Chapter 2: Welcome To Hazzard County.

That same day, long after Aqua and her daughter left the house for good, Eric came back from work and a new girl along with him and he brought the twin boys came back home from their summer activities. Eric noticed that the pick up truck was gone. Brian and James noticed their father's body language right away. Eric's new girl, Erica looked at him like, 'what's up with him?' She thought to keep to herself. Eric was really pissed when he got out of the car, walked over to the door and he saw the note from his now ex-girlfriend. James and Brian got out of the car and as they walked up to their father, their Dad was in infuriated when he read the note from their mother. In rage, Eric crumpled up the note and he threw it to the ground, screaming bloody murder. The twin boys and Erica all then realized of Eric's body language, response and posture that he was the culprit of the brain washing and abuse. Erica never knew of his personality what so ever up until now. She was now having second thoughts of going with him, because of his behavior and the look of state of him. Both Brian and James looked at each other and it dawned on them that their father was the instigator of this whole thing. They lowered their heads in regret and shame of not wanting to do anything with Aqua and Samantha and they definitely need to find their mother and their sister and need to give them a huge apology. The twin boys needed to find them. They would start asking around about where to find Aqua and Samantha. They have had a lot of explaining to do once they find them. Perhaps their neighbor, Sally may know where they are.

The Dukes Of Hazzard Rosco/oc The Dukes Of Hazzard Rosco/oc

It was way too early in the morning when they went to a rest stop somewhere in Atlanta along the way on a main road, just before they arrived to drive into a small town. It was a small town called Hazzard. On their way over from Groton, Aqua and Samantha stopped in a hotel in Atlanta, Georgia just minutes away from Hazzard and they had something to eat on the way over to their destination. They both had to spent the night there, so they could get well rested for the rest of the ride to Hazzard. Just before they fell asleep around 2 in the morning, Samantha and her mother were thinking of 'that would be a great town to go into hiding from Eric/Dad.' They both thought to keep to themselves. James and Brian now knew that their father was the trouble maker here, not their mother. Eric was always a liar, abuser and a cheat.

They got up sometime in the morning to eat breakfast and Aqua helped her to gather their belongings and she told her daughter to go wait in the truck. Samantha did as what her mother told her to do and she waited patiently for her. Aqua walked into the lobby and she had checked out at the hotel. She walked out of the door and she got into the pick up truck with Samantha. They gathered everything they had with them. Aqua started up the engine and they drove off to Hazzard, but they needed to go buy a map for this small town.

Samantha and Aqua stopped at a gasoline station to get more diesel in the truck along the way over. Samantha got out of the pick up and she walked in there and she walked over to the clerk behind the counter while Aqua was filling the pick up with fuel. Sam looked at the clerk. "Here you are, sir." A pause for a moment as she gave him the money. "20 dollars for diesel. And my Mom and I would like to know where we could go to a small town around here?" Samantha asked in wondering.

The guy behind the counter looked at her with a pleasant smile at her. "Well there, little lady," The guy said in his southern accent as he stood up a bit as he showed her when he gestured by when he pointed his finger, pointing straight down the dirt road. "Right down this road here, ma'am?" Samantha looked him in the eyes and she nodded. "This road leads to Hazzard County. You can't miss it." The man added when he gave her the map of Hazzard that they may need to know where to go and how to get there. Sam thanked the clerk with a smile and she said her goodbye to him.

After Sam paid the man for the fuel for the truck, she went out of the gas station where Aqua was at, who was finishing up fueling up the truck. Aqua looked at her daughter and she smiled at her. "So, Sam, are you all ready to go to this small town called, Hazzard, sweetie?" She asked her. Samantha nodded 'yes' to her, just before they climbed into the truck when Aqua was driving and her daughter was sitting in the passenger side. They left the gas station and they drove off down the dirt road to Hazzard just minutes away.

Now folks, the mother and her daughter are about to see Hazzard, just minutes away. This would be a good idea after all for them to be going into hiding from her ex-boyfriend. Aqua and Samantha Williams were really excited of coming to Hazzard like a little girl wanted some candy bar with chocolate on it. You see, the Williams family all came to Connecticut for many years when the state became the state back in the old times. That is around the 1700's. There's more to come. So stick around right there folks.

