Jack slumped into school; his footsteps heavy, and his eyes halfway shut. He had functioned through many school days before with no sleep the previous night, and he'd do it again.

He kept having nightmares. Having short flashbacks to things he wished he couldn't remember.

But he'd never let him forget.

The only upside was that he never remembered everything. Just bits and pieces. He struggled with his locker, until a hand he had trouble focusing on was turning the dial for him, and his locker was magically opened.

"Thanks, Felix." He grabbed his math book, as the other boy leaned on the lockers next to him.

"No problem, bro." The blonde smiled. "No sleep?"

"None." He sighed, then yawned.

"Dude, you're gonna make me yawn." The boy laughed, as he tried to fight the urge. Jack laughed too.

"Sorry." He slammed his locker, leaning on it too, and closing his eyes. Just for a few seconds…

"Jack!" He bolted, eyes wide, and confused.

"What?!" He yelled back.

"Don't fall asleep standing up. Wait until class for that."

"Speaking of, you got the homework for math?"

"Yeah, hold on." Felix dug in his bag, soon pulling out a stray, bent piece of paper. Jack took it from him.

"You need to get more organized." Jack told him.

"Nah, I'm good." He shrugged. "But hey, hand my paper in when she collects it, I won't be in first period."

"How come?"

"I got asked to show the new kid around."

"Damn, you get to miss math? Maybe I'll run for class president next year."

"Is that a challenge, bitch?" Felix threw his arms up in a 'come at me' form. Jack laughed.

"Maybe it is!" Jack copied his stance. They both laughed as the bell rang. Jack sighed in annoyance as Felix continued to laugh.

"Good luck in hell." He saluted, walking backwards.

"Yeah, thanks." Jack sarcastically shot back, walking to his least favorite class.

Jack took a bite of his sandwich as Felix sat down.

"Dude, you suck at math." Jack laughed behind his hand, with his mouth full. No one needs to see that.


"Because you didn't get one question on the homework right." Jack informed him, still laughing.

"Oh, ok, so what if I was up most of the night talking to Cry, and didn't get a chance to actually do it until 10 minutes before class started?" Felix gave him and overdramatic challenging look. Jack awed, teasing his friend, forgetting all about the paper.

Cry was Felix's long distance boyfriend. He used to go to school here, but his family moved to Florida last year. Felix took it very rough. Jack had honestly missed Cry too, but he had to be there for Felix at the time.

Jack envied their relationship very much. They were just so perfect for each other, and they always got through everything. Jack sighed.

True love was something only normal people could experience. Jack could never put anyone he cared about through him.

And it was for that reason he always questioned if he should even be friends with Felix. He'd just end up hurting him one day.

But he was selfish, and hopeful.

It was the reason he never asked for Felix's address, and barely ever hung out with him after school.

He would never give his counterpart that knowledge. He would never help him hurt his one and only friend.

"So how was the new kid?" Jack asked. Felix hummed.

"He was pretty cool, I could totally see him hanging out with us." He sipped his water. "But we only have math together, so I lost him after this morning." He explained. "I hope he made some other friends to talk to."

It was silence after that. Just eating, then them both rushing to finish homework for their remaining classes.

Jack was putting all his stuff back in his locker, when he was suddenly pushed against them, dropping all his stuff in the process. He slowly turned himself around, anger prominent in his eyes, and in his stance.

He found himself facing a face he did not know. But this face held only fear when the boy took a few steps back.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I didn't–I mean–it wasn't–he–" The kid stammered, and stuttered anxiously, pointing in all different directions, trying to get a sentence out.

"Who the fuck are you?" Jack growled. He didn't care what this kid had to say; he just pushed him.

"I-I'm-" Jack raised his fist.

"I don't fucking care! I-" Jack stopped his own sentence in the middle. A high pitched ringing had taken over his eardrums. His gaze softened in worry.

No no, no…

He left the kid standing their, probably in confusion, as he angrily stomped away. Once he reached the building's front doors, he took off in a sprint.

Nothing in particular had woke him up that time. But this time he woke up on his side. He had a headache, much like before. But he stayed on the ground, once again curling into a ball. This time he didn't cry. He just laid there for a while; enjoying the sweet sounds of birds chirping. He cracked his eyes open. It was still day time.

Jack looked down at his arms; they were red, and scratched, but there was no blood. He picked himself up off the ground. His knees felt sore, and bruised.

I don't even want to know why.

He grabbed his bag off the ground, after noticing it was by him, and grabbed the sweatshirt that was inside it. Throwing it on, he started heading for home. What was he supposed to say to his mom, he fell?

He'd told her that one so many times he was worried she didn't believe him anymore.

Jack tried to walk straight to his room when he came home. His four siblings were watching TV on the couch.

"Hey lil bro, you wanna watch with us?" His oldest brother asked.

"No thanks, I've got a lot of homework to do." He said. And that was the end of that conversation.

Jack had limited himself to almost no entertainment. He loved watching shows, and movies, and playing video games, but with all those things came the chance of him coming back. Jack was an easily angered person. He couldn't risk anyone seeing him like that. It led to a very boring life, but that was all he ever wanted; boring.

But, he wasn't feeling up for homework at the moment, so he decided to go on twitter, which rarely ever got him mad, cause he only followed nice people.

As he plopped down on his bed, he reached for his phone, to find his pocket empty. He checked the other one. Nothing. That's when he started panicking.

Don't tell me I lost it in the woods.

He viciously dug through his bag, desperate to find it.