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The first thing Izuku notices when he first starts to blink to wakefulness is that the ceiling is spinning, the fluorescent lights drilling into his barely open eyes, causing him to squeeze them shut as a headache pulses behind them.

"W-Where am-"

"In the U.A. infirmary." Came the tired old voice of Recovery Girl, making the young man turn his head in her direction just a bit too quickly, pain traveling through it again, "Careful now, I suggest you don't move your head too much," She got off her chair to stand by his bed side, putting a hand to his forehead to get him to lay on his back, a part of him belatedly realized he was still in his costume, "Just stay in bed for a bit, after using One For All to speed up your brain's function the last thing you need to do is jostle it around."

"R-right sorry about-wait how did you-?"

"You are far from the first idiot with One For All that I had to take care of." The boy opened his mouth to voice some sort of complaint, before he sheepishly closed his mouth in surrender when the aged nurse hero gave him a look, "Also, Nighteye-san gave me an overall update on what happened… well, most of what happened." She raised her brow at him, "You really never think before you do something stupid do you?"

He lifted his head slowly to answer that, before he realized something, now fully awake and his eyes widening. His stomach sank as he looked around the room in a mild panic, ignoring the mild ache in his skull as he did, the room starting to spin as he failed to spot her, before looking back at Recovery Girl, "Eri-chan! We rescued a little girl, where is -!"

"Calm down!" She hissed, making calming motion with one hand while the other put a finger to his mouth to hush him, "You'll wake the poor dear up!" She walked to the other side of his bed, pulling away a curtain that obscured the bed right next to him, which contained the sleeping form of Eri, completely dead to the world as soft snores escaped her tiny frame hidden beneath her two extra blankets.

Izuku let out a massive breath of relief, laying back down while keeping his eyes firmly on the little girl, "Is she okay?"

Chiyo looked between them for a moment before sighing, "She was supposed to head off to a more secure medical facility so they could check her condition before bringing her back here," She rubbed her forehead with a tired smile, "But she refused to part with you, and whenever anyone tried she kicked and screamed and just held on tighter," She narrowed her eyes at him, "You gave her a real scare with that stunt you pulled, or so I've heard."

Izuku bit his tongue, his gaze still focused on the sleeping form of Eri, eyes shifting in regret, "Eri-chan…"

"…as soon as she got in the armored car along with you, poor girl just… collapsed on top of you." The pro heroine walked over to her bedside, gently threading her gloved hands through the girl's unkempt hair, "She was exhausted, both mentally and physically, must have been already running on fumes when you found her."

Izuku continued to look in her direction for a moment, before casting his gaze to Chiyo, "How long have we been asleep?"

"A few hours," She said quietly, patting the sleeping girl's head one more time before turning to the boy, "I've done a few tests in the mean time, checking her pulse, her throat and ears, surface level to get an idea of her condition."

Izuku sat up a bit, eyes filling with intrigue, Oh really? How is she then?"

Recovery Girl looked back at Eri for a moment before letting out a breath, "Her pulse is a bit weak, but regular, she has a few sign of very mild malnutrition, and considering how pale she is, I wouldn't be surprised if she's lacking in vitamin D…" She put a hand to her chin, "I would need a blood sample to know for sure, as well as find out if she's in need of any vaccines…" Her face twisted a bit in disgust, "...And only God knows what I'll find when I unwrap those bandages…"

As she continued to mutter to herself Izuku looked back to Eri, his voice shaking a bit with worry, "You mean you… haven't taken a blood sample yet?"

She stopped her muttering to look up at him, before clearing her throat, "I had a feeling she might want to voice her opinion getting a needle in her arm."

The word again was a pendulum in the air, swinging back and forth over their heads.

"…Do you need to?" Izuku whispered, face twisted slightly thinking about how Eri might react to a needle, his head going nowhere pleasant, "I really don't think Eri-chan will -"

"Nighteye told me about your little talk with Overhaul," She said, making Izuku shut his mouth, "As well as how the man apparently reacted to what you said regarding her," She locked gazes with the young man, "The sooner we find out what he's been…" She shivered lightly, "Doing to her, the sooner we might find out why he's been doing it." Her tone turned a bit grave, "And the deeper the hole we can throw him into."

Izuku gulped, before he focused his gaze on the older woman, a sudden protective instinct overriding what ever side of him agreed with her, "I still don't think we need to put her through anymore -"



The two of them were knocked out of their intense discussion when the infirmary was visited by two very worried teenagers. One Tenya Iida, whose glasses were askew and hair was slightly messy, as if he had just gotten back in uniform, and Ochako Uraraka, who was still in her hero costume, her hair disheveled and face dirty, seemingly only just recently returning from her internship.

The both of their faces were filled with worry as they rushed over to his bed side, checking him over as he spluttered in shock of their sudden appearance, the two of them looked at him in a mild panic.

"We heard you returned from your mission unconscious, Deku-kun!"

"We rushed over as soon as we could! I even ran in the halls to get here!"

"Is it true that you faced a villain, Deku!? I heard something about a hero office getting surrounded by Yakuza!"

"The entire class is worried about you, Midoriya-kun! Is everything alright!?"

"Would you two calm down!" Recovery girl shouted at them, shaking her cane at them, causing them both to cover their mouths in shock, "There's more then one patient here you know! And she's slee-!"

"Umm…" Came the week, still half asleep, whisper of a little girl from the next bed over, who was looking at the four of them with half lidded eyes, not quite knowing where she was as she slowly shook off her drowsy stupor, "Where am…I…?"

Izuku pushed his way gently passed his two friends, who were struck dumb by the sudden appearance of a child, to stand by Eri's bedside, "Eri-chan, hey, did you sleep okay?"

She looked his way, still rubbing one of her eyes, nodding as she yawned, "Y-yeah, mister… I think I…" She looked around, taking in her surroundings for the first time, the sheer white walls and sterile smell causing a pit to form in her gut almost on instinct, she clutched at her blankets as she shrunk away from the blinding lights above her, panic sinking into her head and drowning her, "W-w-where a-am I?"


"Oh no oh nonono I'm back nono please no I was so close -" She went on as if she didn't hear him, all she could hear was the drilling hum of the fluorescent lights filling her head, she was back in the examination room and any second he was going to come through the door and take back to that machine and then she -

"Eri-chan!" Izuku grabbed her by the shoulders shaking her just a bit to make her focus on him, "Eri-chan, look at me," Slowly her gaze righted it self, and she gazed at him, her breath easing out slightly as she felt the gentle grip he had on her, "You're safe, Eri-chan, you're in U.A.!" He smiled softly at her, her nervous shaking petering out ever so slowly, "That's my school, and the safest place you could even be in."

