R: Rare

—unusually good or remarkable.


It took one shy stride past the double doors and he was already overwhelmed.

The music roared through the atmosphere, piercing through the chatter and laughter that dared to compete with the deafening song. Each thump of the music had reverberated through the gymnasium and vibrated in his body, as if the beat was replacing his heart's own. There were so many people, the whole vicinity around him being a blur of names and faces. He couldn't bear the ache that lingered in his stomach, threatening to explode, and started to pace towards the bathroom, his vision slowly starting to fog up. Prom wasn't his kind of setting, and although he basked in the idea of dressing up, he wasn't one for this ludicrously wild scene.

A familiar voice swam into his ears softly, causing his eyes to dilate and his heart to palpitate rapidly, "Cyrus," the voice said breathlessly, uttering his name as if it were a sweet lullaby, "you—you l-look...beautiful." The last word was laced with delicacy, sung quietly with the same velvety tone that the silhouette always had when speaking to him.

Cyrus gradually glanced up, his eyes dancing towards the boy now in front of him, beholding the beauty that life had blessed his eyes with. His heart was beating faster in spite of him, his mind was consumed with too many thoughts to process. He had just been called beautiful by the love of his life and it had suddenly been more overwhelming than the thundering music and scattered conversations that played in the background.

"Th-thank you, Jonah," he replied with a stammering voice, the words escaping past his lips without prior thought. He could only capture the image of this elation, noticing how Jonah beamed with a euphoric display. Stars aligned along his teeth, moons peeked beside his dimples, and galaxies were swimming in his pools of emerald. Cyrus couldn't believe that someone as gorgeous as Jonah could call him 'beautiful.'

The music had snapped him back to reality, and he jumped in fright. His lips were subtly quivering and he was shuddering just a little, but somehow Jonah seemed to noticed. "Are you okay, Cyrus?" The boy in question shook his head softly and Jonah's smile faltered. He saw how Cyrus covered his ears and shrunk down into a slouch as the song grew louder. "You wanna go outside?" The other boy nodded frantically in reply.

They walked past the crowds of seniors and made their way towards the door. The pair settled on the top stair just outside the gym, enabling them to still hear the song that was softly reverberating.

Like a brilliant pink road, the lights hanging above them danced across the sky, each color slowly fading into another. It snaked through the air and disappeared behind the trees, a darker purple aura clinging to one side of it. Stars slowly emerged into the palette of hues, veiling the blooming landscape with light. They let its beauty sink in, remaining in tranquility for a while.

It was nice, being alone together, merely seeking solace in the masterpiece of the sky. Words didn't need to be exchanged, and they both understood that. Time had paced forward rather swiftly, the brilliant color of the sky fading into a dark field of ink, noting how late it was.

The booming music whisked away and altered into a slower melody. Jonah gazed at Cyrus who was fidgeting with his fingers, staring down at the dull pavement that they rested on. Hesitating for a moment, he steadily gathered himself and stood up. "May I have this dance?" A smile played about his lips as he offered his hand to Cyrus. Unlike before, he felt calm in the company of his best friend—his crush. It was an amazing feeling.

Jonah guided him up and settled one hand on Cyrus' waist. His other hand held Cyrus' own, lacing their fingers together delicately. Cyrus imitated the placement of Jonah's hands, and blushed with embarrassment. He nuzzled into the crook of Jonah's neck, smiling softly to himself.

They were dancing under the stars, swaying to the mellifluous beats that vibrated through the air that blossomed with color and life. They basked in all its wonder, seeking for a sip of momentary grace. Their bright laughter serenaded the silence and their smiles painted the dark with ecstasy.

"Thank you, Jonah."

With furrowed brows, he questioned, "For what?"

Cyrus slowly loosened their embrace, and pulled back, searching into Jonah's eyes with a smirk that pulled up at one side. With a chuckle, he hummed under his breath, "Nothing," he paused, looking down at their hands and reassuringly squeezed Jonah's. He gazed back up into his seafoam orbs and sighed sweetly, "Everything." Sparks danced in his fields of chestnut, and in this moment he was truly happy.

A/N: I added in another subtle "Girl Meets World" reference because why not? Anyway, this was just a sweet take on what I vision their senior prom to be like. It seems too good to be true, personally, but I like fluff and Jyrus is too pure. So, school starts tomorrow for me, and I don't know how I'll possibly be able to publish another chapter (I'm so dumb for not pre-writing this. I knew school was coming up and I could have finished writing all the chapters beforehand, so updating everyday would be easier, but nooooo, I had to procrastinate...). I'll try to, but if not, I promise that I'll publish all the missing chapters on the weekend.