A/N: Tajeri Lynn, the Extremo Luchadore presents the revival of a classic in the annals of the Hsi/Jade fandom!

Once upon a time, specifically somewhere in November a girl named tari-chan became moved by the one single "Jackie Chan Adventures" episode, "Tale of the Demon Tail". While it took the majority of us folks (myself included) to start writing H/J after "The 8th Door" (which was the second of Hsi Wu's major appearances and which for most of us nailed our confidence in the coupling), tari-chan set off right away to make her story known. On January 1st, 2002, it came.

The result became the first ever Hsi/Jade, "Demon Heart", which posed a big what-if for Hsi Wu; what if the demon boy was willing to settle as boy rather than a demon upon his return trip to San Francisco? The story's setting was more light-hearted than all the other H/Js that have followed since, but tari-chan has brought her inspiration to at least one person, as far as I'm concerned.

(Before you go on to say "But 'Demon Heart' wasn't the first story to acknowledge H/J," I will say that Demon Heart was NOT the first story to do just that. The first story was NocturneD's "Beta-Shin: Demon of the Apocalypse", which told an adventure of Hsi Wu and Jade's son. The series, however, was never completed. Hey, NocturneD, I loved that joke with 44C....muy mucho. Heh heh.)

Bad news followed: tari-chan deleted "Demon Heart", and had to stay off the net for a good while. Please do not ask me why she had to, because that should best be left to her matters.

Good news: I printed all 7 chapters of this story in my free time. Therefore, I'm proud to announce that I'm writing the remix of this long-missing story, Extremo Luchadore-style! tari-chan also says I now own the "Demon Heart" storyline but I'll sure give her credit.

WARNING: Because this is a remake, this story contains a few elements not written by tari-chan. If you request for the original text, fill me in and I'll post it in the future.

Jackie Chan Adventures...not mine...but tari-chan says I can now own DH....Muchas gracias, senorita tari-chan...this is something I needn't go to ebay to get...heh heh heh....


Track 1: Demon's Heart

San Francisco High.... The "High" in that big, meaningful title warned the children of facing a new level, not the kind they've jabbed buttons through before in a video game, but the kind which their chatterbox parents babbled endlessly from one ear through the next. High school was where youths who've climbed their simpleton prides across elementary. No doubt some challenges in this level would disappoint, others would delight. But what parents often made clear to their children was that right at this stage of life, things were bound to be different.....

"Hey, Jade! You going out for the Valentine's Day Dance this weekend?" Drew, ever an opportunist for put-downs, smiled his creepy anticipation at the little girl who shared the namesake of China's sacred jewel.

"Hmm, was thinking of it," Jade said quietly, lazily bouncing a basketball in whatever space resembled to her of a playground. Despite a stubbornly slight build, the younger Chan was a growing Chan. Her plump, circular facade had become elevated by a slender neck. Her shoulders and all else remained leaning in a fastidious slump, pretty much like what else was going on in her so-called life.

"Going out with a ninja, or do you only fight them?" Drew hissed at Jade, mocking the gestures of those evil ninjas Jade was always so worked up about. Spicing the effect, Drew hurtled flying fists through the empty space, exactly the kind of thing he felt Jade's claims were made of. The kids appreciated Drew's antics and hollered out for him. If only, Jade wished, the kids would holler AT him. As it stood, though, Jade's heart felt wrenched by public humiliation. Naturally, she tried not to show it.

"Huh, you're a moron, Drew," Jade muttered to herself, bouncing the basketball listlessly, just as from out of the bleachers, a boy ran in between her and Drew.

"Hey, Droolface, don't you mess with Jade Chan! It's not nice to mess with little girls," the boy began, his voice incredibly confident enough to gouge on the case of Drew the high school favorite.

Jade gasped at the sudden sight and the basketball escaped her grasps. Her heart beat strongly for the boy before her. "Seymour? Hsi Wu? He came back?" It had to be Seymour. Seymour meant a teenage boy with chocolate eyes and unmistakable gray spikes shooting off of his hair. He even still had on baggie tan pants and a green shirt. Jade remembered her last venture with Seymour Jahoositz, who in truth was the Sky Demon Hsi Wu of years past. Seymour was the first real friend she had in her life, and when his evil ways lead to his banishment, Seymour turned out to be the only real friend she had...for a couple of days, anyway.

Drew hadn't forgotten about this kid either. Seymour was in elementary school during his short stay. "What do you want now, See-Wee? It's not like this is any of your concern. Go away."

The demon boy was quick to snap replies. "It's Seymour, not See-Wee, you moron, and this does concern me. You're picking on a girl. A girl named Jade Chan."

