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Chapter one: A Friend for Draco

Draco POV:

I glared at myself through the mirror. I slicked back my hair, glared once again then messed it up again.

About two weeks ago my sister decided to follow me around and got her dress dirty and torn. Mother responded by deciding that she needed a lady her age to be a good role model. I was originally supposed to be alone, which is fine with me. I didn't need some snot nosed kid to tell me what I should and shouldn't do. However, that didn't seem fair to mother, so a week before I go to Hogwarts some prick is going to come over.

Although to my surprise, it turned out that she didn't just invite over two brats but ALL the brats of the sacred 28. Who are the sacred 28 you ask? Well let met bring out the bloody list! Of the 28 there were only a couple families who had children attending Hogwarts as first years. The families include; Zabini (Blaise, Calypso, Amira), Parkinson (Pansy), Malfoy (myself and Ophila), Nott (Hermione, Theodore), Greengrass (Daphine), and Bulstrode (Hunter).

After mother told me who will be all coming father asked to see me in his study.

"Draco, Malfoy's don't make friends they make allies. If not, you know what will happen," father said to me. All I did was nod.

The sacred 28 meant a lot to my family. It determined social circles, marriages, employment, and so on and so forth. Two families within the sacred 28 were already considered blood traitors. We had to watch our backs and make sure we were upstanding purebloods, at least in our circles.

I stared at myself in the mirror again. In the corner, I noticed the pair of eyes watching me. Ophilia, my twin sister. Although twins were uncommon there was one set of twins on the Black side of the family. We were identical and very close, as far as siblings went. She had dirt on her face and her dress was torn. I frowned, mother wasn't going to like that, especially because the children were going to be here soon. I turned around and glared at her while waiting for her to speak.

"As you know Draco, the future Slytherin girls are going to be here this afternoon. I want you to look your best," she said eyeing me up and down. "So you're going to have to change," she smirked.

"What do you care anyway it not like your friends with them or anything" I said intimidation creeping into my voice. I didn't like the fact she was making friends. For the last eleven years I had my sister to myself. I wasn't ready for her to become a pureblood society witch.

"Trying to replace me so soon Lia," I sneered.

Her smirk disappeared, replaced by a loving look. She ran toward me, her arms out stretched and then the next thing I knew she was in my arms.

"You're my best friend, Draco, and no one can come between that," she said while holding me close. She was right, but it's insane how well she could pick up on my emotions

Reality kicked in, I had to get out of this. If father saw I would get beat for letting any emotion but; anger, hate, and sarcasm show.

"Ok, stop getting so mushy on me. Some one might think you're a girl." I smirked in response to her glare "Aren't you supposed to be a lady?" I said eyeing her. "Last time I checked ladies don't wear that," I added, referring to her torn and dirty lavender dress. "you better not let Mother see it."

"Draco you're horrible. They are going to be here in less than an hour, so get ready," she said. She slammed the door, not waiting for a reply.

I glared at my hair, I slicked it back again, and glared once more. I quickly grabbed a pair of slacks and a blue button-down dress shirt and ran to the door, not wanting to be late for the arrival of our guests.

Ok it official this guy is a threat. Ophelia and I both were waiting for the arrival of our guests. When the first family finally flooed over, they brushed the dust off their clothes and waited for introductions.

Amria and Calypso were identical twins, similar to Lia and I were. They had long jet-black hair that fell to their middle back. They had blue eyes and sun kissed skin, which would be expected considering their family home was in Italy. They both had matching black sundresses on. Although their height suggested they weren't menacing they had kind of a faraway look to them. Their biological father Fawley was supposedly a seer. There was a lot of talk among the 28 whether the twins were going to also have the "gift." Supposedly when they were in the womb their mother went slightly crazy with "visions." Although this was never confirmed, my mother mentioned they tried to cover it up by saying she was bed bound. There biological father ended up dying within an hour of the twins being born, although he did name them. Amria in Romanian meant cursed one whereas Calypso was Greek for concealer. Their names would almost suggest they would receive the gift. Either way these women were someone I would want on my good side, gift or not.

Blaise on the other hand had a dark green button up shirt and black slacks. Unlike his sisters he was a Zabini through and through. He had dark green eyes and was very tall for his age. I straighten my back to appear just as menacing, he narrowed his eyes at me. When he saw Lia, his eyes widened for a millisecond, then a smirk appeared on his face.

