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It was now completly nigh fall as Yugi finally came back home to the game shop.
"Grampa; I'm home!" He shouted as he came in.

"Ah Yugi!" His grampa greetd him. "Finally home I see."

Yugi then blushed because he then new that his grampa might have been
a little worried about him coming home late. "Oh,yeah sorry I'm late grampa I kinda got caught in the rain so I kinda waited it out." As little Yugi tried to explain to his grampa.

"Oh I see; then I guess no worries then." His grampa then told him.
"Thanks gampa!" Yugi said now relieved."I'm going up to my room now to finish my homework."

"Ok then Yugi your mother is making dinner witch should be done in a little while." His grampa told him.

Yugi then stopped in his tracks as he started to walk up the stairs then raised an eyevrow at him when he responded "Oh really? Whats she cooking?"

His grampa then giggled a little because he new it was Yugi's favorite and that he would be exciteted about it."Hamburgers!"He told Yugi as he smilled.

"Oh yeah!" Yugi then shouted cheerfully as his eyes litted up. "Yeah make sure to tell me when its done if I'm not down yet k grampa!"

"Ofcoarse I will Yugi!" His grampa replied smilling as he looked at his grandson.

Yuig then finshed walking up the stairs when he walked into his room wich was just a little ways down the hall. He then sat down at his little desk top in his room and got out his books to do his homework. As he started to write he realized that it was getting a little hot so he opened up his window and then had returned back to his homework.But as he worked on his homework he slowly grew tired and fell asleep at his desk.


Yami was walking away from the gravyard and into the park hoping to find the boy that was injured that had left that delicouns spot of blood in his tomb. But then he realized that he was still in his old clothes.

So he walked back to where he got his first victem and saw that the man was still lying there on the ground with the clothers nezt to him. //Pitty.// Yami started to think to himself as he stared at the lifeless body.

//I wish you were still alive so I could retaste the blood that was with in you. But no matter there are thousands more that I can do the same to.// Yami then bent down and picked the clothes up then started to change into them.

Whan he was about done he started to hear voices again witch started to sound familiar
so he listened in on the conversation.

"I'm telling you guys we need to get home! I'm not playing.!" He heard a female voice say.
//hmmm..//Yami started to think. As he then located there penpoint that was beyond the same brush as before.

" Aw c'mon girly well be home soon I promise." He then heard and one of the guys say.

Just then he recognized there voices and thier appearance. //Huh!// Yami gasped in his mind. //Thats the three I've been looking for!// He then thaught excitingly.

He then saw the girl pushed the boy that spoke a minute ago as she said "I'm not kidding! I told my folks that I would be home no later then eight o'clock and it's allready nine o'clock!"

" But I need a smoke before we head back because you know I can't smoke at my house!"

"A smoke!" The girl giggled out. " You don't even own a pack so where are you going to get one.?!"

"Oh welll I was hoping soon that we would run into someone that woud have one."

Then the girl started to say outloud irritatingly "Someone?! What someone?! We have been the only people out here for the past hour!"

Yami was still watching from beyond the brush inseen when he started to think what a smoke was. After a few minutes Yami then looked down from the ground and saw a pack of something that must have belonged to the man.

He then picked it up and had tried to read it. But ofvoarse he couldn't because this english language was new to him. But then he saw a picture on the box that looked long and skinny with a brown ended tip and gray smoke coming out of the other end witch was colored white.

//I guess this is what he is talking about.// Yami thaught to himself again as he rasied an eyebrow as he examend the picture. //Hmmm... I.....Guess......This is what he calls a smoke because theres smoke one this picture.// He thaught awkwardly.

As he continud to listen to the group bciker at one another the smell of the blood that he knew was driving him crazy. I mean he was just about to think// ah hell with it!// and just leap after them, but ofcoarse he didn't want to frighten them, away.

So he was able to maintain his eagerness. Then he got this idea..// Hm.. maybe if I sneak around out from the bushes and offer this guy a smmmoooke, hopefully they'll leave and I can tell them that I will intend to thier injured friend.//

Yami smirked at the good thaught, so he decided to go with it. He qutly walked ou t from the bushes not being heard and walked up to the group.