Eri took a deep breath, her vision focused solely on the young hero-in-training in front of her, "S-so… I- he won't f-find me here?"

Izuku hardened his face, "I promise, he will never find you here."

Eri's upper lip shook for a moment before she leaned forward to rest her forehead on his chest, Izuku rubbing her back to comfort her.

"Uh… excuse me, Deku-kun," came Ochako's confused statement, peering over Izuku's shoulder to look at the child, who buried herself deeper in his chest to hid, her horn still visible, "but… who is this?"

Iida looked over Izuku's other shoulder to look at Eri himself, adjusting his glasses to get a good as look as he could manage, "Is she related to you in any way? Or to one of the teachers? Otherwise, I see no reason for a child this young to be here."

Izuku looked back in forth between his friends as he felt Eri crawl deeper into his chest to hide, her horn starting to to poke him as well, before he readjusted his grip on her, "It's okay, Eri-chan, they're my friends," He patted her head while he looked at them, "Iida-kun, Uraraka-san, this is Eri-chan, and I met her on that mission you heard about," He looked back to the girl, rubbing her back in soothing circles, "I… rescued her from a villain."

"Ah I see!" Iida exclaimed, moving his arms about in praise, Ochako grinning along with him, "Most courageous, Midoriya-kun! Was she kidnapped?"

"…I don't know," Izuku admitted quietly, making his two friends friends stop short in confusion, "All I knew was that I had to get her out of there."

Tenya and Ochako looked at each other for a moment before smiling and sighing, not the least bit surprised. Ochako came down to eye level with Eri, calling out as gently as she could, "Hey, Eri-chan?" Slowly, every so slowly, the young girl looked in her direction, and was rewarded with a gentle, warm smile, "My name's Ochako Uraraka, and it is very nice to meet you." Her smile turned apologetic, "I'm sorry that I scared you, I won't do that again, okay?"

Eri looked at her cautiously, Ochako's smile soothing her panic in a way she couldn't quite explain, a light blush came to her cheeks as she nodded, "O-okay."

Ochako's smile grew a little, "Good! And this is Iida-kun," She motioned with her head to the speedster, who was standing with his back and straight and looking like he didn't know exactly where to put himself, Ochako then whispered to Eri, "He's kinda shy, so give him a minute."

Eri nodded uncertainly before looking at Tenya, who stopped fidgeting with his tie to look at Eri apologetically, "I apologize for my behavior as well, Eri-kun, I should have known better then to act the way I did," He bowed sharply at the hip, "I hope we can get along with each other!"

Eri looked at him blankly for a moment, before her shoulders started shaking a bit, and a soft giggle escaped her, "O-okay."

Izuku smiled in relief before he remembered something, "Oh right!" He put a little distance between him and Eri, just enough to be able to look eye to eye, "My name's Izuku Midoriya," He flashed a brilliant smile, "It's nice to meet you, Eri-chan."

Eri was mesmerized, her eyes glinting as she nodded, "N-nice to meet you too, Izuku-s-" she covered her mouth at her slip, looking away "I-I mean… Midoriya-san."

"Izuku is fine, Eri-chan." She looked up to see him give her an honest stare, demanding her attention, "You can call me what ever you want, okay?"

"…okay, Izuku-san."

Someone clearing her throat dissipated the moment, as all four of the children looked back at Recovery girl, who walked over to them with her signature grandmotherly smile, "If we're all introducing ourselves, I'm Recovery Girl, the resident school nurse for U.A.," She looked up at Eri, who peered back at her curiously, "I'm the one responsible for keeping everyone in this school happy and healthy, which as of a few hours ago, includes you, Eri-chan!"

Eri continued to look at her quietly, letting her words sink in slowly, before she nodded.

Chiyo nodded back, "And to do that, I need to run a few tests."

Eri's blood ran cold, her pale face somehow losing color, "T-t-tests?"

"Nothing major!" The nurse quickly reassured, with limited success, "Just enough to get a general idea of how healthy you are already so I can work from there," She walked over to a drawer, and pulled out a syringe, Eri's frame freezing at the sight of it, which didn't go unnoticed by Izuku.


She quickly buried her head again in his chest, muttering helplessly, "No no no please no." Over and over, causing him to tighten his grip on her. his mouth setting in a thin line.

"It also means I need to take a small blood -" She turned around to see Midoriya and Eri nowhere to be found, Uraraka and Iida standing in the same place a bit sheepishly, "…sample."

Ochako twiddled her thumbs for a moment, "Oh dear - I'll go get him back!" After that she quickly left the room, ostensibly to look for Midoriya.

"I shall accompany you, Uraraka-kun!" Iida exclaimed, going for the door before stopping just short of leaving to turn to Recovery Girl, "We will be sure to return him as soon as we are able!"

Chiyo stood there for a few moments before sighing, "Of course you will." She put the needle back in it's drawer, and went to sit on her chair, going through her notes, specifically about Eri. Her worries about the girl were evident in her writing despite the medical terms she used, what ever she went through has put her body under a serious toll.

It was a good thing Midoriya grabbed her when he did, another month or two of… whatever the hell Chisaki was putting the poor girl through and she would have…

"No no, Chiyo," She muttered to herself, writing some more notes about the girl's mental situation as she saw it, writing down "needle phobia and general fear of medical procedure" among other things, while trying not to think to hard on what she might see under those wrappings.

"…At least she's somewhere safe…" she muttered again, "Midoriya will take care of her… Toshinori taught him how to do that properly at least…"

Sir Nighteye sat in the silence of the school office borrowed, rubbing his temples furiously. That darker future lingered in his mind, much like the proceedings after All Might faced All for One six years ago. The hollow gaze after placing the mask on her face he could almost hear broken laughter… He was brought out of his gaze as the door opened to show a large round man wearing an orange hoodie.

"Thanks fer leading us over, Toogata -oof!" Fat Gum stated cheerily as he squeezed through, hopping on one foot before stopping. "Phew, close one. U.A.'s changed a bit since my day. Ha!" He sauntered over to a seat to the side, followed by Amajiki Tamaki huddled in his cape and a younger man in red - Kirishima Eijirou, if he recalled Mirio's words.

