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Morning, Hermione's house

Draco and Hermione had to get up at an indecent hour of the morning to head back to the hotel so he could collect his things before heading to the airport. Used to working all hours of the day and night, Draco's internal clock woke him shortly before the programmed alarms on their phones did.

He watched Hermione sleep next to him, her features shadowed in the grey pre-dawn light. He carefully reached for his phone and brought up the pictures he took yesterday, feeling himself react as he slowly scrolled through them.

They were a pale impression compared to the real thing, sleeping nude on her stomach, clutching her pillow close to her breasts – a position he'd never seen before until a few nights ago.

It made him smile.

He was hard again. No surprises there; it was morning. But he was hard and aroused. A gentleman would let his lady sleep and take care of himself in the bathroom. But – he checked his phone – there were only ten minutes to go before the alarms went off, anyway.

However, he had a rule. The lady had to be awake.

He'd briefly try to see if she woke; otherwise it was him and his hand in the bathroom.

He gently brushed the hair from her face and kissed her forehead. She sighed, and her eyes briefly opened – then closed again.

'Good morning,' he whispered into her ear.

'Nghrrrrt,' she replied.

He moved a little closer, his erection brushing against her thigh.

She sighed again, and spread her legs a little apart, still clinging to her pillow.

Draco wasn't entirely convinced she was awake. He gently brushed a finger between her legs, careful not to enter her – and let out a quiet groan when he discovered how wet she was.

She lifted her hips up, eyes still closed.

Draco was frustratingly confused – was she asleep, or wasn't she?

'I want to make love to you, sweetheart,' he whispered by her ear. 'But you need you to tell me you're awake. Or I'll leave you alone.'

'…awake,' Hermione mumbled.

Not good enough. 'I'm sorry, love.' He drew away, heading regretfully to the side of the bed.

'Fuck's sake, Draco, I'm awake!' she said irritably, glaring at him with one eye open. 'Now get back here.'

With a grin and a shake of his head, he did as she demanded.

Every time. The sensation was unbelievable.

Sinking into her wet, incredibly tight pussy for the first time always made his breath leave his body and his eyes roll back in his head. It felt exquisite. She felt exquisite.

She was exquisite.

Hermione had used up her words for that hour of the morning, but she moaned in bliss as his large cock sheathed itself deep inside her. No man had ever felt like this inside her before. Spreading her, filling her, stretching her enough to make every tiny move he made resonate through her.

Draco leaned over her, resting on his forearms. He made shallow thrusts into her pussy that she met by raising her hips and pushing back against him.

They moved together, enjoying the intimacy of their closeness. Then Hermione's light moans grew more urgent, and Draco's cock reacted to the extra wetness in her pussy.

He grasped her hips and pulled her gently up to her knees. He withdrew his cock most of the way out, muttering an oath when he saw how it glistened.

Surging back into her, he built up the pace until his flesh slapped against hers and she was begging him.

'What do you want, pet?' he gritted, not letting the fast pace diminish.

'I - I want to come – please, Draco, please' – her voice cut off and he felt the delicious contractions of her cunt flutter around his cock.

'You're so beautiful when you come,' he whispered, bringing a hand around and pressing his fingers to her clit.

He had her sobbing. Anything she tried to say was unintelligible. Yet she was still holding off. She was as close to orgasm as she could ever be.

I could never get tired of being with her, he thought. That realisation sent a pulse through him that squeezed his balls so tight it was like he grabbed them.

'Come for me, love,' he whispered.

Her pussy gripped him, and his groans mixed with hers while his sperm pulsed from his cock into her body.

He dropped his head down alongside Hermione's, breathing hard, ghosting kisses on her shoulder.

Then their alarms went off, damn it all to hell.


Draco zipped up his bag and looked around his hotel room. 'I think that's everything,' he said. He checked his watch. 'We've got some time before the shuttle arrives; want to grab some breakfast?'

No response.

