrounding him, it being accompanied with clean natural air, and perfect weather, it not being too hot or too humid, but also not too wet; there is also fog in the air to prevent the sun from burning his skin should he decide to move away from the large tree, so it really is the perfect weather for him right now.

Kai is currently standing in the shade of a very large tree with black cargo pants, black combat boots, and a black sleeveless t-shirt on, the t-shirt accentuating his muscular arms and the tattoos on his arms. He is surrounded by 11 other men, all standing in a line in the shade, on one of the secluded islands of the Hawaii state, and it is here that the hunting trip is taking place.

The entry fee alone was a million US dollars and each and every man had to ensure his own transport to the island. In total, they are 12 men that have been invited, and they are all men that are high up and very respected within the crime world. They will be hunting humans, but luckily it is not innocent people; they will be hunting criminals that have been kidnapped from various prisons all over the world, and it is not just men that will be hunted; there are also a few women in the mix.

The criminals do not know that they are being hunted; all they know is that they will have to run for their survival while facing a few obstacles and the winner will be free and will also be very rich as he or she will win 7 million dollars in cash, US dollars. Each criminal will have a bracelet around their ankles which will keep track of them and also of their heart beat, so that the organisers will know exactly how many are being killed. When one criminal is left, the organisers will instruct all of the hunters to seize with their searching of the criminals as the hunting trip have come to an end. The prisoners are not allowed to harm or kill each other.

There will be 50 prisoners in total, and they are being dropped off all over the island, and the trip will last for about two days. The hunters must be in groups, no less than two and no more than four; the hunters are not allowed to harm each other as they too will be harmed, along with their businesses and their criminal organisations. There is no winner between the hunters as it is simply done for the thrill of it because when will they ever get a chance to hunt humans. The best thing about this secluded island is that it is privately owned so there will be no need to worry about other civilians making an unwanted appearance during the hunter trip.

This trip will also test the shooting abilities of the hunters as most of the hunting will be done from a long range. If it happens that they only wound their target and they are certain that no harm will come to themselves, they are allowed to walk to the criminals and kill them by hand or any other weapon of their choice.

Right now, two of the organisers of this lovely trip are standing right in front of the small group of hunters, just going over the rules and what is expected of them.

"Remember, gentlemen, these are hardened criminals; serial killers, serial rapists, child killers, you name it. We have the whole bunch here, and some of them are on death row so they will not hesitate in killing anyone that comes in their way of their freedom. All they know is that there are various obstacles that they will have to face and that they are not allowed to harm the other prisoners. So, should they decide to kill you, you are on your own seeing as you will be an obstacle in their journey."

Kai starts to drain out the sounds of the man that is currently talking. He is starting to become very impatient as he just wants to start with the hunt already. He can feel how his muscles are itching on the inside, the adrenaline flowing through his body as the rifle hangs over his right left shoulder, not to mention his various combat knifes, and of course one of his all time favourite weapons, his karambit knife. Kai already knows that he is not going to abide by the rules of shooting the criminals from a distance; he would much rather fight hand to hand with them and then kill them by slitting their throats. He may not be hunting alone, but he knows that Johnny will most likely feel the same about the hand to hand combat.

Johnny McCullen is the eldest son of Irish mobster, Cabhan (pronounced Cavan) Conor McCullen, and Johnny will be taking over the Irish mob in about two years' time when his father steps down as the leader, and Johnny is already well known within the crime world as he is just as ruthless as his father; some believe that he is more ruthless than his father ever was, but whatever the case, Johnny has already proven to everyone that he will be able to fill his father's shoes. Kai knows for a fact that Johnny is a bit unstable and that is why he respects the Irish man very much.

Johnny and Kai have known each other a couple of years now but they are not alliances, not yet anyway. The two men have already talked, and as soon as Johnny takes his rightful place, he will become allies with The Chernyy Feniks mob, and both men know that it will be very profitable for both of their mobs if they make this move. Johnny's father had never had the interest of joining with other crime families, and that is why the mob has never reached its full potential, but Johnny plans on changing that; he wants the McCullen clan to be the strongest, not just in Ireland, but wherever the Irish mob has connections, this including North America.

Johnny is 6'0 feet tall, 35 years old and is a bit bulkier than Kai, and he has very thick red hair which he always keeps in a gelled up style on top of his head, rounding it off with a blue bandana tied around his forehead, and he talks in a very thick Irish accent, it sometimes being hard for some people to understand, but luckily Kai seems to understand him just fine, and it is not like Kai is any different. He may be literate in English but because he does not speak the language every day, his accent is also that of a thick Russian accent; overall, Kai kind of dislikes it when he has to speak in English but because many of his alliances are not Russian born, he has to speak the language. Reading and writing in the English language has more benefits and advantages than talking it, well, that is Kai's opinion of it anyway.