"It hasn't been that long, Toyomitsu-senpai." spoke a cool voice that strode into the room, a woman with a dragon-like dress - Ryuukyuu - strode in behind with Hadou Nejire bouncing behind her alongside an amphibious girl in green, Asui Tsuyu.

"Heh! Tatsuma-chan, with how Ishiyama works and Nedzu-kouchou, we'd be in a maze fer his enjoyment!" Fat Gum laughed.

Eijirou leaned over to Tamaki. "You think the principal would really do that?"

"Kouchou-sama is always looking over us, judging those for everything we do…" Tamaki started huddling in on himself as he began to whimper. Eijirou flinched and started to panic.

"Ryuukyuu," Nighteye brought attention on him and away from his own thoughts. "I was under the impression that you took two interns this time. Where is the other?"

The answer was given by Tsuyu, "Ochako-chan decided to go see Midoriya-chan after she heard he was sent to the infirmary."

"Wha? What'd Midoriya get caught up in now?" Eijirou asked.

"That's precisely why we're here, young Kirishima~" the door opened again revealing Principal Nedzu flanked by Mirio, Aizawa, and Ectoplasm.

"My apologies, Sir, I couldn't find Gran Torino on the grounds." Mirio said, deflated. Nighteye pinched the bridge of his nose. He knew the older man was up to something. He always was.

"Regardless, let's begin."

Nighteye reached over with one hand to grab a few folders, and while he opened it he motioned to Mirio to sit down while he faced the rest of the room, "Fat Gum-san, Ryuukyuu-san, as you know earlier today I requested assistance from your offices to help bolster the defenses near my main building."

Fat Gum nodded, "Yeah, took me by surprise you did, I was gonna bounce on over myself when you called me again to come here an hour ago," He reached into one of his pockets for a piece of candy, quickly chewing it and sitting down before continuing, "I'm happy to help my fellow heroes, but sidekicks don't come cheap, y'know."

"Same for me," Ryuukyuu added, crossing her arms as she found a seat of her own, Asui and Nejire joining her shortly after, "I had to expedite a mission to send over some of my own to help you," She looked at him with a raised brow, tone slightly suspicious, "Which apparently was a sign for paparazzi to start hounding at my front door," She looked at Fat Gum, "Toyomitsu-senpai, have you seen the news yet?"

Fat Gum looked in her direction is mild surprise, "Huh? Uh, nope actually, couldn't find the time."

Ryuukyuu nodded, "Ah well, then no wonder you're a bit behind," she looked back at Nighteye, looking both tired and worried, "Apparently, Sir Nighteye has somehow found himself on the wrong end of a Yakuza group's short temper."

"He wha'?!"

Nighteye pinched the bridge of this nose again, "Yes, yes, Ryuukyuu-san, I was getting to that," He took a deep breath before putting one of his folders in front of him, opening it to a picture of a man in a plague doctor mask, "This is Chisaki Kai - alias 'Overhaul', reputed leader of a Yakuza group known as 'The Eight Precepts of Death' - currently under investigation by my office for various charges, including drug trafficking, and conspiracy to commit assault."

Fat Gum's eyes widened, "Oh yeah, that's the one you were tellin' me about a day ago! Asking for help to catch him and some such."

"Me as well, Toyomistsu-senpai."

"No foolin'? Huh, you must be serious about catching him, hu-" He paused as the implications sank in, "Wait, were the thugs around yer place working for this punk?"

Nighteye nodded, "That's right, Fat Gum-san."

The rotund hero looked at the picture with apprehension, Amajiki and Kirishima looking at him nervously as he drummed his fingers on the table before reaching in his pocket for another candy to chew on, "What did ya' do to piss him off?"

Nighteye was quiet for a time, before he took a breath and reached for the second folder, "Earlier in the day, I went around the city to gather information on Chisaki along with one of my sidekicks, Bubble girl, along with my interns Midoriya and Toogata."

He opened the folder, flipping a couple pages before he found what he wanted, "Bubble girl and I scouted out a reported base of operation on one side of the city, Toogata and Midoriya patrolled the other," He took out a single file out of the folder, and handed it to Mirio, who was sitting next to, so he could hand it out to the rest of the table, "And while they were doing so… they encountered… Eri."

The file that was passed around the table was a photo of Eri, her face away from the shot as she looked worriedly at something else out of frame, the pro hero Fat Gum took a quick glance at the photo before giving it to his interns, "Huh, she looks so young," Kirishima muttered, passing the picture to Tsuyu who looked at it for a moment before mumbling 'cute' under her breath, "Can't be more then like what… six? Maybe seven?"

"Ohh!" Nejire exclaimed when she spotted the photo in Asui's hands and snatched it, "She's so cute! And she has a little horn and silver hair! She's like a unicorn! Is she one!? But what about those bandages? Did she come from a hospital when did she-"

"Aright, Nejire-chan that's enough," Ryuukyuu placated her excitable intern with a pat on the head before taking the picture to look for herself, "Hum, so this is it, Sir Nighteye?" she stretched her arm to hand it over to Nedzu at the far end of the table, giving Nighteye a piercing cold look, "Is this the child you reportedly kidnapped?"

"You WHAT!?" Fat Gum bolted up from his seat, slamming his hands on the table as he glared at the thin limbed hero, "That better be a damned joke, Nighteye! Or I'm putting you through a wall!"

Kirishima bolted up as well, his arm curling into a fist before hardening to a slab of stone, "Yeah! That crap's ain't manly at all!"

Amajiki stood up and placed himself in front of the two overzealous heroes, trying to nervously calm them down, "E-easy you t-two! There has to be some explanation! O-o-or-!"

Mirio stood up next, his eyes blazing, "Nighteye-san would never do something that awful! You're not even listening to his side of -!"

"That's enough, Toogata," Nighteye quieted, placing a calm palm on Mirio's shoulder to get him to sit back down, "I'm sure Ryuukyuu-san is only repeating and acting on what she knows, I doubt she thinks that little of me," He looked up at the heroine, matching her ice cold stab with an iron wall, "Isn't that right, Ryuukyuu-san?"

The dragonic heroine flexed her fingers, her nails growing by a single inch each, "If I didn't have the utmost faith in my comrades I would have quit ages ago, but when dealing with a child this young, nothing can be treated as obvious," One of her pupils sharpened and narrowed, her voice a floating glacier, "So if you indeed have an explanation for this I would like to hear it."

The two of them kept their gazes locked for a moment before Nighteye continued, "When the two of them found Eri, she was coming out of an alleyway, barefoot, arms and legs wrapped in those bandages you see in the photo, and running so fervently she didn't notice them until she ran into Izuku's legs."

