The hum of the entry plug comforted her. She wasn't sure why, and she didn't wonder why. Comfort was a rare thing in this world. She didn't question it.

"There's another wave inbound from the west, bearing 267 - no, 276, sorry."

Asuka opened her eye and rolled it. "If we have to use civilians," she thought, "can we at least train them to be less stupid?" She looked out to the west. The radar operator was right. Another wave of dozens of Mk. 04Fs was surging across the ocean, propelling themselves with their mechanical tentacles.

Unit 02 was perched on the rear deck of an Iowa-class battleship, part of the vast fleet that surrounded the Autonomous Assault Ark Wunder. Asuka bought the assault rifle to the Eva's shoulder, and placed one of the Mk. 04Fs in her sights. As she squeezed the trigger, it flew back in the water, bleeding from it's core block as it sank below the waves, soon followed by it's brethren.

"These stupid things," she thought, "never learn." She dispatched the final one hundreds of metres away from the battleship. "I'm done here, four eyes, what's your situation?" "Oh?" Asuka rolled her eye again. She could practically hear the mischievous grin on Mari's face. "I finished ages ago, princess, I was just -" Asuka jumped as she heard a loud slurping noise from Mari's comms. "- having a break." Asuka's face fell into her hand as she realised what was happening. "Four eyes... have you got a milkshake in there?" "Princess... you don't?"

Asuka sighed. "Why am I not surp-" was as far as she got before six Mk. 04Fs burst out of the ocean directly in front of her. "Fuck", she thought, "they are learning!" She deployed her progressive knife, and plunged it into the core block of the closest 04F. It let out a high pitched scream as the other five slammed into 02's legs. "Ah, shit!" Asuka yelled as the Eva toppled over into the water. The 04Fs settled on 02's legs, holding on with their powerful tentacles as their beaks drilled into it's legs.

Asuka bared her teeth as she felt the piercing pain in her legs. "You stupid things, I'll - fuck!" She'd lost her progressive knife. She couldn't get the 04Fs off her without it - their grip was too strong, even for an Evangelion. They drilled deeper into the Eva's legs, draining it's blood as they sank together, the Sun fading from view.

Then, she heard a loud slurp.

Unit 08 grabbed on to 02's chest, and began stabbing at the 04Fs with a progressive knife. With their attention focused on 02, all they could do was scream in agony as Mari dismembered them, their blood indistinguishable from the red water.

"What took you so long?" Asuka growled. "Ah," Mari cooed, "so you do like when I help you, princess!" Again, Asuka rolled her eye. Before she could retort, Misato came in over the comms. "Asuka, Mari, get back in position. The day's not over yet." "No," Asuka said to herself, "it never is."

She thought back to the time before she'd piloted Unit 03. Back when there had been a sense of peace in her life between the Angel attacks. Things had actually started looking up for her... until... "Idiot Shinji."