The Dukes of Hazzard fanfiction 2 New Ladies In Hazzard County

Aqua Williams and her daughter, Samantha comes to live in Hazzard County to live there and to get away from her abusive and obsessive ex-boyfriend. So they go into hiding. They find love in Hazzard. Rosco first meets Aqua and Samantha at the church in Hazzard with Miss Tizdale and Rosco falls for her. Bo also meets Samantha and he also falls for her. Rosco/OC and Bo/OC pairing. Rated T for Romance fluff, mild violence and some strong language. Ratings may change later to M on in this story.

Chapter 1: Getting Away From Him And Moving Out Of The State.

Aqua Williams and her daughter, Samantha had packed everything they could to get out of that hell hole of a house somewhere in Groton, Connecticut with the covered flat bed old Ford pick up truck. Aqua's ex-boyfriend, Eric was at work that day and all day for 12 hours. Samantha was the oldest out of the 3 kids when her mother and Eric were together. They have 3 children together. 2 twin boys and a girl. Samantha, James and Brian. Aqua was originally born and raised in New London, Connecticut. After she was abused and beaten almost to a pulp. Aqua recovered from her horrible ordeal about 3 weeks back from the hospital. Her daughter, Samantha had never left her mother's side ever since this whole situation of what had happened between her mother and her abusive, obsessive and jealous father.

'Now folks, the city of New London has a lot of history to it. Just like back in the old days. That city is up in New England area. In the state of Connecticut. The mother and her daughter up there are planning on moving out of state to another 1. In hoping to get away from someone who is capable of hurtin' someone. Stick around folks. They're going in for a long ride. It'll take hours to where they're going.'

Samantha and her mother, Aqua were in the house when they were gathering what was left of their things in their bedrooms up the stairs. Aqua went into her room and her soon to be ex-boyfriend as she went to get more of her clothes and she placed them into the tub container. When her clothes and a couple of the books that she had with her were filled to the top and she closed it up really good and tight. She has gotten very good muscles to lift things up to about 50 pounds. Aqua lifted the container up and she walked out of her soon to be forgotten room when she looked towards her daughter's bedroom and she placed the container on the floor in front of her for a moment before she stood back up once again. She knew that Samantha was still in her room, still getting what she needed from there before they leave. "Hey, Sam, are you finishing up in your room that you may want to bring with you before we go?" Aqua asked just loud enough so her daughter could hear her loud and clearly, but though, not just loud enough for the other neighbors down the street to hear them just like they had heard the fighting and beatings that Eric had done to her for the last 14, or 15 years. Shortly after James and Brian were born. Aqua and Samantha has had enough of that BS with Eric. Too bad that James and Brian think that they have a bad mother. According to Eric by brainwashing them. What an idiot good for nothing skunk of a soon to be ex-boyfriend of hers that would do such a thing like that.

Aqua has had tried to get her twin sons to not believing of what Eric was saying bad things about their mother that was never true to begin with. But no, they didn't listen to their mother. James and Brian were now on their Dad's side of the story. They would learn of their mistakes later on. Hopefully they would listen to her. They'll learn that their father was a liar, an abuser and a cheater. Aqua found out from some of her good true best friends that Eric was starting to cheat on her and he would go with any woman that he pleases to go with. Aqua was in between being devastated in a way and being beyond pissed off when 2 of her best friends that she went to school with, Heather and Anna had told her about of what was going on.

(Not in my book he don't. Any guy who does any of that, who would cheat on their girlfriends and wives, I would kick any man's ass to high Heaven if that any man does it and I would tell them, even to their kids for what their fathers did wrong to the families and their friends. For 1 thing, I don't let my boyfriend go off like that and find himself another girl. I would kick his ass out of the house for that for my part. He knows better than no to do that at all. So don't get your hands inside the cookie jar now.)