The two pro heroes relaxed their stances slightly, Fat Gum sitting back down with his fists clenched, and Ryuukyuu's eyes losing a bit of that sharp edge, but her fingers still razor pointed and curled on the surface of the table.

"And right at her heels," He continued, "came out Chisaki himself." The two heroes lost a bit more of their hostility, what was lost being replaced with confusion, "Toogata, can give you a more detailed report of this encounter."

Mirio was caught a bit off guard, looking to his mentor who simply nodded, motioning him to do as he said, "W-well, he was calm, way too calm considering how freaked out Eri-chan was," He cleared his throat and straightened his back when he felt the full focus of the room on him, "He claimed to be her father, and asked us to simply give Eri-chan back to him," The third year student started scratching his head, "…but Midoriya wasn't convinced."

His teacher and fellow students didn't seem all that surprised, Aizawa looking like he was bracing himself for the headache of the century.

"He kept pressing Overhaul for why she was so scared of him," Mirio went on, rubbing his forehead, "Even though I was trying to get him to let it go, say we could get her back later in the worst case, he wouldn't have any of it," He let out a breath, "Eventually, Chisaki seemed about ready to tell us what was going on with her, telling us to get into the alley with him," Mirio paused for a moment, "…which in hindsight might not have been the best idea," He shook his head, "But anyway, instead of doing that… Midoriya -"

"Acted without thinking?" Was the unanimous guess of both Tsuyu and Eijirou, their faces lighting up with a mild smile, the both of them knowing their classmate well enough to see where this was going.

A grumble from Aizawa made them flinch, "You two don't have to say it like its a good thing," The two lowered their heads and mumbled 'yes sensei sorry sensei' while the teacher rubbed the bridge of his nose, letting out a breath of pure suffering, "I need to beat that bad habit out of him before it gets him killed…"

Mirio looked between the three of them in mild concern before he cleared his throat, "R-right, he made a small distraction with his quirk, and then grabbed Eri-chan, getting out of there as fast as he could," He lowered his head, "I couldn't very well stop him at that point, so I just lead him in the direction of Nighteye's office and well," He looked at Ryukyu, "You probably saw the rest on the news."

"I was skeptic of Midoriya's decision myself," Nighteye spoke up again, making Mrio sigh in relief as the focus shifted away from him, "So I decided to take a look into the girl's future… and what I saw was…" His mouth twitched, some strange pressure building in the back of his nose as he thought back to his vision, "Very convincing of the fact that Midoriya grabbing that girl was the right, if rash, move."

Ryuukyuu was not so easily convinced, "And did you see that convinced you that doing something like snatching a child in broad daylight was the right move?"

"Red Riot," Fat Gum looked down at his youngest intern, "You know this Midoriya kid right? Is he the kinda guy to do something this boneheaded without good reason?"

"No way!" was Kirishima's instinctual response, "If Midoriya did that, he must've thought it was the right move! He's too manly to just grab a child for no reason!"

"Indeed," Nighteye's voice rose over the red haired boy's argument, "While the act itself was rash… not doing so would have probably been worse," He let out a breath, slowly as to steady his heart rate, "I saw a fissure in the girl's future, a split down the middle causing two ways in how it could go," He pushed his glasses up, "In one, she is content, surrounded by the shadows of people who care for her and that she cares for."

Ryuukyuu relaxed her fingers slightly, "And in the other?"

"Atop a pile of corpses, stacked as high as a house," He muttered gravely, making everyone in the room freeze in place, "In one hand a dagger, and in the other Chisaki's bloodied mask," He took in a shaky breath, "As you can imagine, seeing that convinced me that what Midoriya did was worth standing behind," He looked at Ryukyu, eyes tired and honest, "Does that convince you of my intentions towards the child, Ryuukyuu-san?"

Ryuukyuu looked at the student and pro hero for a moment before letting out a breath, her nails going back to normal before she rested her chin on her palm, "To be honest, that statement you gave to the press felt a bit off to me, sounded to me like you were holding something back," She scratched her chin a bit, "Though I suppose I shouldn't have reacted that strongly…"

"You and me both, Tatsuma-chan!" Fat Gum laughed a bit, trying to dissipate the tense air, "We should have been a bit more calm, but with a child this young you shouldn't be too hard on yourself!" He laughed a little and smiled until his former junior returned it, and then looked back to Nighteye, "Though I'm guessing this isn't where this mess ends does it?"

He nodded, "Correct, Fat Gum-san, shortly after I returned to my office to discuss how to move forward from there, my office received a call," He paused to adjust his glasses, turning his head slightly to address the whole table, "From Chisaki, asking to talk to Midoriya."

Kirishima and Tsuyu snapped to attention, their faces filling with worry, meanwhile Aizawa's stare turn hard as stone, and Nedzu threaded his fingers together a bit more tightly, before speaking up for the first time, voice passively cheerful, "And what did he have to say to one of my students, Nighteye-kun?"

Nighteye adjusted his glasses one more time, "I am unsure, due to the abruptness of the call, and how short it ended up being, I do not have any recording of what Chisaki said, but I do know of Midoriya's side of the conversation at least," He cleared his throat, "He spent the whole conversation casting doubt on Chisaki's motive to take Eri back, poking holes in whatever argument the man had until he arrived at a conclusion that apparently cut close enough to home that Overhaul said something… drastic."

Fat Gum shared a confused look with Ryukyu before going back to Nighteye, "Drastic how exactly?"

"Drastic enough that Midoriya's response was to crush the phone in his grip," Nighteye stopped to let that piece of info sink in properly, "So if I had to make a guess, I'd say Chisaki threatened him in some way, though again with no recording I can not know for sure."

"Not to mention," Tsuyu spoke up, catching everyone's attention, "Without that recording, there's no proof that Chisaki threatened Midoriya-chan at all, and it would be the word of the worried father of a child against that of a kidnapper." She noticed everyone looking at her oddly, "…would be my guess, kero."

Nighteye was quiet for a moment, "…Right, you are correct, Asui-san, and that puts us in a bad position, legally speaking," He cleared his throat, "Fortunately though, Midoriya's conversation with Chisaki did result in something that could help us," He reached for Chisaki's folder before taking out some files, and reaching over to give them to Fat Gum and Ryuukyuu, "Before Chisaki made Midoriya crush the phone, the boy came to the conclusion that whatever Chisaki is up to, it has something to do with Eri's quirk, which gives us a lead to go looking for information."