Puzzled, he looked up. Dressed in a khaki knit maxi skirt, cute white t-shirt, denim jacket and khaki snood scarf, Hermione stood stock-still and stared at him.


She blinked, but she still looked like she was moving underwater. 'Your uniform,' she whispered.

Startled, he looked himself over. 'What? Is something wrong?'

'No,' she replied. 'I just have this almost overwhelming urge to unzip your fly and suck your cock.'

Draco smirked and sauntered over. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he bent down to her ear and whispered 'Hold that thought.'

She blushed.

They left their bags with the hotel's concierge and headed to the restaurant. A large contingent of the crew were leaving as they walked in. They cheerfully greeted Draco and gave Hermione curious looks.

They loaded up their plates at the buffet and looked around for somewhere to sit. 'Some of my crew are dawdling,' Draco noted, nodding at an occupied table in one of the corners.

He turned to Hermione. 'It's up to you. If we sit with them, they'll give us both grief. If we don't sit with them, they'll give me a hell of a lot more grief later on.'

Hermione looked at the bircher muesli she was holding. 'You don't mind introducing me?' she asked, her voice a little squeaky.

His blue eyes settled on her. 'Not at all.'

Omigod, went her mind.

'Let's see what they're capable of,' she suggested.

He smiled.

'I hope you slackers already have your bags stored with the concierge,' Draco said as he approached the crew's table.

'Hey! It's Captain MIA!' cheered Pansy, looking up from spreading honey on some gluten-free toast. 'We missed you, baby,' she joked, blowing him a kiss. Then she saw Hermione standing within earshot of the conversation and put on her professional smile. 'Oops! Didn't see you there, madam.'

Everyone else at the table (except Blaise) sat a little straighter in their chairs and tidied up their table manners. When the uniform was on, they were public property, even if the cabin crew didn't get paid until they boarded the plane.

'Everyone, I'd like you to meet Hermione,' Draco said, indicating her with his elbow since his hands were full of plates. He nodded at the various people at the table. 'This is Pansy and Marcus, part of our cabin crew. Theo's our Flight Services Manager, and I'm sure you remember Blaise, our First Officer.'

Her cheeks pink from their greetings and open scrutiny, Hermione said 'Hi' to them all, then looked for a place to sit.

'Here, love, there's a spot next to me,' said Blaise.

Hermione scooted over and sat down gratefully. 'Thanks,' she smiled. 'How are you?'

Blaise raised an eyebrow. 'Is that a general 'how are you' or is that a 'how are you' relating to a specific clusterfuck of a situation?'

'Let's start with a general 'how are you,' and see where we go?' she suggested.

Blaise smiled briefly, and reached for his coffee.

…'and anyway, I certainly didn't miss you, Cap,' said Marcus cheerfully at the other end of the table. 'With you out of the way, I get to stand a semi-decent chance of scoring a bird.'

'Really?' said Pansy archly. 'How did you go last night?'

Marcus coloured. 'Shut up,' he muttered.

Draco and Theo hooted with laughter.

'It was a Monday!' Marcus protested. 'Slowest day of the week.'

'Didn't stop Blaise from scoring last night,' taunted Theo.

'Yeah, well. When you're pilots, it makes all the difference, doesn't it? Who'd have a flight attendant when there's bona fide flyboys to get off with?' He sighed. 'I'm going to change my occupation on my Tinder profile. I'm sure most women reckon I'm gay and in denial, so they don't bother swiping right.'

Pansy rolled her eyes. 'Sucks to be you, mate.'

Leaving Pansy and Marcus to playfully squabble, Draco lowered his voice and said to Theo 'Is there anything new?'

Theo shrugged. 'The HR manager wants to see you when you get in.'

'Bloody hell,' Draco sighed, chasing his scrambled eggs around the plate. 'I've got Hermione with me.'

'So I see,' smirked Theo.

Draco didn't look up. 'You can wipe that grin off your face,' he murmured.

Theo's smirk got bigger.

