Wolfblood rise of the dire wolves

Chapter 1 the experiments

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Somewhere deep in the woods a strange a banded building complex stands but within the walls scientists and his men are trying to bring back the dire wolves. Has there been anything from the two gray wolves we mutated asked dr evolve? No sir not since the day we released them said a man it might not work on normal wolves said another man. OH well we have even better contestants said dr evolve he then opened a metal heavy door side were six cages inside of them were wolf bloods each one in the cell but one of the six was still asleep with darts in its back in her wolf form. All right you two bring me subject one ordered dr evolve yes sir the two men try to cuff him but he then grabbed one of the men then slams him into the metal bars of the cell the other man then pulls out a Taser stick and shocks him until he had passed out as the men then dragged him out the room while the other four watch in horror. Finally, they came into room dr evolve then was waiting in the same room as he was setting up the tool and the serum the men then placed subject one on the bed and strapped him down. Ok test subject one first attempt time 7:00pm said dr evolve suddenly a there was a knock on the door one of the men opened the door there stood a man dressed in a lab jacket am I late asked dr tony, yes but i haven't injected it yet dr tony then set up the camera ok said dr tony then dr evolve took the gun placed the serum in it and inject it into subject one's arm but nothing happened test subject one first attempt failed time 7:10 said dr evolve ok you two take him back to his cell and bring me subject two as well yes sir the men then unstrapped subject one and dragged him back to his cell while dr evolve and dr tony were talking ok why didn't it work said dr tony what about the first two I thought it didn't work so I ordered the men to release them oh that reminds me there was news of two mutated Smokey gray wolves and they both attack a child at a abended nuclear plant told dr tony did the child survive asked dr evolve I don't know said dr tony maybe it's not working because it's not the fullmoon yet maybe as it gets closer they will mutate said dr evolve he then looks out the window up at the night sky looking at a crescent moon.


Matei are you ready yet asked jana almost what are you doing any way asked jana I was restocking the fridge after we had to leave emilia down there from when she wolfed out remember said matie yeah answered jana well am done lets go said mati the two of them leaves the house lets go ask if Katrina wants to come said, Jana, they then make their way to the kave once they arrived mati was about to open the door then jana's phone rings hello said jana hi jana said lamra hows emilia's training going asked lamra she and robyn training in the woods we are heading there now said jana ok bye said lamra and then she hangs up the phone then matie and jana came in hey guys said, Katrina, as she was making food for the store. hey Katrina said jana are you almost done yup then she pulls some croissants

from the oven and bagged them and put them in a basket ok ready lets go I will meet you there said, Katrina, as she matei and jana went outside Katrina hoped on her motorcycle and took off towards the woods does this mean we are going to have a picnic asked matei I guesses so said jana while in the woods robyn is training emilia to really hand to hand combat remember what I taught you said robyn she then lands a strong kick to emilia's wound on her chest emilia then stumbles back. then emilia checks her wound on her chest how is it asked robyn yeah its ok said emilia then Katrina came riding her motorcycle and then matei and jana arrives hey guys said, Katrina matei said emilia as she came running to hug him so how's emilia's training coming along asked jana she's doing well answered robyn ok lets see said jana suddenly jana started growling at emilia but emilia didn't react. Good job emilia you didn't even vain up said matei ok then said jana she then transformed into her wolf form emilia's eyes began to glow green as she started vaining up emilia calm down said robyn jana then quickly transformed back to help emilia calm down before she wolfs out its ok emilia I wasn't going to hurt you said jana emilia's arms then recited back to normal and her eyes as well. Ok we just to work on that but I think you can go back to school next week said jana ok guys I brought some food said katrina lets eat said robyn then everybody gathered around and started eating hey jana why cant I go back to school tomorrow asked emilia because dr white wood needs to do more tests before lamra thinks it's safe to go back said jana fine said emilia. Robyn did you and dr white wood ever find the two dier wolves asked matei no that's also why dr white wood wants to see emilia said robyn so jana will you or robyn be able to come to the kave to help work asked katrina I come said robyn and what about you jana asked katrina sorry I have to be there with dr white wood in case the tests triggers emilia's new timper said jana ok well if you need robyn you know where to look said katrina hey robyn can we spar now asked emilia ok answered robyn as matei jana and katrina finished their food emilia and robyn had started sparing while they watched. Hey jana can talk to you in privet asked matei ok said jana the two of them then left ok so what is it asked jana I am still worried about emilia said matei what do you mean asked jana I think emilia is becoming more wolf than human said matei ok that's absurd what makes you think that asked jana then they look back at robyn and emilia as she has robyn pinned to a tree then robyn brakkes free then tackles emilia to the ground nice try emilia but not this time said robyn don't count on it said emilia as she pushes robyn off then takes her arms behind her back ahh I win said emilia with pride nice job emilia said katrina as she started packing ok I think that's enough for to day said jana we still need to go to segoila and do more test said matei but I hate that place said emilia but it's for your good said robyn fine said emilia. Ok me and robyn are heading back to the kave said katrina as she and robyn put on their helmets bye guys said katrina as they drove off well we better get going as well said matei then they started on their way.

Back at the banded complex all five wolfbloods have been injected and tested on said dr tony good that just leaves subject six said dr evolve let's go get ready said dr evolve then he ordered three men. bring me subject six said dr evolve as the three men walked into the room one of them slid the key in suddenly the white wolf jumped out at the men than one of the men stared into its yellow eyes then the wolf jumped up again knocking one of the men down then the other one took a metal pipe and bashed it across the white wolfs head knocking the wolf unclenches ok let's get this to dr evolve the three men dragged the wolf out of the cell then out of the room as the others watch helplessly then they finally came to the where dr evolve and dr tony were setting up ok men put it there on the bed ordered dr tony then three men left the room then dr evolve and dr tony left as well to gather more items than the white wolf started changing into a human girl with blond whiteish hire and then dr evolve and dr tony came back shocked well this is a surprise whats your names asked dr evolve like I would tell you said girl with angry as she then finds herself strapped to the bed let me go she yelled sorry am not going to do that said dr evolve the resin why you and the others are here because me and my college Are trying to bring back your lost ancestors. Said dr evolve what do you mean by that asked the girl what am saying is we will bring back the dire wolves with this serum said dr evolve as he placed it in a gun then he injects it into the girl's arm her arm the started vaining up then dispersed well so much for that said the girl. Why why didn't it work yelled dr evolve what am I doing wrong he asked men take this girl back to her cell ordered dr tony then two men came into the room get her out of my sight said dr evolve yes sir said the men then they grabbed her by her arms I don't get it why would it not work asked dr evolve maybe because we have two days left of the fullmoon said dr tony might be right said dr evolve lets get to work on our next step said dr evolve the two men then opened the metal door to the cages then they opened the girl's cell and pushed her in and locked the cell then one of the men turned off the lights the room pitch black dark suddenly the girl's eyes glowed yellow then slowly changed green then the others glowed green then all six of them let out an angry howl.