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It had been a very strange and unique experience in the 1950s but now the team was ready to move on. Their mission had failed once again and they needed to move on if they were to stop Savage. Everyone else was aboard the ship but Sara, Kendra, Ray and Snart. Now they were just making their way there.

"1958 is swell and all, but I miss the internet… and cell phones," Kendra remarked as the four walked. The ship was within sight.

They continued to walk, the ship really was only a minute more walk from where they were at. Suddenly it began to take off.

"Uh…" Ray started, and then began to run as the ship flew away. "What are they doing!"

"Hay! Hay!" Sara yelled.

The ship was gone from sight.

"Where did they go?" Kendra asked in despair. The last thing she wanted was to be marooned in 1958 with no internet and no cell phones.

"Better question, why did they leave us?" Sara asked while her eyes were fixated on the sky.

The four of them stood there confused as to why the waverider would leave without them.

"We just have to stay calm," Ray said, very much on the verge of panicking. "Wherever they time jumped…Whenever…they'll come back to this exact same moment."

As the others waited Snart shook his head. "They're not coming back," he remarked with his usual tone.

"They will," Ray said slowly.

Ten minutes went by and there was still no sign of the waverider.

Finally, Sara spoke. "They are not coming back let's go."

"So, someone agrees with me," Snart remarked coldly.

Ray kept walking in circles. "Look, as a former Eagle Scout with over 100 merit badges, no big deal, the first rule of getting lost is to stay in the same place."

"So, reinsuring," Snart said sarcastically.

Ray ignored him, "that way you can be found," he finished.

Sara rolled her eyes and turned her head. "And as a former member of the League of Assassins, the first rule when you've been attacked is to keep moving."

Kendra walked a little closer to Ray. Her arms were crossed. It was snowing. "I sorta think League Wisdom trumps the Eagle Scouts here. Plus, Savage is still out there."

"Three against one, let's go," Snart added.

Ray looked at his three teammates. "Guys! The rest of the team would not leave us marooned in 1958."

"Except that is exactly what they did!" Sara snapped.

Snart sighed and leaned against the tree. This could take a while.

"You said it yourself. You have a time machine, and you're never late. They're not coming back," Sara said slowly as the realization finally hit in Ray. She turned and started to walk away.


Ten hours later, the group were in a parking lot as Sara hotwired a car.

"One could thing about 1958: no car alarms," she remarked.

"I didn't think they had cars in Nanda Parbat," Kendra said, trying to make better of their situation.

"Dated a lot of delinquents as a teenager," the blonde replied.

The engine started and Sara got in the driver's seat. Kendra sat next to her. Because for some reason it was smart idea to let Ray and Snart sit next to each other?

"No, we're the delinquents," Ray commented."

"Get used to it," Snart said and then got in the car.

Sara sighed. She looked up at Ray.

"If we leave Harmony falls, how's the rest of the team going to find us?" Ray asked, still reluctant to get in.

"We don't know if they are looking for us but we know Savage is," Sara responded. "We can't take him. That means we can't stay here."

Sara closed the car door and with a sigh, Ray got in. They drove off in a time to before they were even born, unaware of what the future held or if they would be rescued.


They got an apartment in Hub City. Better not to ask where the money came from. For the first two weeks, there wasn't much in the way of anything there, until Sara suggested they invest in some real beds. As the weeks went by, the apartment began to look more and more like home. Ten weeks had gone by before Sara made Ray realizes the cold truth that they were stuck here and to stop holding onto hope that the rest of the team would come. It was harsh but a wakeup call to the poor man.

The next day she had come out into the living room and put her hands on her hips. "It's time we find jobs. Real jobs."

Snart looked up at her as if she were crazy. "And what is wrong with robbing banks?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"We are trying to not bring unwanted attention to ourselves," She snapped back.

Kendra glanced over at Sara. "I have to agree. You need to get a real job."

"Party poopers," Snart mumbled and then went back to what he had been doing.

Odd as it was, Snart was the first one to get a job. He was hired as a security consultant for business. That is someone who would find problems in security and advise how to fix them. So, what if he started the job before it was a thing.

Ray was the next one to get a job. He was brilliant so it was not too hard to get a job as a professor.

If Sara was proof of anything, it was that she was persistent. If she was going to be stuck in this time she was going to put her talents to good use. And while it would have been almost unheard of, she was persistent and in the end got to do what she wanted. And that was teaching children martial arts. Why not teach children how to defend themselves.


