Hello all my friends and readers! I had been watching Finding Nemo and soon became inspired to write this. So I hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Finding Nemo…

Aging Captivity

His Past Is Quite A Mystery

But It's Clear He Once Had A Home

In The Pure Blue Ocean

But It Was Suddenly Taken Away From Him

. . .

Day After Day He Looks Out The Window

To The Ocean Where He Once Lived

His Desperation Grows With Every Glimpse

So He Makes His First Attempt To Escape

. . .

Sadly Instead Of Peace He Received Pain

Landing On A Set Of Several Dental Tools

His Entire Right Side Scarred

But He Refused To Let His Destroyed Fin Stop Him

. . .

Time After Time He Continues To Try To Escape

Yet Fails Every Single Time

The Others Don't Seem To Understand Him

What Its Like To Live In The Ocean

. . .

Although He Has The Role Of Their Leader

He Knows He Can't Live Behind Glass Forever

As He Is Aging Every Second

One Way Or Another He Will Escape

. . .

And Finally Be Free…

I have always admired Gill very much and to me he seems like the oldest of all the fish in the tank.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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