Present Day

The Homestead

Wynonna let out a deep sigh as she walked up the steps to the homestead. Today had not been a good day. Doc was still looking at her like she betrayed him after realizing he might not be the baby's father, Dolls was afraid she would break at any minute, and Jeremy was annoying the shit out of her with his endless parade of lame jokes. Now all she wanted was to get into some loose clothes since everything felt tight now, maybe take a hot shower, and enjoy her tea. Damn fucking tea, she thought, wishing it could be whiskey, but the small movement in her belly reminded her why tea was her only option.

Once she opened the door, she heard soft music playing and the smell of Italian food coming from the kitchen. Then she heard the giggling. Nicole was there. She was leaning up against the counter with a glass of wine in hand, watching Waverly as she bounced around the kitchen, preparing her favorite pasta dish. Wynonna let out a small grumble as she closed the door, the lovers completely oblivious of her being home, too wrapped up in each other.

"This smells amazing, Waves," Nicole said, her cheeks slightly pink from the wine as she took another sip from her glass.

"Only the best for my lady," Waverly said, a big smile on her face resulting in a full flash of dimples from Nicole. "Here, try the sauce." She dipped a wooden spoon in the sauce she had been working on so diligently for the past 45 minutes and softly blew on it before moving towards Nicole. Nicole held onto her wrist, moving the spoon into her mouth.

"Mmmm," Nicole moaned. "That is so good." Waverly smiled proudly before setting the wooden spoon on the stove, but not moving away from Nicole.

"Think that's good, just wait and see what you get to taste later," she said, her hands moving up Nicole's body to her shoulders before she pressed their lips together in a quick, teasing kiss.

"Yeah, what about a taste now?" Nicole replied, her eyebrows arching as she wrapped her hands around Waverly's waist, pushed their hips together, and placed her lips to Waverly's neck.

"Guys," Wynonna stated loudly as the lovers jumped at the sound of her voice. "Boundaries…my cheerios don't want to hear your dirty talk." Nicole's face turned a deeper red.

"Sorry, we didn't hear you come in," Waverly remorsefully replied as she gave Nicole's hand a gentle squeeze before moving back in front of the stove. "Are you hungry?"

"Not anymore," Wynonna grumbled, setting Peacemaker down on the table.

"Rough day?" Nicole asks sympathetically.

"Nahhh," Wynonna grumbled again. "Doc just can't get over his own ego. If Jeremy makes one more damn joke I'm going to punch him. And this tiny human inside me will not stop doing a riverdance on my bladder."

"Soooo a little rough," Nicole slowly replied, giving her a look of sympathy.

"You could say that," Wynonna answered.

"How about you go change and I'll make you some tea?" Waverly asked. She knew Wynonna just needed some rest. Wynonna's "mommy grumbles" as she had been calling them lately were usually worse at the end of the day when her legs were tired and her back hurt the most. Before Wynonna could respond, a loud noise from outside caused all three women to jump.

"Now what," Wynonna grumbled as she grabbed Peacemaker and moved towards the front door.

"I'll go check it out if you want," Nicole said, grabbing her jacket and her utility belt, ready to head out the door before Wynonna stopped her.

"No no, you two go back to your cooking or canoodling or whatever the hell it is you two were doing," Wynonna replied. "It just looks like the barn door came open." Waverly and Nicole looked at each other, silently asking whether one of them should go despite Wynonna's rejection, but before they could follow, Wynonna slammed the door behind her. She walked out across the yard, her footsteps crunching in the snow. The barn door was wide open, but there were no recent footsteps leading in or out. The wind had picked up a little and it seemed as though the old door had just come open on its own.

Just to make sure, Wynonna stuck her head into the barn, Peacemaker drawn. Although revenants couldn't get close to the homestead, other evil could. She looked around to see the place empty. Walking over to the makeshift bed, she sat down and let out a deep sigh. Finally, some peace and quiet. She sat there for a few moments just enjoying the serenity before something sparkly in the straw caught her eye. It was something silver, perhaps something Gooverly had collected that Waverly hadn't seen when she dismantled the lightning rod.

Kneeling down, she retrieved the shining silver object before leaning back on the straw. It was a necklace with a larger square pendant that appeared to show an image of a sorceress in the background with an amber-colored gloss overlain on top. She rubbed her fingers over the pendant, feeling a strange warmth before her eyes snapped shut. When she opened them, she was no longer in the barn, but on an empty road. It was quiet, calm, and surprisingly not cold as Wynonna watched the snow fall around her. Her feet and back weren't hurting as much as they had been and she felt eerily at peace. That is until the voice of a woman made her jump.