Draco relented. 'We're spending the week together. See what happens.'

Theo's eyebrows shot to the ceiling. 'Holy shit,' he whispered, awed.

'Shut up, Nott.'

Hermione and Blaise were talking quietly, their heads together, when Draco sat opposite them, coffee in hand. 'You two look cosy.'

'We were just working out how to tell you,' said Blaise. 'Now that she's met a far superior specimen' – he indicated himself – 'you're surplus to her requirements. No hard feelings, mate.'

Draco was pleased to see that Blaise had regained his sense of humour, but the shadows under his eyes clearly indicated how much sleep he got last night.

'None at all,' Draco grinned. Then he sighed. 'Listen mate, when we get back' –

'I'll go,' said Hermione, pulling her chair back.

'No, stay,' the men said simultaneously, then stared at each other.

'Hermione's been giving me some off-the-clock advice,' Blaise murmured.

'I can't practice law in your country,' she reminded him, 'but the principles of procedural fairness in employment investigations will be very similar.'

Blaise nodded.

Something shifted inside Draco's chest.

Clearing his throat, he said 'I've been asked to see Inhuman Resources when we land. Which means Hermione will either end up spending time ghosting around the airport or boring herself to death at Head Office's reception.'

'I don't mind. I have an e-reader.'

'Actually, I was hoping Blaise could do me a favour. Another favour,' Draco amended, looking guilty, when Blaise looked pointedly at him.

'The last favour I did for you landed me in the shit.'

'This one won't,' Draco assured him. 'If you don't have any other pressing engagements, I was hoping you could take my car and show Hermione around the city for a bit.'

'Take your car?' Blaise asked, with an eyebrow up.

'Well, how did you get to the airport?'

'Caught the train, like always. Bit hard stashing a travel case on a motorbike.'

'Well, there you go.'

Blaise laughed. 'Mate. It's your car. You never let anyone touch your car.'

'Congratulations, Zabini! You've been upgraded from passenger to pilot.'

'Aww…' Blaise pretended to blush and waved him off.

'Besides,' Draco grinned, 'if the slightest thing happens to my car while you're in charge, I have an impeccable witness.' He nodded at Hermione.

She snorted. 'Leave me out of this.'

'Well, let me think…' Blaise scratched his chin with exaggeration. 'Doing my laundry, buying food and recharging the bike's battery versus showing a beautiful woman around the city. Hmm…' He pulled all sorts of faces while pretending to think that soon had Hermione laughing.

'Meet you at Baggage Claim, love,' he winked, and held out his hand to Draco for the car keys.

On board

They were up in the air, and Hermione had made herself comfortable in her seat next to the window. Business Class was full, Draco said, so he hoped she didn't mind that he got her a seat in Premium Economy.

Was he fucking kidding?

Every other time she flew in Cattle Class, she was always shoe-horned between screaming babies and drunk men who couldn't keep their hands to themselves. Draco looked so worried though, that she kissed him on the cheek and said she'll do her best to adapt.

The only seat next to her was spare, so she could stretch out sideways as well as lengthways. Nirvana! She'd never had so much room on a plane before. There were even gaps of space around her that she couldn't fill up.

She'd raised her leg rest, wrapped a blanket around her legs and was reading the e-book that she'd propped on her knees when a tray containing flutes of champagne hoved into view.

'Would you care for some bubbles, madam?' a plummy voice asked. Hermione looked up. It was Pansy, who winked at her.

'Thanks, Pansy!' She smiled and took one.

'I've got to get rid of this lot,' Pansy whispered, 'but I'm coming back. We're all dying to know how you tamed Captain 'guaranteed good time' Malfoy! Toodle-oo!' She finger-waved at Hermione and went to the next passenger.

Hermione's eyes went wide. Draco Malfoy, tamed?

Pansy came back, but she couldn't sit down with Hermione in full view of everyone else, even if she was on her break, so Hermione followed her to the end of the plane. Blithely ignoring the sign that clearly stated only airline personnel were to proceed past this point, Pansy waved her up what must be the tiniest stairs in the world to the cabin crew rest area.

