Wow... I did not expect to write around 11,000 for this fanfic, but I don't think other chapters will be as long as this one... Or maybe they will, who knows? But anyways I watched My Hero Academia and read some of the manga... Hope I didn't do any spelling mistakes.


It was the finish of the first semester, with the students of Morioh high were ready to go on their respective holiday's. Whether or not it was within their hometown, or abroad.

And to think, it took a fight with a serial killer with supernatural powers to get to this stage of school.

Josuke grimaced at the memory, but other then that, he had been glad that he was on break. He combed his well maintained pompadour, his dark modified gakuran and wide legged pants felt comfy, and his peace signs gleamed with the sun that shined through the window.

His life had admittedly gotten a lot more calmer despite his bizarre abilities.

He looked out the window to inspect the summer clouds before he felt his friend nudge him.

"Yo, Josuke. Didya hear that Koichi and Yukako are gonna head off to Okinawa!?" Okuyasu asked, in his typical loud mouth fashion. "Errh! That lucky bastard I tell ya what."

Josuke merely smiled before leaning back on the seat of the bus.

Okuyasu also wore a modified gakuran, yet his had no opening like Josuke's, instead sporting dollar signs and yen symbols on his clothes.

"Yeah, yeah... By the way, how's your dad doing?" Josuke asked in earnest.

Okuyasu scratched the back of his head. "Erm, he seems to be doing fine." Okuyasu admitted, "Those guys who work at Speedwagon are really helping his condition, they say they might even restore his... Uh... Co-gn-it-ive function or something like that."

"Huh, good to hear." Josuke said. "I'm just glad were done for this semester, now there's just two more to go."

"Yeah! This semester was my best quarter!" Okuyasu said as he got pumped. "I even got a 45 in the finals!"

"45?" Josuke asked with a hint of surprise, "Wow, that's a good improvement."

The bus stopped for a second as a few people got on.

"I know! And what's more is tha-" Okuyasu was about to finish that sentence before he noticed something cross the window of the bus, causing him to space out for a second.

"Okuyasu?" Josuke asked before he looked out the window to see what he was looking at, or more of who he was looking at.

His heart stopped.

A man was walking across the street, his back turned to the bus. However what made him paralyzed was the man's hair.

It was blonde, tight, and loosely combed, sporting very familiar cat like ears that were hidden beneath a stylish bowler hat.

"T-Th-That's-!" Okuyasu sputtered.

"Not possible..." Josuke whispered, "We kil-" He stopped himself, "He died... Remember?"

"It doesn't seem so!" Okuyasu said in a panicked whisper.

Their was a long pause as Josuke debated before he made his decision.

"Fuck it, c'mon Okuyasu." Josuke said before standing up from his seat, his friend following closely behind him as the two of them stepped off the bus. "Which way did he go?" Josuke asked as a refresher.

"Over here." Okuyasu said as he pointed a finger, "That... Creepy looking warehouse over there."

"Ah jeez." Josuke said, even the place looked intimidating. An abandon and runned down warehouse, he could almost here the news.

'Two teens go missing at warehouse district'.

"C'mon!" Josuke said before he ran across the street, Okuyasu in tow.

The two of them passed through the gate, now open due to the locks being rusted out as they ran inside, inspecting the giant place as broken and discarded machinery lied everywhere.

"You see him?" Josuke asked.

Okuyasu merely shook his head before the sound of machinery falling over was heard. The two of them turned their heads to see the man again, this time he seemed to be inspecting the machinery with his pair of white gloves.

"Hey!" Josuke yelled, the man looked up before a chill went down Josuke's spine.

It wasn't him, yet his instinct told him it was.

The man in front of him had to be Yoshikage Kira. Yet wasn't.

His face seemed way to young and his eyes were completely black, not like the pale purple pupils that he had when Josuke first saw him. In fact, the man's face was more reminiscent to Kosaku Kawajiri, Hayato's late father.

"Stop right there asshole!" Okuyasu yelled before running forward, "We have a few question's to as-!"

The student didn't even finish before he tripped over something, yelping in surprise as「The Hand」stopped it's users fall, pushing both hands on the ground. It's blue and white body along and headlight eyes quickly got Okuyasu in an upright position.

Josuke ran up alongside his friend,「Crazy Diamond」appeared as the bubble gum pink and silver armor shined out, the「Stand」 got in a defensive stance.

"Okuyasu! You okay?" Josuke asked to his friend.

"Y-Yeah, I think-" Okuyasu paused before he immediately yelled in shock. "W-WOAH! Holy shit!" The teen yelled.

Josuke turned his head to his friend, now slowly sinking into the ground as a dark purple void of fog enveloped Okuyasu's leg.

"O-Okuyasu!" Josuke yelled out before「Crazy Diamond」reached it's hand out, it's usually scowling face now plastered with an aura of seriousness. "Use your「Stand」!"

「The Hand」obliged, using it's left hand to grab hold.

Within moments,「Crazy Diamond」began to pull, slowly tugging「The Hand」as Okuyasu came along with it.

"Almost there..." Josuke said, he didn't know that he had just jinxed it.

Suddenly, the void pulled back, catching Josuke and Okuyasu off guard as the punk began to sink further, now up to his waste.

"S-shit!" Josuke yelled, his friend was now sinking at a slower rate, but nonetheless he was still stuck. Okuyasu looked up at Josuke, his eyes said it all.

"Josuke... You're gonna have to let go of me." Okuyasu said slowly.

"No way in hell!" Josuke said,「Crazy Diamond」seemed to be pulling with all of it's strength, it's pink skin and muscles bulging under the strain before Okuyasu was finally at a standstill. "We're fine, see?"

And then it pulled, this time for the last as the force threw the two students inside the purple void, screaming.

There was a long pause as the purple fog seemed to dissipate. The man they had been following arose from the pile of machinery as he looked down, the former living simply raised an eyebrow.

He would normally ask what that was all about, but then again, that was a dead man's question. It wasn't his place, yet curiosity sparked him.

The man formerly known as Kira slowly began to move, floating towards the closing warp gate before he began to sink into it, It was a risky move, but it's not like he had much else to do except find possibility in the pursuit happiness.

For all he knew, this was his chance.

Unforeseen Simulation Joint

"M...M... Midoriya, I can't take it anymore." Minoru whispered as he watched in horror, "I'm sure you must be having second thoughts, right?"

"Ribbit..." Tsu croaked, the lower half of her face underwater.

Izuku Midoriya simply watched on, his face plastered with shock as he watched his teacher brutalized by the monster. What could they do? They would surely be dead if they had revealed himself.

Izuku was deep in thought as their eavesdropping continued before another Villain appeared, the warp gate Villain known as Kurogiri.

"Hngh..." The void took a second to steady himself from a wave of unknown exhaustion. "Strange..."

Kurogiri reappeared alongside Tomura as the childish Villain watched Nomu hold a broken and bloodied Shota to the ground. The pro hero teacher looked as if he had seen better days, with his right arm broken and his left elbow was disintegrated. Luckily the three Villains were oblivious of the heroes in training that were hiding in the water.

"Tomura Shigaraki." Kurogiri spoke, he was here to deliver bad news.

The Villain turned his head, the disembodied hand hiding his face. "Kurogiri, did you kill thirteen?"

"I put thirteen out of action," Kurogiri paused, "but there were students I was unable to disperse, and one of them was able to run away."

Tomura turned his head further as if he hadn't heard that properly.


