Everyone exited the ship when they saw Eide charge at them with an ethereal sword. Jack put on his ring and attacked Eide with his own blade. Lori bolstered everyone's soul and performed Anima Ensemble with Bea to amplify the effect. Mae and Gregg were busy draining Eide's rage and breath respectively. It didn't seem to affect Eide, though. His emotions were overwhelming and it would take forever to steal all of it. All of this anger was mostly directed towards Jack. He still wanted the second ring and he would go to any lengths to obtain it.

Bea had been strengthening everyone's bond and Gregg began to distribute his breath to everyone. With this myriad of buffs, the groups effectiveness increased drastically. Selmers and Bombshell performed Adagio Redshift, greatly damaging Eide by creating a distortion in spacetime around him. Germ used Null Drone, a fraymotif in which the void begins to assault Eide with an unseen force.

Mae flew in to help Jack double team Eide. If Eide dodged or blocked one of them, the other was there to attack instead. Eide teleported behind Jack and tried to stab him but Bombshell was there to deflect the blow.

"You! I can kill you! You still have a dream-self!" Eide made a strong thrust at Bombshell, who dodged but still got left with a large gash in her side. Gregg came in and blasted Eide away with a large gust of wind before grabbing Bombshell and bringing her to Bea, who began healing her. Gregg called out to Selmers for them to use their fraymotif, Tremolo Squall. Gregg blasted Eide with a gust of wind and Selmers used her time powers to repeat the gust multiple times in rapid succession.

Jack was once again attacking Eide while Mae fell back to steal more rage. Angus began firing magic at Eide and Lori went to help Jack. Her Spirit Chain whirred with spectral energy that caused Eide great pain when it landed. Eide attempted to kill her, knowing she, too, had a dream self to fall back on and that killing her here would remove her from the battle. Lori, however seemed to know every trick Eide had up his sleeve. She knew about his sprite powers and he couldn't beat her in a melee battle.

With Lori, Mae and Jack both assaulting Eide along with Angus' magic attacks, Eide was being driven back. Mae also joined back in. Eide could teleport but so could Jack. By this point, Bombshell was fully healed and she was on Eide as well. Angus was finding it harder and harder to find openings to hit Eide with magic without hitting anyone else. Selmers had it even worse because she couldn't read everyone's minds to see what they would do next. She attempted a time stop but Eide knew how to break out of it now so it didn't do much.

Gregg joined the fight with Eide and now, there were five people on one. Eide was teleporting constantly to get out of the way but Jack was always there to meet him. At one point, Eide had tried to teleport to Prospit but Jack went there and grabbed him, teleporting back. Jack then held onto Eide and cut off his arm, which faded out of existence due to being separated from Eide's body, leaving the ring floating in space for Jack to grab. Everyone cheered.

Their joy would be short-lived. A black, smoke-like substance flew out of Eide's body and forced its way into Jack.

Eide was screaming, "No! Don't leave me! I'll do better, I swear!" He reached out to Jack, who had now become despondent. Everyone tried to get him to answer them bet he wouldn't respond. Slowly, Jack began to put on the ring.

Angus realized what was happening and yelled, "Don't let him put on the ring! Stop him!"

Everyone charged at him but it was too late. He put on the ring and a massive shockwave of energy exploded outward, knocking everyone back.

"What are you doing?!", asked Bea.

Jack said nothing and teleported in front of Bea, stabbing her in the chest.

"NO!", Mae screamed. Her anger swelled, "Lori, Gregg, give me everything you've got. No holding back!"

"Mae, Bea's gonna be fine. That wasn't a heroic death, we need to leave before-", Gregg was cut off.

"I don't care! He's not getting away with this! He betrayed us and he has to pay! Now, give me your power!" Gregg and Lori complied, knowing that Mae would still fight regardless.

