It is the last episode of season four. With the help of Mega the Technos have been over thrown and Ram is trapped in VR, Taisan has been 'rescued'. Jay and Ebony had what was almost a break up, but Zoot distracted her before things were decided. Ebony is in a room in the hotel, Zoot has appeared to her and told her his prophecy has been fulfilled .
Chapter 1

"And now comes the chaos" His words said with such confidence and force echoed in my mind. It was impossible, he was dead. And yet he stood in front of me, his face covered in red war paint, filled with an expression unique to him, triumph, anger and hatred mingled together. I searched for words to say and my mouth moved but no words came out. For the first time in a long time I was truly scared, deeply, totally, absolutely terrified. I began to step back, step by step, each taking me further from him. Intent on him and getting away from him I stepped backwards hitting the doorframe, my neck snapped forwards and I broke my gaze. In that instant, like a ghost, he just seemed to fade away into the shadows, just like he had come, he wasn't there anymore, he was gone.