Dear Dud,
How are you? I'm pretty good. School is just about to start. I kinda have mixed feelings about that this time. Wow. I'm a bit more normal! Half of me doesn't WANT school to start! Dumbledore has given all of us permission to go down and meet the train. They haven't announced prefects yet... I know Herm will get it, I wonder who else. Just have to wait and see I guess. Good luck on YOUR schooling!

Harry James Potter
P.S. The Owl is yours. Just let him live in the trees and call him with the whistle I have included. He is fully trained to avoid all muggles but you, also because of the fedelius charm, only Hedwig, Pig, and this new owl can find you. Also any letters I send to you are spelled so that only you can read the writing. Moody taught me that one! Enjoy!

Dear Harry,
I'm writing this on the train to my school. I named the Owl Pippin, after a character in a book I have been reading. Lord of the Rings, by Tolkin, you read it? He is actually pretty close to spot on with his idea of magic. If you haven't read it you should. Hermione will make prefect eh? I bet you two pounds that the other is you, Mr. hero.
Auntie is still really jittery and won't even let me watch anything but the news. Course THAT isn't any better with the Dark Mark flashed on the telly now and then.
Most everyone thinks that the attack on Cummersdale was terrorists. They aren't far off. Thanks for the owl I told him to ride on the train so I think he is on the roof right now.
Have a good QUIET school year!
Your cousin,
PS. I am gonna SHOCK all my teachers this year! I'm aiming for Cs.

Dear Dudley,
Well I can't give you any pounds because all I have is wizard money but you were right. I'm a prefect, along with both Ron AND Herm. You know that girl I told you about, Cho? well it turned out she blamed me for Cedric's death and wanted to get me in trouble for something. She tried to claim that I attempted to RAPE her! Can you believe it!? Well Dumbledore didn't believe her in the first place and a bit of truth potion quickly cleared up the whole bloody mess. Heh I found her on the ceiling in her nightgown, with pink hair and green skin turning summer saults! It was Ginny's idea believe it or not! Her house, Ravenclaw, lost 70 points so they are way in the negative, and Ravenclaw knows EXACTLY who lost them all the points. I almost pity her. As for Ginny, ya know I think I am beginning to like her, you know like her, like her. Great Merlin I just hope Ron doesn't look over here!
The first day isn't even up and it's already exciting. Quiet? HA!
Snape is functioning again, but he can't remember what that all important thing was he had to tell Dumbledore. Come to think of it... I had a dream that night... that I can't remember anymore. I have GOT to start keeping a notebook by my bed!
Well anyway my free period is almost up so I better go. Herm is yelling at us already to get our stuff together. Ah well at least I won't fail my OWLs with her on top of me...
Your friend,
Scarhead AKA Harry James Potter
P.S glad you liked the owl. Lord of the Rings? Yeah you had it tossed in my room as soon as you got the thing. You're right it is a good book! Good luck on schoolwork!

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