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Captain Draco Malfoy and First Officer Blaise Zabini sat in yet another hotel bar, toying with their phones and nursing the sole beer they'd allowed themselves to drink before they flew back to their prior destination tomorrow.

'Anything good?' asked Draco.

'Some tantalising prospects,' said Blaise, swiping through his Tinder app. 'How about you?'

'How about I what?' Draco asked vaguely.

Blaise rolled his eyes. 'Any decent birds catch your eye?'

Draco looked up from his phone. 'What? Oh, I'm not looking for anyone.'

Blaise snorted into his beer. 'You're staying in tonight like an old Nana?'

Draco smiled slowly. 'I could do with an early night. Didn't get much sleep the night before.'

Blaise shook his head, smiling. He wouldn't have picked the petite, curly-haired lawyer he met yesterday as the type that could wear the legendary Captain 'guaranteed-good-time' Malfoy out. Just goes to show you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. 'What's so fascinating on your phone, then?'


Blaise leaned over and snatched Draco's phone out of his hands.

'Hey! Give that back, you prick!'

Blaise, holding the phone out of Draco's reach, looked at the screen and started laughing. 'Hermione's corporate profile, are you seriously kidding me?'

Draco gave him the fingers and took a sip of his beer.

'Now, now, boys, no fighting in the bar.'

Blaise and Draco looked up at the sound of the sultry voice. 'Hey… Astoria, is it?' Blaise asked.

The leggy blonde in painted-on jeans and a silver cowl-necked top plonked down on the comfy sofa next to Draco and glared at Blaise. 'Yes, you berk, of course it's me. How long have we been on the same crew for?'

'It's hard to tell, sometimes!' Blaise protested. 'Your hair is pinned up for work, and now it's all loose – and looking lovely, by the way,' he tacked on, noticing that she wasn't looking terribly pleased with him. He handed Draco back his phone, who took it with a smirk and put it in his pocket.

Astoria thanked the approaching waiter with a smouldering smile as he set a Cosmopolitan on the table before her. She took out her own phone. 'So, you two out trawling tonight?' she asked as she brought up her own Tinder app.

'One of us is,' muttered Blaise.

'Oh?' Astoria leaned forward, letting Draco and Blaise catch more than a glimpse of her perky cleavage down her loose-necked silver top. Her bra straps were also silver, Draco noted. Her panties, assuming she was wearing any, would undoubtedly be silver, and tiny.

'Captain Malfoy here is having an 'early night', said Blaise, air-quoting.

Astoria turned her beautifully made-up eyes on Draco. 'Oh?' she purred. 'You're sure we can't tempt you?'

Draco knew that her 'we' meant 'I'. He smiled lazily. 'Need to catch up on some sleep, otherwise everyone's staying here tomorrow.' He looked around. 'Wherever here is.'

Astoria pouted.

'Where are the rest of the crew?' Blaise asked.

She looked bored. 'Oh, a couple are on their way down, and the rest are blobbing out in front of their TVs or whatever.'

'Oh, yes!' exclaimed Blaise. Draco and Astoria looked at him.

Blaise looked up from his phone. 'I've got a date,' he smirked.

'Where are you meeting?' Astoria asked, checking her own phone. 'Maybe we could double.'

Blaise rambled off a public location in a popular corner of the city that wasn't where he was meeting his date. He stood up, and grinned at them. 'Don't wait up!'

'Don't be late for pick-up,' countered Draco.

Blaise saluted him, and headed out of the bar, greeting Flight Service Manager Theo Nott and flight attendants Pansy Parkinson and Marcus Flint. Following Blaise's pointed finger, they headed over and sat with Draco and Astoria.

Draco stayed while they ordered drinks, got their phones out and sorted out their social engagements for the evening. Then he got up, and stretched.

'Have a good night, everyone, and remember – don't get caught doing anything stupid.'

'Yes, sir,' they mumbled.


He turned back. 'Yes?'

'You're sure you won't change your mind?' Astoria's come-hither eyes were working overtime.

He looked impassively at her long brassy blonde hair, perfectly-but-heavily made-up face, and clothes that invited everyone to take more than a second look at her obviously fantastic body. A couple of days ago, she'd have been in his bed already.

'Thanks, but I have to pass,' he said politely. He looked around the group. 'See you all tomorrow. Not late.'