The childish Villain put a hand to his neck as he sighed, before he began to scratch. It grew in intensity before he bought his other hand out, scratching more fiercely as bloody marks began to form on the man's neck.

"Kurogiri, you..."

Tomura turned his soulless red pupil to Kurogiri. "If you weren't a warp gate, I would've crushed you to-"

A loud thump was heard, before a yell of distress sounded. The two Villains and the three hidden heroes immediately reacted, turning their heads to the fountain to see-

Two teens, rubbing their respective behinds in pain.


"Ow!" Okuyasu yowled, "What the hell Josuke!? I thought I told you to let go!"

Josuke adapted to the pain before he pointed a hand accusingly at his friend, "Really ya dim-wit!? The least I can get is a thanks or-"

The pompadour teen was about to say his mind before he noticed people staring at the two of them. The two Morioh students sat up as they stared back down, Okuyasu's and Josuke's face was littered with confusion.

"W-Woah, talk about a costume party." Okuyasu said before he looked up and gaped, the dome they were in had to be an impossible size, almost the length of a skyscraper and the width of one. "Where the hell did we end up at?!"

Josuke instead analyzed the oddly dressed people, or more precisely, the two that stared up at them.

One of them sported messy gray hair, but his features were hidden behind a disturbing outfit of disembodied hands. Whilst the other was... purple void consisting of two bright yellow rays for eyes.

"Hey!" Josuke said in realization, "That's the same purple fog that bought us-!" Josuke paused as his eyes drifted upwards, a gravelly wounded man was being held down against the pavement, a giant creature of some sort looked to be the culprit as it's two unblinking eyes looked up at the two students. "What...?"

"Yeah, you're right." Okuyasu said before he noticed the mortally wounded man as well, "Oi! What are they doing to that guy, and what the hell is that thing!?" Okuyasu said in shock as he gestured to the monster. The creature looked up at them, it's bulging brain and lidless eyes seemed to focus in on them as it tightened it's grip on the man's broken arm, making him throw his head out in pain.

Josuke and Okuyasu backed up a second, sweat beginning to form on their heads.

"I don't know what the hell is going on." Josuke admitted before his stare intensifying, "But that things gonna kill that man if we don't do anything."

"You're right Josuke!" Okuyasu said as he pointed at the bloodied man, "Now I may be a punk, and I'm not very smart... But even I know injustice when I see it!"

Josuke paused, turning his head to his friend.

"... Then let's do something about it."

Unforeseen Simulation Joint

"... Who are those two..." Tomura slowly asked.

"I... Am unsure." Kurogiri responded, the warp gate Villain had to narrow his omniscient yellow eyes. "However they appear to be shocked with the way were treating Shota."

Tomura began to scratch his neck, "Strange... Very strange..."

Meanwhile, the three hiding heroes in training watched on, their attention diverted to the new arrivals.

"A-Are they pro heroes? Here to save us?" Minoru asked with a hint of hope in his voice. Izuku on the other hand, merely analyzed the two new arrivals before he silently shook his head

"I don't think so..." Izuku admitted, "By the look of them... I-I would say that there students. But not from UA though. And...-" Izuku scratched his head, "If they are heroes, then I've never seen them before."

Tsu submerged her head even further, her face slowly drooping with horror. "Oh no..."

"Get away..."

A voice whispered out, all three heroes turned to their teacher, just as his face was slammed into the pavement again. The three students visibly winced from Nomu's brutality as they witnessed Shota attempt to warn the two new arrival's.

Tomura and Kurogiri turned their heads back to the pro hero before the decay Villain chuckled darkly.

"What's this now...?" Tomura asked as he walked up to the teacher, "You shouldn't overexert yourself Shota... That's how people get hurt y'know..." Tomura said as a matter of fact before Nomu held his face up, it was now bloodied as his eyes struggled to stay open.

The Villain stared on before giving his order, "Finish him... Nom-"


And then Shota slipped right through Nomu's gasp, almost as if something had pulled him.

The teen with two lines across his face held him in a support's carry as he stood their, his face staring down at the two Villain's whilst his pompadour friend came up next to him, both hands out in a combat stance. How they even got to the bottom of the stairs that quickly was a surprise to both Villain's.

Tomura took a moment to digest, "Did those two just..."

Minoru's cheerfully smiled, whilst Izuku and Tsu both paused in place.

"W-What was that quirk?!" Minoru asked, it was too quick for any of the student's to register on how the person was able to save their teacher.

There was a long silence, before the teen holding Aizawa spoke.

"Damn right we did! You creepy asshole" Okuyasu yelled out, his face steaming with anger and arrogance.

"Yeah." Josuke said as he came up alongside Okuyasu to stare at the two Villains. "If you assholes think you can just waltz in and kill someone, then you have another thing coming."

Tomura paused, Kurogiri floated next to him.

"Shall I-" The warp Villain was about to say something before his comrade put a hand in front of him. Tomura's eyes were disturbingly wide as he began to furiously itch his neck again.

"Hmm..." Tomura grunted, "So... You both wanted to play hero?"

Josuke and Okuyasu paused, unsure of what to say.

And then Tomura charged forward, his hand outstretched as he went faster then any human being was capable of.

Izuku widened his eyes, before he jumped up from his spot. The time for being idle was over as Tsu and Minoru got out of the water as well.

"LOOK OUT! HIS TOUCH DECAY'S!" The hero student yelled.

The two Morioh students turned their heads in surprise, unaware that their were other's hiding before Tomura was barely a feet away from them.

"J-Josuke! Look out!" Okuyasu yelled, unable to do anything as he held the wounded man.

However Josuke was like a deer stuck in a headlight, briefly paralyzed as Tomura's hand was just inches away.

"-And I'll be sure all that remain's is your shitty excuse for hair...!" Tomura said out-loud.

Big mistake.

Josuke sidestepped flawlessly as Tomura's hand met nothing but air. The Villain stopped for a second as he turned his head slowly.

"Woah... How did you get that-"


And then Tomura's hand shattered, it's knuckle and bone sticking through skin as blood spurted right out of it. The Villain gasped out before his eyes adjusted and widened.

Standing right next to the teen named 'Josuke' was a being, it's blue armor and pink skin shined within the lighting as it's knuckle was balled. Blood dripped off from it's hand, showing that it was the culprit of the fierce attack.

It's face scowled as it's eyes narrowed down at Tomura.

Izuku stood their in shock, as did Tsu and Minoru as they stood with their mouths agape. Even Kurogiri seemed to have froze, his fog like body shriveling up.

What the hell just happened?

And then Josuke spoke.

"Excuse me... Senpai..." The teen asked, before「Crazy Diamond」readied both fists.

"But what the fuck, did you just say... About my HAIR!?"

And then「Crazy Diamond」rushed forward.


Tomura was immediately pelted with bone crushing punches that would kill an ordinary person were it not for enhanced durability as「Crazy Diamond」unleashed it's user's fury. A few disembodied hand's on the Villain's body were smashed right off and flung before sick crater like bruises were formed.


The decay Villain then went flying, a giant gaping bruise on his chest as he went skidding across the ground before smashing into a concrete wall.

"-Fast..." Tomura sputtered to finish his sentence.

"Nobody say's shit about my hair! Not even creepy fucks like you!" Josuke yelled out in anger. Okuyasu joined up alongside him, carrying an unconscious Shota.

"You tell 'em Josuke!"

The two teens butted forearms together before Okuyasu gently let Shota down.

"Aizawa sensei!" Izuku yelled.