"You found my necklace," the woman said. Wynonna whipped around towards the woman, Peacemaker in hand.

"Who are you?" Wynonna asked.

"You have no reason to be afraid," the woman responded, her long dark cloak swirling around her. It was the sorceress from the necklace. She had long dark hair braided in various ways which moved about her in the wind just as her black dress did. Her piercing green eyes were welcoming but also mysterious. "I don't wish to bring any harm to the heir. You could say, I'm a granter of wishes," the woman answered.

"Like a genie?" Wynonna responded, sounding unimpressed.

"In some ways," the woman answered with a smile, slowly moving closer to Wynonna. "I can tell you have a heavy weight on your shoulders. It is quite a lot of work being a mother." Wynonna watched the woman move her hands in front of Wynonna's belly, but making no attempt to touch her.

"What do you want?" Wynonna asked nervously.

"That's just it, dear, you summoned me," the woman replied, "when you rubbed the necklace."

"I…no, I just picked it up," Wynonna answered.

"You have a wish in your heart," said the woman. "You just don't want to say it out loud."

"I want some peace and quiet," Wynonna remarked. "Do you know how hard that is to get?"

"Yes," the woman said with a small laugh. "But there is something else…" She watched inquisitively as Wynonna collected her thoughts. "Maybe something you've been dreaming about, but are too afraid to say out of guilt."

"Lady, I don't feel guilty about anything," Wynonna stammered. The woman let out a deep laugh, mocking Wynonna in a way.

"You feel guilty about everything," the woman answered. "Your unborn child, the stress you've caused the men in your life, for snapping at your sister and her lover this evening." Wynonna's eyes widened. How does this woman know all this? Although she found this entire experience odd, Wynonna still felt a strange comfort in the woman's presence. She slowly lowered Peacemaker and looked up at the woman.

"You're right," Wynonna answered. "I do feel guilty, but what's it to you?"

"Guilt is a strong emotion," the lady replied. "Sometimes we just need an escape." Wynonna just rolled her eyes.

"What are you, a sorceress that moonlights as a therapist, coming to cure everyone's problems with a little comfort and a good talk?"

"No," the woman answered, laughing again. "I offer…alternatives to people's problems."

"What do you mean, alternatives?" Wynonna asked. She was definitely curious, but cautious.

"The chance to see what life would be like if we could get what we wished for most," the woman replied. "All you have to do is hold the necklace, and say what it is you wish for."

"How is that going to make everything better?" Wynonna asked.

"Give it a try," the woman answered, daring Wynonna. Although Wynonna was sure this was some sort of trap, she couldn't shake the sense of peace she felt in this woman's presence, the calm that this whole experience had been. If she was evil, shouldn't she feel worried or troubled about what this woman was saying? How could making a wish be so bad? Wynonna let out a deep sigh.

"I guess if it's what I wish for most…" Wynonna hesitated. She rubbed her belly and thought of Waverly…then of her father and Willa and all of the other important people in their lives. How much had they all sacrificed for them? For a history they didn't choose? For a life they didn't choose? For a curse they didn't choose? That was it. It all came down to the curse. It was the cornerstone of their life. "I wish things were…normal? Not sure what normal is, but…different from what they are now. A life where everyone doesn't suffer because they know an Earp. A life where we aren't cursed." She paused. "I wish there was no Earp curse," she stated as she rubbed her thumb over the pendant of the necklace. She gasped as she heard herself say the words out loud. A sudden guilt washed over her until she looked back at the woman. She was the heir, and it was her duty to kill all the revenants, not to complain about being the heir. This was the Earp curse and dammit to hell if she wasn't going to be the one to break it. She shook her head at herself.

"It's done," the woman said, placing a hand on Wynonna's shoulder.

"What? What do you mean?!" Wynonna sounded more nervous now as she watched everything turn dark and felt herself tumbling to the ground…

The Homestead

Wynonna slowly opened her eyes, sunlight shining through the window of her bedroom. She was surprised to find herself in her bed. She had been on a road with that woman, the necklace in her hand. How had she gotten back to the homestead? Why was the blanket a different color and the furniture rearranged? And what was that delicious smell coming from the kitchen. Her stomach let out a hunger grumble as she realized she hadn't eaten since lunchtime the day before. She lifted the blanket to look down at her stomach only to realize her stomach was flat. The baby…where was the baby. She gasped as she sat up, rubbing her hands all over her stomach.

