Love and war

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Part one: Hi my name is Kagome

Kagome hugged her jacket tightly around her as she walked home late one afternoon. She hated her late classes at the school and couldn't wait to be finished with them. As she thought about what she planned to do in a few months when she graduated she was too distracted to hear the footsteps behind her. She didn't realize that someone was following her until she felt a pair of hands grab her from behind and pulled her.

"Hojo what did I say about--" She was cut off when a large hand covered her mouth. Kagome's eyes widened when she was turned to face a large man. No... he definitely wasn't Hojo. She fought against him then to get away but it was useless. He was bigger and stronger than her and she was too terrified to do anything much but struggle.

"We've got her boss," said a man from out of Kagome's line of vision. She heard a static sound and figured he was probably talking to someone over a walkie talkie. "Yeah. We've got the bitch Kikyo."

"Bring her to me then. I'll deal with the rest." a voice said coming over the walkie talkie. Kagome was really frightened now. The person on the other end sounded like he really had something against her but wait! She wasn't Kikyo. She was Kagome. She tried to get away from the man in hopes of explaining who she was but it was no use. He held her tight enough causing her to wince in pain.

"Sure thing. Let's go. We have to carry her in. The boss will deal with her when we get her to him."

"Whatever you say but I would sure like to handle this little thing myself," the men holding her said. Tears started to run down her cheeks when she felt his hands roaming her body. "She's a sexy little thing isn't she?"

"Yeah but come on we gotta. Go. Don't wanna make the boss mad."

From above them Inuyasha stared at the trio. He sighed in annoyance and glared at the Raven haired girl. He was debating whether or not he should save Kikyo before he saw the man run his hands down her body. It was then that he got upset. No one touched his bitch and got away with it. He swooped down on the two unsuspecting men and kicked one in the face causing him to fall back to the ground. He pulled out a gun and aimed it at the man holding Kikyo hostage.

He refused to looked down at her because he knew that she would see the anger in his eyes and do something stupid to prove she could take care of herself. sometimes he was confused about whether or not he was proud or annoyed at that trait in her. Her independence. Right now he was definitely annoyed.

"Let her go," he said in a voice so deep and menacing that the man quickly released the girl in his arms. Just as Kagome was about to move out of the way the man grabbed her again. He must have realized that his boss would kill him if he let the girl get away.

Inuyasha sighed in annoyance. He had given the man the chance to get away but he obviously wanted to do things the hard way. Without so much as a second thought he pulled the trigger and shot the man in the center of his forehead. The surprised expression was frozen on his face as he released the girl and fell backwards.

The other man behind Inuyasha got up then in time to see his friend be killed. He attacked Inuyasha from behind and was surprised when the man jumped into the air and flipped over his head landing gracefully on his feet behind him. He spun around to attacked but was surprised by the kick to his abdomen. He fell back holding his chest and glared at the man.

He jumped up again and ran towards Inuyasha with a fierce cry. Inuyasha with a bored expression on his face dodged the man's blows and finally fed up with the play punched him in the nose forcing his body backwards. The felled man looked up to the white haired man in front of him with fear in his eyes. he had never seen anyone move so fast and hurt so easily. As the man advanced on him he moved back quickly swearing when his back came up against a wall.

"You let your boss know that I'm waiting on him and if he wants me come and get me. Not my bitch." Inu stepped back and allowed the man to scramble away and run for his life. He had no doubt that his message would be carried. Inu then turned around to give Kikyo the lecture she deserved. It was then that he saw the way the woman was looking at him and frowned.

This was not Kikyo. She looked like her and it was so amazing the resemblance but this was not Kikyo. She had fear in her eyes when he walked towards her. He could smell it and heard the whimpering coming from her. She stepped back as he moved forward and tripped over the body of the dead man. She turned her head briefly to see what had caused her to fall and screamed as she looked into the vacant eyes of the dead.

She got up quickly and began to ran but Inuyasha had already caught her and was holding her tightly. The girl looked at him and opened her mouth to scream again when he covered it with one of his large hands.

"Who are you!" he yelled at her. He looked around thinking that maybe this was a set up. A trap to take him down but he didn't see or smell anything out of the ordinary. It was just him and her standing there in the alley. "Who are you!" he yelled at her again. He removed his hand from her mouth and just when he thought she was about to answer him her eyes rolled back in her head and she fainted dead away.

When Kagome opened her eyes again she was lying in a foreign bed. She sat up and looked around her. She gasped at what she saw. The room was huge and richly furnished. It's color was mostly midnight blue. She crawled to the end of the large bed and stepped out. She straightened her clothing and looked for her shoes and bag. Upon finding them she slipped her feet into her shoes and walked to the door. When the knob turned she sighed in relief. At least she could escape whoever was holding her hostage.

