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This story is basically as any Yu-gi-oh characters I could think of, being put under intense amounts of mental stress. They're trapped, with the people they love, and the people they hate. he he he. Similar situation to 'Lord of the Flies' if you've ever read that book.

With the Snow Comes Insanity

Chapter One

Unbelievable! Seto thought.

Of all the rotten luck. Joey thought.

Why me? Tristan wondered.

This can't be good. Tea thought.

These four along with the rest of the people standing there all stared at the snow that had built up so high that is had blocked any way out. The storm had really hit hard. They had all been working on a huge group project at Seto's and when it had been time to leave.They couldn't. They'd been snowed in. All of them including, Yami, Yugi, Bakura, Mai, Duke Devlin, Yami Bakura, Malik and Yami Malik.

"What are we supposed to do now?" Mai whined. "I have a hair appointment at five!"

"Looks like you'll have to miss it." Joey said.

"What! No! I can't miss it. I just can't! It's highlights!" She demanded.

Joey moaned. Why did she have to be stuck in here too. I was bad enough he had to put up with Kaiba calling him a dog all the time.

"Dog." Seto said. "Call your parents. The rest of you too. Tell them you're okay and that." Seto hated what he was about to say. "That you have to stay here till the storm clears."

There was talking between groups of people. They guessed it wasn't so bad. They at least had a nice place to stay.

Yugi pushed to door shut again and leaned up against it.

Seto sighed. This was going to be a long night.

He didn't want to be pestered by all of them. "You are free to go where ever you wish. I will have maids prepares rooms for all of you. You can use the TV, the stereo, feel free." Seto began to walk off. This didn't sound like Seto at all. He suddenly stopped and turned on his heel. "Oh, by the way. None of you go into the east wing of the house. It's private. It's rigged with cameras so you will be caught if you try to get in. Also, if you break something, you will be billed." Seto turned back and headed down the hall to where most of the maids would stay. That sounded more like Kaiba.

Everyone began to split up all over the house. Malik wandered in to the living room and saw the extremely large TV. His eyes grew large as he stared at it. Yami Malik walked in behind him and saw the TV. The two then glanced at each other then back to the TV. They both dove for the remote control.

"It's mine." Yami Malik hissed.

"I was here first!" Malik shouted.

The two rolled back and forth on the floor like two little children. They continued to fight and didn't even notice that Yami Bakura and Yami had walked into the room. Yami Bakura stared at the two fighting on the floor. Yami walked over to the top of the TV and grabbed another remote. He sat down on the couch and pressed the on button. The TV quickly lit up.

The two boys on the floor froze and stared up at the TV. They then turned to Yami, both were very confused.

"That's not the right remote. That remote turns on the lava lamp" Yami said.

Both the boys climbed up off the floor and moved over to a pair of recliners. Every so often they'd turn and glare at each other.

Malik was still holding the remote in his hand and he flicked it on and off. The lava lamp light brightened and darkened with every click. "Hmmm, Well what do you know."

Yami intently watched the MAD TV show that was on. He laughed at all the jokes. Yami Bakura didn't understand them and was getting irritated.

"Change the channel." Yami Bakura commanded.

"No." Yami said.

"This is stupid." Yami Bakura told him.

"No it's not."

"I agree with Yami Bakura." Yami Malik said. "This show makes no sense. Let's watch Jerry Springer!"

"Ya!" Yami Bakura cheered. "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!"

"No! I hate Jerry Springer!" said Malik.

"I decide what channel we watch. I have the remote." Yami said.

"Oh! The king of games thinks he's so special." Yami Bakura mocked Yami. "Oh look! I'm Yami, I can win at stupid card games and I have funny hair so people will pay attention to me because, I'm a big loser."

"Shut up!" Yami said. He adjusted his hair. "At least my hair doesn't make me look like a girl." He snapped.

"Hey!" Bakura yelled from the other end of the room.

"Sorry Bakura." Yami yelled back.

"The girls at school said they liked my hair." Bakura muttered.

"Common Thief!" Yami yelled.

"Has been!" Yami Bakura yelled back.

"Never was!" Yami shouted even louder.

"Guys. Guys! Chill out. I'm sure we can come to an agreement." Malik said.

"Right." They both said.

"Good. Now were can do this democratically. I saw we." Malik wasn't even noticed.