The next two years went by slowly. Ray and Kendra became a couple while Sara and Snart were trying to figure out what was going on with them.

As for jobs, Ray exceeded at his job while Sara enjoyed hers the most. Snart made a lot of money, so that was nice while Kendra was fine with her job. As all four were now working, with the men making good money, they got a better apartment. It was a nice sized place with a Master bedroom, two smaller ones, a kitchen, Livingroom and bathroom.

Ray and Kendra shared the master bedroom while Sara and Snart each took one of the smaller bedrooms. The lived a nice life, one that none of them ever imagined having. And with all four of them working they none of them were out killing people or robbing banks.

One fall day in 1960, Ray was teaching. "Which gives us the mesoscopic polymer and biomolecular simulations," he explained and faced his class.

One of his students raised his hand.

"Yes, Mr. Gates," Ray said with a smile.

"If that's true and you can soften matter, then doesn't that mean you could theoretically miniaturized an atom?"

Ray was dying inside. If only this man knew. "In theory, yes. But trust me, you don't want to try it at home and definitely not for at least another, mm, 40 years," Ray explained and then walked over to his desk. "Uh, aren't you supposed to be at home," he asked his student. "I thought you said your son was sick.

"Yes, William," the student replied. "My in-laws are at my house, so if you don't mind, I'd rather be here."

Ray's head slowly went up. No way could this man be who he thought he was. "Your son is Bill Gates," Ray asked in disbelieve.

Kendra smiled as she walked in. Her boyfriend acting like a fanboy was amusing to watch.

"Bill," Mr. Gates said slowly," that has a nice ring to it.

Ray looked over at the door and saw Kendra. He smiled at her and she smiled back. Then he turned his attention back to the class. "Midterms are next week. Go ahead and pick up an exam book on your way out," He explained as he held up one. "Class dismissed."

As the class filed out, Ray made his way over to Kendra and kissed her.


"I think it's nice," Sara said as she and Snart sat on the grass watching Ray and Kendra picnic.

"Mushy stuff," he groaned. "Why are we hiding?"

"So, we can congratulate them after," Sara said with a stern look. "Ray doing this has proven that he has gotten over us being stuck here."

"Yeah, whatever."

Back to Ray and Kendra, they were toasting to their second anniversary.

Ray reached into his bag and pulled out a ring box.

Her eyes grew at the sight of it.

He knelt. "Kendra Saunders, I never thought we'd be together but somehow we ended up this way. And you are the one who saved me time and time again these past two years. So, would you do me the honor of being my wife?"

Kendra stared at him. "Ray, I don't know what to say. What if we are found?"

"Then we will be together there. But either way, I want to spend the rest of my life with you?"

"Ray, I don't know what to say."

"Just say yes already!" the voice of a brooding Snart barked. While Ray had been giving his speech, Snart had walked over. "I don't like all of this mushiness, so say yes already!"

"Snart!" Sara yelled as she ran down.

Kendra started laughing leaving Ray bewildered.

"Well?" the poor man asked.

Kendra nodded her head. "Yes, I will marry you, Raymond Palmer!" she cried.

His confused faced broke into a smile as he slipped the ring onto her finger and then hugged her followed by kissing.

"Can we go now!" Snart wined.

Sara smacked him. "Look at them!"

"I've seen enough."


"So, when's the wedding!" Sara cried. She was not normally one for such things but today was different. She, Kendra and Ray were sitting at the kitchen table. Kendra was admiring her ring.

"Big church wedding?" Ray suggested.

"Not supposed to be attracting attention," Snart reminding them from his place on the couch.

"Right," Ray said sadly.

Kendra touched his hand. "Come on, it can be simple. Just the four of us. That's all we need anyway. We can go to the Justice of the Peace. We only need two witnesses. Sara can be my maid of honor and Snart can be…"

"You want me to be his best man?" Snart interrupted. He sat up and looked over at Kendra pointedly.

"Well anyway," Kendra continued, "It would be nice and small."

"You're still wearing a white dress," Sara commented. "Oh, you could have a December wedding. What about New year's? Then we call all stay up and get drunk!"

"Shouldn't we be the ones excited about the wedding?" Ray asked.

"Are you saying I can't be?"