She stepped out into a hallway and just followed it hoping to find an exit. Instead she walked into a room filled with people. Men mostly. 'Oh great. I have to pick a room filled with men and this is how I look?'

"Well I see that sleeping beauty has finally awaken," a guy said as he walked towards her. Kagome looked at him and liked what she saw. He had light brown hair and eyes. he reminded her a little of Hojo only thing he seemed a bit dangerous. He stepped behind her and pushed into the center of the room where 15 maybe 20 men were looking at her. She was nervous as ever and looked around thinking to make an escape.

"Don't worry sweetheart we won't hurt you," said another guy from the corner of the room. Kagome looked in his direction and almost swallowed her tongue. He was gorgeous. He had dark hair and violet eyes. both of his ears were pierced and he wore two gold hoops in each. He was grinning at her and she felt all mushy inside.

"What are you going to do with me?" she asked. she didn't want to be afraid but she couldn't help it. First she was being kidnaped then she was being saved and now she was here. But exactly where was here?

"We're only going to ask some questions," he said as he walked over to her. "My name is Miroku."

"Kagome," she answered him softly.

"Ah so that's who you are," said a deep voice from behind her. Kagome slowly turned and looked in the direction where the voice came from. It was then that she saw the man who had saved her. Or at least she thought he had. If she thought Miroku was gorgeous...damn! This man was tall with thick shoulders. He had long white hair and startling Amber eyes. Kagome felt a shiver run down her spine as he looked at her intently. "So you have a name. Is that all you've got? Who sent you here?"

"S-s-sent me here? No one sent me here," she stammered as the man walked over to her. She had to look up at him when he came closer.

Inuyasha looked down at the girl and sniffed. He smelt fear...good. He could see it in her eyes too but he didn't see deceit. She wasn't lying to him. Then if no one sent her to him then how could two women look so alike.

"Well I see my look alike has awaken." the husky female voice came from the doorway and they all turned to see a beautiful tall woman walk towards the group of people in the center of the room. Kagome was so shocked at how much the woman looked like her. It was no wonder why the men would mistake her for the woman. Kagome watched as the woman walked over to the white haired man and kissed him passionately. She then stood still as the woman looked her over.

"How could they mistake her for me. She is so-- scrawny. And no more than a girl." Kagome's back stiffened at this put down but she didn't answer. She just held her comment to herself besides she had no idea where she was and any word from her might put her life in danger. She did hold her head high those as the white haired man's eyes scanned her body. When he looked at her she expected to see disappointment and disdain but instead she saw lust. At least she thought she did. The look was there and gone in only a matter of seconds.

"You'd be wanting to go home now," the white haired man said to her as he looked down his nose at her. He wrapped an arm around her look alike and turned to walk away. "Miroku please take her home." Kagome watched as the dark haired man bowed to him then walked towards her.

"Come on. Let's go."

The two pulled up to the house in a black Lexus with tinted windows. Miroku looked at the house then at her. "Are you going to be alright?" he asked her as he leaned back in his seat.

"Yeah. I'll be fine," she told him. "Thanks," she said as she got out of the car and started to walk towards the house. She hoped that her mother hadn't freaked out when she came home. She turned to see if Miroku was still there but it appeared he was gone. With a sigh she walked up to the house to answer the questions she was sure to come.

Kagome fell on her bed with a sigh. It had been hours since she arrived home and almost half an hour since her mother and grandfather stopped their questions and allowed her to relax in her room. She had taken a soothing warm bubble bath then went to bed. She rolled over in the bed. She couldn't sleep. She could only think of the man with the white hair and golden eyes. just thinking about him now sent shivers down her spine. His gaze was so intense. It was like he was trying to read her, trying to find out her secrets. With a soft sigh and clutching her pillow tightly Kagome fell asleep thinking about him. The man who's name she didn't even know.

"Kagome!" yelled a female voice as she entered the school's gates. She turned to see her friend Ling run up to her with her two other friends Lixue and Leiko. "Kagome where have you been?" her friend asked. apparently her mother had called her friends and asked about her whereabouts when she didn't come home.

"I was taking a walk and lost track of the time," she told them. She didn't really like to lie to her friends but she had a feeling that this was something they didn't need to know about.

"Oh. Well don't ever do that again. Your mother was so worried and so were we," Lixue said to the girl. She walked over to her and they linked arms as the bell rang and they all walked into the school.

