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Adventures of the Orange Trainer

Chapter One: Let the Journey Begin

Soft snores were heard coming from a small bedroom. This bedroom belonged to a modest home on the beautiful Cinnabar Island of the Kanto Region; an island known for its volcano and the Fire Gym.

Resting on the bed was a blonde teen with whisker marked cheeks and wild hair that defied being tamed by any means. His bedroom was simple, sporting his bed, a desk, and a small television with a Luxury Ball resting on top of it. For decorations, he had a couple of photos hung on the walls, as well as an island lei that had red, yellow, and orange flowers comprising it.

Resting next to him, curling herself against his form, was a white fox with a puffy tuft of fur on her head and six equally fluffy tails acting as her pillow. She was a Vulpix from the far off Alola Region, hatched here on Cinnabar just shy of a year ago.

The sound of a flock of Pidgey making their way north made her ear twitch, and she blearily opened her crystalline blue eyes before giving off an adorable yawn. Rousing her body up, she shook her fur loose of anything that had clung to it before she moved over to her partner's face. She licked his cheek once, making him groan and try to stay asleep. Seeing as it almost worked, she pawed his cheek and gave a soft coo of her name, making him crack open one of his violet eyes. (1)

His lips curved into a tired smile as he greeted, "Morning, girl…"

She gave a smile back, her tails waving happily. She patiently waited for him to sit up on his bed and stretch his body awake with a wide yawn. When she saw he was awake enough, she gave a happy yip of her name before jumping into his lap, nuzzling her body against his chest affectionately.

He chuckled at her actions, petting her back and tails softly. "Glad to see you're ready for the day, Akitsu-chan." (2) He moved her off his lap before getting out of bed and heading out of his room for the kitchen, the Alolan Pokémon following along happily.

In the kitchen, already having breakfast on the stove, was the boy's mother. She was a beauty of a woman with violet eyes that matched his and cascading red tresses of hair that flowed down her lower back; nearly reaching her ankles with its length. She was dressed in a high-collared, sleeveless white blouse that was covered by a loose-fit green dress while a black clip parted her bangs to the left.

Helping her cook were a pair of Ninetales; one from Kanto and the other from Alola. The Fire-Typed one was her partner, Kurama, while the Ice/Fairy-Typed one was his mate, Koyuki; both being the parents of Akitsu.

Seated in his wheelchair was the teen's father, who shared his blonde hair; though his was noticeably more manageable. He was dressed in black pants and a dark blue shirt that had the sleeves stop at his elbows. Seated next to him, floating in midair on its tail, was the man's partner and faithful friend, Senkō; a Raichu from the Alola Region.

These two were Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze, parents of Naruto Uzumaki. While he could also be called Namikaze, Uzumaki rolled off the tongue better; at least, that's what his mother said most times while his father never said anything against it.

"Morning, son," Minato greeted, giving the fourteen-year-old a warm smile. "Today's the day, huh?"

Naruto gave a bright grin and nodded. "Yep! I finally start my League Journey." He then held a deadpan expression and added, "Four years past the minimum starting age, ttebayo…"

Minato chuckled awkwardly while Kushina puffed her cheeks in annoyance. "None of that, ttebane," she admonished, pointing a wooden spoon at him; a deadly weapon in her hands. "Just because other parents let their children go off all willy-nilly at age ten doesn't mean I'm going to do the same thing! Ten is way too young for something like this!"

Sighing in tandem with Akitsu, Naruto replied, "Yeah, I know, mom. Just bummed I couldn't start earlier, is all."

"Hmph," she huffed once again. "If you had started earlier, then you wouldn't have met Akitsu-chan."

"True," the teen agreed, crouching down to pet the Vulpix on the head, making her coo joyfully. "But, now that it's time, Akitsu and I will take the League head-on and kick ass, ttebayo!"

Accompanying his declaration was a fist pump while Akitsu gave a determined yip, raising her paw in agreement with her partner.