Since the two men have arrived at the island, they have stuck to each other's side, knowing that they will be together in a group, and no one else is welcome to join them.

"Alright men, if all goes well, this thrilling trip will be done in two days' time. Our various helicopters will come and get you all as soon as the sun is setting and then you will all be dropped off tomorrow morning at six sharp, so please keep your radios with you at all times, and keep them on. As I have reminded you all, you are here on your own risk so should any harm come to you, we will not be held responsible. Well then, I guess that is that then."

Kai has missed most of the talk, but he does not care. As soon as that horn is blown, he is out of here.

The other man takes a siren in his hand and the siren signals the start of the trip, the various groups of men already going in to their separate directions. Each man has been handed a map and on the map it has been indicated where the criminals have been dropped off and how much. Kai has no definite plan of action; his only plan being that he wants to kill some people because he is itching for it, and clearly Johnny is feeling the exact same way if one can look at his grin on his face, it almost resembling that of a maniac.


The fog has cleared up, but luckily Kai and Johnny are walking in thick shade so they are safe from the sun's rays. Neither of the two men are use to spending hours in the sun, and they have already been walking for two hours straight and they are closing in on the spot where three prisoners had been dropped off some time ago. So far they have not seen nor heard anything, both men just walking in complete silence so that they can pick up on any type of sound that is not from an animal or bird.

Finally Johnny has had enough and takes a seat flat on his ass on the ground, leaning his back against a tree, Kai doing the exact same thing but on the opposite side of Johnny so that the two can talk a bit.

Kai may enjoy silence overall but there are a few people with whom he will indulge with in a conversation every now and then, Johnny being one of those few people.

"So Kai, oi 'eard dat yer were de wan dat tuk care av Phantom," the Irish accent being very clear within Johnny's voice, Kai luckily understands each and every word that the Irish man has just said.

[So Kai, I heard you were the one that took care of Phantom.]

"Da," is all Kai replies, Johnny knowing by now that it means 'Yes' in Russian.

"Why exactly? Oi don't nu al' av de facts. Oi wud much bloody 'ear it straight from yer."

[Why exactly? I don't know all of the facts. I would much rather hear it straight from you.]

Kai just sighs, knowing that he at least owes Johnny an explanation seeing as Phantom had worked for them for a while and had done an excellent job in that, "She made mistake of taking job vith my biggest rrrival. She made bigger mistake when she took on task of killing me, and zen she made biggest mistake of thrrreatening my kats, so she had to go. Mistakes vill get you killed."

Johnny just chuckles upon hearing that Phantom had actually died because of cats, "Yer got ter love dem pussies. Ye at laest git ter bone 'er?"

[You got to love them pussies. Did you at least get to bone her?]

To this, Kai just smirks at, Johnny just glaring at Kai in a playful manner, "Jammy langer. When she wus wi us, dare wus feck dat gettin' in ter 'er knickers; oi 'onestly tart she wus a beanlicker 'til oi 'oofed in on 'er while bein' on al' fours wi' sum guy rammin' 'imself in ter 'er."

[Lucky Bastard. When she was with us, there was no way getting into her knickers. I honestly thought she was a lesbian until I walked in on her on all fours, with some dude behind her.]

"Zat is verrry veirrrd bekause she was verrry easy to get naked. I harrrdly trrried; just a few smirrrks herrre and zerrre, me rrramming into her."

"Well, she 'ill be missed, or let me bloody put it dis way: 'er skills 'ill be missed."

[Well, she will be missed, or let me rather put it this way: her skills will be missed.]

To that Kai just nods, he knowing that Phantom was a very skilled fighter and he would not have minded having her in his service. The time just were never right in recruiting her, and now he will never have a chance, but it is not worth breaking his icy heart over, not even a little. Truth be told, if Johnny had not bring up Phantom right now, he would not even have thought about the cat-hating bitch. Many fellow criminal bosses are somewhat pissed that Kai had killed such a skilled and dangerous beauty, but they all know that were they in his shoes, they most probably would have done the same thing. It is fun to recruit her for a high profile job, but it is not fun if you become her next high profile job.

