Z: Zealous

—having or showing zeal (great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause).


The water lies sleek on the sidewalk, darkening the sun-bleached grey to a glossy black. The rain had painted every surface it could reach, drizzling down in a somewhat rhythmic pattern. It was quite beautiful to Cyrus, how it softly danced against the window and emitted a cool atmosphere around them. The weather was soothing and he basked in its wonder.

The Spoon had erupted with its typical loquacious chatter, filling his and Buffy's ears as they dipped their baby taters into the quaint cups of their milkshakes. They had been rambling on about the struggles of school, new gossip that spread about the city, and who really should have ended up with Lucas on "Girl Meets World." They talked about the most random stuff together, but it was nonetheless fun being in each other's company.

Earlier, it had been the two of them along with Andi, prompting to meet up at their favorite place after school. It had been going well until Jonah intervened the bubbling conversation, asking if Andi wanted to talk. Of course, being the supportive friends they were, Buffy and Cyrus allowed her to go off with him to another table, leaving the two alone to the thoughts that consumed them.

Cyrus frequently glanced over at them, merely noticing the boy he was enamored of, the way his emerald eyes were always lit with such a familiar ecstasy, or how his distinctive smile and adorable dimples made Cyrus' heart palpitate, or how his laugh was the most mesmerizing lullaby Cyrus has ever heard and only ever wants to hear.

After a sixth glance, Buffy started to notice.

"Cyrus, why do you keep looking over at them? Is something wrong?" He only shook his head, his gaze still fixed on the pair that sat on the other side of the restaurant. The more he focused on them, the further his heart sank. He coveted the way Jonah looked at Andi as if she hung up the stars, and wished he was in her position. But, he couldn't get his hopes up, because of course he would never have the happily ever after he wanted.

So, he made it a point—a promise to himself that he would risk everything for the sake of Jonah's happiness, even if it costed his own. He would give Jonah the whole world just to see his beautiful smile that outshined a whole galaxy of stars, even if it meant that Cyrus would drown in the pool of his own tears.

He didn't deserve Jonah, and he would never be given the chance anyway because Jonah was a beautiful, popular, charming straight guy who wouldn't be caught dead with Cyrus, a sad, ugly, little gay dork.

A/N: It was absolutely NEEDED that I write a Jyrus fanfic because the first time I saw those two precious cinnamon rolls together, I saw all the potential and I kept on gushing over them since. This story is going to be updated every day, which is, I'm sure, the only time I've ever prompted for a story to be updated daily, so let's see what happens with that. These chapters are going to be short, but that's really the whole gist, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