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Friendly Neighborhood Vampire's Original Summary ~This is a new story where Edward is Bella's music teacher and they have fallen madly in love before school even starts. Their love is as strong as when vampires find their mates, it can't be broken. It was love at first sight for Edward and Bella; follow them through their life, even when the Cullens intervene.

…Summary: Bella is 17 years old and going to high school. Edward Masen is 20 years old and is the music teacher. It's love at first sight for them, instant. But what happens when the Cullens show up. Everybody loves a vampire! E/B Fluff

My Summary~ This is a story where Edward is Bella's music teacher and they have fallen madly in love before school even starts. The love they share is as strong as when vampires find their mates and when werewolves imprint. It cannot be broken. It was love at first sight. Instantaneously.


A/N: The story you are about to enjoy (I hope) was originally written by Friendly Neighborhood Vampire but she is off saving the world and doesn't have time for this wonderful story so I am now taking over it, making it my own if you will. The first several chapters will be strongly based on the first few chapters of Friendly Neighborhood Vampire's original story 'Hiding Our Love' but I will let you know when I am writing the chapter on my own.

Like the rest of the upcoming chapters I have rewrote most of it and added more of Edward's Point Of View.


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