"Just that you normally are not this excited," the man replied.

"I have my reasons," Sara answered.


The next day Ray and Kendra went to make arrangements for the wedding. They would be having a simple wedding at the courthouse with just the four of them. The wedding was set for New Year's Eve. After the wedding, Ray and Kendra would leave for their honeymoon. It was a simple plan. There would have to be a big wedding if they were ever rescued.

Now the two ladies were wedding dress shopping. There was a lot of things to get done even if it was only a simple wedding. And Kendra only wanted a simple dress. The theme of the wedding was simple.

"I like that one," Sara commented as Kendra came out in another dress.

"And it's simple," Kendra said as she admired it in the mirror. It was a pretty white. The top came up to neckline and the skirt went right above the ankle. There was a little bit of design of the dress and a simple vail. If it was another color it would be a nice dress to where to some fancy event. It was perfect.

"I think you should get it," Sara replied.

Kendra took one last glance at the dress and nodded her head. "Let's get. And then we need to fine your dress."

Sara groaned. "We can worry about that later. I just need a simple nice blue dress. We can get that anywhere. Let's go out to eat. We should go to Big Belly Burger?"

Kendra laughed. "At least were stuck in a time with that fast food chain."

"If we had come early it would have not come to Hub city yet. It was founded in Coast City in 1950 and came here two years ago."

"How do you know so much about that?"

"I grew up around Oliver and Tommy. You should see how much they love that place and I did a paper on it for school."

Kendra shook her head. "Come one, let's go. I have to get out of this dress."


The two ladies sat at a booth in Big Belly Burger. "You know, maybe we should start looking for new apartment," Sara remarked.

"Why?" Kendra asked.

"You'll too will be married. You'll want privacy?"

"We already have sex, we're fine," Kendra replied.

"What about when you have children?"

"Built in baby sitters, wait what?"

"Children come with marriage," Sara said slowly as she picked up a fry. "the 60s don't exactly have the best birth control, not that anytime truly does."

Kendra looked at Sara wide-eyed. "Children," she repeated.

"Yeah, kids, little Kendras and Rays running around."

"I mean, I guess I never thought about it."

"You'll make a good mother, me on the other hand," Sara said with a laugh.

"I've already been a mother and I have seen my son die," Kendra said tearfully.


Ray sat at the table grading midterms. He liked his job as a teacher. He never thought he would, but he did.

Snart walked over and grabbed a bear. He sat down next to Ray.

Ray looked up and stopped what he was doing. "I uh wanted to ask you something."


"Would you be my best man?"

Snart looked at Ray as if the other man was crazy. "You really want me to be your best man?"

Ray nodded his head. "It's not like I have anyone else and well, we have become friends over the past two years."

While Snart did not like to admit it, it was true. He and Ray had become friends. "Fine," the man said with a sigh.

"Thanks. I uh…"

"Honey, we're home," Kendra called when she opened the door, interrupting whatever Ray had been about to say.

"I'm grading tests," he called back.

Sara kicked off her shoes and walked over to the fridge to grab a bear.

Kendra walked over and kissed the man she would be marrying. "We picked out the dress and then went out to eat. Have you been grading tests all day?"

Ray nodded his head. "Yeah, but I'm almost done."

"Good, because then I want you all to myself."

"Guys, please! There are other people in the room!" Snart exclaimed, stood up, picked up his bear and walked into his room, closing the door loudly behind him.

Kendra glanced at Sara. "I see what you mean."

Sara shook her head and laughed.

"What does she mean?" Ray asked.

Sara walked over to the couch and put her feet up, ready to enjoy her bear."

Kendra sat down next to Ray. "Sara suggested that we should move on and get new apartments."

"Yeah, and I'd still be stuck sharing with Lenard," Sara called from the couch, her statement not showing negativity or happiness with what would happen but just stating the facts.

"We should look for something in the same building, best not to be separated for too long."

"Yeah." Ray said slowly. He put down the pen. "Come on, I can finish this tomorrow. Let's go to our room."

She smiled and leaned in to kiss him. He returned the kiss.

"Guys, get a room!" Sara exclaimed jokingly.

Kendra pulled back and smiled. "Come on."

Sara watched as the two went to the privacy of their bedroom. She was lonely. Missing love. Some part of her did not want to bring someone new into her strange life and the other part of her saw Snart and knew she just couldn't.

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