The two continue to sit for about five minutes more before getting up, and after stretching all of their muscles and cranking their joints, the two men resume their walk in search of their victims.

Luckily for the two men, the weather is so perfect that they are not dehydrating very easily, although they each have a bottle of water with them for just in case.


Another hour of complete silence has gone by between the two men, when they finally pick up on a noise, and it is not that of an animal; the definite sound of grunting can be heard through the green shrubbery, Kai and Johnny just looking at each other, Johnny just smirking at the grunting that they are hearing.

"Ye tinkin waaat scon are tinkin?" Johnny asks, he grinning by now.

[You thinking what I am thinking?]

Kai just nods and gives a single 'Da' to Johnny's question; there is no doubt about what is causing the grunting, and it is not a painful situation. The definite sound of a woman's moans is also heard, Johnny now almost beaming upon hearing that moan.

"Dare are two people bonin' each other roi nigh," is all he says, Johnny looking like a five year old boy that has just got the key to an entire chocolate factory, and he has been told that he can do whatever he wants to do with the chocolate.

[There are two people boning each right now.]

Kai just shakes his head from side to side before peaking around the very large trunk of the large tree that is shielding them from the other two persons right now, they without a doubt being two of the criminals, which just begs the question: where is the third one?

Kai peaks around and sees a woman leaning on her left forearm against a tree, her right hand resting on the guy's right hand that is holding her right hip, the guy taking her from behind, they both having their pants down around their ankles. Johnny also peaks around the tree and Kai is almost certain that his eyes are going to pop out of his head if keeps looking at them with that wide eyes.

Kai pulls back and also yanks Johnny back behind the large trunk, Kai just looking at Johnny with a bored look on his face, "Have you never seen tvo people do it? Arrre you virrrgin, Johnny?"

The look on Johnny's face is a clear indication that Kai has just offended him with that question of him being a virgin, "Scon are in me weck a virgin!"

[I am not a bloody virgin!]

"Rrreally? Stop drrrooling zen and starrrt zinking of plan on how ve arrre going to kill zem."

Johnny just pouts at Kai, he still very unhappy about the virgin question. He is 35 years old for Pete's sake! Of course will he not be a virgin!

"Jist shoot de buggers," is all Johnny replies while crossing his arms in front of his chest, Kai not amused by this sudden childish behaviour from the red head.

[Just shoot the bastards.]

"What is vith sudden brrrat attitude? One vould svearrr you vant to join zem orrr something."

To this Johnny just looks at Kai with an indifferent look, that expression answering Kai's question, or more like, giving a reply to his remark of Johnny wanting to join them.

"Don't you get enough sex back home? You kan't sleep vith zese kommon people, Johnny. Does sexually trrransmitted diseases mean anything to you?"

Johnny says nothing and instead just removes a foil packet from one of his many pockets on his cargo pants, he just holding the foil packet between his left index and left middle fingers, his huge grin back on his face, an expression of complete surprise and disgust appearing on Kai's face.

"What arrre you doing vith rrrubberrrs on hunting trrrip in the middle of vild?"

"So'tiz not jist for bonin', Kai. Yer never nu whaen yer 'av ter keep soemthin' waterproof, yer nu," Johnny replies, that ridiculous grin on his face not faltering.

[This is not just for boning, Kai. You never know when you have to keep something waterproof, you know]

Kai just rolls his eyes, he becoming impatient right now; he wants to kill someone already, and if he has to wait any longer, he may just turn on Johnny.

"Whatever; let's just kill zese people alrrready."

"Waaat chucker yer say, yer kill yer paddy, yer nu 'an ter 'an combat, an' oi git ter kill yer won after oi, yer nu, bone 'er a wee?"

[What do you say, you kill the man, you know, hand to hand combat, and I get to kill the woman after I, you know, bone her a bit?]

"You vant to bone voman, and zen kill her?"

Johnny just nods his head a little too ecstatic for Kai's liking, but Kai agrees no less, although he does not keep his dislike a secret as he makes a deep sigh noise while removing his rifle from his shoulder and places it against the tree trunk, Kai removing his karambit knife and holding it in his right hand, ready to slit someone's throat with just one swift move of the hand.

Johnny follows suit and also removes his rifle and places it next to Kai's rifle, he also getting a weapon ready, his large hunting knife. With a single nod from Kai, he and Johnny emerge from behind the large tree, each one on a side, and the two men quietly walk towards the two criminals who are still busy with their sexual escapades.

Johnny clears his throat when they are about 15 feet away from the two people, the two criminals immediately halting their movements and just turns around to look at Kai and Johnny with a deathly glare.

