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I was eighteen when I got married. My girlfriend, Tanya had gotten pregnant and we thought getting married was the right thing to do. Our twins were born six months after our wedding. First was our son, Anthony Carlisle Cullen. He was born six minutes before his little sister, Margaret Esme Cullen. They're better known as Tony and Maggie.

Tanya and I were married for six years. We just fell out of love and we both wanted a chance to be happy with someone we could love. Telling the kids about the divorce was horrible. They cried, blamed themselves and begged us not to get divorced. We didn't know how to tell two, almost six-year old kids that we just didn't love each other anymore. We decided that the best thing we could do for them, was to put them in therapy while everything was going on. That way they could talk to someone about how they feel without being judged. I'd like to say the therapy helped a little bit. They stopped blaming themselves, of-course they were still upset that we wouldn't all live together or see each other all the time.

Tanya started dating right away. I was given sole custody since she usually travels for work as a free-lance photographer. The kids weren't really phased when Tanya told them that she was seeing other people. She didn't bring the guys around the kids but she didn't hide the fact that she was trying to move on. I was shocked how angry they were when they found out that I'd started going on dates.

I'd waited six months after the divorce was final to even think about putting myself back out there. I didn't want the kids to be subjected to too much change at one time. The first woman I started seeing was Jessica Stanley. She was clingy and loved talking about herself. We didn't see each other beyond the first date. I wasn't expecting to find my one true love right after my divorce. I really wasn't expecting to fall in love at any time. Then, Isabella Marie Swan came into my life. We'd gone to high school together. She was a freshman while I was a senior.

I didn't tell the kids about her until I was sure that I was completely and irrevocably in love with her. Around that time, Tanya had just told me that she was pregnant. Apparently one of her one-night-stands wasn't careful enough. The kids were upset when they found out about Tanya having a baby and they became clingy. Bella suggested that we wait a little bit longer to tell the kids about us. I wanted to object but I knew that it was for the best. When Christmas rolled around, Tanya was eight months pregnant. I'd been with Bella for almost a year and I wanted to marry her.

I'll never forget the day that I accidentally told the kids about Bella. It was New Year's Eve. I'd asked Tanya to take the kids that night so I could go to a small party with Bella. Tanya couldn't drink and she was going to have the baby soon. We'd both agreed that I'd keep the kids for a straight six weeks after the baby was born to make it easier on Tanya. She wasn't relenting, saying that she had stuff to do and that the baby's father was coming over to talk about some things for the baby. When I suggested that the kids be present so they could meet the father of their sibling, she got angry. She told me that I was only doing this because I wanted to 'fuck Bella'. She said that if Bella meant so much to me, the kids would already know about her. I spat that she was just jealous that I fell in love with someone.

The little gasps I heard behind me broke my heart. I'd turned around and saw their big blue eyes filled with tears. The kids thought that me falling in love meant that I didn't want them anymore. They were seven years old so I couldn't be mad that they'd thought that. I explained that just because I met someone, it didn't mean I loved them any less. That my heart just grew to fit another person.

Tanya and I realized that our fight was childish and stupid. We promised each other to never fight like that again, especially in front of the kids. She did relent and decided that the kids could spend New Year's with her. She was going to introduce them to Felix, the father of the baby. I was going to pick them up in the morning where we'd go out to breakfast and they'd meet Bella.

New Year's Eve was amazing. Bella looked amazing and I finally met her friends and family. The night ended with Bella and I making love in her apartment on any flat surface we could find. We were both nervous the next morning. Bella was rushing around and making sure that she looked ok. I'd talked to Tanya when we first woke up and she said that the kids loved Felix. I was hoping for the same reaction to Bella but their meeting went the complete opposite.

The kids practically glared a hole in Bella during breakfast. I thought that our talk had gone well and that they'd be accepting of Bella but they hated her. I was extremely upset. I didn't know how I could be with Bella when my kids were so against her. It was Tanya that told me that I had to do what made me happy. I always kept the kids in mind but I didn't want to lose Bella. She was everything to me, along with the kids.

