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I Fell Into Your Arms (Quite Literally)-Chapter 1-Who's There To Catch Me?

Hermione ran the 24 blocks from her apartment to King's Cross hurriedly, which was quite difficult with a cat in a basket and a whole bunch of magical supplies behind her. She looked much different than she did last year. She had decided that plain brown was boring, and had gotten bright blue streaks in her hair. She had also gotten her ears pierced twice on each ear, plus the cartilage in the right. She had gotten sick of being little goody-two-shoes. It always got her in trouble. Hard-core was easier to deal with; when you screwed up, it wasn't a huge deal. She turned into King's Cross and ran past her archenemy, Draco Malfoy. He obviously didn't recognize her, considering he was ogling open-mouthed at her. She had grown up and in other ways. She ran at the barrier between platforms 9 and 10, when.

Draco was going to tell this girl that she was running at the barrier between 7 and 8, but he realised it was Granger. 'This will be too good to miss' he thought. But he walked up to make sure no Muggles saw why she fell. She ran into the wall and fell backwards, right into Draco's arms. 'Oh, shit' Malfoy thought, 'What do I do with her?' But no answers came, so he just went with what seemed obvious; Take her into the train. He gathered up his and her stuff, picked her up, leaned against the barrier between 9 and 10, and fell through. He carried her onto the almost-moving train and took her into and empty compartment. He laid her on the seats and got out a book and read.

Hermione woke up about an hour later and looked around. She was in the Hogwart's Express, in a compartment with Malfoy. She bolted up, and Malfoy lifted his head from the book and said "Ah, Granger, you're up. You ran into a wall." "So, why am I not in front of a wall?" Hermione asked. "Oh, uh, I brought you here," he said, turning slightly pink, "And Granger, what's with the new look?" He was obviously referring to her piercings, her hair, and her clothes (Black tank over white wife-beater, plaid skirt rolled up real short (What I wear to make teachers mad)). "What, this?" she said, pointing to herself, "I just got tired of goody-two-shoes." 'Wow, no more goody two shoes? Impressive.' Malfoy thought.

About half an hour later of silent train riding, Hermione got up, only to bang her head once more on the ceiling. Malfoy laughed. "Shut up, Malfoy," Hermione said, "I forgot I was 5' 7"." (Malfoy must have been at least 5' 10") She walked out and ducked under the doorway, going to look for Ron and Harry. She found them in a compartment the next couple of cars down. "Hermione, where were you?!" Ron and Harry both yelled, "We looked for you, but we couldn't find you. We saw Malfoy with some girl lying in his lap." Ron smirked at this. Hermione hoped they didn't realise it was her. "Oy. Hermione, what happened?!" Ron asked, for the first time noticing her changes. "Oh, nothing happened. New look, that's all," Hermione said shortly. "I think it was Pansy we saw with Malfoy," Ron said. 'Well, he thinks I look like Pansy, eh?' Hermione thought, 'That is cruel and unnecessary.' They talked about there summers, and about how they were amazed Ron was a prefect again, and so was Harry. They also talked about Hermione being Head Girl. "You know, you will have to share a dorm with the Head Boy, who ever that is," Harry said. "I know," Hermione said, "But as long as it's not Malfoy, I'll be OK with it."

About 3 hours later, Hermione, Ron, and Harry got off the train and into a carriage with Ginny. They rode silently, each thinking about different things. Hermione: 'I wonder who the head boy is?' Harry: 'I hope the Quidditch season is good' Ron: 'Lalalalalalala, hmmhmmhmm" Ginny: 'I bet Ron's singing to himself again'

Once they got off the train, they walked to the Great Hall. Hermione seated herself in the Head Girl's chair. She looked anxiously around the room to see who the new Head Boy would be. She craned her neck around trying to see who it would be. "Looking for me, Granger?" Malfoy asked from her left. "No, I'm trying to see who the new Head Boy is, thank you very much. I would like to know who I have to spend the year with in the same dorm," she said, not even looking at him. "What?!" Ferret-boy shouted, "No one told me this! I have to share a dorm with you?" he asked. Hermione looked at him. He had the Head Boy patch on his chest, which was very muscular. "What?!" Hermione shouted, "You're head boy?" "I know you two are probably not happy about this, but you're going to have to deal with it," came the familiar voice of Dumbledore, "You both had the best grades and behaviour in your year, and that's how Head Boy and Girl are judged." 'Why me, oh le bon seignour?' Hermione thought. 'Why me, you evil prat!' Malfoy. "Please, have a seat, and I will show you to your dormitory after the feast," Dumbledore said.

"Now that you have all settled down, I would like to make some announcements. Mr. Filch has asked me to remind you NO dung bombs in the hallways. And all first years, please no that you are not permitted in to the Dark Forest. And this year, we will be having a school play. Everyone is invited to audition. Let me just say, the older students will get the bigger roles, as they are bigger, and they have one year left with us. The play will be Moulin Rouge. A lot of the main roles require singing, including Satine and Christian. Auditions will be on Sunday, in two days. The scripts are in the entrance hall; you can pick one up on your way to bed. Well, let's get feasting!" He concluded. They feasted; Draco and Hermione said nothing. After the feast, Dumbledore came over to them both. "If you follow me, I will show you the way to your dormitories," he said. On the way, Malfoy and Hermione picked up scripts. "Your auditioning, Granger? For what roll, the giant elephant?" Malfoy sneered. "No, actually, I'm auditioning for Satine," she said calmly. "You? Yeah, right," he laughed. They were at a painting of an old-fashioned dressed woman. "Password?" she asked. "Aimer l'un l'autre," Dumbledore said. For once, Hermione did not understand French. Malfoy, of course, did not understand at all. "Tomorrow morning, you will have a 10:00 meeting with me. Now, it is 10:30, and I recommend you get your sleep. Good night," Dumbledore said, and walked away. They walked through the portrait, which had swung open. The common room was very nice. It had plush white carpets, a couch, a table, a huge fireplace, and three rooms from left to right; Malfoy's room, the lavatory, and Hermione's room. Not extremely fancy, but very cozy. Hermione looked at the wall to her left; it was covered in books. She was overjoyed. Books! Books! Maybe she could survive the year with all these BOOKS! She looked at Malfoy. He was smiling at her. She smiled back. 'This place is better than Pac Sun!' she thought. 'She looks so oddly excited. Then again, that is Granger, and that is a wall of books.' Malfoy thought.

They both sat down on the couch (A/N: There is one couch for a reason, you know that, right?). "Look, Granger, I'm sorry for being such a piss head, arse, mofo, and all those other insults you have said inside your head, for the past 6 years," Piss head said to Hermione. "I don't really know if I should forgive you. You made my life hell," Hermione said, "But, since you were so nice about it, I have decided to grace you with my forgiveness." "Oh, thank you, almighty one. What would I do without you?" Malfoy asked sarcastically. "Probably bonk Pansy's head into a wall, ten carry her off into the train," she said. "Oh, not the me-and-Pansy thing. She started that rumor. I hate Pansy. Wilted flower. We tried the relationship thing out, but she wanted to snog all the time, and she cannot snog, I tell you, and it didn't work for me," Draco said. "How do you know who can snog well and who can't?" Hermione asked. "Well, of course, I am a professional," Malfoy said sarcastically. "Do you think I would snog well?" she asked. "I don't know; there is only one way I could find out," he said. They leaned in closer.

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