The man is about Kai's height, just much bulkier, and he has a few scars on his exposed arms; a clear indication that he has been in a fare number amount of fights, his tattoos also a clear indication of his brute and dangerous nature. He has a braided black ponytail that reaches mid back, and he is definitely a Caucasian, his blue eyes rounding off his look. The dangerous appearance of the thug does not bother Kai in the least; in fact, it excites him more than he wants to admit right now. He is going to mess with this criminal a little before he slits his throat.

The woman also looks like a tough one, she also being quite muscular and she is almost as tall as Johnny, and she does not look happy about being interrupted. Even Kai will admit that she is really a beautiful woman, a beautiful criminal, and were the circumstances somewhat different now, he also would not have minded having her on her back, or against the tree, either way, sex with her would not have been an absolute ludicrous idea.

The woman has blonde hair, her hair tied in a messy ponytail on top of her head, her fringe reaching her very dark brown eyes brows; she has baby blue eyes and long black eyelashes, it just complimenting her entire look, along with the ring piercing in the left corner of her lower lip, Kai not ignoring her very plump lips, they looking like they can kiss very good, but alas, Johnny has already claimed her in a way, and besides, Kai does not mix with the dirty, diseased and feeble people of society; he sees them all beneath him.

"What do you punks want? We are in the middle of something, so scram before I ruin your pretty boy faces," is all the man says to Kai and Johnny before he continues with his thrusting into the woman, the two turning their backs on Kai and Johnny, a very bad move on their part.

If there is one thing that Kai despises very much, it is when someone turns their back on him; he absolutely detests it, and it immediately wakes a very bad side within him, as the thug is about to learn.

While still thrusting into the woman, the thug is rudely yanked away from the woman, Kai having grabbed him by his scruff, throwing him on to the ground with a very painful force; Johnny pushes the woman up against the tree the moment she tries to help her man, Johnny pressing his big hunting knife up against her throat while holding both of her hands in a tight grip in his left hand, "Yer stay roi 'ere, lovey," Johnny commands her while pressing her up against the tree with his entire body, she only about an inch shorter than the Irish man.

[You stay right here, lovey]

The thug quickly gets up and pulls up his pants, he just glaring at Kai, while the Russian born man glares back at him.

"Do you know who you are messing with, boy?! I will kill you with my bare hands."

"As I vill do same to you, just much faster and bloodier."

"So, you are one of them vodka drinking assholes? If there is one thing that I hate more than authority, it is you Russians," and as to emphasise on his remark, the thug spits on to the ground, he starting to smirk at Kai with a very hateful look in his eyes.

Kai does not say anything back, but just for the little remark that the thug has made about his ethnicity, he is going to make sure the man dies a painful death, slow and bloody.

Kai looks at Johnny, the two men locking eyes, the Irish man seeing the blood thirst within Kai's eyes, "Keep bitch busy while I take karrre of zis vorrrthless piece of shit," is all Kai instructs to Johnny, the Irish man just giving a single silent nod with his head.

"That was not a smart move, Russian boy; you are going to need all of the help you can get if you want to take me on."

Kai again says nothing and instead takes one of his combat knives from his belt and tosses it to the thug's feet, "Let's see if you kan fight as much as you kan talk shit, Amerrrican boy."

The thug picks up the knife, twirling it in his hand, getting comfortable with the weapon, "You are one stupid man, boy; I was put in jail for this shit; knives are my favourite toys when taking the lives of silly boys."

"Prrrove it," is all Kai says to that, he smirking at the thug, taunting him.

Without wasting another second, the thug charges at Kai, he swinging his hand in a swirling manner, Kai just leaning back as he dodges the knife in a swift move, while holding his own karambit knife out of sight for now. He wants to wait for the opportune moment before he is going to make his first strike on the thug.

"Stand still, you Soviet scum!"

This remark angers Kai even more; he turns around and in one swift movement, he slices open the abdomen of the thug, Kai doing it in such a quick manner that no one realises what has just happened until the woman screams at the thug, "Baby, your stomach!"

The thug stops dead in his tracks and looks down at his stomach, his eyes growing wide upon seeing his intestines hanging out of his body, his pants and shoes covered with his own blood and guts. He just gasps, unable to utter a single word.

"Baby, look out!" the thug hears once more, but before he can get a chance to defend himself, Kai once again, in a very swift move, moves past the thug, Kai slicing the back of his legs, at the back of his knees to be exact, this causing the thug to fall to his knees, he dropping the hunting knife in the process as he clutches his stomach while grunting out loud upon the new afflicted pain on to his body.