The Dukes Of Hazzard Rosco/OC The Dukes Of Hazzard Rosco/OC

Just about 15 to 20 minutes later, Aqua and Samantha has arrived in Hazzard County. Oh boy, that was a bit of a long road for them. Aqua and her ex-boyfriend went to go visit her Aunt, Uncle and her cousins in Indiana for their family reunion over there. Aqua was used to the farmlands out there in the mid western states. Aqua and her daughter were looking for a place to stay until they look for a place of their own to live around in Hazzard. She turned off the engine on the pick up. She and Samantha climbed out of the truck and they walked around. First, they walked into the Hazzard Hotel. Aqua and her daughter came over to the lobby desk and they rang the small bell for assistance. A man, who was wearing a shirt with and overall outfit and also wearing a cowboy hat named Homer came over from the back room and he walked up to the ladies. "Well, what can I do for y'all ladies here?" He asked in his deep southern accent to them.

Both Samantha and Aqua looked at the man and they chuckled. "Well, sir, we were wondering if we can stay here until we can get a place of our own around here." She said. "We drove all the way down here from Connecticut where we are originally from." Aqua added.

The man behind the desk had never seen anyone from the northern states of New England. But he had a disappointed look on his face. "I'm sure that you would like to stay here, but all rooms are all full, ma'ams." The man said. He hated to disappoint people like that, but it is what it is in life for you,
folks. Both Samantha and Aqua looked in between hurt and disappointed on their faces as they turned around and they left the hotel. And after they left, Homer looked at the 2 ladies that left just a bit ago. He realized that the 2 new ladies in Hazzard were not from around here. "I better call Boss Hogg and Rosco about these 2 ladies." Homer said as he picked up the phone and he dialed the number.

Outside, Aqua and her daughter were walking towards their pick up truck. Samantha had an idea when she looked at her mother. "Hey, Mom?" She asked as her mother turned to look at her with curiosity. Sam Smiled at her. "Remember I told you about my friend Emery Duke from High School?" Aqua nodded. "Well, Emery Duke has relatives here in this small town that he told me about." Her mother nodded once again. "He told me that he and his mom lived in the Post Office building over there. Let's see if there's a room for rent there." Samantha said to Aqua. They walked over to the Post Office which was right across the street. They hoped that their things wouldn't be taken by anyone. Otherwise, they would be a hell to pay.

Meanwhile, not far from where they were parked over at the Police Department. The phone was ringing from Boss Hogg's office as Boss and Rosco and his dog, Flash were doing some paper work in their offices and the dog was eating her food. Rosco looked up when he heard Boss Hogg amswered the phone. "Hello?... Oh, yeah, Homer, what's going on over at the Hotel?..."Hogg said over the phone with his widened as he talked some when Home told him about the 2 new ladies in Hazzard. "Okay, Homer, thank you for telling me this. Bye." Hogg added as he hung up the phone, before he sat down in his chair. Boss Hogg didn't mind having new people here in Hazzard County, but when Homer told him that the mother and her daughter were from the northern states, Boss was surprised at this and so would Rosco when he finds out.

After he heard this from Boss Hogg, Rosco stood up from his chair and he left Flash in his office for a few moments. "Okay, Flash, you stay here and I'll be right back. Khee, khee, khee!" The Sheriff said as he walked out of his office, before he walked into Boss' office with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Boss, what in the heck is going on with Homer on the phone over there at the Hotel there? Is there a robbery that I shoud know about, my little fat buddy?" Rosco asked his brother in law. He wanted to know what Homer was on about on the phone.

Boss Hogg turned his head to look at the Sheriff. "Well, Rosco, that was Homer on the phone and he just told me that there's 2 ladies in a pick up truck that they seem to sound like they are from the northern states somewhere to come live down here in Hazzard, asking for a room to stay till they found someplace to live. "Hogg told Rosco this. Rosco was wondering in thought that the 2 ladies were either touring Hazzard, or something else beside that. The Sheriff had figured that something was going on here. He and Boss had spoken some more, before Rosco walked back towards his office to take care of Flash. And now, he's wondering about those 2 ladies that just came here in Hazzard. Welcome to Hazzard County Aqua and Samantha.