Kurama rolled his eyes while Koyuki smiled at the bond between her kit and the blonde boy. Minato and Senkō both smiled at Naruto and Akitsu while Kushina decided not to admonish him for his language; giving him a proud look at his determination.

He really did take after her the most.

Breakfast was a happy affair for the family. The three humans talked about Naruto's trip, with the two adults giving him some advice and tips while he listened attentively. As for the Pokémon, the two Ninetales conversed with their kit while the Raichu threw in his input from time to time.

After breakfast, Naruto went to his room to prepare his travel pack with Akitsu helping him. He was nearly finished when a knock was heard on his doorframe, letting him see his father. "What's up, dad?"

"Just wanted to talk away from your mother for a moment, if you don't mind," he answered, wheeling himself into the room while Senkō closed the door. "I wanted to remind you not to be reckless during your journey, and to be careful of shady people or possible organizations."

"You mean like the rumors of Team Rocket?" guessed the younger blonde.

"Exactly," the man confirmed with a grim nod. "I trust you to take care of both you and your Pokémon, but you can never be too careful, son. I speak from experience that things can go wrong in an instant."

Senkō looked down shamefully, prompting Minato to reach over and pat the Raichu's head assuringly.

"…How did it happen?" Naruto asked hesitantly, earning his father's attention once more. "I was always too nervous to ask, because I didn't want to bring up bad memories. But, I…" he paused briefly, "I need to know, dad…"

"…It was during a bust of the Aether Organization," Minato began. "My team was in the middle of battling their Pokémon while trying to stop them from transferring their data to another location. Attacks from the Pokémon were flying all over the place, and some of my fellow officers were hit by stray shots. I wound up taking a Thunderbolt to my back, and the electricity damaged the nerves in my spine; paralyzing me from the waist down."

"Oh…" It was saddening to hear about his father's last assignment before he was forced to retire. "Did you stop Aether?"

"A month later, the head of the organization was found and taken into custody. She would've been served a harsh sentence for her crimes; but she had two babies and there was no father." He gave his son a strained smile as he continued, "You remember Gladion and Lillie?"

"Yeah, of course I do," Naruto replied, recalling his childhood friends before his family moved to Cinnabar. Realization struck and he whispered, "…Their mom was the leader."

Minato nodded once. "Yes, she was. She was allowed to raise them, but she was watched by a constant guard and no Pokémon were allowed in her home with them. She eventually offered her knowledge and research in exchange for more liberties; which was allowed when her research was thoroughly looked over."

"But…Aunt Lusamine was always so nice. I can't believe she was in charge of a criminal group…"

"People can surprise you; sometimes in the worst way," Minato stated, instilling more wisdom into his son. "At any rate, Lusamine-san has reformed from her past, and she's been welcomed into society once more; thanks to her children."

"Damn… Gladion and Lillie-chan are lucky they didn't lose her."

"Indeed, they are. But, that's enough of that. The point I wanted to make was for you to keep your senses and wits sharp. Trust your instincts, Naruto." He smiled and ruffled his son's hair. "You inherited the best of them from your mother and I."

"I will," promised the whiskered blonde.

The family was next seen at the docks where Naruto would board a ship to Pallet Town, where Prof. Oak resided. While Naruto did one last check of his pack, his parents spoke quietly.

"You warned him to be careful, right?" Kushina asked, showing her motherly worry.

"Yes, I did. I also told him about my accident."

That caught her by surprise, knowing how sensitive the topic was. Minato was one of the best Officers in Alola, and he was well on his way to becoming the next Chief of Police. It was something he had worked hard towards for many years before the accident robbed him of the chance.

"He needed to know," Minato explained, smiling at his wife. "Besides, now he has a better appreciation of his family and friends thanks to knowing about Lusamine's past."

"…Alright then, dear," Kushina agreed, trusting her husband's judgement.

She turned to her son, who was saying his goodbyes to hers and Minato's Pokémon, smiling at his excitement and exuberance. She was forced to choke back a laugh when she saw Kurama dismiss him with a casual wave of one of his tails, making Naruto slump comically while Akitsu and Koyuki cheered him up.