Mae was engulfed by a sea of emotions as she charged Jack from behind. Jack turned around and clashed with Mae. Crackling was heard from Mae's weapon as it came into contact with Jack's sword at full force. Mae pulled her bat back and swung again and was once again blocked by Jack. This was repeated multiple times as Mae desperately attempted to kill Jack.

"We have to help her!", Gregg exclaimed.

"Gregg, no, if you help her and die, you won't come back!", Angus argued.

"She's going to die if we don't do something!"

"I'll go. I still have a dream self. You can bring me back if I die.", said Lori.

"If you're helping, so am I.", added Bombshell.

Before anyone could protest, they both joined Mae.

"What are you doing?! Get out of here! This is my fight!", Mae demanded.

"What are you talking about? This is our fight, too! We want Jack dead just as much as you!", Lori replied.

"Yeah, let's kick his ass together!", added Bombshell.

"You'd better not die!", said Mae.

Angus, Selmers, Gregg, and Germ gave what help they could from a distance. Jack, however, was exponentially more powerful than before. No one could even come close to hitting Jack except for Mae. Gregg and Angus attempted a Paramour Phrase but all it seemed to do was annoy Jack. Eventually, Mae was able to get in a jab with the tip of her bat into Jack's stomach. Jack was unfazed by this attack and he went to stab Mae when Bombshell hit him in the back with her sword. Jack swung back and created a deep cut across her abdomen.

Mae screamed and swung the bat in Jack's face as hard as she could, her anger drowning out all other thoughts. This time, Jack actually reeled back but Mae wasn't about to let up. She swung wildly, not giving Jack a chance to recover between blows. Lori was next to Bombshell, who was bleeding profusely. Bea still wasn't awake so they had no way of properly healing her. Lori was attempting to hold the wound shut but she could only watch in despair as the life exited Bombshell's body. She checked for a pulse but there was none. Lori immediately kissed Bombshell to bring her dream-self to life.

Bea's body glowed and her wound closed. She awoke just in time to see Lori kissing Bombshell. She also saw Mae beating Jack with her bat.

"Good, you're awake.", Angus greeted. "We need to get out of here."

"What about Mae and Bombshell?"

"Bombshell should be here any minute. Her dream-self is in the dream bubble right behind us and Mae should calm down once she realizes you're awake."

"Can we even escape Jack? He has both rings. If we run, he'll kill us."

"I have an idea.", said Selmers. "Germ and I have a special fraymotif. It's called Ephemeral Opus. With it, we can trap Jack in a space where time doesn't exist. Unfortunately, due to the instability of a space like that, it'll break down eventually and he'll exit at a random point in time. We can't decide where it'll take him and we can only perform it on him once."

"Right now, it seems like our only option. Do it.", agreed Angus.

"We need Mae to get away from Jack. It's not exactly pinpoint accurate and we wouldn't want her to be pulled in."

Bea yelled, "Mae, I'm fine! You need to get away from him! We have a plan!"

Mae stopped her assault and looked at Bea. She only barely noticed Jack trying to stab her and she blocked it. After that, she flew away. Jack gave chase, showing no signs of being injured by Mae's attacks, but was cut off by Selmers and Germ's fraymotif. A rift wrapped around him and pulled him into the timeless space.

For a moment, everyone floated in silence in space recovering from what had just transpired. Bombshell's dream-self appeared after waking up in the dream bubble and rushing out to see what happened. Mae saw her and smiled.

"Where's Jack?", Bombshell asked.

"He hopefully won't be bothering us anytime soon.", replied Selmers.

"What about Eide?"

Eide was nowhere to be found. He had escaped while Jack kept everyone occupied.

"Damn it!", growled Mae.

"Let's not worry about that right now. He's powerless without the black goat or the rings. Let's just go home and we can figure everything out later, okay?", Bea suggested.


The ride home was a quiet one. Everyone contemplated what today's events meant for the rest of the game. Jack had the potential to destroy everything they had worked for and all it would take was a stroke of bad luck with Selmers and Germ's fraymotif. Sure, Eide was out of the picture but now, there was an exceptionally larger threat to deal with.