"Well, obviously. You don't have to remind me, I was staying in school longer than you were," Drew retorted. "So what happened to you? Got SUS-pended? Or maybe you got attacked by evil nin-jas?" The kids went "OOH" on that remark. Jade remained a quiet spectator in all this.

Seymour walked up towards Sir Immaturity until he was an inch afar from Drew's face, and growled. "You want to fight? Let's go, then," Seymour spoke as he pushed Drew far off the place. Drew teeter-tottered and barely regained his balance. Kids were forming a ring around the two boys, shouting "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Drew decided it was best to forfeit. He had no real experience with fighting, just video games, and if the adults came out and punished him, his parents would get mad at him and then some. He told his closest friends to follow him somewhere else. Kids were disappointed. Seymour wasn't.

"Backing out so soon? I was hoping for a fight with you. Don't you dare bully Jade again or else. Chicken! Come back again any time you're ready," Seymour yelled. That'll teach him not to pick on Jade, Hsi Wu thought. He smirked to himself even more when he noticed a couple of other girls were drooling over his toughness. Apparently, he was an endangered species of Genus Manliness. The girls all looked fun to play. But Hsi Wu remembered he had to play with someone else. He walked over to Jade, whose arched eyebrows were good cause for alarm.

"Hsi Wu...you're back....Why, are you up to something?" Jade glared at him sternly, getting into his face. Jade was still mad at Seymour for using her. The Sky Demon was disappointed, secretly, of course. Eck....So much for forgetting about me...I thought she'd forget. I guess she didn't. Hsi Wu slooowly backed from her glare.

"Why so worried, Jade?" Hsi Wu covered, though his uneasy smile held little truth.

"Don't get all comfy with me, Seymour! Or should I call you Hsi Wu?" Jade replied. "You know exactly what I'm talking about. You used me the last time we met. You're not planning on doing that again, are you?...."

"Jade, please don't start that again, dearest," Seymour smiled, though Jade went "Hmmph!" at hearing "dearest". His friendly smile was for amusement of the angry rebellious tomboy before him. She had become much cuter than before, and not even anger could blemish her looks. Little girls were slim pickings in his choice of females, but Jade had grown into a new sculpture, a mature version of her former self. But enough of that, Jade was seriously expecting a reply, and Seymour thought of one. "I left the other demons and now I want to join your side to stop my brothers and sisters."

"What?" Jade frowned, quite baffled at the reply. Seymour hadn't thought of any better, maybe more credible excuses from that evil mouth of his? Jade seriously hoped Seymour would join her side so they wouldn't have to fight anymore. She wasn't sick and tired of fighting all sorts of bad guys, but the Sky Demon meant so much to her. In secret, she always wanted Seymour to be her true friend. Did I just hear Seymour wanted to...Whoa, Jade. Careful. He played your heart before. But...when I look into his eyes he seems so sincere. Jade thought, studying those chocolate eyes, two sweet pieces of eye candy.

Good cover up, Hsi Wu. Hopefully she doesn't find out. You're using her again and she thinks you're a loser. Hsi Wu thought. "Anyways, Jade, are you all right? He didn't attack you, did he?" the demon boy asked, a hand touching her shoulder.

"No. I'm all right. That was some stuff you done there. I was impressed," Jade admitted.

"Ah....It was nothing. The least I could do for a girl in trouble," Hsi Wu flirted a bit, inching closer to her face.

"Thanks, I-" Jade paused.

"Jade Chan...Will you go to the Valentine Dance?" Hsi Wu asked, leaning towards her.

"Hsi Wu...," Jade paused again, speaking the demon's name softly in reply. Am I dreaming? Jade had bred so many fantasies of him that this one invitation to the dance felt like a stairway to heaven. Ever since Hsi Wu was banished, Jade lost a lot of faith in finding friends her age. But the old friend had returned, and it was a fantasy she was willing to make real. What deep chocolate eyes he had…. "You bet," Jade answered his question.

"Great, I'll pick you up at 6:30pm then," Seymour told her, walking away with a smile as playtime came to an end.

She fell for it. I knew she would. Still the fool she always was. I got her where I want her. Naïve human trusts too much. No way she can be the demon princess that Tso Lan says she is. If she was, then she would have to keep up her guard. Foolish girl has a crush on me….I can always use that to maculate her feelings. Making her think I left the demons…not on my life. I'm only under cover. Hsi Wu came walking among a crowd of other students.

"Hey, everyone!" Hsi Wu shouted, getting everyone's attention. "No one picks on Jade Chan. If they do, they'll answer to me," he threatened. Everyone had heard of Seymour getting into tons of fights and coming out of them with a victory and without a scratch. No one had the guts to break the boy's track record; too often they became part of it. Everyone went to doing their own thing.