Lixue looked at her best friend as the other two at the table talked. She knew something was on her mind but Kagome was never the one to come out and say that there was a problem. Lixue couldn't think of any problem that Kagome had. She was one of the top students in school, popular had the star athlete after her and was beautiful. Sometimes Lix envied her friend and wished her life was as half as good as the girl's.

"Kag is something wrong?" Lix asked her friend bringing the girl out of the daydream.

"Wrong? No nothing's wrong," Kagome said to her friend. She then saw how the three girls were watching her and changed the subject. "So anybody have any plans for the night?"

"Nope not me," said Ling.

"Kag it's a school night. You know that we're not allowed to go anywhere on a school night."

"I know but it's just so boring being home all the time."

"Then why don't you go out with Hojo when he asks you?" Leiko asked hotly. Everyone knew that she had a crush on Hojo and was upset when he chose Kagome instead.

"I have an idea. How about we go to a new club that's just opening?" Lix asked her friend. She saw the girl's face light up and smiled. She could always count on Kagome as her partner in crime. "I'll pick you up tonight around twelve. Wear something sexy and don't get caught sneaking out."

"No problem," Kagome said to her friend with a grin.

"Are you other ladies in?" Lix asked and as suspected got a fierce no. "oh well.

Taking a deep breath Kagome snuck down to the back gate where she met Lix. She was dressed in a tight black shiny leather pants with black boots and a black strapless shirt. Her long black hair fell around her bare shoulders. She carried a jacket in case she got cold but doubted that she would use it. She quickly headed for Lix's car and got in. Her friend was dressed in tight blue jeans and a white baby tee and matching jeans jacket with black boots. Her long hair was pulled back tightly with a few strands hanging freely in the front of her eyes.

"You look good girl," Lix said as she put the car in drive and sped off.

"Thanks. So do you," Kagome said. She took a deep breath and sat back in the seat as Lixue drove them to the club. She heard her friend tell her to relax but that was easier said than done. She had never snuck out before and never went to an adult club. She had no idea what to expect but it couldn't be worse than the parties she often went to with Lix. When the girls parked the car and went up to the door she could hear the music booming and heard laughter and voices talking. She was so excited and so nervous at the same time.

As they stood waiting for the bouncer to let them into the club Kagome feared that he wouldn't. She was scared that he would know that they weren't twenty-one but eighteen. Kagome stood in front of the man and smiled at him as he looked down at her. Just when she thought he was about to turn them away he looked down at her breasts then nodded for them to enter. She sighed audibly but froze when he put a hand on her shoulder.

"Save me a dance sweet thing," he told her then released her and turned to the other people in the line. Kagome and Lixue walked into the club and froze. Okay so this wasn't what she expected. There were people everywhere drinking dancing, having fun. Kagome looked up and saw that there were women in cages dancing. The cages also contained dangerous looking animals like lions and tigers and they hung from the ceilings.

"Wild ain't it?" Lix asked with a big grin on her face as she continued to walk through the club Kagome following close behind her. "Come on let's dance."

Kagome smiled wickedly at her friend as they began to dance. The girls were in the center of the dance floor bumping and grinding against each other. In a matter of seconds they had an audience and people cheered them on as they moved they bodies against each other sexually. Kagome slid down to the floor in a practiced move and crawled between Lix's legs. She bent her body then slowly brought it back to it's original state.

Her long hair had fallen over her face and she flung her head back to clear it away. When she looked up across the room and up to a V.I.P. area, brown eyes met Amber. Out of impulse she licked her top lip and winked at him. She saw him whisper something to the man beside him and the other man looked at her as she stood up slowly. It was then that she saw the man with the violet eyes. he had called himself Miroku. Oh no...then that meant the man with the Amber eyes was....

"Hey Kag. Are you gonna be okay by yourself?" Lixue asked as she was being dragged away by a cute guy. He waved at Kagome as he pulled her friend away.

"Yeah. I'll be fine," Kagome told her with a smile. When her friend had disappeared, Kagome headed towards the bar where a cute bartender came her way.

"What'll you have cutie?" he asked her as he leaned against the bar.

"Carlo," someone said from behind her. Kagome saw the bartender's reaction to the man first before she turned to look at him herself. the bartender's face had gone white and he lost his smile. Expecting the worst Kagome turned to meet Miroku's smiling eyes. "how you doin?" he asked as he leaned against the bar and looked at her.

"Fine and you?" she said politely. He was handsome and it was kind of disconcerting having him so close.

"Better by the moment," he told her. When her drink came he nodded at the bartender then grasped her arm. "Come on let's dance."

