Tezuka walked down the streets of Germany. The cool spring breeze blowing the hair out of his face. He stared at the twilight sky and watched the few airplanes fly by. He sighed and looked at his arm. He wanted to play again, but until his rehabilitation was over he'd have to wait.

He felt the racket in his hand despite it being amiss.

He looked back up at the sky. Since when had he become the daydreaming type he wondered.

The color blue and that familiar smile flashed through his mind.


He remembered the way tears hit the court and the way those hands that held the light green racket shielded that beautiful face.

He felt the pain of leaving his best friend. His teammate. His lover.

Tezuka looked down at his feet. The memories they had cherished together. The kisses they had shared together and the time they'd spent together.

He was his only weakness and his only strength. He had left his whole world to become the best and the minute he saw the pain he had caused he regretted the very thought of leaving. If I can make it to the top I'll see you there was what he thought.

"Someday I'll surpass you."

He wouldn't have ever thought that being a pro would cause so much pain in his chest.

He had ended the match before it started. He had decided to stop before he ruined the only thing that connected them to one another in this world. In this world of competitive matches, few meetings, and losers and winners this was the only that they had together. Someday we'll meet again. On the same court.

The day we met, the days we spent and the days we cherished.

They'll all come back one day on a fateful day on a special court.

Until then we must use this loss as our strength.