After a long period of silence, Gregg spoke up, "So, what are we gonna do?"

Angus replied, "We complete our gates, we kill our denizens, we kill the black king, we beat the game. Same plan as always."

"You know that's not what I meant. What do we do about Jack?"

"I don't know, okay? I'm trying to think of a solution." Angus was beginning to raise his voice, struggling not to let his weakness show. Gregg backed down from his line of questioning.

"I think Lori might be our best shot.", stated Bea.

"M-me?" Lori was caught off guard by Bea's suggestion.

"It's a possibility. You're the page. Once you god tier, you're supposed to be the most powerful class. I bet that with that power, you could buff Mae to a point where she actually stood a chance. If we all focus our powers onto Mae and she fully utilizes her rage powers, we might be able to beat him."

Mae was slightly skeptical, "I don't know. I beat Jack pretty hard back there and he just shrugged it off like it was no big deal."

"Just make better gear, then.", Bea advised.

"I don't know what else to alchemize with."

"What about you're bass?"

"Would that really make a good weapon?"

"I don't know. Just try it. Alchemy is about experimentation. We'll never know for sure how far we can take the alchemy system until we push the boundaries ourselves."

Gregg turned to Angus, "Can you send me the code for my guitar? I'm sure I could make some cool stuff with that."


The rest of the ride was spent in silence and eventually, they made it to Bea's house. Everyone said their goodbyes and went to spend the rest of their day trying to find something to do.

Mae decided to start pushing the limits of alchemy like Bea said. She combined her Occultist's Thunder with her bass and created the Booming Surge. Mae fought off the urge to immediately test it so that she could combine more stuff. An idea came to her. What if you used the legendary god tier clothes to alchemize. She created a copy of them, which was surprisingly cheap, and looked to see what would happen if she combined it with her original bat.

"Holy shit! That's expensive!", Mae exclaimed when she saw the price of creating the Indignation Slugger. There was no way a weapon that costs this much can't be legendary. There were four types of grist she hadn't even seen yet in the cost list.

MB: Guys, everyone who has a god tier costume needs to try combining it with their starting weapon! It is so expensive! These have to be legendary!

GL: Holy shit, dude! When I do that it creates two daggers and one is longer than the other. They're called the Tempest Blades.

BS: Mine's called Bloodletter.

SF: I get a sniper rifle called the Aeon Marksman.

GW: Null Bombs. Not sure what they do but they sound cool I guess.

MB: My weapon is the Indignation Slugger.

GL: Nice!

GT: That's actually very interesting. None of us ever thought to use our god tier costumes in alchemy.

AD: Do you think it'll be powerful enough to stop Jack?

MB: I don't know. We don't exactly get weapon stats in alchemy.

GT: Honestly speaking, I'm not sure if beating Jack is possible. We never had someone wear both rings in our session. Our Jack only had one ring and he was only defeated by someone else with the other ring.

MB: That's not exactly what I wanted to hear

AD: I doubt we'll beat Jack using sheer force. We need to steal one of the rings.

MB: We've tried stealing the rings twice now and we've failed both times. I think we should stop trying to steal the rings from end-game bosses when we haven't even completed the fifth gate yet.

AD: The hope is he won't be back until we complete the game but we can't be sure of that. We need a plan for if he comes back early.

MB: What can we do? He can teleport at will and he has godly reflexes. How do you think we can steal a ring from him? It won't be possible unless we're more powerful.

GT: I forgot to mention this but there are actually multiple god tiers that basically act like a second echeladder. They take much longer to climb, though. Each tier is a big achievement.

AD: I'll be able to god tier tomorrow if we do our fifth gates.

Bs: Same, here.

LM: I don't know about tomorrow. Maybe after the sixth gate?

