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Lost Pancake Tales Forty: The Legendary Eighth Chapter Part Two

Legolas watched from behind a tree as the Fellowship gathered. Although it went against his instincts – both his hunter ones and those developed as the Pancake Lord - to stay this close to a trap, but it was necessary. He had ensured that the story so far would occur; now he had to get back to the Fellowship.

His ears picked up Sam's words – "By the way, Lady, I like the canopy" – and Galadriel's shocked response. As the giant pancake dropped, he turned and ran. By the time the Lady of Lorien called his name, he was halfway to the top of the hill. He laughed, realising that they might need a guide to find him.

As he reached the highest point, he pulled out his last few pancakes. He may be surrendering, but he had to go out with style. Backing up against a mallorn, he watched the trees from which he had emerged. Already he could hear the sound of approaching feet. Within moments, the first target – Aragorn, it sounded like – would be in view . . .

There was a sharp pain in the back of his head, and the elf crumpled to the ground. He wondered desperately how any of them had managed to get behind him so fast, so quietly, but as his vision faded to black he realised the truth. There had been no attacker, no attack. Just a branch, broken off from the canopy far above.

And then he knew no more.

* * * *

Legolas stood on the outskirts of Lothlorien, looking out. He knew that his older self, who had reawaken the call of the pancakes in him, was now recuperating from Galadriel's anti-pancake spell. He knew how tired the other elf must be, as he himself had been in the middle of that process when he had been rescued.

But now he was free. No one was guarding for people *leaving* Lorien, especially not when they knew he was locked away. This was his chance. He had his cooking material – retrieved from where his older self had left it after making his final products – he had his mission, and now he had a destination.

Without looking back, Legolas Thranduillion, Lord of the Pancakes, set off towards Moria, and his destiny.

* * * *

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