I made a decision to propose to Bella on our one-year anniversary. I wanted the kids' blessings. They simply told me that I was going to do it anyway. I never expected them to say that considering they were only seven. I didn't let their attitudes get to me though. I took Bella to the bookstore where we first met. I gave her my grandmother's engagement ring. I never felt right giving it to Tanya, I guess it was just meant to be. Bella didn't hesitate when accepting my proposal. I barely got the question out and she was nodding and saying 'yes'. A few weeks later when we were talking about the wedding, she told me that she didn't want it to be huge. Just family and close friends. She also didn't want to wait forever. We got married two months after that talk in a small ceremony in my parents' garden. The kids refused to be in it which hurt but I just accepted their decision.

Life after that was close to perfect. Tanya had her baby, a boy named Grayson Lucas Volturi. The kids loved their baby brother which is why when Bella and I found out she was pregnant, we were hopeful that the kids would be excited. They were eight at the time. We'd gotten them both t-shirts that said 'Big brother' and 'Big sister' and we showed them the ultrasound picture. They were furious. Here I was at 26, my 8-year old twins angry with me and my wife upset. Tanya tried to talk to the kids but they wouldn't listen. They just started acting out. It got worse, especially with Maggie when we found out that the baby was a girl.

Bella was 36-weeks pregnant when everything went wrong. She was stressed with the kids acting out and exhausted. She never told me that it was the twins making her so upset but I could tell. They treated her like garbage and nothing I could do would stop it. It April 1st when it happened. I was hoping to avoid the pranks, not wanting Bella's stress level to elevate. I was in the living room watching tv and she was in the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water. The twins had been quiet all day, it didn't even cross my mind that they were up to something.

Bella had been in her nesting phase so the house was spotless. The kitchen floor literally shined. That's why she didn't see the vegetable oil the kids had put on the ground. They'd been watching Youtube videos of people putting the spray or liquid on the ground and people slipping. They thought it was hilarious and decided they'd wanted to try it. I heard the thump and then I heard the twins giggling. At first, I thought that they were just playing but something told me to go see what had happened.

Bella was sitting on the ground, tears rolling down her face and her hands on the baby bump. I rushed over and ended up slipping as well, causing a new round of giggles from my eight-year old twins. I put my hand on Bella's stomach and felt it tense. Bella had been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions before, so I thought that maybe it just caused them to start up. Then Bella told me that she thought her water broke. I stood up as quickly as I could and ran to my phone. I didn't want to risk anything so I called 911. I hurried back to Bella as we waited for the ambulance. She was crying, worried about our daughter. I was trying to calm her down but nothing was working. When the ambulance finally arrived, I loaded the kids into the car and drove as fast as I could to the hospital. I called Tanya and asked if she could get the kids. I explained that Bella was in the hospital and that I needed her help. I didn't mention that the kids had pulled that prank. As much as I wanted to be with Bella, I had to wait with the twins for Tanya to arrive. Luckily, she got there quick, asking what had happened. I looked at the twins who's heads were bowed in shame before telling Tanya that I'd explain later.

The doctors told Bella and I that there was no stopping the labor since her water had broken. The baby's lungs weren't fully developed but they gave her some steroids hoping to strengthen them just a bit and we'd deal with it once she was born. Eight hours pass and Bella's not progressing. The baby's heartrate was dropping and the doctor decided to do an emergency c-section. They didn't have time to wait for an epidural to kick in so they gave Bella general anesthesia. Bella was dead to the world while our daughter was born. She didn't get to hear her soft first cries or hear the doctor confirm that she was a girl. I stayed with the baby, knowing that it's what Bella would want had she been awake. Her one-minute APGAR results were a 6. However, her ten-minute APGAR results were a 9. She was still having some trouble breathing but nothing extremely serious.

When Bella woke up, she was devastated at everything she'd missed. She was in so much pain and the nurses wouldn't let me take her to see our daughter. She wouldn't say it but I knew she was angry at the twins. I knew she blamed them. When the doctor finally let Bella go see the baby, she was already almost six-hours old. He told us that she was born at 9:36 P.M. on April 1st. She weighed five pounds and two ounces at birth but has dropped a little over an ounce since. She was sixteen inches long.