"Get up, boy; wherrre is all zat talk now?"

"Baby, get up!"

"Shut yer bake, yer meltin' wagon," Johnny groans to the woman, he pressing the knife deeper into her skin so that she can shut up.

[Shut your mouth, you stupid bitch]

Kai is not done with this insulting bastard, and he intends on slicing the man a few more times before finishing him off completely. Kai is slowly walking around the thug, taunting him, Kai swirling his karambit knife in his right hand, he mocking the thug.

"Pick up knife zat I gave you and fight me!"

"Go to hell!"

Kai walks to the back of the man and again in a swift and quick move of his right hand, the thug screams out in pain as Kai slices across his back, a long cut reaching from his left hip up towards his right shoulder blade, the thug bucking his back while still clutching his intestines in both of his hands.

With another deadly move with his right hand, Kai slices the thug's upper left arm, he moving on to his right side, Kai ending off with slicing both of the Achilles tendons of the thug, the thug now crying in pain, his tears streaming down his face as he starts to plead for mercy, his woman also doing the same.

"Do you still vant to scrrrew zat slut, Johnny?"

Johnny does not answer Kai right away as he just caresses the woman's right cheek with his nose while chuckling against her skin, "It 'ill be a waste of oi chucker not chucker it, Kai."

[It will be a waste if I do not screw it, Kai]

"Get to it alrrready, Johnny, while I finish off zis vorrthless zug vannabe."

"Scon are gonna nade 'elp in keepin' 'er down."

[I am going to need help in keeping her down]

Kai just rolls his eyes at Johnny, thinking that the man wants to run the Irish mob but he can't even handle a woman on his own, 'Pathetic,' is all that Kai thinks to himself.

Kai proceeds to take the thug by the back of his head, clutching him by his hair, and yanks his head back, "You vant to talk shit about us RRRussians but you kan't even fight, you hypocrrrite. And now you vill die forrr skum zat you arrre."

Kai places his karambit against the throat of the thug and as the thug continues to plead for mercy, Kai slices his throat wide open, blood spilling from the open wound, the thug just making gurgling noises as he chokes on his own blood while his woman is still screaming for him, her cries falling on deaf ears. The thug's upper body drops with a thud on to the ground, Kai just kneeling by his side to wipe his karambit clean on the thug's shirt before regaining his composure and walking towards Johnny and the woman so that Kai can help Johnny with raping the woman.

The blonde haired woman is struggling in Johnny's grip but Kai grabs her by her hair the moment he reaches her and yanks her away from the tree, Johnny releasing her hands. She quickly reaches for Kai so that she can try and fight him off but Kai punches her in her stomach with a very brute force, she gasping for air while grabbing her stomach with both hands. Kai walks until they are a few feet away from the tree and then he shoves the woman on to her knees on to the ground, he also kneeling in front of her while holding her hands down against the ground.

Kai looks down at her and their eyes lock for a second, and for that split second Kai sees the image of spring green coloured eyes in front of him, and he quickly looks away. 'This heat is starting to play games with my head,' is all Kai thinks to himself. He knows for a fact that he did not just look into the eyes of Anastasia but rather into the eyes of a prisoner, no one else.

Kai turns his attention to Johnny as the Irish man quickly goes to work of pulling down his pants and putting on the condom, he also getting down on his knees right behind the woman and he takes hold of her hips firmly, and without any warning, Johnny slams himself into the woman, she yelping out in pain and surprise, Kai just looking the other way, although he cannot drown out the sounds of the woman pleading and crying as Johnny continues to rape her.

"Please, make him stop! Please! Don't do this, you don't need to do this! I beg of you! Someone help me! Please help!"

"Naw wan 'ill...'ear yer, love, an' naw wan...'ill cum an' 'elp yer, so jist...stop yisser pleadin' an' cryin', wagon," Johnny says to the woman through his aggressive thrusting, he slightly becoming pissed with her crying and calling for help because it is somewhat spoiling his mood and he does not like that.

[No one will hear you, love, and no one will come and help, so just stop your pleading and crying, bitch]

This is nothing new to Kai; he has witnessed this type of scene quite a number of times, mostly of them done by his orders, so it is nothing unsettling to him; luckily Kai has never felt the need to take a woman against her will, but he will not dismiss it completely. He has never had the need to force himself on to a woman because they come to him very easily and very willingly so he never had to resort to these means, but one never knows what the future might hold. Maybe there will come a day in the future where he will also turn into this type of animal that is solely driven by lust, and everyone knows that lust is no one's playmate; it simply cannot be controlled.