Inside the narrow, windowless space were half a dozen single, compartmentalised bunks with curtains for privacy. God, thought Hermione, wide-eyed as she followed Pansy through. And people think being a flight attendant is one of the most glamourous jobs in the world! Obviously one of the job's selection criteria is not to be claustrophobic.

'Not much space, is there?' said Pansy gloomily, sitting down on a bunk and patting the space next to her for Hermione to sit. 'Still, it makes for a tight-knit team – absolutely no room for any secrets, right, Zoe?' She called out to another crew member, a svelte ice-cool blonde who was re-applying her make-up and wiggling her bare toes.

'Hell no, girl!' Zoe cackled and lowered her make-up mirror. 'Who've we got here, then?'

'This,' said Pansy proudly, 'is Hermione. She's the one I was telling you about.'

Zoe's mouth fell open. 'You're bloody joking! And here I was thinking you were just being a lying bitch out to wind us all up!'

'I know! You said that to my face!'

'S'trewth!' Zoe hopped off her bunk and hobbled forward, grimacing. 'New shoes,' she said to Hermione apologetically. 'That'll teach me not to break them in before wearing them for work.'

She plonked herself down on the opposite bunk. 'Zoe,' she smiled, sticking her hand out for Hermione to shake. 'Are you seriously going out with Draco Malfoy?'

Being a lawyer, accurate wording was important to her, so she didn't quite know how to answer the question. 'Well, um…'

'He spent the night at her place last night,' Pansy said helpfully, 'and she's coming over to stay with him while he's on leave for the week.'

'Get the fuck out!' said Zoe, impressed.

'I also spent two nights with him at the hotel,' added Hermione.

'Get the fuck out!' said both ladies together.

'It's rare for Draco to spend more than one or two nights with someone,' explained Zoe. 'And you've spent three nights with him! On a stopover, no less! And you're going to spend, what, another six? At his house?'

'Yeah,' said Hermione, starting to feel a little weird.

Zoe shook her head in wonder. 'If I didn't hear it with my own ears, I'd never have believed it,' she said to Pansy.

'I know, right?'

'I don't know whether to be thrilled for him, or sad that he's off the market,' Zoe continued, looking momentarily glum.

'It's a bit early to say he's off the market, isn't it?' Hermione protested.

Pansy and Zoe exchanged looks.

'Anyway,' continued Pansy. 'What's your secret? We're dying to know!'

'I have no idea! Um, we just seem to click, in bed, anyway. We're still getting to know each other out of bed.'

Pansy and Zoe's meticulously-groomed eyebrows shot up.

'Are you a sub?' straight-talking Pansy asked curiously.

'No!' said Hermione hastily. 'I mean, not in BDSM sense, God no. I just… I just like being controlled.' She blushed.

'Ah!' the two ladies said sagely, heads nodding.

'That makes sense,' added Zoe.

'Definitely,' agreed Pansy. 'I mean, sex with Draco was amazing, but I'm not submissive by a long shot, and I bet you're not either, Zoe.'

She snorted.

'Imagine it. When he was with us, he was keeping something back...'

Zoe fanned herself. 'Oh, dear God. I don't think I can imagine him being better in bed if I tried. The thought would make my knickers melt, were I wearing any.'

Hermione's eyes were wide. 'You've slept with him?' she asked Pansy.

'Sure. You don't mind, do you? It was a while ago.'

'Not at all,' Hermione replied. 'Zoe?'

'Oh, yeah,' she replied dreamily.

Hermione grinned. 'In that case, ladies, I have some questions for you.'

On the flight deck, Draco glanced again at his unusually quiet colleague. With every hour that passed, Blaise became more and more grim. Draco couldn't blame him. He'd rather gouge out his eyeballs with a blunt and rusty teaspoon than face a Head Office disciplinary investigation.