"Now that that is settled, you don't have to worry about getting bullied again. I, Seymour Jahoositz, will protect you," Hsi Wu spoke gallantly, waving his hand to Jade as he left the school grounds.

Hsi Wu, you dog. That's no way to act towards a human girl. Why are you showing off to her? Do you like her or not? But there is something about her. I just got to find that out. Great. Now I got her wanting me, Hsi Wu thought, regretting what he had just said to her.

Tch, yeah right. I know who you are. You're Hsi Wu, the Sky Demon. The player demon. You can't fool me this time. You're up to something and I'm going to find out. Whether you like it or not, I'll find you out, Jade thought, watching His Wu walk away.

At the Valentine Dance

"Jade, would you like to dance?" Hsi Wu asked, holding Jade's hand snug in his grasps. The two didn't have to worry about dress-up. They were honestly both clueless about human fashion and decided to go along with the same wear as the past afternoon.

"You bet," Jade spoke softly, still pondering over the demon before her. Still, she and the demon boy went to the dance floor. A few soft songs were being played, but with each other, the songs were second nature.

"Jade, heard you like to fight ninjas. Is it true?" Hsi Wu asked, holding her closer to his body.

"Yeah," Jade smiled, putting her arms around his neck. Such warmth in a small package Jade was.

Surprise, it still works, Hsi Wu thought, thrilled. Jade was talking about her fighting ninja experiences, forgetting she was going to find out what he was up to. So the foolish girl had more of an inclination towards love than hate. Only natural. Jade kept speaking her endeavors, being so proud of them.

What did I get myself into now? She won't stop talking. Still, there is something about her….something different, Hsi Wu thought as he studied Jade. "Cool…." Hsi Wu drifted off when the light shone on her face in a pretty little frame, a spectacle that defied all the art the Sky Demon had seen in his life. Hsi Wu froze and his heart started to beat faster at the sight of her beauty. He opened his wings and started to float up off the floor a bit, holding Jade in his arms.

What is this feeling I'm having? How can I feel this way? Was it when I first picked up for her? I never picked up for anyone. Jade was the first and only one I picked up for. I never felt like this before, not until I met her….Jade Chan…Why do I feel like this? Could it be a spell she put on me? I'll destroy her. Right now. I, Hsi Wu, am the Sky Demon of the evil world. And I won't tolerate being in love with a human. His Wu growled under his breath, tightening his grip on Jade. The little Chan squirmed and grunted at the forceful weight hurting her.

"Hey," Jade managed to say. The Sky Demon woke up from his unkempt aggression, reverting back into the human he was.

"Jade, I'm sorry," Hsi Wu said, releasing his grip on her as they floated down to the ground again.

"Your wings are showing. Better hide them before others notice and think you're some kind of…."

Jade was shushed by Hsi Wu's finger. "You think I give good bear hugs. Nice and tight?" Hsi Wu asked as his wings hid beneath his back. The Sky Demon gave her a hug to make up for the one she got. He is such a flirt, but a real nice flirt, Jade thought. Jade and Hsi Wu had a fun time at the dance.

The end of the Dance

"Jade, I'll walk you home so no one picks on you," Hsi Wu volunteered. Very noble, Hsi Wu. What am I thinking? Why do I want to protect her……When I want to destroy her. I should destroy her right now, while I still have the chance. No. I must wait until a time presents itself. She is only a human girl. She will become a slave to us demons after we take over. She means nothing to me. Nothing. Hsi Wu denied his feelings despite glancing at her and licking his lips at her.

Ah….Why  is he staring at me like that? Does he like me? I wonder if he knows that I like him? He does look a lot cuter when we first met and he grew up a bit too. Still, there is something on his mind, Jade questioned in her mind as she looked at Hsi Wu, who was looking back at her too. "What?" Jade asked.

"You look…See you later," Hsi Wu paused in a disquieting restraint as he spread his wings and flew into the swirling blue sky. Typical that he felt freer when he had no one to follow him.

Hsi Wu…you didn't change a bit. Jade looked up at the sky.

Why couldn't I tell her of what I thought of her? Why do I…. Hsi Wu paused the questions in his mind. The everlasting blue, the clouds, the moon…So quiet, so nice, so free….What did a girl matter to him?

"I'm home," Jade shouted. Uncle's Rare Finds was silent. "Uncle, Jackie, T-Man? Hey, where is everyone?" Jade asked, curiously looking around the house. "I bet they are off sending another demon again and I'm missing it." Jade felt mad while running out the door.

