It was a typical quiet, sunny day in Auradon. In fact, maybe it was a little too quiet. Usually at this time, the fighting between Tinka and her mother, Tinker Bell, began.

"You just don't get me mom!"

Ah, here it is. The arguing and fighting. And all because of the hate relationship that the mother and daughter had. Tinker Bell has always had very high expectations of how her daughter should be behaving like a lady and settling down instead of creating havoc, and Tinka just considered her mother a hipocrite. It wasn't like Tinker Bell settled down when she was Tinka's age. No, she had behaved even worse and caused more problems than Tinka ever has. But for some reason, she didn't remember any of that and instead focused on Tinka's mistakes.

"Tinka, you get back in here right this second!" Her mother fumed as Tinka stormed out of the house. Well, more like, she miniaturized and flew out of the house. Unlike her mother, she had the ability to grow a normal size and shrink down to her fairy size. That's probably the only reason why they didn't live in Pixie Hollow like all of her other "friends".

Tinka had surprisingly been in a good mood this morning, and was ready to put aside all of her faults and not fight with her mother today. That is, until her mother saw Tinka's outfit. Instead of dressing like a pixie and wearing dresses, Tinka preferred to wear outfits that usually consisted of jeans, a tank top, and sometimes a really cute pirate hat that Tinka would occasionally spell to change its color. That was something her mother really disapproved of, mostly because of her harsh, past relationship with Captain Hook.

As usual, Tinker Bell has lectured Tinka about the disappointment that she is always causing her mother, and Tinka had had enough. She just flew out the door and strait to Auradon Prep Academy.

"Did you fight with your mom again?" Asked Flora, powdering her nose in front of a mirror.

Flora, who was the daughter of one of her mother's friends, Rosetta, was also her roommate in Auradon Prep.

"Yeah. She's just so-UGH!" Exclaimed Tinka in frustration, gripping her blonde locks so tightly that Flora thought that she was going to rip them out with how hard she was pulling.

"I feel like I have to go now. I just- I need to get a break from everything," Tinka sighed, sitting down on her bed and placing her hands on her head while looking down.

"Honey, you know, you don't have to go to the Isle. I mean, come on, the last time someone from Auradon went to the Isle, which was not so long ago, may I remind you, the king ended up being held hostage. I don't think that the Isle now, of all times, is the safest place for you to go," Flora exclaimed trying to get Tinka to listen to her logic.

"Flora, don't worry, I'll be perfectly safe. I'll have Blaze on the lookout. He'll keep me safe," Tinka assured her worried friend as she got out her already packed suitcase and started adding all of the necessities.

"Oh, right, because if anything happens at, let's say, the wharf, a firefly can totally help you knock out a pirate with a sword," Flora exclaimed sarcastically, scrunching up her nose.

Tinka froze for a moment, thinking, before resuming with her previous activity of packing up.

"Look, Flora, I'm sorry, but I'm going. Plus, the driver of the limo will be there so I'll be perfectly safe."

During her previous activity of packing her suitcase, Tinka realized that she couldn't just carry this around, so she decided to pack only the necessary things in a back pack.

"Honey, you don't even know how anything works there. The driver will probably ditch you! You'll be either hostage or dead within a day!"

"Flora, please, just stop trying to convince me not to go. My mind is made up. I'm going!"

"But Tinka!"

Harry snarled furiously at the innocent dockworker who had bumped into him at the wrong time. He was already in a horrible mood, but the dockworker made it even worse, so he decided to hook the worker in order to get his frustration out.

"P-please!" The worker whimpered, but Harry was hearing none of it. Screams filled the corner, but nobody paid them any mind. This was the Isle after all. Things like this were common here.

Harry walked out from the hidden corner, wiping the blood from his hook onto his shirt. He usually felt better after hooking someone, yet, this time, he still had an unsettling feeling and it was making angrier by the minute.

"Stupid Auradonian brats!" He growled and kicked over a garbage can into the water. Ever since the Cotillion, he had been furious that their plan on taking over Auradon didn't work. However, his anger level didn't quite reach Uma's, who just wanted to drown Mal repeatedly for ruining her flawless plan.

Harry sighed and looked at the water. He was just absentmindedly thinking when he saw a glitter of gold spreading across the water. He smirked. If it was one of the six kids that had previously came to the Isle, no matter which it was, he would hook them, even if he didn't have Uma's permission. The car drew closer to the Isle, and within minutes it reached the land.

Herry decided to go check it out.

"Thank you so much!" Tinka exclaimed to the driver, getting out of the car and closing the door. The driver tipped his hat, and Tinka took that as a 'You're welcome'.

She took a deep breath, grabbed the straps of her back pack and marched forward. After walking a couple of steps, Tinka felt as if someone was watching her, but after looking around and seeing on one, she decided that it was just her fear of being on the Isle for the first time.

As she reached a crowded street, she felt someone grab her from behind. She was about to scream when the stranger put a hand over her mouth and pulled her into an empty alleyway. Tinka felt something sharp against her stomach and her eyes widened.

Great! I haven't even been here for five minutes and Flora is already right, she thought to herself.