"Rock, paper scissors?" Yami asked.

Yami Bakura nodded.

"1,2,3, rock!" They both yelled.

"1,2,3, rock" They both yelled again.

"1,2,3,rock!" They really weren't getting anywhere.

Yami Malik sighed and made a move for the remote. Yami turned and glared at him. "Touch it and I send you to the shadow realm!"

Yami Malik's eyes got big and he backed away slowly.

Meanwhile in the kitchen.

"I'm telling you guys I got an A in cooking class." Joey said as he went through the fridge.

"I don't know Joey, I mean, I've seen you eat paste before. Maybe we should just make pizza." Tea said.

Joey turned to her. "Do not insult the great chef!" He told her. He began chopping up some vegetables. "I'll make my specialty. 'Pizza stuffed Chicken!'"

"Can't we just make the pizza?" Tea begged.

"Now where's the fun in that?" Joey asked.

"It's edible." Tristan added.

Joey turned to Tristan and shook his fist. "Watch it pal or I'll stuff you full of pizza."

"Sounds better than the chicken." Tristan snapped back.

"I'll stuff you like the chicken!" Joey yelled at him.

"I'm gonna go lay down now." Tea said and backed away.

Bakura was busying himself with the CD player. Yugi sat at a computer and was on the Internet.

"Hey Yugi? Who are the Cherry Poppin' Daddies?" Bakura asked as he stared at the CD case.

Yugi turned and looked at him. "I don't know. Why don't you put it in and see."

Bakura popped in the CD and hit play.

The CD player began to sing: [Zoot suit riot! Throw back a bottle of beer. ] [Zoot suit riot! Throw a comb through your cold black hair!]

"Hey this is kinda catchy." Bakura said and snapped his fingers along to the rhythm.

Duke Devlin came around the corner with a coat rack he used as a microphone and sang along to the song.

"Hats and chains and swinging hands. Who's your daddy, yes I am." Duke sang.

Bakura held out his hand to Mai sitting on the floor and she hopped up. The two started dancing to the music. Joey walked in around the corner now covered in cheese from the fight he and Tristan just had.

"Hey! That's my woman!" Joey yelled. He tried to step forward but he tripped on the rug and hit the ground."

[Zoot Suit Riot! Riot! Throw back a bottle of beer!] [Zoot Suit Riot! Riot! Throw a comb through your cold black hair. Go Daddy oh!]

Yugi bopped along to the music as he sat in the spinning chair. Yami Bakura got up from the couch and walked over to Yugi. He thought it would be funny and spun Yugi's chair around really fast. Yugi was thrown from the chair and crashed into dancing Mai and Bakura.

"Yami Bakura!" Yugi yelled.

"What?" He said. He turned to the screen. "Enter search words here." He read out loud. A grin grew across his face. "Girls!" He yelled as he typed.

"Yami Bakura no!" Yugi yelled but he couldn't pry him from the chair.

"Girls, girls, girls!" He shouted and hits enter. The search results came up. He started clicking wildly at the screen. Pictures of naked women started popping up on the screen. Yugi stared for a moment and then started to blush.

"That is gross!" Bakura said.

"Girls! Girls!" He continued to ogle the pictures.

"That's it!" Yugi slid under the desk and pulled the plug on the computer. The screen went blank.

"What? Girls?" Yami Bakura whimpered..

"No more for you." Mai scolded.

Yami Bakura fell onto his back and started to whine. "It's not fair. I want girls. Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls! WAAAAAAA!"

"Fine!" Yami Malik said. "I can't stand his whining." Yami Malik reached into his bag and pulled out a sports illustrated magazine -swim suit addition.

"Girls!" Yami Bakura cheered and grabbed the magazine from him. he began to wildly look through all of the pages..

Tea looked up from her spot on the couch. "Yami Malik, I'm ashamed of you." She said.

He shrugged. "Hey, nobody's perfect."

"Girls!" Yami Bakura hugged the book.

Yami sat up straight. "Hey do you guys smell that?" Yami asked.

Seto walked in to the room. "What's that burning smell?" He asked.

Just then Tristan popped hi head from around the corner. "Oh, Chef Joey? I just thought that you'd like to know that the chicken a la pizza is that you so carelessly left in the oven. is now on fire."

Joey hopped up. "Oh no!" He yelled as he ran into the kitchen.

End of chapter 1

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