GT: If that's the case, everyone should be god tier by the time they reach their denizen. That means we can start the final battle as soon as everyone defeats their denizen. Bombshell can bring the genesis frog with her so that when you kill the black king and hopefully Eide and Jack.

MB: Will that be enough? Also, if he does become free early, what do we do?

GT: Actually, I might have an idea. Let me get Dave in here.

TG: 'Sup, Egbert?

GT: I was wondering if you still had the code for the Deringer?

TG: No, but I can go get it, brb.

TG: I'm back. What do you even need it for?

GT: I want to send it to these people because they really screwed up.

TG: What did they do?

GT: Jack has both rings.

TG: Jesus, how do you even manage to screw up that bad? You guys would be fucked if I weren't here.

MB: What does the Deringer do?

TG: It de-rings people, obviously. Can you even read?

MB: Yes, I can read. I just didn't think the name would be so literal.

TG: We are giving it to you because you need to get the rings back. What else would it do?

MB: I don't know, maybe it's super powerful or something.

TG: Don't get me wrong, it's a damn good sword. I just doubt any amount of powerful, legendary weapons is going to stop Jack if he has both rings.

Bs: I guess I'll be wielding it, then. How do I use it?

TG: Just aim for their fingers. It should cut right through.

Bs: Cool. Thanks.

TG: No problem. Bye.

GT: Bye, Dave.

MB: Yay! There's still hope!

AD: Can you make the sword now?

Bs: Yes, actually. It looks really cool. I bet it's better than my laser sword.

GT: Alright, things are looking up. I think that's a good place to call it a day.

MB: Alchemy is cool! I'm gonna go mess around with it some more.

AD: It would probably be a good idea if everyone did that. We need to gear up for the future.

SF: I'll go max out everyone's grist caches.

BS: Sounds like a plan.

It was time for everyone to get an upgrade. Angus already had a high-level pair of wands he created earlier called the Diabolist Veins. His magic could be seen pulsing through vein-like patterns in the wand.

Gregg decided to get creative with his alchemy. He already had a fire dagger. What if he combined it with an ice dagger? He created an ice dagger using ice from the ice cream freezer in the Snack Falcon and his dagger. Combining them created a pair of daggers. One was made of a blue metal and was imbued with ice magic and the other was made of a red metal and had fire magic. The pair was called Feu et Glace, which translated to fire and ice from French.

Bea was thinking about how to push the limits of alchemy and she had an idea. She took a knife and made a cut in her finger. She let the blood drip onto a small piece of paper and went to see what she could create. When she combined it with her knife, she got the Crimson Splicer. It seemed to be a weaker version of the bloodletter but it was much cheaper. She created one and found she could manipulate it with her blood powers. Bea saw a golden opportunity and created more knives. She could create five knives total with her available grist. She could control all five of them and still use her Abyssal Incisor. This was a massive upgrade to her arsenal.

Lori pondered what to do with her available supplies. What could she combine with her machete to make a more powerful weapon? After some thought, Lori decided that armor would serve her better than trying to come up with a new weapon. Angus had armor so why shouldn't she? Lori took her jacket and combined it with a spirit machete to make a spirit jacket. It seemed much tougher than her previous jacket and it glowed. When she put it on, Lori found she could fly with it. Her movements were more precise than what you could get with a jetpack or even rocket boots. She decided it was a worthwhile investment.

Germ was able to make a few Null bombs due to them being cheaper than conventional weapons. Explosives and pyrotechnics were always cheaper due to them being consumables. He would save them foe if there was ever an emergency as he was only able to make two.

Bombshell simply made the Deringer, which used up all her grist and Selmers spent her time duplicating grist for everyone. Once everyone was satisfied with their alchemy for the day, they went to sleep.