" I'm telling you I wanna go home! i'm tired and your friend is standing here bleeding! and all you can think of is youself?! I swear this is the last time a go with you anywhere!" The girl finished angrily.

"I told you i'm fine" The one with the injury told her tiredly. then she looked at him with the face like 'you got to be kidding me look' "No your not! She snapped at him. I can look at you and see that your even turning pail! We need to find someone to take us back home because I think you are even to weak to walk even back home." She bitterly.

With out anr suspense the teenagers didn't know that Yami was walking up behind them because now they were to busy bickering at one another.

As Yami approached them, the smell of the blood started to get even more irrisistable to him. But still he tried his best to maintined his eagerness as he finnaly walked up behind them.

"um exscuse me but I could help but over hear yalls problems." The threesome turned around and just looked at Yami for a moment till the silence was broke with a sigh from the girl.

"Yes mister I wont leave till I get a smoke hear wont lut us go and my other friend here is bleeding." the girl pointed out as she explianed to him.

"m hm..." Yami said through his lips as he looked at the hurt one. Then Yami replied to her
"Well I happen to have what your friend there has been wanting" Yami Reached into his pocket and pulled out the pack. "And you can have the whole thing," Yami said as he handed over to the boy. "Hey thanks man!" He said cheerfully. Then the girl had put her hands on her hips and told him" I hope you choke!"

And as for your hurt friend here it will be my pleasure if it would be ok for yall if I can take him some where and have him fixed up.

*~*~*~*~*Back at Yugi's*~*~*~
As Yugi was sleeping at his desk he started to move around a bit because he started to have this strange dream that he was in the park aat night and was watching a group of poeple talk to one another.

The girl thaught about it for a moment but then agreed."Ok but I want to go with you to make sure hes ok."

Yami then looked at the girl then he thaught //hmm. uh oh! But wait maybe I can see if I can use the mind thing to use on her like I did on that guy that I uh delt with earlier//

So he looked at her on her eyes and mentally orderd her //No! You should be heading home.//

Then all of a sudden the girl said "On second thaught I do need to be heading home."
Then she looked at her hurt friend,"I'll cal you tommorow and see how you rdoing ok."

"Uh ok" He replied back to her. Then she started to walk off. Then Yami Mentally thaught to himself,//Yes! It worked!// He was about to do it too the other boy who was turned away lighting a cigerett, but he turned at told them "Yeah I got what i needed so I'll call you tommorow." He said to his friend as he placed a hand on his buds shoulder. Then he turned the other way and started to walk off.

//Well good I don't have to worry abou him.// Yami thaught gladly. As he was thinking that he heard the teen who was eft with him, "Uh shouldn't we take care of this?" He explianed to yami as he pointed to his knee.

Yugi continued to shif uncomfortably at his desk as he slept. He was now starting to even sweat a little as he was sleeping.

He was now just seeing to male figures walk through the park alone. He was now starting to make out one of them but the figures were solid black so he couldn't make out there faces or what they wore or even the color of their skin. But he managed to notice in the dream that oone of them had spiky hair that stuck out like his. But thats all he was able to see.

Back at the park the two where walking down a side walk path. The smell now thne started to drive Yami nuts! He kept on rubing his fangs that where hidden in his mouth with his tounge in oder to keep control.

Just then he spoted a becn and thaught he can take care of the boy here since no one else was out there at the park.

********Ok this part is going to have a little bit of yaoi graphics in it just to warn ya don't wanna see it cause it has a little blood but nothing relly but I just wanted to tell ya anyway********

"Hey theres a bench over ther so lets go sit there and I'll take care of that mess for you"
Yami suggested.

The boy thaught this over for a minute because he thaught it was kinda strange.
"Uh; ok." He answerd hesitantly.

So they walked over to the benched at sat down together at the same time.

"Ok now let me see that knee." Yami demanded.

The boy did so as he lefted his leg onto Yami's lap. "m hm..." He thaught out loud to him self.