Juliet Marie Cullen spent two weeks in the NICU and four days in the nursery. She had a mild case of asthma and went through a bout of jaundice. The twins didn't come see Juliet in the hospital. Tanya brought them to my house for a visit on the day the baby came home. When they got near Juliet, Bella would tense up in nervousness. I didn't want to be scared of my children meeting their new baby sister but…Thankfully they didn't do anything. Neither one of them wanted to hold her. However, Maggie commented on how Juliet was a stupid name. The tears that filled Bella's eyes broke my heart. We chose the name Juliet because Bella had been holding the book Romeo and Juliet when we met. I used it as a pick up line and we fell in love with the name.

There really wasn't much we could do. Tanya and I talked to the kids and told them that they could never pull pranks like that again. Bella had distanced herself from the twins, she didn't really try to get them to like her anymore, she gave up. Time passed and soon, Juliet was three and we found out Bella was pregnant again. We waited awhile to tell the kids. We found out the sex of the baby before we told them. We were expecting a little boy on the Fourth of July.

It was one week before the fourth that our son, Henry Masen Cullen came into the world. Seven pounds and ten ounces of beautiful baby boy. He has my face and Bella's thick, dark hair. Juliet is absolutely in love with her baby brother. Today he is one-week old. My parents are having a Fourth of July BBQ and we decided to join in. My mom has been dying to see the kids so we thought this was the perfect opportunity. Tanya is bringing the twins and Grayson as well.

We pack basically half of Henry's nursery and a bunch of Juliet's toys. My mom is practically going off the walls when we arrive. Juliet is engulfed in my mother's arms as soon as she's free from the car seat. Then she sees the baby and almost sprints to the other side of the car, pulling a sleeping Henry free.

"Nana, don't squish him! He just stopped bein' wrinkly." Juliet scolds her grandmother. Bella and I try our hardest not to laugh.

"I'm sorry sweetheart. I promise not to squish him anymore." My mom bends down and kisses Juliet's forehead.

"Are Tony and Maggie here yet? I wanna show them the new teddy bear that Daddy and Mommy got me. Cause I was a big girl and was really really good when they were at the hospital getting Henry." As she says this, she pulls the pink Build-A-Bear out of the car. Bella and I took her yesterday to get the bear. We didn't want her to feel left out. "It's a secret but I got one for Tony and Maggie too!" she whispers loudly to her grandmother.

My mom leads Juliet into the backyard with Henry in her arms. Bella and I get everything out of the car and take it inside before we head out back. Tanya is chatting with my father while her son Plays with his toy cars at her feet. I look and see Tony and Maggie in the pool. The get out when the see me to come say hi. At thirteen years old, Tony is about a foot shorter than me while Maggie is about six inches shorter than her twin. I give them both hugs, ignoring their wet swimsuits. I can't help but notice them glaring at Bella who is by my mother. They run back to the pool and I join my beautiful wife. I sit next to her and Juliet jumps right in my lap.

"Daddy, I wanna go swim." She gives me her irresistible puppy eyes and I melt at the sight. Bella and my mom chuckle and shake their heads. So I find myself next to the pool, helping Juliet into her little pink life-vest. The twins don't look very happy for their little sister to be joining them. Grayson runs over and asks for help so of course I help him.

I watch as the twins happily play with Grayson but refuse to play with Juliet. She tries to join in but they keep pushing her away. Bella watches with sad eyes. I know how much she wishes the twins could accept their little sister. Henry's crying causes her to focus on him. The time passes quickly. All of the adults are talking when there's a big commotion.

"Get away pipsqueak!" Maggie yells. I sigh and as I stand up. I hear a splash. I hear Tony and Maggie giggling so I turn around to see what's so funny. My brain barely registers it as I move as fast as I can.

Juliet is struggling to stay above water. Each time she goes under, she's under for a little longer. The pool is 7 ft. deep. She's sinking farther each time. She'd taken off her life-jacket since she was done swimming. I curse the large yard. I hear Bella yelling behind me but I can't look back. I finally reach the pool and don't hesitate diving in with all my clothes on. Juliet is towards the bottom of the pool. I grab her and race to the surface. My father is standing beside the pool and I give him to her. He puts his ear close to her blue lips before he quickly starts chest compressions.

"Call 911!" he shouts after blowing a puff of air into my tiny daughter's lungs. Tanya whips her phone out and explains what's going on to the operator. Just as she finishes, a gush of water is pushed out of my baby girl's lungs and she starts coughing. We all let out a small breath of relief as she takes a few rough breaths and we wait for the ambulance to arrive.


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