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Harry was sat with his head in his hands when Mrs Weasley came over to him beaming and telling him where to stand. She placed him slightly to the left of the aisle on the raised platform, and gave him a hug. Next she placed Ron, Neville and George next to him and on the floor. She then moved to the right hand side of the aisle and put Hermione, Fleur and Luna next to the place where Ginny would stand. She then took her seat in between Luna's father and Neville's grandmother.

Ginny was stood outside the tent her father stood with her, as the music started and the tent flaps were opened, her father put his arm out to her and she took it he looked her in the eyes and said one word, "Ready?" and she nodded. Suddenly becoming nerves and exited.

The music kicked in and everyone turned towards the entrance waiting to catch the first glimpse of Ginny's dress. Harry was told he couldn't look until she was stood next to him, he took his hands out of his pocket and stole a sideways glance at Ron. He was grinning at Harry. Harry closed his eyes, the music seemed too slow and the one minute walk down the aisle seemed too long. Finally he felt something tough his hand and he opened his eyes he turned to see Arthur Weasley, his hand out stretched to Harry. He took it and allowed his hand to be pulled to Ginny's hand. He flowed his hand with his eyes and when it touched Ginny's, he looked up to find Ginny had done the same. He beamed at her, she looked radiant. The wedding had begun and before Harry knew it he and Ginny were saying in unison

"I do."

The whole tent burst into applause and Harry kissed Ginny like he never had before.

After an age, or what may have been seconds, they broke apart and the applause died down.

Harry simply looked at her and took in her beautiful face and said one word "Hi" And she replied "We just got married and you say 'hi'? maybe I just want a kiss"

Then Ron said "Erm, Ginny they're gonna need to steal you and Harry"

The three of them laughed as people got up from their seats and moved forwards to congratulate them.

Two and a half hours later, it was time for Harry and Ginny's first dance. They danced alone for some time, before Ron and Hermione joined them, others started to file onto the dance floor and before they knew it they had been dancing to a mixture of rock, pop and waltz songs for another two hours and dinner was being served.

Next to him at the main table, Ron stood up. "I'd like to propose a toast to my sister and my best friend." He said raising his glass "to everlasting marriage" he finished and winked at Harry. Everyone raised their glass and mumbled , "to everlasting marriage" and drank.

People everywhere were now proposing toasts, this reminded Harry oddly of the night when, He, Hagrid and Slughorn were at Aragog's funeral. Over all the day had gone as well as anyone could expect.

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