Izuku ran up alongside the two teen's to check up on their teacher, only to see that he wasn't wounded at all. Not even a single scratch or bruise despite being beaten near death by Nomu.

"He's... Fine?" Tsu asked in surprise.

Josuke knelt down alongside the students as he looked at Midoriya, "He's unconscious but he's okay for now."

Izuku nodded in an unsure fashion before hoisting his teacher on his shoulder.

There was a long awkward pause, before Okuyasu spoke, pointing at Minoru.

"Uh... Why are there balls in your hair?"

"Okuyasu!" Josuke yelled in outrage. "That's rude man!"

"What!? It was a honest question!" Okuyasu yelled. "And, I mean, c'mon! This girl literally looks like a fucking frog!" Okuyasu pointed at Tsu's frog like appearance.

Tsu's face sweat dropped. "Uh... That's because of our Quirks."

"Quirks?" Okuyasu said as he scratched his head. "I may be dumb, but that literally makes no sense."

"Wait..." Izuku said as a realization came to him, "You both don't know what Quirks are?"

Okuyasu grunted as he turned his head to the Villain's before he bought both fists up, the muscular blue and white form of「The Hand」appearing alongside him as it startled the three UA students.

"W-Woah! You can control that!?" Minoru asked as he pointed at「The Hand」.

Josuke's eyes widened, "Wait, you can see our-" However he noticed that the warp gate Villain was making a move as he directed his attention back to the upcoming battle. Okuyasu turned his head as well before readying himself.

Kurogiri quickly floated next to Tomura to check on him, the beating that was given to the decay Villain was very bad, yet Tomura slowly rose up from the debris as he cracked his neck.

"Tomura, are you alri-"

"So... Cool..." The decay Villain simply said, ignoring his numerous wounds. "The... Quirk's, those teenager possess is amazing..." Tomura slowly turned his head to the warp Villain. "But... Regardless, the pro heroes are on their way here... And All Might is nowhere to be seen."

Tomura looked down at his bruises, "Man, it's game over this time."

"Shall I warp us out?" Kurogiri asked.

"Not just yet." Tomura said as he looked at Nomu before nodding.

The creature immediately rushed forward at faster then the eye could see, straight towards the group of students. Izuku's eyes widened

"Look out!" Izuku yelled, "It's the brain Villain!"

"The wha-" And then Okuyasu was slammed right across the face, blood flying from his mouth as he flew across the pavement.「The Hand」dissipated, leaving Josuke and the UA students to fend for themselves.

"Okuyasu!" Josuke yelled in shock before「Crazy Diamond」appeared.


It threw a viscous and powerful right hook into the creatures jaw only for it to have no effect.

"W-What!?" Josuke yelled out before Nomu punched「Crazy Diamond」in the chest. Josuke coughed up a wad of saliva and blood as「Crazy Diamond」attempted to punch again.


Nomu merely shrugged it off before slamming「Crazy Diamondin the shoulder, the effect being implemented on Josuke as he grunted out.

"Heh..." Tomura said as he and Kurogiri slowly walked up to the group. "Look's like there is a big downside to your... Quirk. For whatever damage it takes..." The Villain smiled behind his mask. "You take as well~"

"Shut the fuck up." Josuke said as he groaned out in pain. "And it's a「Stand」, you creepy fuck." He replied.

The creature was somehow absorbing his blows, despite the power of「Crazy Diamond」. The teenager slowly rose from the ground, his「Stand」briefly disappearing before reappearing by it's users side, already battered and bloodied.

Tsu and Minoru were already next to him, helping Josuke up.

"You three... Get yourselves to safety, I'll delay them." The Morioh student said.

"W-What?" Izuku asked, "But the brain Villain is too powerful! He'll-"

"Don't worry." Josuke replied as he gave an OK gesture, his bloodied lips turned into a smile. "Me and my「Stand」will find a way through it."

Izuku paused, he hadn't even known who the two random teenager's were or where they even came from, yet they had already helped them in so many ways. The three UA students were awed by their heroic display and by their incredibly bizarre and explainable power. However, Midoriya's face scrunched up in thought.

What did he mean by「Stand」?

However Izuku was broken out his thought as the sound of a large collapse was heard.

And then everyone paused, even Nomu as it sensed a new arrival. A hulk of a man wearing a white business shirt and pants was standing at the top of a few flights of stairs, he was in the process of ripping off his tie as his muscles bulged.

He wasn't smiling.

"It's fine now! I am here!" The man said with determination.

"All Might!" Minoru yelled out, tears freely flowing through his eyes.

"Were saved, ribbit!" Tsu croaked.


Immediately all three of them looked at Josuke in confusion before they felt a giant breeze sweep past them. The man who as the top of the stairs was now right in front of them, if Josuke didn't know any better, he would have thought he stopped time.

However it took a moment for Josuke to realize that an unconscious Okuyasu appeared by his side.

"Okuyasu!" Josuke yelled as he knelt down next to his friend.

The man known as All Might slightly turned his head, his glowing blue eye peered at Josuke.

"Young man... How severe are you're injuries?"

Josuke looked up at the man before he shrugged, wiping blood away from his lips. "Don't worry about me, I've been through worse."

All Might nodded before turning his head back to the Villain's.

"Get your friend medical attention, I will take it from-"

"Already done."

All Might turned his head yet again, noticing that the bruises disappear from Okuyasu's sleeping face. Josuke breathed a sigh of relief, before he looked up at All Might, "I can help you out now, my「Sta-"

"Despite your... Healing ability, there is no need young man, you have already done enough to help." All Might said as he looked at Nomu.

Izuku walked up alongside All Might as well, Aizawa still on his shoulders.

"All Might, you can't." Izuku admitted, "That brain Villain took on Josuke's powerful punching..."

Izuku drifted, he didn't exactly know what to call it. If it was a quirk or if it was just as Josuke called it, a「Stand」.

All Might turned his head to Josuke, "And how powerful is you're quirk?"

Josuke paused, before「Crazy Diamond」appeared alongside him. The new figure slightly surprised All Might as the「Stand」stared at him.

"It's my「Stand」,「Crazy Diamond」, and he could easily break through a wall of steel if he wanted to. You can't take that creature head o-"

"Amazing..." All Might said in wonder, he had never seen a Quirk that could both heal and convey the power that the teenager was explaining. "However you two-" All Might said as he held his hand out before holding a hand in front of his face, almost like a pose. "It's fine!"

Midoriya paused as he looked down, Josuke on the other hand felt beads of sweat begin to form. The student from Morioh didn't know the power that this man possessed, yet he could tell that this wasn't the right way to go.

Powerful or not.

Josuke hoisted Okuyasu in a fireman's carry before cautiously following Izuku, Minoru and Tsu followed along as well.

All Might turned his head back to the Villains as he raised both arms in preparation for combat.

150 yards from the Entrance

They were silent when they began their walk, the sounds of All Might going toe to toe with the Villain's was heard, as the sound of debris being destroyed and tossed was heard.

Midoriya had the sinking feeling that All Might was in danger, and he could tell that even the strange teenager, Josuke felt it too.

Tsu walked up alongside the pompadour teen, "Josuke, you're really injured. Do you want me and Minoru to carry your friend?"

Josuke drooped his head down, before dropping Okuyasu. The punk hit the ground before waking up, immediately jumping to his feet as「The Hand」materialized.

"Agh! Who the hell just did that!?" Okuyasu yelled.

The UA student's backed away from the「Stand」in wonder, as Izuku turned his head to the newly awoken teenager.