"I think I have a way I can clean that up." Yami said wit a smirk. He then started to whipe the teens blood off his leg with his finger, then Yami licked it off his finger.

The boys eyes windend ini shock as Yami started then he quistioned him with a stutter. "Wha. What are you doing?!" He chocked out at Yami in surprise.


Poor Yugi was now getting even more incormfertable for what he was seeing in his dream.
And now he was even starting to make out the figures even more.

The two where now sitting what looked t be a bench in the park now and for some reason the tall spiky haired figure seemd to be licking the others leg that laid on his lap.

Yugi was now getting to make out the spiky haird ones color a bit as he watched even more.
He started to make out the colors of the spiked hair.

It was what it looked like, tirimbed with black and crimson, just like to Yugi's hair. And the thaught of that even made Yugi check his hair to. //Yep just like mine so far.//Yugi thaught to
himself in his dream. Just then he noticed that the spiky hair figure slowly turned and faced where Yugi was.

*~*~*Back at the park*~*~*

Yami thaught he heard some one coming from the side at where they were sitting. Yami quickly turned his head but saw no one. So he continued back to his bussinesss as the shocked teen watched on.

*~*~*~*~Back at Yugi's*~*~*~*

Back in Yugi's dream Yugi notice that the spiky haird one had turned at looked at him as if he saw him. That sent shivers down little Yugi's spine. Then Yugi thaught to himself in his dream,
//Woah! Did he just turned and looked at me or was he looking at something else?!// He pondered as he looked behind him. But he saw nothing.

*~*~*~*Back at the park*~*~*~

Yami continued on what he was doing. But as he was doing his goal he thaught to himself.
//hmm I could of sworn I thaught I heard someone?// Yami then just shrugged it off from his mind and continued to lick the red substance that was dripping down the boys leg.

The poor teen than began to whimper and beged at Yami, "Please sir you've done enough I..I
wish to go home now." He requested in a nervous and shakily voice.

Yami then looked into the boys eyes and placed his finger over the young ones lips.
"shh.." He responded back in a soft tone. "It'll all be over soon." Yami whisperd.

Yami bent downward at the boys knee and took one last lick now with his tounge at the now cleaned cut.

The teen then let out a little whimper as Yami did so. And again Yami looked back up once again into the boys eyes and placed his finger over the young one then he just smiled with a smirk and with a little chuckle mixed in at the same time. Then he spoke softly "Hush now and let me finsj I'm still hungry"

The boy then raised an eyebrow at his remark then, and before he knew it Yami was brushing his lips up and down slowly on his neck which made him yelp a little whimper in surprisement.

This was deffinantly turning Yami on, he was even almost glad he had awaken for he may have missed this. He then softly brushed his lips slowly up the boys neck till he reached his ear then Yami whispered once more to him " Have you ever known what its like to tasts the blood of the inocent?" Yami questioned in a soft whisper with a smile.

The teen then gasped at what he said. But before he could even think about ding anything Yami
started to nibble harder and harder at his neck and Yami had covered his mouth as well.

" I told you it'll all be over soon!" Yami whispered once more. The boy then widend his eyes in shock for what he felt. He felt somehting now poking him in the side of the neck. Then all of a sudden he started to get weaker and weaeker as he then stuggled trying to get free from the strangers grip.

The taste of the boys blood intering into Yami's mouth as he sucked made his body tingle with heat wicth made him smile. He continued to dink until the boy finally went limp within the struggle.

*****************Ok you can uncover your eyes!!!!**********************


Yugi woke up with a gasp as he lifted his head up from the desk. He was now pianting and sweating from his dream. He had never had a dream like that before. Wich is one of the reasons. //Oh man what was that all about?!// Yugi thaught with a sickining feeling coming to his stomach.

*~*~*~*~*Back at the park*~*~*~

Yami just finished his goal as he got finished sucking the blood from the boys neck. He released himself wit a gasp of relief to feel in the night air. //What was that I know I just heard something Yami growled.

But there was no one in sight. So he stood up and laid the now lifeless body on the bench and wiped his mouth. //Oh by Ra that was just to good// he thaught excitingly to himself.

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