Angus was the only one who couldn't sleep that night. His thoughts were plagued with images of every possible way things could go wrong. He was the only one who truly understood how low their chances were to succeed. They were in a losing battle against the odds and slowly, Angus felt more and more unable to control the situation. He knew everything yet he could do nothing. There was also the dilemma of whether he should reveal what he knows to the group. Angus knew he should but he didn't want to burden them with all of this, especially after they were given hope by Dave's donation of a weapon that could save them. The stress he was under soon dragged him into a deep slumber.

When Angus awoke, he was sleeping next to Gregg. Gregg hadn't woken up yet so Angus got up and went outside. He saw himself, who waved when he saw him. Angus waved back and walked away from him. He couldn't bear to look at the version of himself that failed. He walked to the Food Donkey and looked around for anyone else. There was no one so he sat up against the wall of the abandoned grocery store. He needed time to think.

Angus was deep in thought when his other-self came and sat beside him. Angus did his best to act normal but his other-self saw through him.

"I can tell something's bothering you. I am you, after all."

Angus sighed, "Is it that obvious?"

"I know what happened today is probably weighing on you. I know you feel like everything's not in your control. It's not easy knowing everything while also knowing that you can't do much about what you know will happen. All I can really say is keep trying. It's cliché, I know but it's all you can do and that's okay. No one expects anything from you. I mean, Gregg felt like you expected more from him. Mae also felt that way. Everyone thinks they have these great expectations to live up to when that's all in their head. We of all people should know that. We are the mind players. Being a mage means that our knowledge is going to hurt us but in the end, we need that pain to make us stronger. Once you overcome it, that's when you'll reach your full potential."

"I know that but that still won't help the fact that our failure and our deaths are almost inevitable. I hate having to hide that from everyone but I would also hate risking taking their hope away from them. They trust me to be completely honest with them, so if I say we're going to fail, they'll probably believe me."

"Now, that's a dilemma. Let them live a hopeful lie or tell them the hard truth. I can't say what you should do. That's for you to decide. What do you think is best for the team?"

"I don't know." Angus took his glasses off and cleaned them and the other him got a good look at the despair in his eyes.

"Why don't you just read their minds?"

"I don't want to invade on their privacy. We all have things we keep locked away in the darkest corners of our minds because we don't want other people knowing about them."

"Well, I think they would get past knowing the truth. They're strong people and I know they wouldn't hesitate to help you cope with this."

"You're probably right. I'll tell them tomorrow."

"Tell us what?" It was Gregg.

Both Angus' were startled by Gregg's sudden appearance.

"What are you doing here?", asked Angus.

"I came looking for you when I woke up. What were you two talking about?", questioned Gregg.

"Can it wait until tomorrow?"

"Nope.", Gregg sat down, "You are going to tell me what's wrong and I am going to be here for you because I am your boyfriend." He nuzzled up against Angus, waiting for Angus to give him what he wanted.

Angus sighed, "I guess I'm fine with you being the first to hear this."

"Rabies is alive?!", Mae exclaimed.

"Yeah, come on." One of the Germs motioned for Mae to follow them.

They reached the bridge where Rabies was found and jumped off, landing in the area below. Upon entering the cave, Rabies and her babies could be seen scurrying around.

"The babies are here, too!" Mae was ecstatic.

"They're probably just made from our memories but it's still cool.", said Germ.

"My rat babies!", Mae yelled.

Germ looked at her waiting for an explanation.

"Come on, I'll show you!", Mae ran out of the small cave and back into town. The Germs followed her into the window of an apartment building. They entered a room which housed the remains of Mallard, Mae's favorite parade float from when she was a kid.

"So that's what happened to Mallard.", said Germ.

"Are the rats inside?", asked the other Germ.

"Yes, the rats are inside the remains of poor Mallard. At least she got to serve a higher purpose after she died. There's nothing nobler than providing shelter to those who need it. You will be remembered."

"It's just a parade float."

"How dare you?! Mallard is more than 'just a parade float'!"

"Whatever you say."

Mae looked inside of a hole in Mallard and found her precious rat babies. The Germs looked in with her.