"What the hell?!" she said out loud. She wasn't pregnant anymore.

"It's okay babe," came the sleepy voice beside her. It was a man. A very handsome man with dark hair. He looked like the human version of a Disney prince with a chiseled jawline and well-sculpted muscles. Definitely not a type she usually went for with his carefully trimmed hair and tanned skin. He was laying on his stomach, curled up with the pillow and didn't open his eyes as he sleepily mumbled at Wynonna. "You'll find the right dress today."

"What? Who?" Wynonna said before the door of her bedroom flew open.

"Wake up, sleepyhead. We've got to eat and then get out of here if we're going to make it to the dress shop on time." Wynonna stared at the woman in front of her. Willa…

She must still be dreaming. This wasn't real. It couldn't be real. What the hell was going on? Who was this man beside her? And why did the homestead smell like delicious pancakes? Waverly rarely made pancakes.

"What?" Wynonna sputtered out as she tried to process everything.

"We've got to be in the city by 11 for your appointment," Willa said, taking a seat on the bed beside her. "We're going to find you the best dress today."

"Dress for…" Wynonna asked slowly.

"Your wedding silly," Willa replied. "Now get dressed." Willa got up and moved to leave the bedroom. "Don't worry, David, I'll leave you some pancakes too." She closed the door behind her.

"Thank you," a tired David grumbled, his eyes closed the entire time. Wynonna wanted to ask him who he was and why he was in her bed, but the whole thing still seemed like a dream.

"You heard her babe," David said, giving her a light push. "I wouldn't keep her waiting." Moving away from his hands, Wynonna scrambled out of bed, grabbing a phone from her bedside, and got dressed as quickly as she could find her clothes. Everything in her room was rearranged and even her clothes looked different. She located some tattered jeans in the back of her closet and a shirt she recognized and put them on before grabbing boots and heading out the door. She fumbled with the phone as she made her way to the kitchen. Her lock screen was a picture of her smiling with the man in her room. His arms were wrapped around her from behind and they looked really happy. Now she had the trouble of not knowing her passcode. Shit, she thought, trying desperately to unlock the phone.

"That's not what you're wearing, is it?" Willa asked from the table as she saw Wynonna stumble into the kitchen.

"We're uh…we're going to have to reschedule," Wynonna answered, holding up her phone. "Totally double-booked today. Yeah, doctor's appointment. Got to go."

"Wait," Willa said, "what?"

"Don't worry," Wynonna replied. "Please just call the shop and we'll reschedule."

"Wynonna, you're not having second thoughts again are you?" Willa asked in a more hushed tone, getting up from her seat and walking towards her.

"NO!" Wynonna yelled back a little too loudly to be convincing. "I mean…no. I just have somewhere else I need to be."

"Okay I'll reschedule," Willa answered, "but this is the last time."

"Good. Now where's Waverly?" Wynonna moved to head up the stairs, but Willa's response stopped her.

"Probably at Shorty's. How would I know," Willa replied.

"You didn't see her leave?" Wynonna asked.

"Why would I see her? She doesn't live here."

"What?" Wynonna was perplexed.

"She's been living with Gus and Curtis since high school. Are you sure you're feeling okay?"

"Yeah, I just, um…I hit my head this morning and things are just a little jumbled."

"Maybe it's a good thing you have that appointment then," Willa said, skeptically.

"Yes, right, appointment. I'm off." Wynonna moved to head out the door before she saw three cars she'd never seen before in the driveway. She figured one of them must be hers, but which one wasn't clear. Turning back towards Willa, "Um…do you know where…?" Willa pointed at a purse sitting on a side table near the kitchen. "Right." Wynonna grabbed the purse, located the keys inside, and headed out. "I'll be back." Willa watched her go with a furrowed brow.

What the hell? Wynonna thought to herself once she was out of the house and headed to her car. She hit the lock button and deduced that the small SUV was hers. How domestic, she thought as she got into the car. She quickly headed off towards town, hoping to make it to Shorty's as quickly as possible to locate the one person that may help her understand what the hell was going on.