"All aboard!" shouted one of the crewmen of the ship.

Hearing him, Naruto walked back to his parents and gave them an anxious smile. "Well…this is it."

Kushina's eyes grew misty and she hugged her son tightly. "Please, just be safe. That's all I care about, Naruto."

"I will, mom," promised the teen. "I'll be sure to call you whenever I reach a new town."

"You'd better, ttebane," warned the woman through her tears. It was hard to watch her only child head out on his own.

Naruto then hugged his father, who simply said, "Take it slow, son; and listen to your motormouthed mother."

Chuckling, Naruto nodded in agreement before he shouldered his pack; Akitsu jumping on his shoulder as he crouched down to grab it. He gave his parents one last smile and wave before he headed up the boarding ramp.

Minutes later, the ship raised its anchors and was off across the water. Naruto's parents and their Pokémon stayed at the docks until they couldn't see it on the horizon anymore.

Nearly a week later at sea, the ship from Cinnabar ported at the docks a couple miles away from Pallet Town. Stepping off the ship was Naruto, ready to meet the Professor of the Kanto Region with Akitsu sitting comfortably on his shoulder.

Currently, he was dressed in durable black sandals that left his toes and heels exposed, black cargo shorts with large pockets, a crimson red sleeveless shirt, and an open island shirt that was colored orange with red swirls decorating it. He had a black belt holding up his shorts, an orange headband holding back his bangs, and Akitsu's Luxury Ball resting against his chest by means of a magnetic necklace. (3)

Grinning brightly, Naruto adjusted his travel pack before he walked towards Pallet, eager to meet Oak and get his PokéDex. Back in Alola, Professor Kukui gave aspiring Trainers what he called a Rotom-Dex; which was basically a PokéDex possessed by a Rotom that assisted the Trainer.

While it was definitely interesting, Naruto was more than happy to receive a standard PokéDex. It was going to play a crucial part in his journey, considering how he was obviously more used to the island region's Pokémon.

It took him a little over half-an-hour's walk to reach Pallet, having to leap out of the way of a speeding red car driven by some kid and his tag-along cheerleaders. Naruto glared at the departing vehicle, finding himself agreeing with his mother on how reckless it was to let ten-year-old children go off on their own; especially if they were driving! (4)

Shaking off his ire, he refocused on getting to Oak's lab, having to maneuver himself through a crowd of people celebrating another boy's receival of his starter Pokémon; a Pikachu, from what Naruto witnessed. 'Cute, but those suckers could be pretty stubborn,' the blonde mused before stepping into the lab; somehow avoiding the attention of the crowd.

For that, he was glad. It would've been awkward to have everyone staring at Akitsu, who was different from "natural" Vulpix in Kanto.

"Professor?" Naruto called as he walked into the main room of the man's laboratory.

"Be with you in a moment!" a slightly elderly man's voice called back before Samuel Oak stepped in from another room. He caught a glimpse of the young teen and his Alolan Vulpix before smiling in realization. "Ah, you're Minato and Kushina's boy, aren't you?"

"Yes, sir," the blonde answered respectfully. Oak was known as the man who knew the most about Pokémon, after all. He deserved the respect many gave him.

"Yes, your parents gave me a call after you left Cinnabar," continued the Professor, gesturing Naruto to follow him to another room. He had Naruto set Akitsu down on a table as he took a closer look at her. "Remarkable," he praised as he wrote down his comparisons to the Kanto Vulpix. "I never realized how a simple change of climate could affect a Pokémon so much; changing its type entirely!"

"You never talked with Professor Kukui about it?" the Uzumaki asked.

"Well, considering how busy we both are, and how the regions have different time zones, it's rather difficult to get a hold of him," Oak explained. "I've been trying to find some free time to head over to Alola, but I haven't had much luck in that endeavor."

"Ah, I see. Well, Akitsu-chan was born from a Kanto and an Alolan Ninetales; but she took after her mother more."

