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Note: bold is Bran's telepathy.

Twenty six days later

Leah's POV

It was two in the morning as Charlotte helped me push my car (and cell phone) into the Mississippi. Tears were rolling down my face as Leah Cornick died. My ma... no, her ma would be so ashamed of Leah Cornick. Leah Carpenter. Lilian Carpenter would be ashamed of her daughter. "I'm sorry, Lili." I sobbed. "I had to." I realized just how power-abusive and rash and mean Leah Cornick had been. I swore Amelia Janice Smith would never be like that. In my heart, I was not that dominant. Not really. I was needy. Leah Cornick had felt neglected and used and had taken it out on others, which from this third person perspective now just seemed horrible. I got down on my knees right then and there and prayed to Christ that I be given a second chance. That I could do good in the world. Just a little bit. I probably never could atone for what Leah Cornick had done. But I could be sorry and I could do my best.

We went to a motel for the night to stay off the radar. I dyed my hair that morning while Charlotte showered and went out to get breakfast for the two of us. We ate and I rinsed out my hair and washed my body of all the grime of fourteen days. It felt good. I went to Great Clips next to get my hair in a bob and then to the plastic surgeon's. Then the tricky parts came: I had to get ID and fake history. Charlotte is good at computers; she did that. I dealt with the witch.

The witch, Tariasa Mokvenskya, had agreed to cut my pack bonds and keep me a secret for a price of three thousand U.S. dollars. Ouch. I paid it happily. Freedom. Sweet freedom. I was Amelia Janice Smith now, secretly a werewolf who would petition to join the Houston Pack. Stepsister to Charlotte Georgia Jameson. Widow of Justin Frederick Smith. Daughter to Sarah and Nick Smith, who had passed ten years ago peacefully within weeks of each other. A free woman. Freedom at last.