'Yeah, yeah, see ya!' they said cheekily.

Astoria watched Draco's arse as he left the bar.

Draco looked at his phone for the hundredth time. He wanted to text Hermione. But he didn't want to come off as desperate. What did he even have to say?

He tossed it on to the bed, sending temptation as far away as possible, and resumed his study at his table.

A knock sounded on the door.

Curious, Draco crossed the floor. He hadn't ordered room service, not that he could recall.

He opened the door and discovered that it wasn't a confused employee with a tray of food.

It was Astoria.

She smiled slowly at him. 'Hi, Draco.'

'Hi,' he said neutrally. 'Something up?'

'Oh,' she said airily, 'I felt so bad thinking about you staying here, all alone, that I wanted to keep you company for a bit.'

Translation: her Tinder date stood her up.

'There's no need for both of us to have boring nights,' Draco said. 'Seriously. You look good enough to eat. I bet you won't even spend five minutes in the bar before someone buys you a drink.'

Astoria poked her plump lip out and turned her beautiful eyes on full beam. 'Can I come in?' she asked. 'Just for a moment?'

I'm going to regret this, Draco sighed to himself. But, because his mother raised him to be a gentleman, he stood aside and let her through. 'Just for a short while, okay?' he said. 'I've got some studying to do.'

Astoria wandered slowly around his room. 'your room's the same as mine,' she said, a little disappointed. 'Don't you get any perks for being a Captain?'

'I have a bigger company vehicle,' Draco murmured, turning to a new page in his manual.

Astoria opened the curtains and looked out. 'Better view,' she said, satisfied. 'Can I have a drink?'

'Knock yourself out,' Draco said, indicating the mini bar and picking up his pen.

Bottles clinked as Astoria rummaged through the fridge. She pulled out a pre-mix gin and tonic and took a swig from the bottle. She meandered over to his table. 'Oh,' she said, surprised. 'You're actually studying.'

Draco looked up and smiled. 'What did you think I was doing when I said was studying?'

Astoria shrugged. 'Watching porn.'

'Not tonight. 'I'm on a pretty tight schedule to get this reading done.'

Astoria sat on the bed, sipping her drink. She picked up Draco's phone and scrutinised the wallpaper. She put it back down again. 'You've slept with Pansy, haven't you?' asked.

Draco's pen slowed. He looked over at Astoria, but her face was blank. 'Um. Yeah.'

'She said you were quite… unique.'

Draco snorted. Pansy was not submissive in any way, so while the sex they had on their occasions together was fun, it wasn't anything along the lines of what he had with Hermione. His cock twitched. 'I think tab A fitted into slots B, C and D adequately enough,' he said. 'Not sure what Pansy means.'

'She said you prefer to be in control.'

Draco scratched his head. 'I guess so.'

'I like to be controlled.'

Draco put his pen down and slowly looked up. Astoria sat on his bed, leaning backwards. Her loose-necked top had slid down one arm, baring her shoulder and a lot of breast. He only just now noticed that her bra straps had disappeared.

Let her down easy, he thought.

'Astoria,' he began, 'I don't need to tell you how desirable you look.'

She smirked.

'But nothing is going to happen between you and me tonight,' he continued. 'My study takes priority, and when that's done I need an early night so I can fly tomorrow. I hope you understand.'

Astoria looked like a little girl for a moment as she looked down and swung her feet. Then she hopped off the bed and headed to the door. 'Sure,' she said. 'I'll take this with me.' She indicated the G&T bottle.

'No worries,' Draco replied, hopping up to open the door for her. 'See you tomorrow morning.'

'Yes,' she smiled. She lifted her face and reached up on tip-toes. Draco automatically lowered his head to kiss her cheek, but at the last moment she moved her head, and his lips landed on hers.

Oldest trick in the book, he thought wryly. He ended the kiss promptly and straightened up, out of reach.

Astoria smirked. 'See you tomorrow,' she breathed, and waltzed out of his room, hips swaying.

He let the door close behind him as he headed back to the table, Astoria already a footnote in his mind.

Next day

First Officer Zabini glanced once more at his colleague sitting to his left. On the B777's flightdeck, he and Captain Malfoy were preparing to descend. Malfoy's eyes may have been hidden behind his aviators, but there was no way he could hide his smile.