"Yes, my fellow Professors have noticed that during our studies of Pokémon Eggs and their hatchings. The mother usually determines what species of Pokémon is born; and even which variant, based on what you've just told me."

The man took a few more minutes to look over Akitsu and take down notes before he led the teen and his partner back into the main room. Sitting at his desk, he offered Naruto and Akitsu the small couch as he got some things in order.

"There we are," the man proclaimed, setting down a red device, a map, and five small red-white spheres. "Here's your PokéDex, which I've taken the liberty of registering to you. It acts as your identification for the League as well, so don't lose it."

"I won't," Naruto promised, taking the device and putting it in his pocket.

"Next is the map of the Kanto Region. Since you'll be taking the League Challenge, it'd be best for you to start heading north for Viridian City." He got a nod from the teen before he gestured to the last handful of items. "I doubt I need to explain what these are, considering that you already have a partner."

"Yeah, I know what those are," the blonde assured the man before he clipped the five empty PokéBalls to the slots on his belt; leaving one open. "Is there anything else I should know before I head out?"

"The League Tournament will begin in around six months. This should give you time to get the eight Badges needed to participate. Also, you can only carry six Pokémon at a time. If you catch one while having a full party, you can either send one of your party or the recently caught Pokémon to me via your PokéDex. It's a standard feature for Trainers."

"Got it." The young man stood up with Akitsu taking her spot on his shoulder once more. He shook Oak's hand and grinned at the man. "Thanks for the supplies, Professor. I'll be sure to record as many Pokémon as I can for you during my journey."

"Glad to hear it," replied the man, smiling back at the younger blonde. "Now, your parents told me that you were interested in the lore of the other regions, yes?"

"Mostly the rumors about the Pokémon categorized as Legendary. I heard that there was one here in Kanto that practically no one has gathered proof of."

"Ah, yes; Mew. It's quite possibly the rarest Pokémon in existence, if I were to throw in my personal opinion. There've been a handful of people who claimed they saw it; but they had no proof to support their claims."

"Well, if you have anything on it, I'd really appreciate it. I want to be the first one to get some proof Mew exists."

Oak chuckled at the teen's determination before he headed over to his shelf and pulled out a folder. Handing it to him, he explained, "Those are a copy of the notes I have on Mew. If you're lucky enough, maybe you will be the first one to bring proof."

Naruto gratefully accepted the folder and put it in his pack before grinning at the Professor. "You better be ready for me when I find it, Professor Oak. I'm gonna find Mew for sure!"

"Best of luck to you then, Naruto Uzumaki," bid the man as he watched the newest Trainer of the Kanto Region head out on the start of his journey. As he saw the teen heading north, he took note of the building storm clouds ahead, making him frown in slight concern. "Hmm… I hope those boys stay safe out there," he mused, thinking of his grandson, Delia's boy, and Naruto.

Holding an open umbrella, Naruto walked down Route 1 towards the city of Viridian; Akitsu getting some exercise by walking beside him. "The weather sure went bad quickly, huh?"

Akitsu cooed her name worriedly, her ears twitching at the faint echo of thunder.

"We'll be fine, Akitsu-chan. If the weather gets worse, we could always find some shelter to wait it out." His partner nodded. "In the meantime, we'll keep walking. We never know if we'll run into some Pokémon who don't care about the weather."

A loud roar of thunder was soon heard, followed by a brilliant flash of lightning ahead of them. What shocked both him and his partner was that there were some distant shapes falling from the sky following the lightning burst.

"C'mon, girl!" Naruto declared as they both rushed ahead, worried if anyone (human or Pokémon) were seriously hurt. As they neared the source, they saw a couple dozen Spearow knocked out cold, with stray shocks of electricity coursing through them. "Geez… What kind of Pokémon has enough power to knock out this many Spearow?"

Akitsu gave an unsure yip as she prodded one of the twitching birds with her forepaw.

"Well, they don't look too hurt," mused the blonde. "I guess it'd be best if we just moved on."

His partner nodded, and the two weaved their way through the knocked-out Pokémon, continuing on towards Viridian City.

