Yami wakes up from his eternal sleep and is unaware that he is a vampire until he starts to kill people for thier blood. He becomes a cold hearted killer util he meets this one special person that may be able to help him. MAYBE!

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A small group of young people that was only limited of four walked through the city park as they talked about what events took place for them today. It was a sunny warm day but was starting be occupied by small but then larger dark clouds as the day continued.

"Geez I hope we don't get rained on." Said one of the tallest of the three other teens. He hag bushy like hair that mostly hung over his eyes, a green jacket, a short sleeve shirt and baggy pants.

"Yeah I hope we don't because I have a ways to walk home from here guys." Said the short brown haired but tall and slender female. As she looked up in the sky to see the small grey clouds becoming larger

"Man this sucks I was hoping to hang out here all day with you guys because it gets so boring at my house." The third member of the group agreed as he to looked up towards the sky that was becoming gray. As his brown pointy hair pointed up towards the sky as he looked up.

"Aw c'mon guys don't be so blunt!" The smallest of the four replied as he looked as his friends smilling. He had on a sleeveless black shirt and leather pants, and his hair hunged out in every direction. With golden hanging bangs on the side of his face and black with trimed crismson poked out this way and that.

"I'm sure we can find something else to do today." He finished with confidence as he stared at his friends.

The blond one was the next one that replied to his friends comment after there after a few minutes of silence past.

" Nah I'm sorry Yug, I have to see how my sister is doing and make sure my dad isn't past out drunk again or anything." He said as he staired at his friend with the spikey hair in disapointment.

"Yeah and I need to go see how Serenity is doing to." The pointy brown haired one replied slyly as he wrapped his arm around the blond ones neck grinning sheepishly as he looked at his friend out of the corner of his eyes."

"Don't get any bright ideas!" He snapped back warningly as he pushed his friend off of him.

"Joey and Tristian will you to behave?!" The brown haired girl said stairing at the two who where ready to jump on each other.

"Yeah you two guys setle down." Yugi agreed with his female friend.

The two boys eased up there tense bodies but continued to stair at each other.

"Ok I think we should be heading back now." Yugi said as he started to walk away so his two friends wouldn't kill each other.

"Yeah your right Yug we should be heading back." His friend Joey answered. Then he started to walk the other direction with Tristian still bugging him. That was the one withe the brown pointy hair.

As the two walked off bickering with each other Yugi sighed and then turned to his Brown haired female friend named Tea, who was just now looking at the ground.
"So do you need me to walk you home or anything Tea?" Her small friend questioned.

"Nah I'll be ok Yugi. I dont live that far from here you know. I'm sure I'll be allright." She assured him as she looked into his eyes as inosence and assurance started to fill them as she stared.

"Well I'll see you later Yugi!" She shouted cheerfully as she turned and walked away waving at him. He waved back and also turned away smiling, humming to himself as he to started to head back home.

On the other side of the park thier was an old graveyard that has been thier since before the city and the park was built. And in the graveyard there was also tomb buildings.
And there was the one tomb there that was old and covered with vines that had been forgotten and had been unattended to possibly for years and even centuries it looked like.

See this tomb was so big you would thing there would be at least four coffins in it. But fortunatly there was only one. Probably belonged to some rich person but who knows for this tomb had long ben forgotten.

In the inside of it ofcoarse occupied the coffin, lots of cobwebs,dust, spiders and other things that would make them selves at home to a long forgotten tomb.
As the blue day sky became gray and black,night was starting to build above it.

Back inside the tomb dust started to arise from the coffin as the lid was somehow bening pushed up opened. The lid of the coffin was pushed off of its position where it had been for centuries was flung to the floor.

Then a person had arose from the coffin! He sat up confused and bewildered as he thuaght to himself why had he suddenly aawakend?!

"How long has it been?" He questioned himself awkwardly. "I don't even remeber when or why I was put here?" He continued to think. Then his eyes snapped opened allmost in total shock for he realised that he was in a coffin and that he was suposingly dead.