"Relax Okuyasu, I healed you. We're fine now." Josuke said, before he coughed. "I also didn't want to carry your fat-ass anymore."

"Say what!?" Okuyasu asked in anger.

Izuku smiled a tiny bit, the two teens seemed to make everything more lively despite the situation.

Perhaps it called for a true introduction.

"U-Um... You two." Izuku meekly spoke, attracting the attention of the two taller teens. "Where did the both of you even come from? It looked like to us that you both literally fell out of the sky." Izuku admitted.

"Uh... Did we?" Josuke asked, "That must've been why my ass is sore."

Okuyasu then began to giggle like a child.

"Pfft, sore ass...!"

"Hey!" Josuke yelled. "You should be thankful! I can't even heal myself!"

Izuku's eyes widened in shock.

"WHAT, your quirk can't heal you!?"

Okuyasu and Josuke backed up a tiny bit from the kids outburst before Josuke spoke.

"Listen, for the last time.「Crazy Diamond」is not a-" Josuke paused before he spoke again, "Okay, what's all this talk about quirks? How are you able to see me and Okuyasu's「Stand」?! Where are we!?"

Midoriya paused, unsure of how to answer as he scratched the back of his head. "I- Well, uh,-" Izuku pointed at「The Hand」,"That's what I assume is your「Stand」right?"

Both Josuke and Okuyasu nodded.

"And I guess were not supposed to be able see it?" Tsu asked in tandem.

"Not unless you had a「Stand」." Josuke replied.

The UA student's scratched the back of their heads.

"W-Well, we do have quirks." Minoru offered, "Maybe that's why?"

"Again with the god damn quirks!" Okuyasu yelled out in frustration, startling Minoru as the small teenager flinched. "What the hell are they!"

"Woah! Calm down!" Tsu said as she defused the situation, "Here, it's like this.". The frog girl took a breath before she opened her mouth, her frog like tongue extending out. "I can also hop large distances and stick to walls, basically do whatever a frog can do."

Okuyasu and Josuke took a moment to digest, there faces unreadable.

"Okay..." Josuke simply said before he looked at Izuku.

The teenager took it as a que to explain his, "I have super strength... But once I use it, I'm out of commission."

"Alright..." The pompadour teen exclaimed before finally looking at Minoru.

The small teenager paused before he took off a ball from his head before placing it on the floor, the dark purple ball stuck there.

"My Quirk lets these stick super tight."

The two Morioh students kept staring as if expecting more.

There was a long awkward silence before Okuyasu spoke. "Wow... That's kinda lame."


Josuke looked at Okuyasu, "Way to go, dude."

"What! It's true though!"

Izuku and Tsu awkwardly stood there as they watched the drama unfold. Josuke turned his head away from Okuyasu.

"Listen! Were getting a little off topic here." Josuke admitted. "So now that we have that down, Quirks are like abilities right?"

The UA students nodded as they all continued walking, "There also three known Quirk types, that being Emitter, Transformation, and Mutant Quirks." Izuku explained further. "But I'm surprised you guys don't know about Quirks, I mean, people started to develop them back in the 80's and 90's." Izuku continued, "Or would it be considered the 70's? Come to think of it about 80% of the population now have Quirks and...-"

The teen began to mumble to himself as everyone began to stare at him, Izuku soon realized before he awkwardly stopped.

"Oh uh, sorry. I like to mutter sometimes."

Josuke put a hand to his chin before shaking his head, "Honestly, what you just said sounds absolutely bizarre." Josuke admitted before he looked up, "What about this place? I don't think I've ever heard of a giant dome being built in Japan."

"Well... You're at USJ." Izuku answered.

"USJ?" Okuyasu asked.

"The Unforeseen Simulation Joint."

"And that's for...?" Josuke asked.

"Hero training."

The two taller teens paused before Okuyasu laughed out.

"Hero training!? That sounds super stupid!" The punk laughed out.

The three UA students sweat dropped at the insult.

"Well... Regardless, it's apart of our school, U.A. High in Musutafu."

"Musutafu? Is that in Japan?" Josuke asked.

The UA student nodded.

"And is it a city?" Josuke asked.

Midoriya nodded to that as well.

"Bullshit." The pompadour teen spoke.


"Yeah! Who do you take us for!?" Okuyasu yelled in anger, "I'm not even that smart yet even I know that there's no city in Japan called Musutafu!" The punk pressed his face forward, "And I especially know that there's no such thing as hero training!"

Tsu and Minoru titled there heads in confusion and Okuyasu's statement.

Izuku backed up in panic, "No, no! I'm serious! I've lived in Musutafu my whole life!" Izuku said, "Here I'll show you!" Midoriya said as hoisted his unconscious teacher on his other shoulder before taking out his phone.

"See, look!" Midoriya said before showing accessing the map. "This is Japan, and that's Musutafu, a few miles from Tokyo."

Josuke paused as Okuyasu gently took the device, staring at in awe.

"Do you believe me no-..." And then Midoriya paused before he realized.

The two of them were acting as if they had seen a smart phone for the first time.

"W-What part of Japan are the two of you from?" Izuku slowly asked. Josuke and Okuyasu looked up at the phone, their faces unreadable before Josuke spoke.


Midoriya racked his brain, thinking of any place in Japan called that before his eyes widened.

"I've never heard of that place." Tsu said.

Minoru scratched the purple balls on his head, "Yeah... Me too. Are you guys sure you-"

Okuyasu immediately grabbed the smaller teen by the collar.

"What type of prank do you guys think your pulling!?" The punk yelled out, "Because it's not even that funny!" Okuyasu yelled out as he raised a fist.

"I-I-I-!" Minoru attempted to speak only for Josuke to speak on his behalf.

"Okuyasu... Let the kid go."

The punk turned his head, before dropping Minoru, the small teenager landed on his behind as he stared up in shock.

Josuke paused before looking at Izuku.

"What year is it?"

The question surprised Midoriya before he slowly spoke.


Josuke and Okuyasu simply stood there, unsure of how to respond and what to say except for one sentence.

"What the fuck?" The two Morioh students said in tandem.

Suddenly the sound of a large explosion was heard as the everyone turned their heads to see a billowing pile of smoky debris rise up.

Minoru's eyes widened, "Wow! How did he make a suplex look like an explosion?! All Might's on a whole other level!"

Izuku looked back, an unsure look plastered on his face. The fight was still going on, and it was taking longer then expected if All Might could clean up.

He was deep into thought before he saw Josuke walk the other way, so as Okuyasu as the two of them began to walk torwards the fight.

"Where are you two going?" Tsu asked.

Josuke turned his head at the frog girl, "That guy, All Might I believe? Won't be able to beat that brain guy, it absorbed「Crazy Diamond's」punches like they were nothing." Okuyasu nodded as well.

"Yeah, I may not be that smart. But I know who ever is taking on that monster is gonna need more help!" The punk said before he raised his fist in anger, "Also, nobody punches me in the fucking face and gets away with it! I'll make that thing wish it was never born!"

"B-But you'll be-" Minoru attempted to speak before he was cut off.

"My name is Josuke Higashikata." The taller teen said as he looked at the three UA students, "And last time I checked. It was April, 1999 in my peaceful hometown of Morioh."

Minoru and Tsu paused, what they were implying was absolutely ludicrous.

Tsu slowly spoke. "Are you both saying that you're from the-"

"The past?" Josuke asked, before「Crazy Diamond」appeared alongside him, startling the three students. "I don't even think that's the case if Morioh doesn't even exist."

"T-T-That's-!" Minoru was about to say something before he paused, a look of shock growing into his face.

The group turned their heads to see the smoke clear, as All Might was stuck in the suplex. Nomu using the warpgate as a way to grab at his injured waist as the super heroes white shirt began to stain with red.

All Might was in trouble.

"Asui." Izuku said as he held Aizawa.

"What is it, Midoriya?"

"Trade places with me carrying Mr. Aizawa."

Tsu sported a look of confusion, "Okay... But why?"

Midoriya was about to break into a sprint before Josuke held his shoulder. "Hold on there, I know you want to help that guy. But running there isn't going to get you there in time."

"B-But I gotta help All Might!"

"I know." Josuke smiled before he looked at Okuyasu. "That's why we have Okuyasu."

The punk grinned before he cracked his knuckles. Tsu and Minoru hadn't caught on yet.

"Right, step next to me."

Izuku and Josuke did just that. Izuku's face tilted with confusion.

"Are you going to use that pull ability? Like you used for Aizawa sensei?"

Okuyasu looked back before he shook his head. "Pfft, pull ability? You make it sound lame!" The punk said before「The Hand」appeared, drawing back it's right arm. "「The Hand's」ability is that it can eliminate anything by scraping it away!"


"Including space!"

Izuku gawked as he found himself through the air before teleporting again.


And again.


Before finally it stopped. He turned his head to see that he was already a good distance from Tsu and Minoru as there faces were frozen with surprise, he turned his head.

They were now in front of the Villain's, with All Might was slowly being lured into the dark purple void as Kurogiri began to close.

"All Might!" Izuku yelled.

Kurogiri turned his attention away from the pro hero. "What's this-?"

"Get over here!" Okuyasu yelled out, 「The Hand」doing it's swiping motion, an imperfect line of eliminated space formed before air began to draw.


And then Kurogiri's was in front of them, his hidden metal frame and weak point for both「Stand」users to see.

Josuke cracked his knuckles before Okuyasu spoke again.

"Let's make this one..."

"GREAT!" Josuke finished before both「Crazy Diamond」and「The Hand」rushed forward, with both their fists balled.

And then the ruthless beating ensured, denting the metal frame as both「Stands」unleashed their attack rushes at an impossible rate. Kurogiri couldn't even think for a second before both Stands drew back their fists.

"DO-RAAA!" The two teenagers yelled, just as the two「Stands」performed a brutal uppercut, launching the warp Villain away as Kurogiri landed at a far distance. "And you'd better not forget who we are!"

Izuku stood their, mouth agape. They had single handily taken out one of the really tough Villains in one swift stroke.

"Eu-Eurgh! Thi-s power!" Kurogiri sputtered before he was forced to relinquish the warp gate, Nomu barely had enough time to get out as the gate closed. All Might took this as the opportunity to escape, kicking out of the creatures grasp before landing next to the three teenagers. The pro hero panted as he felt his now wounded and bloodied hip.

"Kurogiri... Are you okay?" Tomura sighed as he looked down at the warp Villain.

The Villain panted as he slowly picked up his metal frame with his fog like body. "We, eurgh... Mustn't underestimate those two." Kurogiri said in pain. "We shou-"

And then the warp Villain began to glow a golden color before he started to feel a pull.

"What!?" Kurogiri yelled out before he was right in front of「Crazy Diamond」, the Stand's sneering face grabbed hold of his metal frame before slamming him into the ground. "H-how..."

Josuke cheekily held up a piece of metal, the warp Villain's eyes widened as he realized a piece of his brace was missing before it reconnected, partially healing him.

"You thought I was just gonna let you go like that?" Josuke asked before「Crazy Diamond」pressed it's grip on the Villains solid part. "Not gonna happen."

Tomura shook his head before he spoke. "Huh, I hate it when things don't go to plan... I really, really hate it..." He turned to the monster under his command. "Nomu, after them."

"Here it comes." All Might and Izuku said as the both of them raised their arms, waiting for a fight. Josuke and Okuyasu followed their lead, there two「Stands」mimicking their actions.

And then Nomu's legs began to freeze, giant shards of ice began to form, trapping it in place.

"What the hell?" Okuyasu said out loud before Izuku's face lit up.

The transmitter of said ice, was a calm looking teenager, with a burn scar over his left eye and his hair being a divide between white and red, wearing a simple white shirt as well.

"Todoroki!" Midoriya yelled.

The collected UA student looked up, "All I heard was that you all are here to kill All Might." The teen said to the Villains before he spotted Josuke and Okuyasu. He raised an eye before dismissing it.

Not even a second later before a fierce battlecry was heard, as a red head and a blonde jumped over the group. Both teens with their fists raised.

"RAAAH!" Katsuki cried before slamming his arm forward, as did Ejiro as they put all their power into it. A giant explosion sounded off, the effort tremendous as Nomu was pushed a few inches, however still taking no damage.

Katsuki's eyes widened, as did Ejiro before the dodged the slow grasp of the creature, falling back to the group of people.

"We already tried that!" Josuke said, "It's got some sort of shock absorption."

Katsuki turned his head before he tilted it slightly, "Who the hell are you two?" The delinquent asked.

Ejiro looked confused as well before he saw「Crazy Diamond」holding down Kurogiri. The red head pointed at the「Stand」.

"Wait! What is that!?"

"Now's not the time!" Todoroki said as he walked up alongside them, "Does anyone have a Quirk that can bypass it's absorption?"

Okuyasu proudly pointed to himself. "Watch and learn assholes!" before the punk rushed forward,「The Hand」appearing by his side. "TAKE THIS!" Okuyasu yelled before「The Hand」swatted at Nomu.


There was a long pause, before Okuyasu sputtered.


The creature wasn't even there anymore, a gust of wind sounded before it was beside him.

"Okuyasu! Watch out!" Josuke yelled, Nomu drawing it's fist back.

"Shit!" The punk yelled before「The Hand」swatted behind him, bringing the punk a safe distance away from the bloodthirsty monster. "How the hell did it-"

And then everybody paused, the icy remains of it's arms and legs were now gone, as it's limbs rolled on the ground.

It had sacrificed it's own limbs in order to move and attempt to attack as it stumbled on the pavement. What the hell was this monster.

"Even though his body is broken... He's still moving?" Izuku said in shock, even Todoroki had his mouth agape.

"Get back, everyone!" All Might yelled out.

Nomu then began to regenerate, pure muscle's began to rapidly form before creating both an arm and a leg.

"His Quirk wasn't shock absorption?" All Might asked out loud.

Tomua giggled in response, "I didn't say that was all he had. This is his super regeneration." The Villain turned his gaze to All Might, "Nomu has been modified to take you at 100%. He's a super-efficient human sandbag."

The rest of the group raised there fists, ready to fight.

"But first, we need to get our gate back." Tomura simply said.

Everyone paused in confusion.

"Go, Nomu."

And then the creature disappeared from sight due to it's speed. A blur of wind symbolizing it had moved. Josuke then felt someone grab him before throwing him out of harms way, a loud blast of wind and air resounded, knocking everyone away.

Their was a pause before the smoke subsided, revealing Nomu securing Kurogiri with it's large hand. The pompadour teen was no where in sight.

Okuyasu's eyes widened.

"J-JOSUKE!" The punk yelled in shock.

"What!?" Josuke asked. Everyone turned to see the teen sitting on the floor as he looked back up at them. "I'm alright! I think that All Might guy might've gotten me out of harms way." The teen admitted before he looked at the rest of the group.

"What!? How the hell is he that fast?!" Okuyasu yelled out, "The only guy I know who can do something that fast is Jota-"

However Okuyasu paused as he and everyone else looked at the trail of smoke, leading to a newly broken down wall.

All Might stood there, breathing in exhaustion as he held his arms up, showing that he had blocked the attack yet with great effort. His arms now bloodied and bruised. "All Might!" Izuku yelled in worry.

The pro hero looked up at the Villain's, "Do you not know how to hold back?"

"It was to rescue my companions." Tomura responded. "I had no choice.", he said before he pointed a finger at Josuke, "I mean, earlier, that...-" The Villain took a second, "-... One with the pompadour."

Everyone turned their heads to Josuke.

"Gave me this..." Tomura said as he held up his broken hand pointed at his bruised body, "That was painful.".

"Woah." Ejiro said, "You did that!?"

Josuke didn't say anything, except he stared on at the Villain in case the man made a move.

Tomura turned his head back to All Might, "Violence for the sake of others makes it admirable. Isn't that right, hero?"

All Might merely grunted before narrowing his gaze.

"You know what, All Might? I'm angry." Tomura said before he held out both of his hands, "I'm angry at this world that categorizes the same violent acts as heroic or villainous, deciding what's good and what's bad."

Tomura taunted, "Symbol of Peace? Ha." He calmed his stance, "You're just a device to repress violence. Violence breeds violence." Tomura said before he yelled out. "The world will know this once we kill you!"

All Might bought his arms up for combat, "That's preposterous. The eye's of a white-collar criminals like you burn silently." All Might tilted his chest, "You just want to enjoy this yourself, don't you, you liar?"

There was a pause as Tomura seemed to take it.

Todoroki then spoke up, "It's three against seven." Izuku nodded as well, getting into a combat stance.

"Josuke has already exposed the fog's weakness!"

Ejiro spoke up, "These guys are crazy, but if we backup All Might,-"

"Then we can kick their ass!" Okuyasu yelled in anger, both his and Josuke's「Stand」appearing as Ejiro and Katsuki looked at the supernatural beings in surprise.

"No!" All Might yelled as he walked up alongside the group. "Run away."

"Are you crazy!?" Okuyasu yelled, everyone except Josuke flinched. Nobody just insulted All Might like that.

"Yeah, we went over this. That thing is too powerful to take on if even「Crazy Diamond」can't do it on it's own." Josuke scolded.

"That was a different story young man. Thanks." All Might spoke, Josuke paused as he watched the hulk of a man bring back his arm into a fist. "But it's fine! Just watch as a pro gives it everything he's got."

"But All Might, you're bleeding... Besides, time's-"

All Might gave a thumbs up as Midoriya paused.

Although Josuke thought it was foolish, this man truly was courageous. Almost like the stories that his mother would tell about his fool hardy father, Joseph Joestar, when he was little... Minus the bizarre content, Joseph didn't tell his mother everything.

A long silence drifted over the battlefield before Tomura spoke, "Nomu. Get him." He then turned to the Warp Villain, "Me and Kurogiri will have to deal with the children."

All Might slowly balled a fist as he puffed out his chest.

"Now, let's clear this and go home." And then the two Villain's rushed forward. Nomu slowly walking towards All Might.

The pro hero walked a few torturous steps before bringing his arms into a combat stance.

"C-Crap! The fog Villain as well! Look's like were in for a fight!" Ejiro yelled as he raised both arms.

Okuyasu smiled, "Yeah! Let 'em try!"

However Josuke felt a stir before he turned his head to All Might, like an instinct that something big would occur.

"...the SYMBOL OF PEACE!" All Might yelled out, Tomura turned his head, as did Kurogiri and Izuku.

And then the hero rushed forward, his legs kicking off the ground. Nomu reacted, rushing forward as well before bringing it's fist up.

"EuuuurRRRAH!" All Might yelled before there knuckles crashed against each other. There was an exertion of power before insanely turbulent wind kicked off, blowing force from the impact as it pushed everyone back.

"Damn. Hey, you talked about his shock absorption earlier, didn't you?" Tomura said cheekily as he flipped through the air before landing on his feet.

"Yes I did!" All Might yelled out before readying another fist, "EuuRAGH!" He punched forward, contacting with Nomu's arm. The two going at it as the sheer force broke the sound barrier.

"EUURRAAAAH!" All Might yelled before soon enough, both he and Nomu were exchanging machine gun punches as if it was a「Stand」battle.

Izuku was blown back as he attempted to stand, "A head-on fistfight?"

"W-Wow...!" Ejiro yelled out.

"Holy shit, this is fucking crazy!" Okuyasu yelled as「The Hand」held the teenager in place.

Josuke paused in amazement, the pompadour teen then said something out loud in English as he put both hands on his cheeks in shock.

"O-Oh my god...!"

He didn't know where that even came from, it just felt right.

"I-I can't even get near them!" Kurogiri yelled out as the fog was pushed back against the wind.

All Might stomped on the ground to steady himself as the blows continued, "If you're Quirk isn't shock nullification but shock absorption,-"

The ground began to shatter around them, their fists now a blur. "-then there's a limit to it, right?!"

Sure enough, the Nomu began to stagger, just a tiny bit as it's body absorbed blow after blow. It then launched a right hook into the injured side of the hero, All Might grunted as he threw his head back in pain before he threw it back down to stare his opponent in the eye.

"Made to fight me?" He then began to slowly push forward, his blows now increasing in frequency, "If you can withstand me at 100%,-" Tomura's eyes widened as the Villain realized what the hero was doing, "-then I'll force you to surrender from beyond that!"

And then All Might began to punch even faster, his punches now transcending even sound as blue light gleamed of his arms. The Nomu now was no longer able to keep up, as a few hits from All Might began to strike it's face.

All Might then pulled a fist back before striking, launching the creature back as it traveled across, breaking the ground in it's creed.

"A hero...-" Nomu jumped in the air in an attempt to attack before All Might shot through the tree line, punching the creature across the face as the two of them smashed against the ground. "-...can always break out of a tough spot!" He yelled as he blocked an attack from Nomu before breaking through it's guard.

All Might landed back down, kicking the creature in the face as the force propelled Nomu off the ground. The pavement created a ravine as the hero skidded across it before running up to the monster and grabbing it by the arm.

"EuuuRM!" All Might grunted out before kicking off into the air, twirling Nomu. "EEEEUUURRRRRRRAAAAAAAA!" And then he tossed the creature downwards, it smashed into the ground, causing a tremor as the pavement was utterly devastated.

Everyone stared on, intertwined with amazement and shock.

All Might landed on the ground in quick succession, just as Nomu was bouncing off. "Hey villain, have you ever heard these words?" All Might asked before he drew back his fist, crushing the air between them as he balled it.

"Go beyond!" All Might yelled before he bought it forward, "Plus...-" And then he struck Nomu in the chest, "ULTRA...!"

Nomu's chest expanded, creating a supernova of power before it shot through the air, faster then a bullet as it smashed against the cieling of the dome. An explosion sounded off as it broke through, shooting through the clouds before disappearing for good.

"Is this a comic book or something?" Ejiro asked out loud, "It's like he nullified the shock absorption."

"I think he-." Okuyasu said as he walked up alongside the student, "I think he just punched it... Really, really fucking hard."

"Geez, who tipped you off detective?" Josuke asked.

Katsuki walked up a well, "What insane power... Does this mean he rushed at him so fast he couldn't regenerate?"

Their was a pause, before the smoke cleared, showing All Might in the same position of when he had launched his powerful attack. "I really have gotten weaker... In my prime, five hits would've been enough." He then stood up, placing a fist on his chest, "But it took more than 300 hits." All Might admitted, steam began to emit from his body.

Unknown to everyone, he was running out of time.

"Now villains..."

Tomura looked as if he could barely contained his anger whilst Kurogiri stared on.

"I'm sure we'd all like to end this as soon as possible."

There was a pause, before Tomura began to scratch his neck with his uninjured hand. "Hey, what's going on?" Tomura asked, "He's not any weaker at all. Did that guy lie to me!?"

"What's wrong?" All Might asked, "You're not coming? You said you'd clear this or something, right?" The hero asked. All Might narrowed his eyes, sporting an intimidating gaze, "Come and get me if you can."

Tomura backed up in fear.

However Josuke and Izuku saw through it. All Might was slightly shaking, as he struggled to maintain his form as steam began to rise from his skin.

All Might puffed his chest out, "Well!? What's wrong?"

The decay Villain hesitated, however Kurogiri narrowed his eyes.

"Eurgh..." Tomura groaned as he began to scratch his neck, fiercely now due to frustration. "If only I had Nomu... That guy would've been able to go up against him without thinking about anything!"

Kurogiri drifted close to the Villain.

"Tomura Shigaraki! Please calm yourself." The warp Villain turned his head, "Looking carefully, I see that he was definitely weakened from the damage of Nomu's attacks." Tomura stopped as he realized the logic as well. "Besides, the children are far enough for us to strike quickly without worrying about repercussions. We still have some underlings who can be used to distract them too."

Kurogiri continued, "There is likely only a few minutes left before reinforcements arrive. If you and I work together, we still have a chance of killing him."

Tomura paused, before bringing his hand away from his neck. "Yeah... yeah, yeah..." He then looked at All Might, "That's right... That's right... We have no choice but to do it." He then narrowed his gaze, "I mean, we have the last boss right in front of our eyes."

Then the underlings began to come, attracting the attention of some of the students.

"All Might will do something about the main bad guys." Ejiro said as he turned away to face the other Villain's. "Let's go help the other's!"

Okuyasu turned as well, cracking his knuckles loudly.

"I'm all in for smashing these assholes flat!" The punk said before he chuckled,「The Hand」mimicking his actions.

Whilst a fight was about to ensue, Josuke turned his head back to All Might and Izuku. His eyes narrowing as he sensed that something was wrong.

Tomura charged forward, making a beeline straight towards All Might.

"This is revenge for Nomu!" Tomura yelled out, raising his arm as he jumped forward. Kurogiri was also by his side, the warp Villain opened up as a swirling vortex formed. All Might still stood there, not even reacting or doing anything.

Josuke's eyes widened before he began to run forward. His sense's were right, something was wrong.

And then Midoriya whizzed right past him, faster than the eye could even possibly catch up before the young teenager was in the air and in a position to protect All Might. Izuku's legs then turned to a dull brown as they flopped in the air like a ragdoll as they broke from the over usage of his ability.

"Midoriya!" Ejiro yelled.

Izuku balled his fist before raising it back, "RaaaaAAAHH! Get away from All Might!" Izuku yelled as he aimed for the solid part of Kurogiri.

Only for Tomura to put his hand through the other side before reaching out, his fingers that could decay now inches from Midoriya's face.

"I won't fall for that again!" Kurogiri yelled as he anticipated the teenager's move.

Tomura then laughed maniacally, as his fingers met.

Izuku's face then began to fall apart.

And then the whole world stopped.

"I-IZUKU!" Katsuki yelled out as his eyes widened, his usually brutish and tough exterior now completely abandoned at the sight of his child hood friend dying.

The kid fell to the ground as the decay went into effect his head slowly falling apart into flakes.

Everyone was shocked, All Might's face unreadable.

"N-no... Midoriya." The pro hero whispered.

"Foolish child." Kurogiri said as he turned away from the boy, "And now you're-"

"Good grief." A voice belonging to Josuke spoke, everyone turned their heads to the teenager as Josuke knelt down to the crumbling corpse of Midoriya. "You're insane Izuku Midoriya... But you've got some guts too."

And then「Crazy Diamond」appeared.


The Stand let out a light punch, directly into Izuku's chest.

And then it began to form itself back together, like a jigsaw puzzle before Midoriya opened his eyes and gasped out. This was the power of「Crazy Diamond」.

"Th-That is not possible!" Kurogiri yelled out. "Even healing Quirk's have a limit!"

Tomura was in no better shape either, his eyes now bulging from the disembodied hand that was his mask. He then began to fiercely scratch his neck with his unbroken hand.

Josuke scoffed, "For the last time, it isn't a Quirk. And「Crazy Diamond」doesn't do healing either." Josuke paused as he held up a disembodied hand, "Call it... Restoration."

Kurogiri's eyes widened as he realized it was from Tomura before he felt the Villain skid through his portal forcefully. Tomura sputtered out, just in time for「Crazy Diamond」to grab his uninjured hand's wrist in a death grip, forcing it to open like a snake.

"Now... What was all that bullshit you were spouting before? Something about, violence breeding violence?" Josuke narrowed his eyes.

"That sounded pretty right to me."

And then「Crazy Diamond」grinned.


This time all the punches were aimed directly into Tomura's face, his mask barely doing anything to protect him. A few of the disembodied hands on his body were smashed right off.


「Crazy Diamond」performed a ruthless uppercut before smashing down.


The Villain went flying, skidding across the pavement as he finally went to a stop.

"Scratch those bruises... You fucking creep." Josuke said as he threw the disembodied hand at him as it landed next to the grounded and bruised Villain.

"Tomura Shigaraki!" Kurogiri yelled before he enclosed upon the decay Villain. Just as the sound of gunshots were heard as underlings fell left and right from bullet wounds, a large buffeting wind then began to tear at Kurogiri as the Villain was slowly pulled. "This is... Thirteen!"

Sure enough, a wounded astronaut looking hero at the top of the entrance had it's hand out, as Kurogiri was pulled in. However, the warp gate was already beginning to close up.

"I may have failed this time,-" Tomura coughed, "but I will kill you next time... Symbol of Peace." Then Tomura turned his head to the pompadour teen, "And you too... Josuke!" Tomura said with absolute hatred before disappearing.

It took a second for the winds to dissipate before a long lengthy pause as Midoriya slowly began to stand up, gently feeling his face to see if this was real. Then the reality hit him.

"I wasn't able to do anything..."

Josuke was about to deny that before a voice spoke out, "That's not true."

The two of them turned their heads, to see All Might now beginning to thin. All Might's true form, almost like how superman disguised as Clark Kent.

"If it weren't for those few seconds you bought me, I would've been killed." He paused, "You saved me again."

"All Might..." Izuku said as tears began to develop.

The super hero then turned his head to Josuke. "And as for you young man..." All Might spoke, "You fixed where I had failed, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving young Midoriya."

"Think nothing of it." Josuke said as he crossed his arms and smiled.

The hero chuckled lightly.

And then Okuyasu butted in.

"Josuke! Where the fuck did your dignity and pride go!? Because that was fucking crazy!" The teen lightly punched Josuke's shoulder before he turned his head to All Might, now completely thin and scrawny, "Wait... Who the hell is this guy?"

"C-Crap," All Might said out loud, "You weren't meant to-"

"Deku!" Katsuki yelled out as he ran towards the kid.

"Oh, Kacchan..." Before Izuku;s eyes widened. "K-Kacchan, wai-!"

And then a large concrete wall sprouted up from no where, obscuring Izuku, Okuyasu, Josuke, and All Might from everyone's view. A humanoid with a blocky concrete body spoke.

"We want to make sure that all the students are safe, so please gather in front of the gate. We will deal with the injured here." Cementoss said.

Kacchan paused before he growled, "Fine... I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't fucking seeing things." before he turned and ran back to the other two. "Hey, you two get off your asses, were going to the gate! Deku's fine."

Both All Might and Izuku breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thanks." All Might panted out as he knelt is exhaustion, "You saved me, Cementoss."

The concrete man put both his hands together. "I am a fan of yours too." The hero admitted. "Let's get you to the nurses office while keeping you hidden." Cementoss looked at the two other teens that saw All Might in his true form. "But man, you act recklessly every time, huh?"

"If I didn't act recklessly, I would've been killed." All Might said as he brushed away a lock of hair from his face, showing a blood stain. "This was how strong the enemy was." He then began to stand up before walking.

"That shouldn't be needed,「Crazy Diamond」can-" However All Might put a hand out.

"Don't worry young man Josuke, its better we do that later. When I am hidden from sight."

The teen paused before nodding, Cementoss nodded as he crossed his arms, walking up to Okuyasu and Josuke. "Which begs the question, who are you two?"

"Oh uh, I'm Josuke, and this is-"

"Wait. Josuke, I still don't get it." Okuyasu said as he scratched his head, "Who is that blonde haired guy? What happened to that super buff hero All Might?"

Everyone sweat dropped.


"Stop! Somone's on the ground back here!"

Kira was jolted awake as he immediately sat up, breathing heavily as his eyes quickly darted back and forth. The memory seemingly awoke him from his dreamless sleep as he clutched his face, clawing at the skin in terror.

He murderer paused as he quickly steadied his breath into a pattern.

"Deep breaths..." Kira said to himself before his body finally calmed down into something more manageable. His memories of the fight then came flooding back to him slowly, each little detail being a key part as he felt himself only to find no wounds at all. He leaned back to feel concrete before he realized he was in a small tunnel of some sort, the sounds of birds chirping and wind blowing could be heard outside.

"Strange." The murderer said, he hadn't remembered ending up like this. He was about to ponder before a pink hand came near him. Kira looked up to see「Killer Queen」as the muscular cat like humanoid stared down at him with its unblinking eyes. It wanted to help him up.

Kira gingerly grabbed its hand before it pulled him up, allowing him to stand up, albeit in a wobbly fashion. His「Stand」putting a hand on his shoulder to steady him, Kira let out another breath. "Now... Where am I?" The man asked in genuine confusion.

He began to walk, covering his eyes as he was temporarily blinded by the sunlight, a few trees were scattered around, and the sound of a car crossing overhead was heard. Kira turned his head to see that he awoken in a civilian walkway that was built underneath a elevated road, with the sign 'Watch Your Head' above the entrance.

The murderer turned his head, spotting a few taller buildings that were only three blocks away. It gave him the impression that he was on the outskirts of a city of some sort.

"Is this...?" Kira stopped himself, there was no way「Bites the Dust」had activated, as far as he was concerned, this wasn't his home town Morioh at all, not even in the slightest.

So did he... Die?

He began to nervously sweat before he wiped it off his brow. However his hands paused when he felt the texture of the skin.

When he had changed his face, he had noticed Kosaku Kawajiri had high cheekbones.

He no longer sported that.

He quivered as he felt more of his face before he experimentally took a strand of his hair and held it in front of his eyes.

It was blonde.

"S-Shit!" Kira yelled before biting his tongue, he silently felt around his face before coming to a conclusion. He had his old look again, he had no idea how but it happened. Kira bought a finger to his mouth before nervously biting into his fingernail, something which he would do when he was a child when things didn't go his way. He couldn't even help it.

"E-Excuse me sir? Are you okay?" A woman's voice asked. Kira quickly put his hand down as he straightened himself out, sure enough, he sensed the presence of a woman who was crossing the tunnel.

Kira took a breath, he just needed to act natural.

"Ahem,-" The murderer said before he turned around, "Why I'm fine mi-" And then he paused when he saw the appearance of the lady.

There were tiny wings on her cheekbones.

"What!?" Kira yelled as he backed away, his sense of calm exterior temporarily dropped as his subconscious turned to surprise. He almost called out「Killer Queen」to blow up the abomination but quickly decided against it.

The lady tilted her head before she realized the problem. "Don't be alarmed sir, that's just my Quirk. Just like my mothers." The businesswoman said as she smiled.

Kira paused before he straightened himself out, "Oh... I see." The murderer said, "Quirk as in...?"

"Um, y'know. it's my ability." The lady said as a matter of fact, "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes, I am absolutely fine miss." Kira said, "You just startled me... That is all."

"Well alright, I suppose." The lady put a hand to her chin in thought as she inspected Kira, "I don't believe I've seen you around. Are you from out of town?" The businesswoman asked.

The murderer took a second to create a response, "Yes. As a matter of fact I am." Kira decided to risk it, "Now... This may sound like a strange question young miss, but where exactly am I?"

The lady tilted her head before chuckling, "My you're an odd one." The girl said before she realized he was serious, "You're in Musutafu. A few miles from Tokyo."

Yoshikage Kira up until this day, had never heard of a city called Musutafu within Japan. He began to sweat again, the urge to bite on his finger nails began to rise again. Surely this wasn't implying...

"Sir?" The lady asked as she reached out, "Are you-?"

Suddenly Kira grabbed her hand, the lady stopped for a second as she looked up at his face. It was the face of a killer.

"Miss? Did anyone ever tell you how beautiful your hand looked?" Kira asked slowly.

"What?" The businesswoman asked.

And then she no longer was there as the smoke dissipated, all that remained was the soft white hand that had reached out to him as「Killer Queen」stood beside Kira, the「Stand」inspecting its work with its cat like eyes.

Kira sighed before pocketing the hand underneath his business jacket, he hadn't exactly meant to do that. But it was her fault that she decided to pester him so, regardless he had gotten a snippet of information about where he was. He inspected the ground before noticing a glowing device that was left behind.

"Hmm? What's this?" The murderer asked before he picked up the device an inspected it with awe. It appeared to be a phone of some sort, but it was so advanced that there was no way it could've been recently released. He gingerly touched the screen before noticing it had responded by turning on, showing off tiny boxes of applications for him to use.

He inspected the device a bit more before noticing the date on the top of the phones sidebar.

Kira paused.

2016, April 17th.


He dropped the device on the ground as it shattered, before「Killer Queen」blew it up like a silent firecracker. He couldn't leave evidence behind, but at the same time the small device had opened up more questions then answers, the primary question being... How exactly did he end up from Morioh in 1999 to some non existent place called Musutafu in 2016?

Although he was tempted to bite into his fingernails in worry, he held it off. After all, he had just sated his killer instinct, allowing him to calm himself.

He dug a hand into his pocket before producing a wallet, it was filled with a months savings which amounted to around 40,000 yen. That was enough to rent an apartment for a month, at least until he found a job within the city.

A plan began to formulate itself into his mind, before he acted upon it, straightening his tie and walking forward.

To be Continued...