Kagome didn't have time to take a sip of her drink before she was pulled onto the dance floor. Miroku pulled her into his arms and began dancing with her. His moves were so good and so erotic. Then again they were the only kinds of moves you could do to this song. She squealed when he spun her around. He then pulled her up against his lean body and ran his hands down her sides then back up to her breasts. He then ran his hands down to her waist where he wrapped his arms around her and grounded his middle into her hips. Kagome was getting more turned on by the moment and she thought it would be best for them to stop while they could. She shivered as she felt his warm breath on her neck. She began to melt in his arms until she felt one of his hands slide to the juncture of her thighs and stroke it gently.

"Miroku!" she said as she shoved him back and stepped out of his grasp. She spun around to yell at him but her voice caught in her throat. This was not Miroku. This man had long white hair and a more muscular body. His Amber eyes looked into her and she could see a smile in them even if it didn't show on his face.

"Who are you?" he asked her all hints of any smile gone.

"I told you already. My name is Kagome."

"Who sent you to spy on us?"

"I told you that before too. Nobody sent me to spy on you. Why would anyone want to spy on you?" she asked as she tried to calm her heated body down.

Inu looked at the girl and couldn't believe she was that clueless. Did she really not know who he was? He looked her up and down with a smirk. It was possible that she had no idea. "Come with me," he told her as he grabbed her hand and led her up to the V.I.P. section. Up there she saw that it was a few people up there either talking or making out. Over in the corner she saw a familiar dark head and smiled when the person looked at her. It was Miroku and he had been all over some brunette.

"That's Sango. She's very protective of him. I suggest you get the idea of him and you out of your head. He's very loyal to her and loves her."

"I never had any such idea in my head," she told him. She saw the way he looked at her and knew he didn't believe her. "Why did you bring me up here?"

"Seemed like the thing to do at the time," he told her as he took a seat on the long sofa against the wall. Out of nowhere a waitress came and offered him a drink. He took it and thanked her with a small smile. Kagome saw the way the woman blushed and hurried out of the room. The man then looked up at her as he took a sip of the alcohol. "Well are you just going to stand there or are you going to take a seat?"

Kagome looked around and could find no place else to sit but beside him so with a sigh she walked over to him and sat down. She was kind of uncomfortable being so close to him and the fact that there were people everywhere doing one sexual thing or the other made her feel really warm.

"So Kagome," the man said startling her a little. "Tell me about yourself."

"What do you wanna know?" she asked nervously. He had just turned to face her and hand an arm laid across the top of the sofa behind her head. He was getting closer. Much closer.

"For old are you?" he asked softly.

"Eighteen," she replied. Okay she didn't understand what was going on. One minute it seemed like he hated her now he seemed to want her.

"Hmm. That's good," he said as he leaned in closer. "You're of age. That's real good. Tell me what do you like?"

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Oh come on Kagome...tell me what you like."

Kagome went stock still when she felt his lips on hers. There was barely any pressure at all. His lips just seemed to glide over hers. Her eyes widened and she looked as she looked at him. His Amber eyes were glowing as he looked down at her. He then leaned in even closer and kissed her again. This time she definitely felt his lips on hers. They were soft and warm and just tantalizing. Kagome's eyes slid close as the kiss got hotter. She felt as his hand grabbed her breast gently and as she grasped he pushed his tongue into her mouth. Lost in his kiss she wasn't thinking when he pulled away gently and asked, "What are you doing here tonight Kagome? Who sent you?"

"No one,"she said before she realized what he had asked. the fire came back into her eyes then and she shoved him away violently. She stood up quickly and faced him in rage. "You bastard. I told you already no one sent me. I can't believe you did all that just to see if I was lying!"

She was pissed. Inuyasha knew that but he didn't care. It got him what he wanted to know. So she wasn't lying. He stood up and towered over her. He only smirked when he saw the fear in her eyes. so the little hellion was afraid of him. From the way she was standing it was more like terrified.

Kagome saw the amused way he was looking at her and just wanted to wipe that smirk off her face. She raised her hand to slap him when someone behind her grabbed her hand and held her back. She turned to see the brunette standing directly behind her. "You don't want to do that," she said softly. Just as Kagome was about to pull her hand free the girl pulled her and lead her out of the room. Helplessly, Kagome followed her straight through the crowd on the dance floor and into the bathroom.

"Who are you? And what do you want?" Kagome asked the beautiful woman.

"My name is Sango. Inuyasha's my brother."


"The guy who you were about to hit. You didn't know his name?" she asked the girl who was about her age. Kagome and Sango were something alike with chocolate eyes and Raven hair. Both girls were the same heigh but Kagome was a little more curvy than Sango.