Kai just wants Johnny to finish up with his boning so that they can go and search for some more people to kill. Hopefully they won't have to stay in the wild for too long. A long and hot shower really does not seem like a bad idea to Kai right now.

Johnny's grunts and the skin on skin impact is filling the small area, the woman still crying and sniffling as Johnny keeps on slamming into her as hard as he can while her dead and bloodied boyfriend is lying just a few feet away from them, his eyes wide open while being covered in his own blood.

Kai finally hears a gasp coming from Johnny, meaning that the Irish man has finally reached his peak, 'Good; now he can kill the bitch and we can finally be on our way.'

Johnny gives one final hard thrust into the woman and keeps it there for a few seconds, he completely emptying himself into the woman, and then he finally removes himself from her, he also quickly removing the condom from his almost limp penis.

Kai waits until Johnny gets up and pulls up his pants before he releases the woman, neither he nor Johnny having the decency to let the woman pull up her own pants.

"Kill her alrrready so zat ve kan move on. I vould like to kill at least tvo morrre people beforrre zis day is over," is all that Kai has to say, his tone of voice showing that he is already very impatient and irritated with everything. Kai goes and retrieves both his and Johnny's rifles, he handing Johnny's rifle to him, which the Irish man immediately cocks.

"Sorry, love, but yer must die. Oi nu dat yer wud 'av ter wanted ter win but for us, dis is jist a 'untin trip, yer gurriers bein' de 'unted. Yer were a gran' lay though but nigh so'tiz over," and while still pleading for her life, Johnny shoots her twice into her head, she dying immediately as her body falls flat on to the ground.

[Sorry, love, but you must die. I know that you would have wanted to win, but for us, this is just a hunting trip, you prisoners being the hunted. You were a great lay, but now it is over]

Kai picks up his knife that he has given the thug and places it back on his belt and after making sure that he has everything, he starts to walk into the direction where the other prisoners have been dropped off, this time it being only two. Kai does not wait for Johnny, the Irish man just cursing as he has to jog after Kai, Kai not showing any sign that he has heard Johnny when the Irish man asked that Kai just stop and wait for him.

Kai just lights a cigarette while still walking, he not caring about Johnny right now. Now that he has killed someone, Kai is in the mood to kill some more, and he is anxious to find another prisoner so that Kai can also fight them just to kill them in the end, the bloodier, the better for him.


The hot water brings a sense of serenity over his entire being, the heat just relaxing every muscle fibre within his toned body right now, it cleansing his skin, almost cleansing his soul as well. Each drop of water that touches his skin feels like a shot of euphoria into his system, it calming everything of him.

Kai is leaning against the shower wall with his hands, his right hand positioned above his head while his left hand is positioned across from his chest, his head hung low as the water cascades over his naked body, the water moving with every contour of his well built body, moving all along his lengthy body, falling on to the black tiles and washing down the drain, the water never to be seen again.

Kai's eyes are closed as he is just listening to the sound of the water coming from the shower head, the sound also bringing a serene feeling over him. His body is in dire need of rest and he is not going to deny his body that luxury, especially after these past two days.

The hunting trip has turned out to be a huge success for Kai, he managing to kill six people, much to the dismay of a few of the other hunters. Four out of those six people Kai had killed with his own hands, the remaining two he had to shoot because other hunters were also in the vicinity so before they could shoot them, Kai had acted quickly. The winner of the prisoners had been a woman, that being quite a surprise for everyone, but she had walked away with a large sum of money, so good for her.

The water continues to run down Kai's body, the water bringing out the colour of Kai's tattoos, his black phoenix wings on his back looking magical under the hot water.

Kai is so focused on his peaceful shower that he does not notice or hear the shower door open, a petit naked woman with short black hair quietly getting into the shower, she just smiling when she sees Kai's toned naked form, her eyes shimmering with lust when she looks at the phoenix wings tattoos.

'To think, just a while back my nails had been digging into those gorgeous wings, and hopefully they will be digging into them once more,' she thinks to herself.

She and Kai has just had very hot sex some 20 minutes ago, and to her it was mind blowing, and she cannot wait for the fourth round, and that is why she is in the shower. Her sacred area is already pulsing with pleasure, and she can almost still feel Kai thrust in to her, her inner cavern still somewhat throbbing from all of the intense thrusting.