"Which is why Tatsuma-chan an' I are here." Fat Gum said, taking the file with a smirk, happy they finally got to the point.

"Indeed," Nighteye nodded, "We need to gather as much information as we can on him, so I requested the assistance of your offices to expand the range of our search, in hopes that we can prove that he was no suitable guardian to the girl in any rate, thus clearing Midoriya and my office of any legal tangle."

"One more thing that's still bothering me," Ryuukyuu spoke up as she looked at her own file, a list of addresses of several local businesses reputed to have ties with Chisaki, "...is he her father? All we have is his word on the matter, if we can prove she isn't then maybe -?"

"We do not know," Nighteye shook his head, "I had Bubble Girl do some research into the matter, but there is no information regarding the girl at all," He took out another folder from under the table and flipped through it, "No birth certificates of any kind, no missing persons report matching her description in any way from the last four years… nothing."

Fat Gum scratched his head, "So… we can't prove he is her father-"

"- but we also can't prove he isn't." Ryukyu rubbed her forehead, the situation starting to weigh her down slightly, "This is a headache…"

"That's putting it mildly," Nighteye deadpanned, closing the folder and setting it down next to him, "Currently the only reliable source of information about that is the girl herself," He sighed, "And I figure the only one who can get it out of her in any reasonable amount of time is Midoriya…"

"That reminds me!" Nedzu exclaimed of a sudden, getting up on the table with a flourish, "I myself have seen your statement earlier today, and one part of it has been bothering my ever since," He started walking on the table from his end all the way to the other where Nighteye sat, the pro hero keeping his gaze firmly on the speaking animal, "In that statement, you said that the girl was under the custody of your office and U.A. Academy," He stopped just short of being under the lanky man's nose, his face still stuck in his signature smile but his voice just on the edge of something dangerous, "Regarding the second part of that statement, Nighteye-kun," His voice tipped over just a bit, just enough to touch the far end of annoyed, and yet it seemed enough to make everyone sitting at the table just a bit nervous, "What exactly did you mean by that?"

Nighteye tapped the tips of his fingers together, his voice shaking just a bit, "Ah yes," He cleared his throat," I was… about to get to that actually…"

"From how you said it, it would appear that you are shifting the blame of the incident onto us." Nedzu continued. "I understand your office may not house individuals in the long-term, but really…"

The green-haired man with blond highlights stared hard at the principal. "Midoriya was the one who brought this on himself with his decision. He made his bed - for lack of a better term - and now must sleep on it."

"His bed, or a mass grave?" Aizawa asked, bringing the attention onto himself. He sighed before elaborating. "If we go by Midoriya's apparent deliberation, then he now has a key component for whatever Chisaki's plan is. This will make them act out in desperation, and considering the rise in villain activity…"

"We could be looking at a prefecture-wide gang war." Ryuukyuu muttered aloud, biting her thumb as her thoughts swirled.

Tsuyu swallowed, her stomach hopping around in her chest as she stared out, imagining her siblings in this situation.

Eijirou felt his knuckles go white as he clenched his fists beneath the table, his mind recalling the League raid and the following chaos. From what he read, this Overhaul guy was a lot more of a threat than Shigaraki, but a war? Over a little girl?

"That's right~" Nedzu exclaimed in a flourish. "Despite our own standing, we cannot allow this child to remain here."

"Now hold on 'dere, Nedzu-kouchou!" Fat Gum stood up, slamming his hand on the table. "Don't start spoutin' about the rules when they're 'bout to be thrown out! As a cop, I learned that the lines of right, wrong, an' duty aren't as straight as the painted streets, but there's no way we're gonna let this boil over for the sake of publicity and standin'!"

"Yeah!" Eijirou stood up as well, his enthusiastic grin matching his new mentor. "Doing what's right is manly! We're not gonna stand by when we can do our job!"

"Yahoo~" Nejire bounced in her seat. "You guy really know how to get the blood pumping! That's perfect for Tamaki-kun~!"

"Hadou-san…" Tamaki whimpered.

Nighteye cleared his throat, bringing everyone's attention back on him. "Nedzu-kouchou," he stated to the mouse/dog/bear/Pokémon, his hands tensing. "Midoriya made a choice few others would, and I made a judgment call. The girl is in a fragile state of mind, and…" his eyes flashed back to that night at the hospital all those years ago. "That vision reminds me to make the changes for the better future. So please." He bowed his head. "Let her stay."

Nedzu looked at the man before chuckling. "Humanity has always made decisions for others, be they selfish or something else." He sat on the edge of the table and sipped his tea from a strangely convenient cup. "Very well, she may stay," a collective breath was released. "but Midoriya-kun is responsible for her. After all, he's been a fair student, so let's see how he is as a master."

The door opened as he finished to see Tenya entering the room with a small old man in yellow on his back.

"I already told you I didn't need help, boy!" The man growled out as he jumped off.

"My apologies, honored elder, but with security as it is, it is imperative to not wander." Tenya stated, arms motioning at angles.

"Hm? Oh, Ingenium's brother." Ryuukyuu realized, looking the student over.

"Iida-kun, why are you about? Have you seen Ochako-chan?" Tsuyu asked.

Tenya turned to her and nodded. "Yes, I have! We met with Midoriya-kun and the young girl he rescued, but when Recovery Girl mentioned a blood test, the girl ran off with him in tow. Uraraka-san followed after them as did I, before running into Gran Torino and bringing him here."

The room went silent at his explanation. The students tensed at the realization that Eri was running out of fear. The adults worried something very wrong was about to happen.

Miro looked to Nighteye - who nodded in return - before slipping through the floor to go after them.

Gran Torino sighed and jumped into a seat next to Aizawa. "So… anyone gonna tell me what I missed?"

Ochako was striding through the halls of the 1-A dorm building, her pace hurried but lacking in urgency. She knew, more or less, where she needed to go, and where she needed to lock to find what, or rather who, she was looking for.

She just didn't know what she was going to do when she got there.

She stopped on the threshold of the common room, looking around the area for the two she went to find. After a moment or two she spotted the back of a dark green mess of hair sticking up from one of the couches near the TV, letting our a breath before calling out, "Deku-kun!"

The head of hair jumped up slightly before it's owner turned to face Ochako, an index finger pressed to his lips, "Uraraka-san keep it down," He hushed, using his other hand to a spot next to him on the couch, "Eri-chan is sleeping!"

