Author's Note: So the battle begins. This part is a bit gruesome, so if anyone thinks that I should change the rating, let me know, but just to make sure, it is a high PG-13, almost R rating as it is.

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The werewolves and vampires were the first to charge the castle. Remus Lupin gave a hoarse cry as he rushed forward. The same false moon that Voldemort had projected morphed him into a werewolf as he stepped forward.

Remus crashed into the first werewolf, sending it flying backwards. There was a flurry of fur and blood as the two locked in furious combat, teeth and claws taking anything they could reach. Remus gave a loud howl when the form beneath him ceased to move. His jaws were spattered in blood. The other werewolves hesitated, but Remus pounced on the next.

It seemed as though the werewolves were then awakened to what was actually happening and two more rushed Remus. As Remus struggled to get up and regain his footing, one of the two fell to the side with a cry. There was an arrow in its side.

"Homorphus!" Hermione shouted, pointing her wand. One of the many werewolves turned human. The rest of the group realized that this was no spectator sport and quickly rushed to finish what Hermione started. A figure coming from the Forbidden Forest reloaded its crossbow to fire another shot at another werewolf.

"Firenze, the centaur," Harry explained to Hermione as the figure shot another.

The vampires advanced, almost unheeded, until there was a tug at Dumbledore's robes.

"Sir, we bring garlic from the kitchens, sir." The squeaky voice belonged to a house-elf who had been followed by nearly every other house-elf in the kitchen.

"Thank you." The house-elves who had chosen to help lined up in front of the others. They placed the garlic at their feet. Hermione couldn't help but notice how they were feet that were now wearing socks. The garlic had been cut into shards, and it was quite obvious why when the house-elves, using their own kind of magic, levitated the garlic, then pushed it forward with such force that many of the vampires became impaled on the shards.

"Remus!" Sirius Black, riding Buckbeak, the Hippogriff, raced forward to the aid of his friend. As everyone was distracted by the house-elves and the vampires, three werewolves attacked Lupin. One was shot by Firenze and Buckbeak tore another away, but when the final werewolf was removed, Lupin lay there, in human form, scratches and bite marks all over his still body. "No!" Sirius yelled. "Mobilicorpus!" He used his wand to transport Remus' body away from the battle, to the side of Hogwarts before he returned to the line with a cold fury in his eyes.

Harry realized that it was the same look that Sirius had when he had escaped Azkaban and was looking for Peter Pettigrew, or Wormtail. Firenze galloped over to Sirius' side and placed a hand on his shoulder. There was an eerie calm, as though the entire battlefield had been placed in suspended animation while both sides contemplated their losses so far. The werewolves had taken Lupin, but they and the vampires had been defeated.

The sky seemed to open in mourning as the rain started to pour down on the battlefield. Voldemort pointed once more at the school and his Death Eaters stormed. "Avada Kedavra!" one shouted. There was a flash of green light and Professor Sinistra fell.

Minerva, Albus, Harry, and Hermione all leveled their wands and shouted, "Stupefy!" Four Death Eaters fell from their Bicorn who then turned to eat their fallen riders.

There were flashes of green light being thrown up towards the castle and Harry watched as Professor Vector and Madam Pince fell.

"It's Mars! Mars is in a terrible position tonight!" Professor Trelawney's cries could be heard over the sounds of the battle and many looked in horror as she ran out toward the Forbidden Forest. She seemed to run straight for the giants, and then right under one of their huge feet. There was a sickening crunch and many had to look away as the giant lifted his foot to inquire what he had stepped on.

"I don't think she predicted that," Ron said, clutching his stomach. His face turned slightly green.

The front line, comprised of Albus, Minerva, Harry, Hermione, the rest of the 'old crowd,' and the rest of the staff stepped forward, past the house- elves. Mundungus Fletcher was unfortunate enough to step too far west and was picked up and tossed into the air by the Chimaera before it killed him. The four at the center, as one, pointed their wands and yelled "Avada Kedavra!" The Chimaera, hit by four curses at the same time, fell on the shore of the lake.

Charlie Weasley shouted to the others, pointing at the dragons who were flying above the lake. "Everyone at the same time! One, two, three!" Eleven powerful green lights flew into the air, knocking four of the dragons into the lake. One of the remaining, a Hungarian Horntail, swooped down and took Charlie in its jaws. Instantly, there was another flurry of Killing Curses flung at the dragon, and as it fell, it took Charlie into the depths of the lake with it.

A Norwegian Ridgeback flew overhead, and was about to be killed when Hagrid shouted, "No!" He ran toward the Forbidden Forest where the dragon landed. "Norbert, you came back!" Norbert answered by directing a flame toward the trolls. Three of them caught fire and the rest tried to put out the fire by beating on it with their clubs.

"Rubeus," a deep voice called from above.

"Mum?" Hagrid asked, looking up at the giantess. She had tangled black hair that looked remarkably similar. Fridwulfa picked her son up, then tossed him into the air. He landed in a pit he had designed for his last Blast- Ended Skrewt. It had grown until it was much larger than even Hagrid. He never came out of that pit.

Madam Hooch took to her broom to try to duel with the dragons. She ducked and darted, many times causing the fiery breath of one to burn another. Another Hungarian Horntail's tail connected with a Peruvian Vipertooth. The Vipertooth then attacked the Horntail, until both fell into the lake. The giant squid was seen for an instant before it dragged the two dragons to their watery graves. There was only one dragon left, and Norbert flew up to help Madam Hooch, but in the ensuing scuffle, she was knocked from her broom.

Sirius and Firenze both went over toward the Forbidden Forest to fight the remaining trolls. The three that had caught on fire had been bludgeoned to death by the others. They had no problems confusing the trolls so that they were fighting amongst themselves, but Sirius was caught be a stray club and was tossed against the Whomping Willow. The tree, which doesn't like being hit, took to pulverizing Sirius.

The giants strode forward to start attacking the very walls of Hogwarts while the battle raged on. Then, Voldemort raised his hand again. The Death Eaters, atop their horrible Bicorn, faced the line of defenders. Voldemort glared at Severus Snape, who stood just to Minerva's right. He raised his wand, but pointed it at Minerva instead.

"Avada Kedavra!"

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