He examined himself. First his clothes; they were old and ragged looking. //Ra how long have I been in there? Has it been that long, for my clothes to even look like this// He quistioned himself. And soon as he continued examining himself he realised that he looked quite
pale and then he started to feel somthing inside of him that he had never felt for so long.
He was hungry! But not for food that he use to eat, he was hungry for something else.

As his hunger thaughts started to fill his mind, he lifted his legs over the side of the coffin and hoped down. Wich had made him dizzy a moment later. //Woah// He thuaght to himself
//I shouldn't be so surprised though. for it possibly has been long since I have eaten wich could perfectly be the reason.// As he convinced himself over and over again with more excusses.

Ofcoarse he didn't know what to make of himself then and why had he woken from the dead,
and he didn't know what he was hungry for but he new he was. But what? As he walked out of his tomb he became more and more hungry as he started to smell the sent of something
that made his feelings tense up with excitement.

As he stated to walk around the graveyard a bit he started to hear voices.
"Hey I heard a rumour that this cemetary is haunted!" He heard a male voice say.
"Oh please don't even try it!" He then heard a female voice threaten.

As Yami started to heat their conversation, he decided to see where they were.
When he walked a bit towards some bushes he peaked through not to be seen from them because he didn't want to frighten them.

"Oh Ra! Something really smells good! And its coming from those three teenagers?! I don't see any food with them; but surely enough they must have some! But wait I can;t let them see me! But im so hungry!"

His feelings that he had of hunger started to intense even more as he watched the group go on with thier conversation. "I am so hungry! Why am I so?!" He kept on asking himself over and over again. "Then as he was still watching them he started to realize that he wasn't hungry for food but for something else.

He then notice that the three teenagers started to play around. Then he heard one of the guys say ouch when he notice that the teen that had short pance, his arm started to bleed.

As he was watching he didn't notice that there was a guy coming up behind him who was ready to jump him. Possibly to take his money. But he heard some twigs snap and he was smelling the same thing behind that was coming from the teenagers behind him.

Right when he heard the noise he saw the man and then emidiatly when after him fist in order to protect himself. As he tackled the man to the ground the sent of what he was smelling before became stronger. But he paid no heed to it.

"Who the hell are you?!" He he growled at the man. "I..I.." The man could only stuter for he was shocked and Yami then just got irritated with him. So he then tried to ask him another qustion "What year is this?! Can you tell me that?" He questioned him angrily as he stood and lifted the man up buy his shirt calor. "It...It's.. The year 2003 sir!" The man stuttered.

His eyes then widend with shock, then he realised what he was wearing and what the person was wearing to. "I'm going to need your clothes!" He said to the poor man in a threaten tone as he let go of the guys shirt.

"My...My clothes?!" The man was now sweating in fear and nervousnous. Now he was started to wish that he hadn't came across Yami. "Yes your clothes!" Yami grinned at him angrily.
"But..But I can't give you my clothes!" The man replied.

Then Yami thuaght to himself as he looked at the man "You will give me your clothes now!"
Then all of a sudden the guy said "I will give you my clothes now." He said this time with out argueing.

Yami was surprised by this. "What by Ra?!" But he just brushed it off as he was waiting
impatiantly as the man was taking off his clothes and sarted to hand them to Yami.

After the man gave Yami his clothes he came out of the trance. "Hey wait a minute hodw did you get my clothes?" Just then Yami glanced up at him in shock, then he was so irritated with the man and yet he was hungry to.

He was smelling the same smell coming from this man as he did from the teenagers.
"Oh Ra something smells good!" He thuaght excitingly to himself. Then he realized were the smell was coming from.

So now the smell coming from the man was becoming to tempting for Yami to ignore and thuaght "The hell with it!" And then dropped the clothes on the ground and leapt at the man.
Ofcoarse the the stranger shrieked out in surprise as he saw Yami leaped at him, and before he new it he was flat on the ground with Yami on top of him.