"There's a whole family in there.", stated on of the Germs.

"There weren't this many when I first came here. I helped them grow by feeding them stolen pretzels.", Mae explained.


"It sucks that these aren't the same rats from back in the real world. They died and it's so sad. At least their memory will live on in this dream bubble." Mae made her way out of the building followed by both Germs.

"What should we do, now?", asked Mae.

"Let's just fly around and see what we find."

"Hey, look, it's Selmers! Hi, Selmers!", Mae called out. Both Selmers' were sitting on a roof with their notebooks out.

"Hey, Mae. What are you doing?"

"Just flying around, looking for stuff to do. How about you?"

"I was just about to share my latest poem with my dead-self. Wanna join?"

"Of course! As long as it's not depressing."

"It's not."

Mae sat down along with the Germs to hear Selmers' new poem.

"Time is ever-moving,

Like a river of life.

Time is ever-changing,

Filling our lives with strife.

Time is unforgiving,

One day, our lives will end.

Time is very giving,

I got to be your friend."

"Aw, that's so sweet!", said Mae as she hugged Selmers, "I'm glad we're friends."

"Me, too.", replied Selmers.

Clapping was heard from behind them.

"That was a nice poem." It was Bombshell.


"Where's the other Bombshell?", questioned Mae.

"She followed the other Mae and the dead Gregg into the woods for some knife fights.", answered Bombshell.

"If only I carried knives. We could totally duke it out."

"I think I'd rather not."

"Aw, come on! I bet you could beat me.", Mae pleaded.

"As much as I would like to fight you, we don't know when Jack is coming back and if he comes back early, we'll need to be in top condition to fight him. Having knife wounds in our hands would be a detriment to say the least."

"I guess you're right. Why does responsibility always have to get in the way of fun?"

"Because that's how the world works, Mae.", replied Bea.

"Hi, Bea!", greeted Mae, "Is the other Bea with you?"

"I'm right here."

Lori was also there behind the other Bea, "Hi."

"What are you guys doing here?", asked Mae.

"We saw a bunch of people gathered up here and we came to see what was going on.", answered Bea.

"I was just reading a poem to them."

"You should read it again for Bea and Lori.", requested Mae.

"Is this going to be another sad one because I'd rather not hear another one of those?", questioned Bea.

"I told you they weren't all like that. You just happened to be there for the most depressing one.", Mae replied.

"It's not, I promise. I'm sorry I left that impression on you."

"It's fine. Okay, let's hear it."

Selmers repeated the poem for Bea.

"That was nice.", said Bea.

"You should tell her the one with the fruit snacks or the one about Octember or-", Mae rambled until she was cut off by Bea.

"Calm down. I think that's enough for now."


"How about we go do something?", suggested Germ.

"What do you have in mind?", asked Mae.

"We could skateboard. We could go by the abandoned Food Donkey. That's where Casey and I used to skate."

"Right, I remember that. Me and Gregg tried to skate once but we failed miserably. Gregg wiped out bad and broke his arm. I was laughing at him because I hadn't realized he had broken his arm but Casey was there immediately to help him get to a doctor. He always cared like that. I miss him."

"We all do. I didn't know him as well as you. He was more your friend than mine but he was definitely a good person.", replied Bea.

After a moment of silence, Mae said, "Let's do it. Let's go skating. Let's do it for Casey."

"It's settled, then." Germ began the flight to the abandoned Food Donkey and everyone followed him.

Angus explained everything he had talked about with his other self and Gregg listened tentatively.

Gregg gave a small laugh, "Is this just a thing with us, thinking we're not good enough for each other? First me, then Mae, Lori, and now you? Why you? You said it yourself. You can't control everything. None of us can. As for not wanting to hurt us, I don't think you give us enough credit. We've all been through some serious stuff. This is just serious stuff on a grander scale. We can't change the will of the universe. We're too insignificant by ourselves to make a real difference. Look at me, you've got me talking like you, now."