It was time for Draco's break. And he needed to ask Blaise for yet another favour. Which made him feel really, really bad.

'Uh, Blaise' –

'Just go,' Blaise said quietly. 'I'll be fine.'

Draco pulled off his tie and grabbed his sweater. Shrugging it on, he ventured 'Um, I might be a little late back…'

This time, Blaise smiled a genuine smile. 'Get going, you randy old pervert.'

Draco climbed out of his seat. 'You're a godsend, mate. But less of the 'old,' all right?' He patted Blaise on the shoulder and opened the flight deck door.

Pilots on breaks preferred to walk through the plane incognito. Some passengers panicked when they saw a pilot meandering up and down the cabin, even though there were two other pilots plus auto-pilot on the flight deck, all of whom were capable of keeping the plane up in the air. Other passengers wanted to waylay them and either ask endless questions about planes and flying, or complain about this, that and a hundred other things.

So Draco left his jacket, hat and tie on the flight deck, and wore a lightweight v-neck sweater that covered his shirt's epaulettes. He looked like an ordinary businessman stretching his legs – except to other airline staff, of course, who could spot a pilot 'in disguise' a mile off.

Ignoring the knowing grins of a couple of cabin crew staff, he made his way through Business Class and into Premium Economy.

'Excuse me, madam. Is this seat taken?'

Hermione had returned to her seat after an enlightening conversation with Pansy and Zoe, and was back into her book. Distracted, she looked up.

'Wha-? Oh! Hi!' Blushing, she crammed her stuff back into her bag and kicked it under the seat in front of her.

Draco sat down next to her, grinning. 'Good book?'

'The best,' she smiled. Then she winked. 'Takes my mind off flying. I'm a nervous flyer.'

'Are you?' he said with exaggerated concern. 'Well, as it happens, I know a few techniques that I guarantee will distract you from flying.'

'Oh, you do?' Hermione looked fascinated.

'Oh, yes. I'm very experienced.'

I know you are, she chortled to herself. 'Do tell.'

'Well...' he raised the arm rest that divided the two seats, elevated his seat rest and moved closer to her. 'Firstly, it's important to stay warm,' he said, draping half of her blanket across his legs, up to his hips. 'With your body temperature within the optimum range, relaxation is easier to achieve.'

'Sounds reasonable,' she replied, putting her e-book away and giving him her full attention.

She looked around the small Premium Economy cabin. Not all the seats were occupied, and of the ones that were, the passengers were engrossed in watching a film on their monitor or nodding to music. Still, there was a rather large contingent of butterflies dancing the rhumba in her tummy at the thought of what might happen next.

Sex against a window was one thing. Sex within eye- and earshot of other passengers was a whole other ball game.

She saw Pansy out of the corner of her eye, who, as the designated attendant for Hermione's section, was required to keep an eye on the goings-on that happened in her orbit. She winked, gave Hermione a discreet thumbs-up.

Hermione tried not to laugh. Draco followed Hermione's gaze, and caught Pansy's pert derriere heading back to the galley.

'I've seen the cabin crew rest area,' Hermione said with a sly smile.

'Oh, you have? You do realise that as the Captain of this flight, I could have both you and Ms Parkinson heavily censured for breaching security rules.' Under the blanket, his long, warm fingers found her bare thigh, and inched upwards, agonisingly slowly.

'Please excuse me for interrupting, sir, madam.'

It was Pansy again, as professional as always but with a wicked gleam in her eye. To Hermione, she continued 'I'm sorry it took longer than expected, but I found some extra tissues for your head cold.' She tapped the side of her nose and passed Hermione a sealed packet of tissues. Then she turned to Draco. 'You should be careful, sir, not to catch madam's cold.'

Hermione tried hard not to laugh, and was mostly successful. 'Thanks Pansy, you're a lifesaver!' She turned to Draco. 'The service on this flight is just amazing, don't you think?'