Ochako clapped a hand over her mouth as fast as she could, only to after think a bit about what Izuku just said, "Wait, again?" She asked under her breath, walking softly over to the front of the couch to get a better look, finding Eri to be pressed against the boy's side, held close by his left hand on her shoulder. Her eyes closed shut but her fingers faintly clutching the front of his uniform shirt, "Didn't she just wake up less than 30 minutes ago?"

Izuku rubbed his cheek tiredly with his one free hand, which Ochako just noticed was missing a glove, before whispering his answer, "I know but she kinda…" He pointed to the table in front of the couch, which had many crumpled and wet tissues littering it's surface, along with Deku's discarded gloves, "…cried herself out…"

The gravity girl's face twisted in sympathy, "Oh no…" she seated herself on Eri's other side, gently pulling away some of the hair that got stuck to her face from tears, revealing how red, wet and blotchy her cheeks were, causing her to reach for another tissue to softly clean them up, "Was she that freaked out by the needle?"

Izuku rubbed his forehead while he nodded, "Yeah, the whole way here she was begging me not to let 'them' take her back and put that needle in," He looked down, he rubbed calming circles with his thumb on her shoulder when she dug herself a bit further into his arm, something in her sleep making her whimper, "All I could do is sit here with her until she got too tired and just… crashed," He sighed before looking Ochako in the eye, "We've been here for about 10 minutes,and she's been like this for at least five… Uraraka-san, I don't know what to do…"

"You're doing the best you can," She reassured him, putting a hand on his shoulder, "But her freaking out much over a little blood test is a bit unusual…" She looks up at Izuku, her eyes curious, "Deku-kun, what happened to her?" She squeezed his shoulder a little, her eyes going down a bit to the girl between them before raising back to his, "Who did you save her from?"

Izuku starred at her for a moment as the question sank in, before he gulped and a nervous laugh escaped him, "Promise not to freak out?"

Raising an eyebrow, Ochako nodded.

Taking a deep breath, Izuku slowly said, "I… kinda snatched her away from a… Yakuza… boss."

Ochako's eye nearly bulged out of her skull, her hand flying off his shoulder like she'd been singed, "A YAKUZA BOSS?!"

"Uraraka-san, you promised!"

She clapped a hand on her mouth again, her eyes still wide with shock as she looked at Eri to see if she woke her before snapping her attention back to her classmate, hissing her astonishment, "I'm sorry, but - a YAKUZA!? Are you SERIOUS?"

"Uraraka-san please calm down I know how crazy it -"

"Are you sure? Because I'm not sure you do!" She grabbed at the air uselessly, lost at the fact that her friend did something this reckless, "What were you thinking?"

"I wasn't!" He admitted, Ochako's panicking, which his confession only worsened, making him panic along with her slightly, "But what was I supposed to do? Leave her there?"

"Of course not, but- " She ran both hands through her hair and let out a breath to try and calm down, rubbing the top of her head as her face twisted in worry, "But Deku-kun, you need to stop -"

"Acting without thinking, I know!" He sighed as the panic drained out of him to be replaced with anxiety as he looked down at Eri, still clutching his shirt in her sleep, "I know… but I couldn't just… she was so scared Uraraka-san," He moved a hand through Eri's silver mane, "I couldn't leave her there, I had to save her, I just had to…"

Ochako watched him fret and worry over the small child, her heart warming at the sight of him caring so much for someone he's only known for less then a day… but at the same time she wasn't really surprised, "Yeah… I think I get that, sounds just like you, Deku-kun."

"Is that an insult or a compliment?"

"A little of both, actually." she smiled when that made him chuckle a little, the first time she's seen him smile since she got to the common room. Now that she was calm again, she remembered the question that started all this, "…So, you think the yakuza did something to make her this scared?"

Izuku nodded heavily, "That's what makes the most sense, with what we know any way."

"But why?" She wondered, her tone utterly confused, "What reason would they have to do something to her that makes her terrified of a small blood test?"

Izuku hardened his gaze as he thought back to his conversation, for a lack of a better word, with Overhaul, his teeth grinding against each other slightly, "Probably wanted to do something with her quirk, no idea what though…"

"Her quirk?" Ochako asked, intrigued by his sudden conclusion, "What makes you think that?"

Izuku opened his mouth to answer, before considering that mentioning his little phone call with the yakuza boss with his friend may not be the best idea, especially after he already gave her quite the scare already, so he just chuckled a little before rubbing the back of his head and saying, "Um… call it a gut feeling?"

She looked at him oddly for a moment, before shrugging mildly, "Alright… if you say so… now what, though?"

Izuku was silent for a long second before he sighed, "No idea," Another whimper caught his attention, and he rubbed Eri's shoulder again until she settled, "For now, I think I'll just wait until Eri-chan wakes up, and then maybe I'll -"


The two of them nearly jumped out of their skin by the sudden voice, looking to the side to see none other then Mirio Toogata, his face set in a frown and his eyebrows furrowed as he looked at Izuku, was quickly motioned for his senior to be quiet, "Toogata-senpai, please don't -"

"Do you have any idea how much you made everyone worry?" he went on, his stress and anger making him take no heed of neither Izuku nor Eri by his side, "I mean, running off like that from the infirmary without telling anyone where you're going?"

"Toogata-senpai, I just-"

"We have two pro heroes in this school discussing the next move we need to take with Principal Nedzu, and then all of a sudden two of the main players in all this just leave to go somewhere without say so? I know you're reckless Midoriya but I thought you were a little more responsible! Don't you know how big all this is!? How much pressure everyone is under!?"

Eri was beginning to stir with a scowl by Midoriya's side, making the teenager screw up his face and open his mouth to tell him to calm down. But before he could, Uraraka stood up from her seat next to Eri and faced her senior with a sharp glare.

"Uraraka-san, please, this doesn't concern -"

"One of the pro heroes that are currently talking with principal Nedzu is Ryuukyuu-san, who is the one I am interning under," She started taking a step towards him and poking a finger in his chest, "So this does concern me, secondly," She pointed toward the sleeping girl on the couch, while her eyes kept contact with Mirio's, "Eri-chan is sleeping, and is under more stress then everyone in this school put together while being less than half my age so please stop shouting," That last part was particularly pointed, something in her causing Uraraka to stress that issue more then she intended, even making Mirio take a step backwards "And lastly, Deku-kun has been scolded plenty already, and is under enough stress himself, so don't make feel worse then he already does."

The two kept their eyes locked, Mirio more then a little taken aback by how thoroughly he was scolded, and by his junior no less, so much so that he couldn't help but chuckle, "A senior getting a talking to from a freshman… I should be ashamed."