He walked up Lia picked up her hand, and said "It's a pleasure to meet you" Before placing a kiss on it.

She looked flustered and a blush took form on her face.

"How l-l-long are you st-staying with us" she stuttered, He smirked again while still holding her hand.

"Lo resto finchè andiamo a Hogwarts, bello. è quella ok?" he said. It sounded like gibberish to me, but he smirked again.

I was getting sick of this guy. Next time he smirked I swear I'm going to smack it off. I glared at him.

"I'm sorry I don't speak Italian," she said meekly.

It was ridiculous that he expected us to speak Italian although most tutors pressed languages. The Malfoys were fine with French, and the dead languages considering that's where most spells originate.

I noticed he frowned a bit but then the smirk appeared once more. Then he whispered, "I said 'I'm staying until we go to Hogwarts, beautiful. Is that ok?'"

Alright that's it. The smirks come in off- the big door creaked open, and mother came in. She had an elegant dark blue dress on that fluttered when she walked. I inwardly smiled he's going to get it now!

Mother looked around and saw me glaring, Ophelia flustered, the twins whispering to themselves, and a smirking Zabini. A frown marred her features, but only for a moment. Then a fake smile that she used for her tea parties replaced it.

"Blaise dear, how are you? I hope your mother's doing well," she said with that fake smile still on her face.

He frowned for a second, let go of Ophelia's hand, and then turned to face Mother. "Yes, I'm good. Mother is doing terrible, she hasn't had a new boyfriend for days now. My siblings and I are getting kind of nervous," he said.

There was only one thing you got to look forward to about going to a friend's house. You get to bash your parent's, and there was some code that the parents wouldn't tell on you.

Although Blaise wasn't exactly telling state secrets, Mrs. Zabini was known as a Black Widow. She liked to take elderly husbands produce an heir and collect their fortunes swiftly upon their deaths. She wasn't a desirable person among the sacred 28 but she had pureblood either way. Her children were always held with the most respect, even though she had the most children of the 28. The last I heard she had seven children in total. Two whom have already graduated Hogwarts and want nothing to do with her. Blaise, and the twins Amria and Calypso who were adopted upon their father's death, and two under the age of six.

Mother smiled a fake smile once more. "That's a shame. I hope our... humble home is to your liking. You see, we wanted to be closer to Kings Cross that way there's less of a hassle. I also though all of you would like to meet each other before Hogwarts," she said.

He smirked again. "Humble would be the correct term, but don't get me wrong its quite nice. Although this is nothing compared to the Zabini mannor in Italy. I suggest we do this next year in MY home. I completely understand about the Kings Cross thing. I mean the Zabini's are never late, but for a Malfoy, I completely understand. They have a saying, don't they? Fashionably late? However, they are usually the first to be forgotten about wouldn't you agree Mrs. Malfoy?" he said with a smirk.

I looked over at mother and had to do everything I could to not to laugh. She had the look of pure loathing in her eyes, and though that fake smile was still etched on her face, it was fading quickly. It was normal for the families to throw shade at each other but Blaise was taking it another level.

"Draco, why don't you show Blaise where he will be sleeping. Ophelia, I would like to have you also show the twins where they will be sleeping. We figured you'd prefer to sleep in one room considering how close you are," she said addressing the twins.

"It's alright for you to admit you ran out of rooms for all of us Mrs. Malfoy," Blaise said before the twins could reply.

With the murderous look mother gave him I wouldn't be surprised if he never made it to Hogwarts.

"One room is actually preferred, thank you Mrs. Malfoy," Amria replied before Mrs. Malfoy could reply.

Mother glared at Blaise one more time before she turned and quickly left the entrance hall.

I didn't wait for Zabini-I just left, and while walking down the hallway I heard him yell, "Wait!"

I turned around and waited for him.

"Ok I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that to your mother, but did you see her face" he said panting from the run to catch up.

He made the face again. I couldn't help but laugh this time. We both stood in the deserted hallway, doubled over with laughter, holding our sides. When we'd finally stop we looked at each other, and another round overtook us.

"Ok." More laughter. "Ca-can we start over" he said with tears running down his face.

"Yeah, sure. Hi, my names Draco Malfoy. Nice to meet you," I said, holding out my hand.

He grabbed my hand and gave it a shake. "Blaise Zabini."

He swung his arm over my shoulder and said, "So where am I sleeping?"

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