"No. He never told me what it was." Kagome then realized that Sango was staring at her and it made her uncomfortable. "What?"

"You really do look like Kikyo. Though I think you're much prettier."

"Thanks. So is Kikyo Inuyasha's wife or something?"

"Wife!" Sango said then burst into a fit of giggles. "That bitch isn't even his girlfriend." Sango looked down at her watch and said, "It's getting late. Do you need a ride home?"

"No. My friend is here somewhere. I'll just go and find her."

"You sure?" Sango asked as they left the bathroom.

"Yeah. Thanks anyway."

"Sure." Kagome turned to look for Lix and couldn't find her anywhere. She walked the entire dance floor and still couldn't find the girl. When she looked back up to the V.I.P. area to see if Sango could give her that ride they were all gone. Great she thought. Kagome walked outside of the club and made her way into the parking lot. Yup Lixue was gone. Kagome pulled her jacket around her tightly and was about to walk home when a black Lincoln jeep pulled up beside her.

"Need a lift?" she looked up to see Miroku behind the wheel with Sango in the passenger's side. With a nod Kagome opened the back door and slid in.

"Thanks," she murmured as Miroku pulled off.

"So your friend left you huh?" Sango asked as she turned to look at Kagome.

"Yeah. I'm gonna kill her when I see her. Thanks again for the ride."

"It's no problem," Miroku said as he looked at her in the rearview mirror. Kagome smiled at him in response. She then looked out the window at the buildings they passed. She realize then it wouldn't have been a good idea to walk home. She was busily gazing and almost had a heart attack when a man on a black motorcycle sped up beside her window. She was vaguely aware that he held a gun and pointed it directly at her. It wasn't until Sango screamed that she should get down that everything registered. She dropped quickly to the floor as Miroku swerved the jeep and the gun went off.

Oh god what did I get myself into.

"Hey. You two okay?" Miroku asked as he continued to speed. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw that the man on the bike was now accompanied by two more bikers and they were all shooting at the jeep.

"Yeah but Kagome looks a bit shaken up."

"Sango," Miroku said.

"I know." Kagome watched from the ground as the girl pulled out a gun from inside Miroku's jacket. With wide eyes she watched as the sun roof opened and Sango slipped up through it. She covered her ears when she heard gunshots from above her.

"Oh god oh god oh god."

"It's okay Kagome. Everything is fine," Miroku was saying as he swerved past the other cars. Kagome screamed when the back windshield exploded sending shards of glass everywhere.

"Dammit. Sango get in here." when the girl got back in the car Miroku threw a cell phone to her and she made a call. "Inu. We've got company." when she hung up the phone she looked back at Miroku. "He's coming."

"Shit!" Miroku swore violently. "Hold the wheel," he told Sango then turned out the window and opened fire. One of the guys on the bike got close enough break the glass where Kagome was crouched down. She screamed again thinking that she would be shot and killed. She however was surprised when the guys seemed to have been pushed off his bike.

Kagome heard the shot and sat up a little to see what was going on. It was then that she saw the man riding down the middle of the road on a bike. He sat up on the bike and in both of his hands were guns that were going off by the second. Kagome turned her head to see some of the men fall or crash their bikes into the cars of innocent people. She couldn't believe this was happening. A bullet whizzed past her head and shot through the front windshield. "GET DOWN!" Miroku yelled at her. He locked eyes with Inuyasha and nodded. He slid back into his seat and grabbed the wheel from Sango. He turned sharply hitting into another car then speeding off. Kagome looked back to see white hair flying in the wind.

Miroku pulled the jeep behind an old abandoned building and shut off the engine. He looked at Sango and saw the way she was shaking and staring into space. He pulled her across the seat and into his lap. His lips came down on hers then kissing her with all the fear in him. He knew that she was used to this kind of lifestyle but neither of them got over the fear of being killed.

Looking at the two of them Kagome knew she needed to get out of there. She opened the door and began to run before either of them could stop her. What the hell have I gotten myself into, she thought. She heard Sango call out her name and heard the jeep's doors open but she ran even faster. She had to get away from them. She had to get home. She turned to see if they were following her and when she didn't see them she slowed down to walking. She hugged her jacket close as she shivered in the night air.

She looked around but had no idea where she was. Just great you idiot. You run away and have no idea where you are. She continued walking until she heard a sound behind her. She turned and so no one. Frightened out of her mind she turned to get out of there. It was then that she came face to face with the barrel of a gun. Her eyes rolled back in her head and the last thing she remembered seeing was amber.