"There she is, the demon princess!" Bai Tsa, the Water Demon and sister to His Wu told the other demons. She and 5 more siblings had been waiting outside of the shop and by the looks of their claws, they couldn't wait to snag Jade.

Jade was frightened at seeing 6 demons head-on. "What you talking about? I'm no demon princess!" she panicked.

"You are," spoke Xiao Fung, the toad-like Wind Demon. "You controlled the Shadowkhan and won the heart of a demon. You are not as regular as you claim to be."

"Get her!", Tso Lan, the Moon Demon yelled.

Jade screamed as she ran as hard as her monkey feet could carry her. Her rapidly beating heart couldn't keep up with her wishes.

"You can't get away that easily, princess," Dai Gui the Earth Demon said, creating an earthquake that split the concrete roads, sending a little Jade falling down and hard. A meaty green hand, that belonging to the Mountain Demon Po Kong, nabbed Jade like she was little more than a flea. Panicking, Jade screamed for help.

From several blocks away, Hsi Wu heard Jade's scream and hurriedly flew towards her, thinking about her silly and charming ways. What was he thinking? Jade wasn't THAT helpless a girl, or….was she?

Tso Lan and the demons were atop the roof of a building, even Po Kong, who needed magic to trim herself so she wouldn't be seen crashing buildings around like Godzilla. "Wait!!!! What have you done to my family?" Jade asked.

She's worried about her family. Tso Lan noticed. "They are in trouble and need your help," Tso Lan lied, hoping Jade would get more involved in their scheme. My family's in danger? Jade thought.

"Jade!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!" the Sky Demon yelled. Jade turned to see the voice and was warmed by the sight of the demon boy, even while under the clutches of even more numerous dangers. The Moon Demon, he of the red royal garbs, was very unprepared for this.

"Hsi Wu, why are you here? We are getting rid of the demon princess. Go away," Tso Lan said. This is not good. Hsi Wu, Sky Demon, is falling in love with the demon princess. I got to get rid of her, before things get out of hand here! Tso Lan flicked a greenish-blue finger, and instantly Jade was pushed off the tip of the building.

"JADE!!!!!!!" Hsi Wu yelled, a strong clasp of his wings instantly rocketing him to the falling human before him. Jade's hand rose up as the whole outside world was again lost between her and the Sky Demon coming to her valiant rescue.

"Hsi Wu!!! Forget about her!!!!" Tso Lan yelled angrily, mirroring the grimaces of the remaining brethren. Hsi Wu, you traitor. Why are you saving the human girl?

Jade was caught in an aura of compassion as Hsi Wu caught her, the tomboy who'd never say die, in those bony arms as his wings flapped lightly, allowing them to float back down to earth. "Jade, are you alright?" Hsi Wu asked, looking at her.

"Hsi Wu, did you save me?" Jade was surprised, touched in fact, that he saved her life. He saved me…No one ever put me first. Why did he save me? Does he like me? I guess he was telling the truth about leaving the demons and joining my side, Jade wondered, looking curiously at the boy with wings. He looked cuter than before.

How dare you! Tso Lan! I had everything under control and you had to mess it up on me. You used Jade as a decoy to get me to show how I truly feel for her. You'll pay for using Jade!!! Hsi Wu growled, looking up at the building where the other demons, the other unhappy demons, were….

End: Track 1


The title began as "Demon's Heart" but ended up becoming "Demon Heart". I have chosen the final title for this retelling.

Tso Lan the Moon Demon was mentioned in this fic as Tso Pi. His name was changed to avoid confusion.

Seymour's last name, Jahoositz, was Euphonious in this version. Euphonious is a word meaning "pleasant sounding", like flute music. Hey, is this an irony?

Jade and Seymour are both 16 in this fic, although Seymour is obviously MUCH older than that.

Bai Tsa the Water Demon was mentioned here as Mu Lai. She was among the last demons released from their portals, which may explain why tari-chan came up with a completely different name. Shadowcell's "Slave" mentioned Mu Lai and its author was confused for days on end whether she was Mu Lai or Bai Tsa. Of course, the rest of us H/J writers waited for the answer.

Despite the many mentions of Seymour and Hsi Wu, the Sky Demon is virtually always in Seymour mode.

Po Kong's reasoning for being on a roof had to be explained by me. The Mountain Demon's size in this story was very difficult to get clear. But hey, even if she was made smaller, she'd still be a big hunk of body fat. Those love handles can kill anyone.

One of my favorite parts about Demon Heart is that it's loaded with so much of these little monologues. Jade/Hsi's still the coolest out here.

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