By the time Kai had finished with her, she had managed to come three times in one session, in total it had been seven times, and it was exhilarating; she is still a little weak at the knees, they still trembling a little but her arousal is her driving force right now.

She comes to stand right behind Kai, snaking her left hand around his body to take his limp penis in her hand, and she places her right hand on his right shoulder, Kai immediately tensing upon the unexpected body contact, but he quickly relaxes when he glances over is left shoulder and sees the petit woman behind him, he just smirking at her. She sensually starts to run her right hand down his back while stroking his penis with her left hand, and she just watches how her hand slowly moves over the winged tattoos, her clit suddenly throbbing from pure arousal.

Kai has met this petit woman in a night club the previous night, he finding her very cute because of her size and because of her short black hair, and he just had to approach her. Luckily for him, she was easy and after just one drink, she was more than ready to jump in bed with him, and Kai had enjoyed doing her because of her size. She was easy to pick up and to do styles with that are sometimes very difficult for Kai to do because most of the time the women are all just too tall. Kai estimates this woman to be about 5'1, and she really cannot weigh more than 45 kg.

Kai turns around to completely face the short woman, he just smirking down at her, "Did you kome forrr some morrre?"

She just nods at that with a huge grin, she finding Kai's thick Russian accent in his deep masculine voice irresistibly sexy. If she could, she would have had sex with his voice and accent alone.

"Do you vant to do it in shover?"

"Yes, please, very much please," is all she replies to that, her grin now even wider, Kai finding this very cute and sexy on her.

"Did you brrring prrrotection vith you bekause I do not do it vithout it; niet glove, niet love as saying goes."

"Of course I brought protection," the petit woman says and opens the shower door to take a foil packet from the counter that is situated next to the shower, she just grinning up at Kai while holding the foil packet between her right index finger and her right middle finger, Kai still smirking down at the petit woman while taking the foil packet from her grasp.

Kai is already sporting a semi-erect penis; she removes her hand from his penis and starts to run it over his toned chest, his Pecs and his hard abdominal muscles. Because she is so short, it makes it very easy for her to graze her teeth along Kai's skin, she nipping on his nipple stud while looking up at him, the lust shining from her eyes. She also runs her tongue all along his muscles, she not caring about the water falling into her mouth. After enough teasing and tasting Kai's upper body, she bows down, making sure her ass is in full view as she takes Kai's semi-erect member in to her mouth, Kai just grunting out as the head of his member goes into her mouth, she sucking the head with a sensual force while her tongue teases and licks up his pre-come.

After sucking him for a while, she drops to her knees, she removing her mouth from Kai's fully erect penis and then starts to jerk him with her left hand, her right hand playing with Kai's balls, and while looking into his eyes, she starts to lick and suck on his balls, Kai enjoying everything that she is currently doing to him. Her eyes are shining with lust and mischief and Kai can hardly wait to ram himself in to this woman, right here in the shower.

She sucks on Kai's balls a while longer while still jerking him off but Kai suddenly stops her by taking hold of her right wrist and in a somewhat gentle manner he pulls her up, he leaning down so that he can capture her lips in a passionate and lust filled way. She releases her hold on his penis and presses her hands against Kai's chest as they passionately make out, tongues playing and exploring each other's inner caverns.

She pulls away after some few vey heated minutes just to catch her breath, Kai's smug smirk back on his face.

"Do you mind putting zis on?" Kai asks slyly while holding the foil packet in between two fingers, "I rrreally vant to have you rrright now; I kannot vait much longer. I must be in you rrright now."

She quickly takes the foil packet, rips it open and expertly pulls the condom over Kai's erect penis, she stroking his member on purpose while putting it on. The moment the condom is securely on, Kai picks up the petit woman, her legs automatically wrapping around Kai's waist. Kai manoeuvres his forearms underneath her thighs so that her upper legs are resting on his forearms, Kai gripping her ass cheeks firmly with his huge manly hands. Because she is so small, this style will be easy, and he will be able to slam hard and fast into her, he hitting her g-spot constantly, and he will be controlling the pace of the sex.

Kai lowers her entrance on to his erect penis and he feels how he penetrates her, and the moment he is fully immersed within her, Kai starts with his aggressive and fast thrusting, the woman having her arms wrapped around Kai's neck as she bounces up and down as Kai thrusts into her, she moaning out in pleasure as she throws her head backwards, she not even trying to keep the noise levels down, and Kai is not complaining about it as he too feels like constantly moaning while thrusting into this little woman.