His chuckle made Ochako snap out of her glare, her face flushing slightly as she took a step back and bowed, "T-Toogata-senpai! I'm sorry! I just -"

"It's okay! Uraraka-san, it's okay!" He laughed, motioning with his hand for her to settle down, "You were right, I shouldn't have gone off the handle like that," He rubbed his forehead, paying close attention to the space between his eyes, "It's just the meeting up stairs kinda… rattled me a bit, so I was a bit on edge."

Izuku gulped, his mind swirling with what Overhaul could be up too, "Are things that bad?"

"Worse," Mirio muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose, letting out a breath, "Still I'm sorry for snapping like that," He then chuckled again, looking between Ochako and Izuku, "Still, Midoriya, you should have told me!"

Izuku raised an eyebrow, not catching what Mirio was saying, "W-warned you about what?"

He chuckled again, "That your girlfriend was this protective of you!"

Toogata's words echoed in their heads, as loud as a bomb, blood rushing to their faces as panic raced through their core, and at once, together, before they could stop themselves, a cry of shock escaped them, "GIRLFRIEND!?"

As they flustered about, trying to correct Mirio while he stood by, blinking owlishly at them as they flailed about with their faces bright red, all the noise finally managed to rouse the little girl by Izuku's side, who woke up in the middle of the chaos, which combined with the remaining only confused her more.

While Izuku was busy trying to explain why Uraraka wasn't his girlf- you know - he felt someone poking his arm, after the fourth poke or so he twisted his neck down to ask what that person wanted, only to stop short when he met the confused innocent eyes of Eri, he cleared his throat and gave her an uneasy smile, "H-hey, E-Eri-chan, d-did we wake you?"

She nodded, rubbing her eyes, "Yeah, it's okay though," She yawned, her mouth opening wide to show all her teeth, "I was kinda having a bad dream anyway." All three teenagers flinched at how casually she said that, as if having a bad dream was to be expected, the girl herself missed it though, as she focused on the two freshman, "Izuku-san, Uraraka-san, why are your faces red?"

The two spluttered, unable to explain themselves properly due to still being flat footed from Mirio's earlier comment.

Eri knitted her brow in worry, "Are you guys sick?"

"They're okay Eri-chan," Came Mirio's voice from the side, the boy bending his legs until he was eye level with her, his smile bright and sparkling, "I just asked them an embarrassing question and they were caught off guard," He chuckled as the two red faced teens glared at him, "They'll live don't worry."

Eri nodded slowly before clearing her throat nervously, "O-okay, Mr.…?"

"Ah right!" He slapped his forehead comically, "I never did introduce myself did I?" He offered a hand, "My name's Mirio Toogata, you can call me Toogata-san."

She looked at his hand for a long second before she reached an uneasy hand of her own to shake his, "H-Hello, Toogata-san."

Mirio nodded, his smile still on his face, "Nice to meet you, Eri-chan." After letting go of her hand, Mirio's smile fell a little, "Y'know Eri-chan, you scared a lot of people when you ran out of Recovery girl's room," Eri's eyes opened wide, remembering the syringe that made her want to ran in the first place, "I was sent to look for you."

Eri looked down at her feet, biting her lower lip, "I'm sorry…" She muttered, grabbing the edge of her dress and bunching it in her hands, "I just… I just didn't…"

Hey hey, Eri-chan," Mirio was quick to put a gentle hand on her shoulder, "No one's angry at you, just worried," She flinched slightly out of his grip, retreating further into the couch as Mirio took his hand back, "You really do need to get back, Recovery girl needs to know if your sick," His smile was sympathetic, "And I know it scares you, but means you need to get us a bloo-"

"No!" She screamed, curling up and turning away from him, hiding her face in her long hair as she began to shake her head, "I can't- don't-nonono…"

"Eri-chan…" He whispered, dropping his hand to the floor, looking to Midoriya for help.

Izuku looked between his helpless senior and the shivering girl a few times, before letting out a breath and reaching out for Eri, rubbing circles on her back, "Hey, hey, Eri-chan," He cooed reassuringly, "It's gonna be okay, I promise," He kept rubbing the circles on the middle of her back, "Just breath okay? I'm here," Her shivering started to lesson, "I'm here…"

After another minute of this she stopped, looking up shyly from behind her hair, her face dry but her eyes seeming to be on the verge of not so. She sniffed miserably, "I-I d-don't w-w-want t-to…"

"I know, Eri-chan," He said calmly, his hand still rubbing her back absently, "I know you don't… I promise," He could feel Mirio throwing him a suspicious look from behind his back, "I promise that so long as your here, no one will make you do anything that hurts you or that you don't want to."


He snapped his eyes to look at Mirio with a piercing glare, "Never."

Lumillion held his gaze evenly with Deku's glare for a good minute, before slapping a hand to his eyes and exhaling a breath through his teeth, "Good to see you taking your job as guardian so seriously…"

Izuku snapped out of his glare when he heard the word, 'Guardian', "W-wait what -"

"Midoriya," Mirio said finally, "Can I talk to you in private?"

Izuku looked at Eri for a second, before looking at Ochako, face still a bit flushed and giving Mirio a side-eye, silently seeking permission, which he got after a moment when she smiled at him and nodded quietly.

"Eri-chan," He asked the girl gently, "Are you hungry?"

Eri sniffed again before rubbing her tummy for a second, nodding once.

"Alright," He gestured with his head to Uraraka, "Then go with Uraraka-san to the kitchen, and she'll make something to eat okay?" He smiled reassuringly when she clutched at his uniform again, "It's alright, Eri-chan, the kitchen is right over there," He pointed to the shared dorm kitchen to the right, "And I'll be right here where you can see me, is that alright?"

She bit her lip for a second, looking to the bright smile of Ochako, after a second she nodded, her cheeks a bit rosy, before she hopped off the couch to join at her side as she walked to the kitchen.

"So, Eri-chan, do you want anything in particular?"

"I… um… I like s-strawberries.

"Really!? Me too!" Ochako kneeled down to whisper in Eri's ear, "Let's see of there are any left in the fridge." Before lightly jogging to the fridge, Eri quickly following her with a run.

Mirio followed their path until they vanished into the kitchen before sitting down next to Izuku on the couch. They sat in a tension filled silence before he spoke up, eyes focused on the inactive TV in front of him, "Midoriya, we don't have time for this."

