Chapter 2 the collar

Part one

Well were here said matei let's just get this over with said emilia then they walked into segoila hey guys said tj, as he and selena came up to them so, are you ready emilia asked selena yeah I guess so said emilia come on let's go said tj they all headed up stairs to the lab this must be it said jana. Then matei opened the door is this the right room asked matei as they walked in hello guys said dr white wood as she was packing a set of sleeping what are those for asked tj they are for in case emilia wolfs out said dr white wood but we have been helping her said jana we will see about that said dr white wood as closed the case now today I have two tests I want to conduct. first, lamra agreed to help in this test by sparing said dr white wood. Why would my mum a agree to this asked tj because robyn is not here and lamra wants to see how much emilia has learned explained dr white wood. Ok then whats the second test asked matei I want to record her and another test subject hunting to see if emilia's tracking and hunting skills have evolved as well said dr white wood why do you need to do all of this testing asked emilia because you might be a danger to your self and maybe even others and not only did your wolf form mutate but every week your body is slowly mutating explained dr white wood. Ok there's a gym down steers you guys go a head I will be there soon tj selena jana emilia and tj left the room but matei stayed you're scared of emilia aren't you asked matei. no am not it's just in case said dr white wood as dr white wood was about to leave the room matei then closed the door on what happened on the night of the full moon and that night when you were running tests asked matei. When lamra and robyn took you and jana home emilia was still asleep when they arrived so robyn carried emilia to the lab so I need to take blood samples but before I could slip the needle she woke up she looked lost and scared she then saw me holding the needle and she took my arm bite me dr white wood then showed matei her arm as it was wrapped in bandages so what happened next asked matei emilia then took off running trying to leave but robyn and the security guards shot her with sleeping darts that's what happened that night explained dr white wood. What about the night of the full moon asked matei you remember the video I showed you well not all of was filmed said dr white wood after emilia mutated she started ramming her self over and over until she broke through lamra and robyn tried to stop her she almost killed lamra but I shot emilia with a sleeping dart but the first one didn't work she then started running towards me so I shot her two more times then fell to the floor that's what happened on the night of the full moon thanks dr white said matei and one more thing matei dr white wood went to her office and then came back with a gun and darts this is in case you have no choices said dr white wood as she puts them in a black bag. Ok let's go said dr white wood the elevator rid down was very quiet then they finally rejoined with every body else in the gym. Hey what took you guys so long and where's mum asked tj she's over there setting things up answered dr white wood ok who wants help with emilia's tests asked dr white wood I will said matei I will to said jana and me said tj I will to said selena ok said dr white wood well before we started I will need more sample for more testing said dr white wood then she pulled out a needle and tubs from her case ok emilia this won't hurt said dr white wood as she got closer emilia started breathing heavy it's ok emilia said matei then he held emilia's hand emilia then started calming down dr white wood then pushed the needle into emilia's arm then blood slowly went into the tube ok am done said dr white she then removed the needle matei then let go of emilia dr white wood we're ready said lamra emilia your first test is to spar with lamra what you can't be serious said tj what will you get out of this asked selena I will be recording the sparing and the reading from both emilia and lamra then compare them but I will need both of you to wear these so I can get the readings explained dr white wood emilia then looked at jana and matei jana then nodded her head emilia then put the device on then dr white wood led them to circle ok this is where you two will spar when ever you're ready said dr white wood emilia made the first attack lamra dodged her then she kicked emilia in her torso then lamra then throw a punch emilia then grabbed lamra's arm and lefted lamra over her self very well then lamra then ran at emilia but she then lowered herself to the floor and decked emilia then lamra pushed emilia come on emilia you can do it said selena emilia then got up and she wiped her noes lamra came at emilia then jumps over lamra. Lamra then turns around but then emilia swiped kick lamra then emilia pended lamra then kicked emilia off jana look said dr white wood it's like emilia not even trying her readings are low lamra's is slowly getting higher lamra then eyes turned yellow she then slammed her self against emilia. emilia then fell lamra then punches emilia then emilia's eyes glowed green she then grabbed lamra neck start choking her dr white wood then pulles out her gun no don't do it said matei dr white wood then stopped emilia then let go of lamra and head butted her and then emilia kicked lamra to the floor. Jana and dr white wood then looked at the readings on laptop lamra readings were up high then they emilia's readings which were still normal her heart rate were normal as if she didn't even fight said dr white wood well are we done asked emilia as her eyes then turned back yes for today but tomorrow test will be a two night test out camping said dr white wood but what about the full moon asked lamra she cleans her nose from the spar that's the point I will be recording her wolfing out in the woods and see how she does ok when do we leave asked matei tomorrow answered dr white wood well lets go to the kave said tj.

Back at the building complex

Ok now that all six wolfblood have been injected soon they will mutate it won't be long until the full moon rises said dr evolve but sir even if they do mutate what if they attack us asked dr tony that's a great question said dr evolve but I got that covered dr evolve then went into another room and dr tony followed so you know how some pet owners would put electric collars on their pets asked dr evolve yes answered dr tony well we are going to do the same but we will give them orders and more punishable discipline explained dr evolve this is a prototype collar but if it works we could be the first men to control dire wolves said dr evolve or make a dire wolf army said dr tony baby steps but that sounds like a good plain said dr evolve so how will it work asked dr tony by using our phone first I have to sync them with the collar explained dr evolve we will test it tomorrow morning before the moon rises now go get some rest dr tony we have very busy day tomorrow said dr evolve. Dr evolve then went over to his office then he pulled out a tube of green serum and a gun like needle. Soon I will be a dire wolf and I will prove every body wrong dr evolve then load the gun needle and injected it into himself but nothing happened what am I missing he then notice blood was running down his arm that's it I need wolfblood DNA mix with the serum I need two men to report to the lab ordered dr evolve then with in three minutes two men came into the lab what is it that you need asked the guard I need blood sample from the girl I injected yesterday yes sir said the guards then they left the lab. As the men walk down the hall the girl was sleeping then she a woke to the sound of the metal door opening what do you want asked the girl we need blood sample said one of the men well you're not getting it said the girl she then ran for the door the other man was blocking she then pushes the man into the wall. Stop her yelled the man the other man jumps out of the cage the girl then makes it to the hall the men then fire their guns two red darts then went flying then hit the girl in the back she then starts to stumbles to the floor and she falls asleep. Oh my god that was too close said the man come on the two men then drag her back to her cage ok get me the needle and the tube said the man other man then got the stuff together ok hold her arm said the man the man the pushes the needle in blood the flowed into the tube ok take this to dr evolve said the man the other man then left the room the man then pulls out the needle he places her on the cot I hope the mutation won't hurt too much said the man as he locks the cage and leaves. The other man then comes to the lab come in said dr evolve here's the blood sample you asked for said the man thank you said dr evolve you may leave the man then left the room. Dr evolve then gets to work on the new serum he takes the green serum and makes a cut to his finger drops four drops of his blood and adds six drops of the girl's blood into the serum and mix it he then takes two of the new serum on a slid then places it under a microscope it worked said dr evolve he then loads the needle gun then injects himself in two minutes dr evolve hands were covered in veins and then his eye suddenly turns green I done it I fainly done it soon I will evolve and then man kind will evolve