Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the awesomest of us all?

Chapter 8 – Omake: Chickens

The moment Prussia set foot in the meeting room the next day, countless giggles and snickers punctuated the air. Prussia frowned, had he worn pajamas to the meeting again?

Once he had added pepper to England's tea, which resulted in a choking, red-faced England spitting out tea everywhere. England had gotten pissed at him, and had turned to his spell books to get revenge.

Prussia ended up sitting through the next meeting in pajamas covered in baby ducks.

Not that there was anything wrong with baby ducks.

Prussia looked at his clothes. He was wearing one of Germany's suits. Nothing wrong.

So why was everyone laughing?

Prussia walked over to Spain and France, his two best friends. "Vhy is everyone laughing?"

Spain stifled a laugh at Prussia's confused look "Look at this."

France handed Prussia a piece of paper.

On the paper was an article.

Prussia swore everyone heard his jaw dropping to the ground.

This was horrible. Terrible. Disastrous.

The world was ending!

For Prussia, that is.

On the top of the page, the headline "New Species: Prussia Chicken" was proclaimed in bold, black letters.

Underneath the headline was a picture of Prussia falling into the pool, flapping his hands wildly.

"Like a chicken trying to fly, hence it's name" was commented underneath the picture in smaller words.

Prussia scanned the article.

Below the picture, was a few small paragraphs.

"Yesterday, news reporter Elizabeta Héderváry along with a few other people witnessed an animal named Prussia Chicken trying to fly on the rooftop of a high building. The Prussia Chicken has been presumed extinct for the last few centuries. This Prussia Chicken is most likely the last of it's kind.

The Prussia Chicken was discovered and can only be found in Prussia, hence the first part of its name. It cannot fly, but is always trying to, which makes it similar to a chicken. It became extinct after ww2.

It is a very weird animal, with white skin and feathers. The only color on it are it's crimson red eyes. The Prussia Chicken is very proud of itself and has a very large ego. It often cries out a sound similar to "I'm Awesome!" to attract other females, but only succeeds in offending them. This animal is very stupid and loves baby ducks. It also loves drinking beer very much and is much worse when it is drunk. It is highly doubted that this Prussia Chicken will survive long as, like the others of his kind, it has very low IQ and will most likely crash headfirst into a pole and die.

-newspaper writer and news reporter Elizabeta Héderváry"

Prussia fainted from shock and horror.

America fainted from laughing.

Denmark and half the nations followed America's example.

The contest that day was canceled as Prussia, Denmark and America could not participate.

The meeting was also canceled as half the nations were out cold.

Nobody noticed Hungary giggling in the corner, cradling Japan's camera.

Sometimes having a camera around was invaluable.

Three contests left. Yay! Poor Prussia…still….ON TO THE NEXT CHAPTER!

Elizabeta Héderváry is Hungary's human name.

baby ducks…