"So…some kid took off with your bike because he had an injured Pikachu?" Naruto asked his current travel companion. She was an orangette girl with a bad temper; though she had a reason for it.

"Yeah, that stupid kid," the girl groused, internally thankful that the blonde had an umbrella large enough for her to share with him. "I know his Pokémon was hurt and all, but why wouldn't he just put it in a PokéBall?"

"Some Pokémon don't like being in those things, like Akitsu-chan," explained Naruto, earning an agreeing yip from the Vulpix.

The girl, Misty, finally took note of the white fox and squealed. "Oh, she's adorable!"

She reached out to grab Akitsu, but the Alola fox jerked her head back and gave a growl. She had bad experience with women and their "cute obsession" tendencies. She did not want to go through that anymore.

Misty looked surprised at the hostility while Naruto chuckled awkwardly. "Yeah, Akitsu has some bad memories with cuddling."

"Oh," the girl sighed out, slumping for a moment before perking back up. "By the way, why does she look like a Vulpix?"

"She is a Vulpix; one from the Alola Region far away from here. I was born there before my family moved to Kanto."


"Yeah, my home region is constantly called an island paradise. It's different from the other regions since they don't have Gyms. Instead, they have Island Champions. Last I heard from the Professor of that region was that he recently put together his own Elite Four Challenge."

"The Alola Region never had one before?" Misty asked with a raised brow, idly noting that the weather had let up and the clouds were slowly parting ways.

"Not that I know of. Maybe one day I'll go back and take on the Island Challenges. But first," she saw him grin with determination burning in his violet eyes, "I'm going to take on the Kanto League. With Akitsu at my side, and my future team, we'll take on anyone and prove our strength."

"Vulpix!" Akitsu declared with just as much passion as her partner.

Misty couldn't help but be impressed with his confidence. "Well…good luck with your journey then, Naruto."

"Thanks." He paused as he noticed a sign saying they were just about to enter Viridian City. "Well, this is where we part ways. Good luck finding the guy who took your bike. But, try to take it easy on him since he did it for his Pikachu."

She frowned at his words before sighing in defeat. "Fine, I'll give the brat a chance to explain himself before I do anything. At the very least, if he trashed my bike, then he owes me a new one."

"That's fair," Naruto agreed with a chuckle before he waved goodbye and headed for the Gym.

The city was different from the ones back in Alola. It felt more…cramped than the open spaces he was used to. At least Cinnabar Island kept its spaces open. It must be an island thing, he supposed.

Approaching the Gym, his eyes widened when he saw that it was closed. The windows were covered and the front entrance was bolted shut, preventing anyone from seeing inside or entering.

"Well, shit," he cursed with narrowed eyes. Akitsu looked just as annoyed as he was, narrowing her blue eyes at the set of bolted doors. "Now what?"

1~ I always liked seeing Naruto with a nice mix of his parents features. Either red hair with blue eyes, or blonde hair with violet eyes. It's just my preference *shrugs*

2~ Akitsu was a beauty from Sekirei who used ice as her main power. I couldn't help but use her as the name for Naruto's Vulpix.

3~ If someone would please draw Naruto with this look and Akitsu at his side, then I promise to reward you with juicy story spoilers! *grins*

4~ Seriously, what imbecile thought that letting a ten-year-old drive was a good idea?!

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Now, I wanted to repeat that this is my last attempt at this type of crossover. Success or failure, there will be nothing new after this.

I also wanted to explain how this story will work really quick.

Pokémon moves and abilities will consist of all seven of the current seasons. However, seeing as Naruto is in the Kanto Region, he will ONLY be able to find, catch, and raise Kanto Pokémon.

However, that does NOT mean that the Kanto Pokémon he catches can't turn into their later Generation evolutions. An example being how a trainer with an Eevee could still get an Espeon or Umbreon since they evolve via friendship.

I hope that makes sense to you all, but if you need further explanation, don't be afraid to PM me. I promise to get back to you at my earliest convenience.

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