If your life lasted just one more day, would you allow yourself to remain trapped by an endless cycle of sorrow? Would you still be willing to carry a secret for an eternity, afraid to shoot for the stars because of who you are? If the one that you are dreaming of was forbidden, would you give up your own name, your very identity, just to live out that fantasy?


Pairing: Duo & Solo;
Other pairing (mention): 6+2; Naina & Milou; Hilde+2; 9+6

Angst; Shounen-ai; probably yaoi/lemon at ending; Angel incest;

Alternating scenes Povs, (Duo, Solo, and third person); Indiscriminate use of angels' names and similarities; Indiscriminate alteration of the original characters' names to become angel-ish; Indiscriminate use of biblical events.

This is a side-story from 'Where my demons hide', but can be read independently of it.
The timeline is about a millennium before the main story and there were no huge spoilers, so whatever read this or the main first, or both at the same time, or just one of them. ^_^ Despite Solo's fate (revealed in the main one, chapter 7), this story will end before it, so can be told that it has a 'happy ending'. :/

The phrases that break the scenes are parts of the lyrics from 'If today was your last day' by Nickelback. The cover version from Olga Rysina (Oly Day) was the one that inspired me here.

This story is just fiction and is not meant as a critique, promotion, or anything related to any kind of religion or sect or whatever.

English is not my mother language and mine is just rubbish (sorry about that!) But, Cylina Nightshade agreed to look at this one too, so, there is some hope!

About the names:

Only Duo and Solo have actual true angel's names. This story is meant to explain why they start to use Duo and Solo instead of their birth given names. Solo's given name is Suriel, and was chosen just because it starts with the letter 'S'; Duo's given name is Malahidael, and was chosen because the meaning is courage (the 'why', sorry, won't be explained here, just in the main story), I also liked the use of the short 'Dael, it's somewhat cute and I found myself fond of it.

The names of the other characters suffered alteration at the end to become 'angel-ish', I added suffixes like 'ael', 'iel', 'uel', 'h' or 'th'. I didn't want to change all the names because that would just mess with things unnecessarily.

About this universe:

Earth, Heaven and Hell are physically separate worlds.

Heaven is divided into nine spheres (named according to "Paradiso", the third part of the "Divine Comedy", by Dante Alighieri). They are, in order: The Moon, Mercury, Venus, The Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Fixed Stars and Primum Mobile. This story takes place mainly in Saturn (the seventh sphere) and the Earth.

The angels here can 'fly' with just a thought between Heaven's spheres and Earth, just disappearing and appearing. They have no blood, their organs are 'frozen', so no need to breathe or eat. Sleep still needed for recovery reasons. They live by their 'grace', it's a glowing energy inside their bodies (much like in the 'Supernatural' series). They have souls and definite sex types. The use of their grace depends on physically having wings.

The angelic hierarchy is alike the 'nine choirs of angel' from Catholicism, divided into three classes: the God's nearest, the middle ones and the human's nearest. Each class has three or more kinds of angels. Each kind has different physical characteristics, like: hair and eyes colors; stature; body frame; form, size and composition of wings; grace's color. Besides the inherent characteristics that were actually linked with their souls and the function that they are made/born for.

I won't tell much about the classes and kinds to not spoil the main story ^.~ Also, there is no need here.

See ya ^_^
Diana Lua