That got Angus to laugh, "I guess I have, haven't I?"

"It's fine, though. That was always one of the things I loved about you."


"What originally made you love me?"

Angus pondered that thought for a moment before responding, "I always liked your carefree attitude. You made me want to be like you."

"You wanted to be like me? But you're so smart and kind! I'm just dumb and reckless."

"You're not dumb. Sure, you didn't get the best grades but that didn't stop you from being happy. Yes, you were reckless and you often got into trouble but that never held you back. Despite what setbacks you faced, you were always free. I wanted that in my life. I wanted to know why I couldn't have that. Even this game shows that. I'm the aspect of thought and the class that's harmed by my aspect. You're the aspect of freedom and the class that takes it and gives it to others. You gave me the freedom I sorely needed. That's why I fell in love with you."

"I may have been free but I wasn't going anywhere with my life before you came along. You were the anchor that kept me grounded enough to make a future for us. I wouldn't have a life without you. I'd probably be homeless and jobless. You saw past my crazy personality and accepted me for who I was. I was always an outcast to everyone except Mae because of my impulsive nature and being gay only made me feel worse. Then, you came into my life and changed everything. That's what made me love you."

They both sat together for a few moments, letting each other's stories sink in. This conversation had strengthened their already unbreakable bond.

Gregg was the first to speak again, "I think you should gather everyone up and tell them about what you've been going through. Everyone would be glad to share the burden with you and it's probably best that we know so we don't do anything reckless. That's what you're here for, to keep the rest of us from making careless mistakes."

"Yeah, I will. I love you, bug."

"I love you, too, cap'n."

They slowly pulled each other into a loving embrace and began to kiss each other passionately. A few seconds later, Mae could be heard yelling.

"Oh my god, they're kissing! That's so adorable!"

Gregg and Angus pulled away from each other in shock and looked up to see everyone looking at them.

"What are you doing here?!", asked Gregg, embarrassed that all of his friends caught him and Angus making out in front of an abandoned grocery store.

"We came here to go skating. You should join us.", Mae suggested.

"Are you sure? I broke my arm last time I tried to skate."

"I know but we all wanted to do this for Casey."

"Oh… Yeah, I'll do it. Where's the other Gregg, Mae, and Bombshell?"

"We're right here!" Mae came out of the woods followed by Gregg and Bombshell. Mae and Gregg's hands were cut up pretty badly but Bombshell didn't have a scratch on her.

"What's going on?", asked the dead Mae.

"We're skating in honor of Casey.", replied Mae.

"Do we have enough skateboards?"

"Yeah, we went and stole a bunch from some sports store." Mae took all of the skateboards out of her captchalogue and they fell in a pile on the ground.

Germ walked over and picked up a skateboard, "Alright, I'll teach you all how to skate." Everyone sucked at skating except for Germ but they had fun. Many of them fell multiple times but they got back up and kept trying. By the end of the night, all of them could at least get the skateboard to move without falling off.

"Do you guys think that's enough for tonight?", asked Mae.

"Hold on. I want to do one last thing before we go. Casey's favorite trick was always to do a 180 onto this rail and a kickflip at the end. He used that combination to win his first local skating competition and it became his favorite ever since. I want to try it.", said Gregg.

Germ argued against this idea, "I don't think you should try that. Casey had been skating for years before he could do that. You've only just learned how to move without falling off."

"I need to try." Gregg rode to the nearby railing and did a 180. He landed on the rail but failed to keep his balance and he fell, breaking the skateboard in half.

"Damn it!" Gregg wasn't seriously injured but he was extremely upset with himself for failing Casey's favorite technique.

"Are you okay?!", yelled Mae as she ran to Gregg.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I can't believe I blew it."

"I told you it was an advanced technique.", Germ remarked.

"I guess I'm done for today. Can't really ride with a broken board, can I?"

"Yeah, let's go to bed.", Mae agreed.