Prompt 1 from aurorarsinistra: draco and harry as hogwarts professors + the headmaster's office
Thanks to shiftylinguini for looking over this for me!
Rated: M

Harry fists his hands in Draco's robes and slams him into the wall, pressing himself against Draco's body and capturing his mouth in a possessive kiss.

"Here?" Draco manages to ask breathlessly, arching his back and scrambling to clutch onto Harry's shoulders. "We shouldn't ―"

"We're early, we've got time," Harry says, though they most certainly do not.

In Harry's defense, Draco showed up to a staff meeting wearing those robes ― the ones that are too tight and hug his arms and chest indecently ― and honestly, how is Harry supposed to keep his hands to himself when Draco wears them, and when he has that look on his face that says he knows exactly what he's doing to Harry?

Harry's hands slide through Draco's hair, mussing it up the way he likes it, and Draco grins against Harry's lips.

"We're going to get caught," he says, though he pulls Harry closer as he says it.

Harry kisses the side of Draco's mouth, then his cheek, then trails his lips across his jaw. Draco didn't shave this morning before lessons, which may or may not have been Harry's fault for keeping him otherwise occupied, and he has a little bit of stubble, and Harry decides he fucking loves the way it feels.

"You should grow a beard," he declares.

"I'm not growing a beard," Draco says, running his hands up and down Harry's arms. "And if you think I'm going to let you drop to you knees right now in the Headmistress' office ―"

He's cut off when the door rattles, and they break apart quickly as Headmistress McGonagall strides in. She stops, her lips pursed and her eyes narrowed.

"Professors Malfoy and Potter," she says, her tone clipped. "I won't keep warning you about your inappropriate behaviour in my school."

"But we didn't ―"

"Please do not lie to me, Professor Potter," she says irritably. "If your current appearances didn't give you away, surely you realised the others in the room would likely report back to me that my office was currently being defiled?"

Beside Harry, Draco tenses. His hair is still a mess, and he's trying to keep his breathing steady, and Harry loves knowing it's because of him. Merlin, Draco is the most gorgeous thing he's ever seen.

"Others?" Draco asks uncertainly.

The Headmistress nods and gestures to the wall behind her desk, and Harry remembers for the first time the long line of past Headmasters and Headmistresses sitting in their portraits with a full view of the office. He glances at Draco, who looks rather furious with him and whose cheeks are faintly pink, and he wonders how much trouble he'll be in later.

Then again, he thinks, after Draco is done being mad Harry will have to make it up to him, so…

"Sorry, Headmistress," Harry says. "It won't happen again."

"You'll forgive me if I remind you that I've heard that before."

The door opens again, and the other Professors begin to enter the office. McGonagall sits down at her desk and begins to summon chairs.

"Please," she says, exasperated. "Just try to keep it to your living quarters, gentlemen."