"And I saw only two pawprints in the sand

Thought you'd abandoned me and

Let go of my paw

But you were carrying me

Carrying me to safety

Two pawprints, your pawprints in the sand"


"You know I love you, right?" Nick Wilde asked his girlfriend of four years, as the pair walked down the long sandy path, along the sea. When the fox did not receive an immediate answer he looked down at his bunny, who seemed deep in thought not having heard the question, asked.

"Judy?" The fox questioned, concern in his voice for his sullen doe. The gray bunny raised her head to meet her boyfriend's emerald eyes, her paw clutching his own.

"Yes, Nick. I know you do. But, for a time you weren't there and I needed you." The doe spoke, her tone hurt. The fox knelt down before his bunny, as she suddenly cried. Tears rolling down her gray cheeks, and collecting around the bottom of her chin.

"What do you mean, carrots?" Nick asked, cradling the rabbit's paws between his own. He immediately felt angry with himself, as he realized that he had hurt the doe without knowledge of doing so.

"Those months, when we were not speaking. I walked here alone, and in pain. I needed you, and you weren't there." The doe sniffled, feeling a bit pathetic for bringing up events of the past. She felt Nick's paw leave her own, and bit her lip in worry, knowing the fox had probably left in anger of the memories that now plagued his mind.

When she felt the touch of her fox's rough padded paws, wrap around her and bring her into his chest, the doe sighed in relief. She welcomed the comfort, as Nick nuzzled her head with his cheek, arms covering her entire body.

"I never left you, Judy. Not even when we were apart, for I was still with you. And when you were only able to see one set of pawprints, that's because I was carrying you. Holding you in my arms as I brought you to a safe place." Nick explained, smiling softly at the rabbit who saved him in more ways than he could explain. Starting from the very beginning, when she took the chance to help him buy a popsicle for his son, even if it wasn't real.

The doe stopped her sniffling, ears springing up to smack Nick in the face, as large and glossy amethyst gems opened to meet soft emerald ones.

"R-really? Even after I said all that horrible stuff.. A-and brought out the fox repellent?" The doe questioned. The fox did not even wince at the painful memory, as the corners of his mouth pulled upward into a smile.

"Even then, carrots. Even then." The doe gave a watery laugh, before leaping up to wrap her own paws around her fox's neck, pulling him down to meet her lips that eagerly latched onto his own. Nick, having been caught off guard gave a yip in surprise, as his whole body weight was tilted. He did his best to sturdy himself, as he tried to kiss his bun back, but it proved to be in vain, as his whole self tittered like a teapot, before falling over. The pair rolling around on the sand, landing in a laughing heap, as the doe landed on his chest. The fox pinned beneath her, as she showered him with kisses.

"Whoa carrots, we're in public. Let's not get too pawsy." The fox smirked, causing the doe to leap back with a bright red blush on her cheeks.

"Shut it, Slick." Judy blushed brighter hitting her fox in the arm, as a panda couple walked past laughing at the couple's antics.

"Well, guess the moment's gone." Nick muttered, standing up and pulling his bunny along with him. He placed a kiss between the doe's ears, lingering a bit longer than necessary to further embarrass the doe as the PDA caused others to giggle at the attention the bunny received from her mate.

"Nick." Judy whined as her ear tips burned bright red from the attention she was receiving. The fox chuckled at his bun, and placed one last kiss between her ears before pulling away. Taking her paw between his, he began to walk with her.

The waves lapped at their paws as they walked along the shore, both humming to themselves as they smiled in bliss, occasionally slipping glances at one another before turning away. Grins painting their muzzles each time.

"Hey Nick?" The doe asked after a long stretch of peaceful silence.

"Yes, carrots?" The fox turned to her, his eyes now serious and focused on her own, showing her he was listening.

"I'm really lucky to have met you. I honestly don't know where I'd be if I hadn't met you, and gotten the chance to fall in love." The doe commented.

The fox suddenly stopped in his tracks, dropping to his knees to place his paws on the doe's shoulder.

"Not as lucky as me. Judy, you saved my life. From the first day you walked into it, to buy me a prop for a scam. I never thought I could be more than just a hustler, until you showed me a better way and gave me a chance to be more than a label. And I will never be able to thank you enough for that."

The doe embraced the fox once more, wrapping her smaller paws around his thin waist to rest her head upon his chest, her ears listening to his soothing heartbeat.

"Nick you don't know how much it means to me to hear you say that. To know that you love and care for me as I do for you." Judy murmured into the fox's chest, purring happily when his own brown paws lifted, one curling around her torso, and the other around the bunny's ears, petting the appendages down in an affectionate gesture.

"You bunnies, so emotional." The fox laughed, as the doe attempted to punch him, settling for a pout when she couldn't escape from the vulpines strong arms.

"Shut it slick, or you'll be sleeping on the couch when we get home. " Nick quickly obliged, settling for standing up and bringing Judy with him as he carried her upon his shoulders.

The two then walked from the beach, laughing and talking as they reveled in one another's love.

And as they stepped away from the land, one set of pawprints was visible in the sand, as a fox carried a bunny away to safety, the pair hand in hand.


Hi everyone so I know a lot of people weren't very satisfied with my last one shot titled Summer Nights so I took the constructive criticism into account and decided to make a brand new beach themed one shot based on a song by Sia 's 'Footprints In the Sand'

I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback.