When I ran away from Joe's place, I thought I would be seeing the only family I had left, not to make a new one. A kind of family I had thought lost forever when my mother was killed. I still blame Joe for what happened that day, if he had never forbidden me from seeing my dad I would have never run away from his house... not that I regret it at all. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. There had only been a sprinkling of clouds, and I could only hear the pounding of my heart in my ears. In the background, I could hear a siren wailing. In my desperation I ducked into a dark alleyway, and hadn't watched where I was going. I glanced behind me for a single moment, and smacked straight into a wall of muscle. "Whoa, there kid! Where do you think you are going," someone drawled. When I felt his hands on me, I started to panic "Stop it kid! Otherwise you'll fall," the man warned me. I was able to relax then, cause I knew he wasn't going to hurt me. On the other hand, he was helping me out "That's better. Now, what is a little squirt like you doing out here. Don't you know an alley like this is a dangerous place?" I blushed embarrassed, at being caught so early in my journey. Surely, now he'll drive me back to Joe's house "Come one Scarlet, tell me." I hesitated before telling, hesitated if I should tell him or not. And, as if sensing my distress, he kneeled in front of me and flashed a kind smile- I noticed that it was forced, he must not have been so used to behaving like this, but his effort was what I appreciated.

"Where are your parents, kid?" He asked.

"M... my da... dad... he..." I stuttered, looking at my shoes- unaware of the growing sense of dread and anger in the other man.

"Scarlet, does your dad... hurt you?"

I looked up and glared at him. "Hell, no! My dad never hurt anyone! Why does no one believe me!" I ignored the man's expression of surprise, and continued my rant. Looking everywhere but him. "They got the wrong man! It was the man in yellow!"

I looked up into icy eyes that were slowly thawing, and decided to trust him. I lowered my voice accordingly. "My mom was murdered six months ago by a man in red lightning. My dad was taken in as the only suspect when his fingerprints were found on the knife used in her death. But he didn't kill her! Trust me... please. He was just trying to save her."

The stranger cocked his head and looked at me expressionlessly, as if he was trying to read me. "I believe you."

"Really?!" I exclaimed disbelief, my eyes widening. He had been the first person to believe me. "You don't think I'm crazy? Won't ship me off to a shrink?" I questioned suspiciously. Thinking this was too good to be true.

The stranger threw his head back and laughed. I blushed, knowing he wasn't laughing with me. However, I didn't feel bad, because I knew it wasn't malicious. He was just amused by me.

"I've seen my share of weird things, kid. Nowadays, technology can do a lot of the previously impossible. If you're sure, that your dad didn't kill your mom. Then I believe you. No one, should tell you what to think or how to feel. That's only your job. I'm sure that the man in yellow used advanced technology to do it. You are not crazy, Scarlet." He assured me.

I looked at the strange man in front of me in wonder. He didn't know me, doesn't know my story. Has no reason to believe me. However, he is the only one since my mother's murder to trust me. I looked at him in a new light. His glacier eyes shining with comprehension and kindness- just like the glare of the sun on ice. His short, gelled hair, and almost cocky smile. His stylish clothes fit him so well, that he looked like those models from the magazines. He was a man I could look up to, someone I could trust cause he trusts me back.

"Where are you going to, kid?" his question, snapped me out of my admiration. I blushed when I noticed his smirk, knowing that I was caught staring- which is very impolite and my mother always told me not to do.

"Iron Heights," I answered honestly. "My foster father forbid me from seeing my dad."

His eyebrows pulled together into a frown. "Why, you did tell him what you saw, right?" I only looked at the ground. He made the correct assumptions, "He didn't believe you, did he, Scarlet?"

"No." I said in a small voice.

"What do you have in that bag of yours?"

"My most precious items." I replied.

"You're trying to runaway aren't you?" I only nodded my head, but it was enough for him to continue. "Would you like to come with me? We're a small group. My big friend Mick, he might seem scary and not talk much. But he can be trusted. And my little sister, Lisa. She is only a little older then you. It's clear you're not happy with the foster family you have. Who was your foster father anyway?"

"Detective Joe West."

He frowned at my answer. "Another reason to come with us. I've never trusted cops anyways. They are hypocrites, all of them. What do you say? Are you up for an adventure, kid?"

I thought about it for awhile, then responded with a grin. "If you let me to see my dad, I'll go with you."

"Deal, Scarlet."