This hunting trip has turned out much better than what Kai had thought in the beginning, and he would not mind getting invited to another one of these trips. Hunting humans and mind blowing sex: what can be better than that?


It is the third Black Widow Russian Roulette get- together, and both Kai and Tala are present, but this time they are without Alisia, because she has decided to rather stay at home with the twins, who have grown a lot in the short time period, the twins already pulling themselves up against objects to stand up straight. Tala and Alisia still enjoys every minute of being parents, despite the little sleep that they have had in the beginning; even Kai has had the chance to babysit the twins for a day, something that he had enjoyed more than he wants to admit.

Tonight, Brooklyn has taken Alisia's place, the young man ecstatic about joining his two employers in this venture, and Tala has already explained to Brooklyn how everything works, and Brooklyn can hardly wait for it all to start just so that he can see how guys shoot each other's brains out and that all for money and gambling.

Right now, Brooklyn is standing at the very back of the stylish room, he just looking at everyone, and how they are all just flaunting their money around, and he loves each and every second of it. An elder man spots Brooklyn, and after making sure that Kai and Tala is nowhere near Brooklyn, he silently approaches Brooklyn in a manner that will draw no attention to either of them.

"Good evening, young Brooklyn, and how are you on this fine night?"

Brooklyn turns around, all emotion disappearing from his face when he looks into the cold eyes of Boris.

"Out of what rat hole did you crawl out of, Boris? What are you doing here?" Brooklyn asks while crossing his arms in front of his chest, as if to intimidate the elder man.

Boris sniggers at the young man, ignoring his arrogant manners for now, "I am only here for you, Brooklyn."

"Please, don't make me gag; how did you even know that I will be here tonight?"

"True, but I have been following you for some time now, young man, and when I had spotted you some time ago, I was simply delighted by it. I have a proposition for you, one that will be idiotic of you to turn down."

"And why should I listen to anything that you have to say or offer to me?"

"Because it will bring you a lot of fortune and power in the near future."

"I don't need any of that, so no thanks," is all Brooklyn says before turning his back on Boris, the old man growling inwards by being blown off by a good for nothing snot of a man, but he puts it aside for now.

"I take it that you know what your precious employer has done to me?"

Brooklyn just snorts at that, but says nothing.

"I should actually be thanking Kai for what he has done to me; in fact, it has helped me a lot by losing everything that I have ever owned. I am starting all over, and stronger than ever before, and I need a few strong people by my side, vicious people that I can trust, and I want you to be one of those people, Brooklyn. In all honesty, I want you to be my right hand man."

Brooklyn quickly turns to face the old man, just to make sure that he has just heard correctly.

"Are you high?"

Boris just sniggers at that, but turns his line of sight towards Kai and Tala who is currently standing almost way in front of the small crowd, "Do you think that you will ever be able to take Tala's place, much less Kai's place? With me, that is a guarantee that you will become the head of The Checken Mafia one day. I am looking for a successor, and I have seen your potential, Brooklyn. With me, you will be able to do much more than you are currently doing, and you will have much more power. Some time ago I had discovered a place that is made of dreams, and right now, I am building my army stronger than ever before, but I still need a few good soldiers. You don't have to give me an answer just yet, but please do think about it, young Brooklyn."

Brooklyn looks at Kai and Tala, the two laughing about something. Brooklyn knows very well that there is no way in hell that he will be promoted to Tala's current position; heck, Kai will most likely promote Ray to that position before even thinking of him. It is also just pure luck and some clever scheming that he has his current position; if he did not conspire against Sevastyan in the beginning, he most definitely would not have had this current position, so Boris does have a point there. He does want power, and he wants lots of it, and as long as Kai is in charge, he will always be restricted to a little amount of power.

Narrowing his eyes at Kai and Tala, Brooklyn makes up his mind, "Fine, I will join you. Just tell me what you want me to do, Boris."

Was it a bit too much for some of you, the scene which includes Johnny? Again I am sorry for that, but we have to face it: Rape is part of life. We all see it on the news everyday so it is not like I am being over dramatic. Rape is part of life, whether we want to know it or not. My heart just absolutely breaks for those who have been victims of it and I wish with all my heart that they all could have justice. Personally, if I could do something about it, I would tie up those who have raped others, and sorry but most of the times it is men doing the raping, so yeah, I would tie them up, expose their privates and let rats eat a bit of their privates each and every day so that they suffer beyond comprehension, but that is just me.

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