He stared into Yamis eyes as he watched him sniffed his neck. "It's coming from you! All of you!" The guy then just raised on eyebrow as he questioned Yami "What are you talking about?! What smell?!"

the poor guy was now nervous in sweat wich was making Yami more intense.

*~*~*~Yami POV*~*~*
"Oh Ra why is it that im sincing this. It's driving me crazy! And for some rreason I amgetting more and more hungry. I must taste him! Becuse it just keeps on coming from these daily humans and it's driving me crazy!"

"Wha..What are you doing?!" the man questioned Yami.

//I don't no whats happening with me! First I wake up from my eternal sleep and then I keep on smelling this scrumcious smell that seems to be coming from every human I see! And I know have the urge to taste this guy?!// Yami thaught as he stared at the stranger.

Then all of a sudden Yami sunk his teeth in the side of the strangers neck. //Oh gods what am i doing know?!// Yami questioned to himself as he started to taste the strangers blood.
//I must stop!// He kept on convinsing himself. //But it tasts so good!//

Yami continued to suck the blood out of the mans neck. It felt so reasuring to Yami as he tasted the blood that he sucked out of that complete stranger. He kept on sucking the blood
until the strangers body went limp.

Yami then let him go as the now lifeless body fell to the ground. //Oh gods what have I done?!//
Yami was now in fear for himself for what he had doen. //I can't believe I just did that!//
He continued to ponder those thaughts to himself over and over as he looked down at the person that he just drnk the blood from until it started to rain.

Yami decided it was time to head back to where he came from for the night until the rain would stop. Then ofcoarse he would want to go out and explore more of this new world and its poeple.
As he was walking back the taste of the blood still sat in his mouth, wich mad ehim crave for more. But he new he just needed to get out of the rain for now just untill it ended.

He soon arived back to where his resting place was and then decided he needed to just lay back in his coffin and think about what had just happen moments ago.

As Yami picked the stone lid of his coffin off the ground, he placed it back halfway on top of it; just enough room for him to get back into. He finally laid back down into his coffin then had slid the stone top completly over the rest of it.

Just as he was starting to relax his mind as think of the events that took place today he started to hear voices. "Phew we needed to get out of that rain!" He heard a male voice say.
"Yeah we did but did we need to go in here?!" He then heard a female question he figured the male.

As Yami continued to listen to the young voices he started to recognize them.
"We had no choise this was the only place around here that was close enough to get out of the rain and pluss it was open. Yami then heard a new male voice reply.

Just then Yami started to smell the same smell he was smelling earlier. But this time it was more tempting than before. He then heard the famale voice speak "We need to be heading back soon. This place is giving me the creeps and pluss your bleeding."

Yami then thaught to himself again as he laid there in the coffin//Is that what I'm smelling?! BLOOD?!// He thaught questionly over and over to himself.

"Oh it's nothing it's just a scratch." He heard the male strangers spoke. He then recognized thier voices. They were the three teens he saw earlier today. And he remembered that one of the guys had gotten a scratch wich was the one who had just spoken.

As yami was picturing the events that took place today he kept on thinking about the guy who had the cut. //Thats what I must be smelling!" Yami thaught to himself excitingly.

"C'mon guys we need to go, the rain is letting up." He now heard the female demand.
"Ok I guess your right; we should be heading back."

So the three teens were walking through the graveyard when back at the tomb Yami pushed the lid back open and slid out of it. He could still sense the smell he was smelling earlier
when the teens were in here and it smelled just as strong as ever.

As Yami stepped out of his coffin he notice a little red spot on the stone floor next to the entrance. //That must have been where the injured one stood// Yami thuaght to himself.

Yami then knelt down to the spot and sniffed it. //This must be crazy! Me thinking that the blood of the humans today smell good?!// He kept on quistioning himself over and over passionatly. He then touched the spot on the ground with two of his fingures and then licked it.

//Oh Ra this tastes so good!// Yami thaught excitingly. He then stood up and said to himself
"I must have it! I must have more!"
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