"I don't care," Izuku said resolutely, looking in the same direction, "I'm not going to force her into it."

Mirio whirled on him, "Are you forgetting your own conclusions?" His face was set in a deep scowl, "If what you said back in the office about Eri and Overhaul is true, then right there," He pointed in the direction of where the girls went off too, "Right in that kitchen is the most important and vital part of his plans," He leaned in closer, "If his influence goes as far as Sir thinks it does, what do you think will happen if he doesn't get her back soon?"

"I won't force her." was Midoriya's only response.

"Oh come on!" Toogata threw up his arms in exasperation, "Midoriya, I care about her just as much as you do but too much is at stake here!" He took a breath to try and calm down, "Look, it's nothing major! Just a small blood sample -"

"And you saw how scared she was of it!" Midoriya stopped him, his face twisted in worry, "Just thinking about it made her go into a panic attack!"

"Are you serious right now?" Mirio hissed, at his wit's end, "The entire prefecture could be in danger and you're putting a single person over all of that!?"

"If I make her go through that," Midoriya grounded through his teeth, his eyes blazing, "Then I'd be no better than -" his anger stopped him from saying the name, but the message rang loud and clear.

His senior looked at him helplessly a bit longer before throwing his arms up in defeat, "Fine," He sighed, rubbing his eyes, "Fine you've got a point there," He rested his chin on his palm as he looked back in Midoriya's direction, "But if that's your issue, you need to find a way to make her want to do it and fast."

His anger draining as the urgency of the situation started to dawn on him, Izuku pulled at his lower lip as he thought, "Well, yeah… but how?" He shrugged his shoulders uselessly, "I don't know how to handle kids! Especially ones in Eri's situation!" He stopped and looked at Mirio, "Do you -"

"I"m only two years older then you are!" He poked Midoriya in the chest before sighing, "Besides even if I did know some advice for you, I wouldn't be able to help you."

"Huh?" Izuku tilted his head in confusion, "Why not?"

"Remember what Sir said back in the office about Eri-chan being your responsibility?" Izuku nodded. "Well, Principal Nedzu made it official a few minutes ago, you are now Eri's sole guardian until this whole thing blows over."

"So… that means…"

"That you're kinda on your own… sorry." Mirio rubbed the back of his head as he watched Midoriya continue to mutter about what to do when a thought struck him, "Wait, are you sure you don't know how to handle kids?" He pointed with his thumb towards the kitchen, "You seemed to know how to handle Eri's panic attack earlier."

Izuku shook his head, "No, that wasn't me," He dismissed with a wave of his hand, "That's just something my mother used to do when -" He stopped of a sudden, putting a fist to his palm, "That's it!" He quickly went to his pockets to dig out his phone

"That's what?"

"My mother!" Izuku exclaimed as he finally managed to fish out his phone, "She has the most experience with children, and she can actually help me!"

Huh, good idea -" Mirio's smile was cut short when he thought of something, "Wait, is your mom a hero?"

"…not technically no."

"Oh, then she's a sidekick?"


"…does she work in an agency?"


"…so you're going to share a top secret operation with a civilian?"


"…does using One For All in your brain fry a hemisphere or something?"

"No no listen!" Izuku motioned for Mirio to pay attention while he started to dial her number, "I won't say anything about the yakuza or anything that might put her in danger, just enough to get her to understand the situation and help me, that's it."

"Oh yeah?" Mirio motioned to the closed TV, "What if she's watched the news?" He rubbed his forehead, "Every channel is crawling with what happened at the office today, what then?"

Izuku stopped short of pressing dial for a moment before he answered, "Then I hope."

"…Hope for what?"

He pressed the dial button and waited as the tone rang, "That she doesn't kill me."

"..Oh okay…" He placed his face in both hands, letting out a defeated sigh, "We're all boned."

"Toogata-senpai I'm calling my mother please don't say bo-hey mom! Yeah, I'm fine… um… I actually called cause I need your help with something."

[Sweetie, you know that you can tell me anything.] Inko said calmly.

"I know, Mom. This just… gets pretty deep."

[Does it have to do with the news report?] Izuku felt his body freeze up. [I know things have been crazy, but did you get involved with what they're saying? Rescuing a child from the yakuza?]

Izuku inhaled a breath to brace himself for the fallout. "Yeah, Mom. That was me. I've been assigned as her guardian until this whole thing blows over." He pulled his hand away in case she started screaming. When nothing came, he brought the phone back to his ear. "Mom? Are you still there? Mom!?"

[I'm here, Izuku. I'm here.] Inko sighed on the end of the line. [I know you get that impulsive nature from your admiration of All Might, but I sometimes wish you grasped some of your father's paranoia…]

Izuku laughed to himself, remembering her story of how his dad kept panicking about asking mom to marry him.

[So why don't you tell me what's wrong?]

"Well, she's safe here at the school, but she's desperately afraid of needles and anything to do with medicine. She's especially scared of her blood, or someone taking it… but we need to do something so we can find out what we can do for her…"

After another tense silence, he heard her ask, [Have you tried sitting with her and having your blood taken alongside her? I remember doing that with you after you started to not like hospitals after you were registered Quirkless…]

Izuku's eyes went wide at the idea, barely processing the darker memory. "That… could actually work! Well, it might - depending on how she fully reacts to it and then there's the possibility of her Quirk activating, but she might be calmer with someone else with her, statistics show that blood drives use that for the public image and so people are more relax-"

[Izuku, you're doing it again.]

His muttering stopped before smiled. "Sorry. Thanks, Mom. You're a real hero with this."

[Oh, stop. You're the hero here, recklessly saving a little girl - oh! What's her name?]

"Ah! Her name is Eri. She has silver hair, red eyes, and a small horn on the right side of her head." He smiled as he described her.

[Oh, she sounds adorable! I hope you can bring her home so I can meet her.] he could hear his mom's smile on the other end.

"I'll have to see about that, Mom. Thanks."

[You're welcome, honey. Good luck. I love you!]

"I love you too, Mom. See you soon." With that, Izuku ended the call. With a plan in mind, he went to search for Ochako and Eri.

Inko replaced the phone on the stand and sighed with a smile. 'Honestly, that boy is an expert at making me worry. But at least he's doing what he wants.' Her thoughts halted as she heard a knock at the door. "Hm? Who could that be?"

She walked over to the front door and opened it to reveal a tall hulking man wearing a cloth and leather full head mask that looked like a bird's head.

"Hey lady. You wouldn't by any chance be Midoriya Inko, would'ya?"


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