Samantha Williams was at the age of 18, who she just graduated from Groton High School just about a month back. Her 2 twin brothers, Brian and James were at their summer school activities at that very moment and they don't get back until a little after 4:30 in the afternoon. James and Brian were 3 years behind their sister in high school. Samantha was gathering her clothes and her books that she wanted to read when she moves into a town where they would be safe and sound in 1 piece. Please to God that they would be safe and sound. Samantha was hoping that they would be safe from Eric. She placed the lid onto the container and she place her back pack on top of it and she heard Aqua's voice when she walked over to her room door with what was in her container and back pack and she opened her bedroom door open and she saw her mother in the small hall way. Samantha placed what she had in her hand and she placed them onto the floor. Samantha stood straight back up to look at Aqua into her eyes.

She was out of breath a little bit after she was packing up everything that she owned, but she composed herself quite a bit without being tired at all. That was a good exercise of course. She took a deep breath. "Yeah, Mom, I'm all set over here. I got what I want to bring with me when we get out of this house here." Samantha said softly. "I don't want to stay here, Mom, because I know what Dad did to you and that nearly killed you about a month ago. That was too much for me to see you like that, Mom. And we need to get out of here and fast, before all that chaos and drama starts between you and Dad." She added. Samantha knew that she tried to talk her brothers out of not believing of what their Dad was doing and telling them by brainwashing them. Eric even tried to do that to his own daughter, but Samantha knew better than that. Her mother had taught her of how to be sharp minded and not letting anyone fool her very easily. It's a good thing that her mother taught and trained her good.

Aqua didn't blame her daughter after what Samantha had told her mother with those words. She hated the feeling of of being vulnerability when Eric called her bad names and beating her to a pulp at times when her kids were not around. Her and Samantha needed to get out that what they started to call the house of hell of nightmares. Enough is enough for them. They need to move on and get out of the house and out of state as quickly as possible before Eric comes home from work later on. After they talked some more, they picked up their containers and they both went down the stairs towards the front door.

When Aqua and Samantha walked out the door and outside, the both of them strided over to their old covered 1978 Ford flat bed pick up truck and Aqua opened the back of it and they placed their containers and back pack down into the back of the truck and she closes it up good and tightly, so it won't fall out of the truck. Aqua and Samantha were getting into the truck when her friend, Sally walked outside and she walked over to her. "Hey, Samantha and Aqua." Sally said with her cheery voice. "What are you going at this time? Now I know that Eric has done bad thing to you. But where ever you go, you stay safe from harm, Aqua, you hear. And same goes for you too, Samantha. And I won't tell a soul, even Eric and the boys of where you 2 are going. I can promise you that now." Their next door neighbor said softly, so the other neighbors won't overhear of what she was saying. Sally does pray and hope that Aqua and her daughter stay safe and go into hiding from Eric.

Aqua looked at her good friend into her eyes and she gave her a warm smile and placed her hand in her friend's. "Oh, Sally. We don't know where to go at this point, but we're planning on going towards the southern states. Like, we were thinking of going to Georgia to go into hiding. I'd say it's about 16 and a half hours from here to get down there by driving." Aqua said. She knew of what Sally was thinking of how long it would take to get there. She read her mind. (Lol.) "And you keep that a secret between you, Sam and myself. Okay?" She asked. Sally kept her promise to Aqua and her daughter and definitely won't tell a soul. Even to Eric and the twin boys.

Sally smiled at her and Samantha, who was waiting patiently in the truck for her mother when she was looking at her neighbor and friend. She knew that they need to good, before chaos starts when Eric gets back home from work. "Alright, you 2. I'll let you go and have a good time down there and stay out of harm's way. You hear?" Sally asked softly, only for their ears only otherwise the other neighbors would be very nosy of what they were up to. Sally knew that their secret was safe with her. Aqua and Samantha said their hugs and goodbyes to Sally. Aqua walked over to her truck and as she got into the driver's side, she looked at her daughter that she had what she wanted to bring and they had to make sure that everything was in top shape and ready to go, before taking the long trip to get there. Right down to 1 of the southern states. And they were thinking of Georgia. Aqua started the truck and she put in gear. She and Samantha waved to their now old neighbor and they drove down the road. Now they were driving towards the highway and driving out of state for good.

This is in hoping that the mother's twin boys to take their Mom's side instead of their Dad's side of all the lies that he said and done that is. You see, folks, this'll be a long road ahead of them by car, or truck to get to Georgia within about 16 and a half hours to get there. You might want to stick around, y'all.