Draco's jaw was set, but Hermione was pretty sure it was because he was trying not to laugh, too. 'I've never seen anything like it,' he replied, his eyes flashing blue.

Pansy dimpled prettily. 'Well! I'll leave you two alone, then.'

She skedaddled before Draco forgot where he was and tried to throttle her.

'Oh, goodness, I've forgotten where we were up to,' sighed Hermione. 'Can you refresh me?'

'I believe I was telling you it was within my remit to punish you for breaching rules.' Draco's fingers crept under the gathered material of her skirt and ghosted to her pelvis – to discover that she wasn't wearing any panties.

He exhaled, and crossed his left knee over his right leg under the blanket, screening his erection from the rest of the cabin. 'Jesus,' he said under his breath, inching his hand closer and closer to her core.

Hermione parted her legs and reclined in her seat. 'Is everything okay?' she asked with wide-eyed mock concern.

His eyes glittered. 'Everything is a hell of a lot better than okay.'

Her small hand rested on his crotch, brushing over the bulge. 'How would you punish me, Captain?' she asked, cupping her fingers over his clothed erection and squeezing briefly.

He looked up to the ceiling and smiled sardonically, half his brain going crazy at the sensation of his cock being gripped and released by the beautiful woman next to him. 'You deserve to be put over my knees, your skirt folded back to reveal your luscious, delectable arse, and spanked until I think you've had enough.'

Hermione's breath skittered – both at his words, and also because his fingers were delicately massaging her clitoris. She had a feeling that the wetness from her pussy may be following gravity and inching towards her seat. She swallowed. 'How would you know when I've had enough, sir?'


With just one three-letter word, she could make him as hard as stone in a nanosecond. She should be rewarded. Two of his fingers snaked down to her entrance, and he smiled when he encountered the wetness there.

He looked straight into her eyes. In a low voice, he said 'When your arse is bright pink, the juice from your cunt is trickling down your thighs, and you're begging me, with everything you have, to fuck you.'

With that, he speared two fingers inside her.

Hermione's cheeks flushed with the effort not to cry out. She shifted in her seat, and her thighs began to tremble.

He loved how reactive she was. He was fascinated by it.

Still trying to get herself under control, she grasped the zip of Draco's fly and started to draw it down.

He stopped her. 'Here is just for you,' he whispered.

She nodded shakily. 'Please make it quick.'

He slowly withdrew his fingers (Hermione bit down on a disappointed moan) and brought his hand out from under the blanket. He wrapped that arm around her shoulders and drew her close to him, dropping a kiss lightly on her lips. She snuggled against his shoulder while his other, still-hidden arm, had better access to her pussy.

He brushed his fingers lightly up and down the inside of each thigh.

She looked out of the window, swallowing each moan as it rose to her throat.

He entered her body with agonising slowness, exploring the contours of her cunt through his fingers. Fingertips have a high number of nerve endings, more than a penis. With his fingers, he could visualise what they were touching.

Under the blanket, Hermione gripped anything she could reach. She nestled her head against Draco's neck. 'Please…'

Much as he would have loved to finger-fuck her until she gushed over him (and airline property), the rough movements would give them away. So he applied his thumb to her clitoris and inserted a third finger into her already tight channel. Then he moved them in and out.

A tiny portion of Hermione's brain thought 'I can't believe I'm even doing this!' but the rest of it didn't care. She came on his fingers while she gritted her teeth and hid her head from view.

It was fantastic, and yet at the same time, unsatisfactory. As he drew his wet fingers out of her, she knew she wanted a hell of a lot more, and really bloody soon. Her heart was racing, and every nerve in her body was screaming out to be fucked.

She took a couple of tissues from the pack Pansy thoughtfully provided, and passed the rest to Draco.

When they looked innocent again (aside from his raging erection and her flushed face), he stood up and held out his hand.

'Come with me,' he smiled.

Slowly, she stood up (her thighs still trembled) and followed him past the other (hopefully oblivious) Premium Economy passengers and through Business Class.

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