Zabini knew that smile. All the flight crew did. It was the 'After We Land and Get the Fuck out of the Airport, I'm Heading Towards a Guaranteed Marathon Shagging Session' smile. They'd all smiled that smile once or twice. Now it was the Captain's turn.

Smug bastard.

'Quit grinning, will ya?' groused Zabini. 'It's hurting my eyes.'

Draco's smile grew even wider.

'Mind chaperoning the boys and girls tonight, mate?' Draco asked. 'I'm going to be off the radar tonight.'

'Arse,' Blaise laughed. 'Enjoy it while it lasts, mate.'

Draco's smile faded.

'Oh, no,' Blaise groaned. 'Tell me you haven't.'

Draco adjusted his microphone and checked some readings. 'Not listening to you.'

A buzz from the flight deck indicated that someone was at the door. Looking at the cockpit door camera, Blaise unlocked it and it slid open to reveal Astoria, resplendent in the airline's flattering uniform, holding a tray of coffee and biscuits.

'You're an angel, Astoria, cheers,' said Blaise, who took a cup and a biscuit.

'Thanks, love,' Draco said, picking up his coffee from the tray.

'What are all the little dark spots in the biscuits?' asked Blaise, peering suspiciously at the one in his hand.

Astoria sighed. 'Earl grey tea.'

Blaise looked sceptical. 'Call me a traditionalist, but isn't tea supposed to go in teacups, not biscuits?'

'It's a new range that's being trialled. Someone in Head Office thought it would be sweet to provide biscuits with tea in them for afternoon tea. Especially for Earl Grey drinkers.'

'What percentage of passenger drinks Earl Grey tea?'

'Beats me.' Astoria shrugged. 'All I know is that I run out of coffee twice as fast as I do tea. And it's not like Economy class has a choice. It's just plain old Gumboot for them.'

'Does Head Office know what percentage of passenger drinks Earl Grey tea?'

'Come off it, mate,' Draco laughed. 'Do you think they know how many planes they have in their fleet?'

Blaise studied his biscuit once more. 'I honestly cannot fathom the reason for half the policies that come out of Head Office,' he told the biscuit. 'Working in Head Office must be so complicated. I'm glad I just fly planes. A nice, simple job.' He popped the biscuit into his mouth and crunched experimentally.

'Any good?' asked Draco.

'Mmph,' said Blaise around the biscuit. 'It's missing something. Ah! I know.' He took a giant swig of coffee. 'Oh, yeah,' he said. 'That's the stuff.'

Draco grinned. 'Want my biscuit?'

'Ah, no thanks.'

Astoria watched the boys' banter fondly. She was lucky to get a gig on this route. Whether or not Draco or Blaise knew it, but flight attendants (mostly female but also including some desperately hopeful males) clamoured to be rostered on with two of the hottest pilots in the airline. Their off-duty exploits were the stuff of legend. Which is why Astoria found it so surprising that Draco rejected her.

'Did you finish your study last night?' she asked, turning to Draco.

'Yep.' Draco took a sip of coffee.

'It looked so complicated,' she added, with a delicate shiver. 'Rather you than me.'

'Once you get used to it, it's not bad.'

'Oh well, I should be getting back,' Astoria said regretfully, reaching forward to collect the cups and uneaten biscuits. 'Have fun, and I'll see you on the ground.'

'Thanks, love.'

'Ta, Astoria.'

When the door was locked again, Blaise turned to Draco, his eyebrows sky-high. 'She saw your study notes?'

Draco rolled his eyes behind his aviators. 'That's all she saw. She propositioned me, I politely said no, and she left.'

Blaise was uncharacteristically silent.

'Actually…' Draco began. 'Could you do me a favour?'

'Depends,' responded Blaise suspiciously.

'Can you kind of keep her busy tonight?'

Blaise sighed. 'You'll owe me.'

'Owe you? For what? Look at her!'

'Oh, she looks the part, I'll grant that. But women who don't take no for an answer can be troublesome.'

'If you could wear her out for me, I'd really appreciate it,' said Draco hopefully.

Another sigh. 'Yeah, all right.'

'Magic! You're a true brother.'

Dark-skinned Blaise looked over at his very white brother and rolled his eyes.

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